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Stourhead house and gardens, offers one of the most enjoyable days out a family can have. However, be warned Stourhead is also one of the most popular trust properties In the UK. This means, it gets extremely busy, so my advice if you're traveling on a bank holiday weekend or special occasion, leave in plenty of time. Fortunately parking is superb and offers a decent amount.

Stourhead in autumn, delivers possibly the most beautiful views imaginable. The trees hanging over the lake offer stunning vistas, with beautiful golden hues. In spring, daffodils greet you at the entrance to the gardens and lead your eye across the lake to the Pantheon. The views around the garden, are absolutely spectacular. It is also worth noting, that there are also woodland walks which you can take, which lead you into some of the not so noted areas of stourhead.

The house, offers beautiful appointed rooms with even a grand piano would you can play. Each room offers a very unique snapshot into the family's history. Some of the rooms are still being lived in today by family members. This really brings a very unique and homely feel to Stourhead.

Just before the the official opening of the house at the tail end of winter, the house is open on a few special weekends when members of the public can get a behind-the-scenes look. Having been on this tour, I can vouch for this wonderful free experience. Upon your visit you’ll be treated to rooms such as the wine cellar, kitchens, upstairs and you're even see some of the items into storage. This is also wonderful time to see the National Trust at work and really highlights the Care and attention that the trust goes to in restoration and care for its items.

I can't recommend Stourhead enough.

5 by Andrew C Review source

We just dropped in for lunch as its convenient from the Cranbourne Chase route through from Bournemouth to Bristol etc. so can't comment on the quality of the attraction.

A good selection of hot meals, plus snacks and light lunches, and the usual array of fantastic home made National Trust cakes etc.

The restaurant is in a purpose built building by the carpark and entrance so easy to drop in for lunch as we did. The shop is co-located in the same building; toilets are in a separate block. The dedicated building means it's lighter and airier than some NT places which have repurposed an existing building e.g. stables etc.

It's also designed with expansion, meaning when there are less people parts are closed off so you're not sitting in a huge draughty space. The only drawback is to keep it 'rustic', wooden chairs and flagstone floors have been used, so it's is very echoey and noisy as it fills up and chairs scrape etc.

The food is worth it though, well priced and filling for the amount served. We went for beef stew, and beef pie. The pie had more seasoning and was served with potatoes, the stew was not as seasoned, and had all the veg within it as you'd expect. We preferred the pie due purely to the seasoning.

4 by Tim Heywood Review source

Beautiful place to visit...however..why oh why is the restaurant so convoluted!!! Prior to a planned walk around the grounds we all decided to have a coffee etc on arrival...however It took ages for us to queue and order a coffee, then another separate queue to pay for it and then sent to another queue to collect it!! Many people in the queues shared the same strange and time consuming method of the simple task of buying a cup of coffee. Our party had originally planned to have our meals in the restaurant later, however with the strange and time consuming method of ordering a simple morning coffee we decided to go elsewhere....
Needless to say our members in our party will never visit the restaurant again on future visits to the estate..

1 by Angela Reed Review source

What a beautiful place. As always with the National Trust, very well preserved. The gardeners and Horticulturalists obviously do a very good job.

To give you approximate visit times, as the National Trust Website doesn't list these:

Walk from car park to the house - 5 minutes

Allow 20 minutes to view the house

Walk from house to gardens - 10 minutes

Long route around the gardens and lake, returning to the car park - 45 minutes at a brisk pace (this route is very steep with lots of steps)

Shorter route around the gardens and lake (doesn't include grotto and the temple) - 35 minutes at a brisk pace.

5 by Gary . Review source

Stourhead is a National Trust Property and Gardens. You start at the top in the car park and head over to the house or down to the gardens. Parts of the house are open.
The gardens take about an hour to enjoy and walk around. There are many different paths you can take further afield some taking you all the way up to King Alfred's Tower. Dogs are not allowed in till after 4/4.30, but they are allowed in in Dec-Feb. The lake is beautiful to see and has been featured in some films.
The cafe by the car park is standard NT cafe. There is a pub in stourhead too, which is quite good too. A good day out here.

4 by Jessica Review source

One of my top 5 places to walk, we are regular visitors. Beautiful lake and surrounding gardens, peaceful, idyllic. However 1 star after today's visit. It used to cost £7 to visit the gardens only. Now it's gone up to £17 and mandates paying to visit the house. We've visited the house several times and particularly with a small child it's just not part of our visit. £17 per person is not good value for a family walk. We all love it there but while the price remains this high I feel today's visit will be our last :-(

1 by Matt King Review source

Stunning National Trust property. Don't tell anyone about it, you'll want it to yourself. Large and interesting house with very substantial landscaped gardens. The gardens and walk around the lake are beautiful and, to my mind, the main attraction. It's always cooler than you'd expect at and around the like, so take an extra layer. The trust has a welcome centre with an outstanding eatery and cafe. There is a decent pub nearer the lake, selling food a drinks, as well as a small gallery and ice cream parlour.

5 by Dave Page Review source

Absolutely fantastic lake and gardens. Lots of walking trials and very child friendly. Some of the routes are not pram friendly but most you will be ok with a little bit of carrying.
Plenty of parking but it is a 5-10 minute walk to the gardens from the car park and once in the gardens there is nowhere (I know of) to purchase food or drink so take your own picnic.
At the top and bottom of the hill (before gardens) there is great places for food and drink.
Absolutely stunning walks that shouldn't be missed.

5 by Martin Williamson Review source

Lovely way to spend an afternoon. Gorgeous gardens and lots of signs about the various plants and buildings and helpful guides on hand with lots of knowledge. We really enjoyed our leisurely stroll around the house and lake. The only slight let down was the Cafe which was a bit chaotic due to enthusiastic but haphazard staff in need of a bit of organization and customer service training. Food and drinks were very nice though and the Cafe was clean. We'll be back in the summer to do the walk to the Folly of King Alfred.

5 by Clair Neal Review source

This National Trust house and gardens is listed as a 'living work of art' and the grounds estate and vast gardens live up to that description. The lake reflects the beautiful trees and shrubs and the many decorative temples and grottoes that appear as the vistas alter as you walk theany patches the snake through the estate lands. The village contained within the estate is historic and contains a pub and artwork galleries. Not to be missed!

5 by Derek Williams Review source

Beautiful location with an amazing lake walk. An Easter trail focused the children for the walk. Lovely views on the walk down from the main house.
A wonderful selection of trees: tall pine conifers from around the world and lots of deciduous as well which mean that the views at this time of the year were not totally blocked. I was told that the autumnal colours are really worth seeing so may be return to see for myself.
Worth a visit.

5 by Keith Hoo Review source

A very pleasing garden with superb Rhododendrons, Fuschias and trees of varying type, size and colour. The walks of various lengths take in numerous aspects of created views over the large lake; encompassing the many follies built to please the eye and imagination. Good facilities available. The house was most interesting, describing the family history that gave birth to these gardens.

5 by Chester Wilson Review source

Great NT site with lots of additional walking on circular footpaths if you choose to do some extra steps! Lovely woodland fringing the lake, interesting grotto with water feature and of course stunning views. Lots of fun for the whole family as usual! Interesting things to see and explore for the little ones, and all the historic and cultural aspects for the older folk. Good shop too!

5 by Amy Collier Review source

Love place to visit with National Trust membership, huge grounds to walk around and lovely views all the way around. There is even a pub in the grounds which we didn’t stop in as it was raining and wanted to get back to the car. Lots of parking and lots for kids to do also. Looking forward to my next visit and without so much rain. One of national trusts best sites in my opinion

4 by Andy Amphlett Review source

The house is another historic house. Interesting enough for those that like such things. The garden however is special. Centrepiece is the lake with its grotto and boat shed. Around it a wonderful collection of trees and shrubs. Changing with the seasons but always special. Can be busy, eg at half term, but plenty of parking and lots of ground to lose the crowds in

4 by John Bate Review source

Stourhead is a lovely place for a wander, there is always something to see in the gardens and the house is very interesting. If you want to walk further there are paths up to King Alfred's Tower but be aware a local farmer occasionally has cows with calves and sometimes a bull running in the fields which footpaths pass through which isn't very good.

5 by John Isaacs Review source

We love Srourhead, in winter and summer. Plenty of walks and areas to stop for picnics. Beautiful variety of trees and flowers provide lovely views and colours throughout the year. The small cottage provided cakes, snacks and drinks, including tea, coffee and hot spiced apple cider during the winter. The house is accessible and full of facts and artefacts.

5 by Rachel Bray Review source

Lovely well tended grounds. An easy walk around the lake of approx 3 Kms. Beautiful place in the sun. Also had all the usual National Trust shops and places to get a snack or a light lunch. However this location also has a pub with courtyard that serves brags and snacks but at high end prices.

A great place to walk around for a few hours

5 by Shane Goddard Review source

Love Stourhead as it's very beautiful. Take the kids and the dogs and explore the grounds. There are main paths around the main estate good for buggies. Further afield there are woodlands and fields to explore. The cafe here is large with plenty of savory and sweet options. There is a good selection of hot main meals on offer.

5 by Helen Conner Review source

Outstanding National Trust property with extensive grounds and large ornamental lake. Number of foreign tree species. The Pantheon is Palladian style villa which overlooks the lake. Large house open for viewing. Number of small shops, pub and restaurants on site. Exceptional property. Car parking free to National Trust members.

4 by Vivien Simpson Review source

Definately worth being a member of the national trust, for a small fee a month you get umlimited free entries and free parking to all national trust properties, its brilliant if your stuck with something to do during the kids holidays and dont want to spend a fortune, just grab some food for a picnic and away you go!

5 by Daniel Robinson Review source

A location that truely has the wow factor, dont bother with the house which although nice enough is nothing out of the ordinary stately home wise. It is the landscape gardens that will stay with you, what ever the time of year it has something magical to offer (i know make sure i visit once in each season).

5 by Lauren Hill Review source

Gorgeous, especially now with the end of the autumn colour and Christmas stock in the gift shop. There is also a lovely little independent gallery there which has beautiful Christmas stock (baubles, candles. Scarves, games, antiques) and everything from original paintings to crocheted Brussels sprouts.

5 by Sarah Talbot Review source

We love visiting stourhead and have been for many years in all seasons. It is beautiful and so calm. The house is an interesting addition to your visit but we always walk the garden. There are so many different routes and you can always go to Alfred's tower to make your walk more challenging.

5 by Anna Hind Review source

Beautiful lake surrounded by gardens and woodland. Impressive stately home to explore, as well as a restaurant and plant nursery.
Dogs are not allowed except after 4pm I believe.
Large car park. Book entry online in advance or buy on the door. Bring a picnic or eat at the restaurants

5 by Luke McFadden Review source

Easy to give this place 5 stars when the weather was luckily so sunny! Lovely little lake and good not to be surrounded by dogs all day long ( I have friends who are scared of them!) I got a years membership to nature trust as much more worth it as I will certainly be visiting again!!

5 by Neil Schembri Review source

We came here to watch my brother in law in a triathlon. The views around the gardens were wonderful.
Such a quaint and pretty place, a little church on site and a lovely little pub. We will definitely come back when the house is open and have a proper good look around.

4 by Sam Howie Review source

This has to be a favourite National Trust spot. It has a lovely walk all around the lake. You should go in Autumn when the leaves are all golden; it's a wonderful sight. Not been up King Alfred Tower yet as it was closed last time I came. The garden is pretty.

5 by S Melleroo Review source

Breath taking place especially in the summer months! I've got a young family and live not to far so picnics are on the menu! I am a paid up member of the national trust so entrance is 'free' but the non-member entrance price I think is very expensive.

5 by edd lane Review source

Lovely landscape, with its tranquil surroundings centred on a beautiful lake. The house has a story and art that is helpfully told by the guides.
The popularity of this place was emphasised by the need to park in the overflow car park, albeit was Mothers Day.

5 by Richard Northcott Review source

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