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This coffee shop is very close to the main reception of Northwick Park Hospital. So it's within the hospital premises. It's almost always busy during normal outpatient hours--about 9am to 5pm.

I had the worst Americano ever, here. Couldn't taste anything close to coffee in what was served. I was asked twice by two different baristas if I wanted milk in my Americano. As soon as I said no to the second chap, he filled the cup with extra hot water. Dumb or what? I want to taste the bitterness of the coffee, not fill myself up with hot water. On other occasions I have had cappuccino; seldom do they serve cappuccino with consistency of taste.

This shop, being in a large hospital, has no real competition. And, I would guess that the contract they have with the hospital includes a clause prohibiting the hospital from having any other competitive coffee shop within the premises, for which the hospital might have extracted a good premium on the lease.

Anyway, while seated, I looked up at the ceiling and saw lots of cobweb on the walls. One of the 'sails' they have up there for shade is stained by leaks. Should spend some money improving what's above and also train their baristas to improve their Americano and cappuccino. I have regularly seen coffee stains and food crumbs on tables.

By the way, they don't have the habit of giving you a receipt; ask for it if you want the receipt that the machine churns out for every purchase.

1 by R Nesan Review source

Constantly busy but they have plenty of staff working. My only general criticism would be they are slow to clear tables.

The low score is due to a specific staff member stating that I was a liar and then walked off when I challenged her over it.

I went up to find out where my sandwich was to be told they had called out five times for it. I was speaking to another member of staff without issue who offered to reheat it for me. Another staff member then butted in and interrupted us, stating that we had to take our food.

I raised that they normally brought it out once cooked to be told they had a new cooker which takes a minute and negates the need for someone to bring out food. I said they had brought out food last week and was told well it didn’t happen here.

I was unable to speak to a manager.

When I tried to get a contact for raising this with management there is only a phone line to use, not helpful for me.

1 by Neil Cooper Review source

I dont know why this place is having many bad reviews for they look aright the staff are doing their job. No matter how busy they are still they welcome you with greeting. Some time it is difficult to get a seat downstair how every they have a sitting area upstairs and it is also not that crowded. Costa coffee is i think one of the beat coffee shops i have every drank in.
They sitting area outside a smoking area and the environment is fantastic. I visit this place one a week and i do really enjoy visiting.

5 by Hiten Vanket Review source

This is a nice branch of Costa and well placed. It offers you a break from everything that is going on. The back of the store is used for a charity shop however each time I have visited this has just had sheets draped over it and chains and padlocks on the units. The is a member of staff who seemed to be the manager who was quite rude. She was very blunt with the customers and the staff alike, which could make a bit of a uncomfortable atmosphere sometimes.

4 by Nojy Noj Review source

This Costa is almost a central hub in Northwick Park hospital. If you come here enough, you get friendly with the staff who are almost part of the community.

Otherwise, this is exactly the same as most Costas. There is a full menu here, and the food is as you would expect.

I particularly enjoy the flat whites here. All the baristas I have come across here are excellent at making a good flat white.

5 by Mubin Choudhury Review source

Usually quiet early morning, becomes busy as the morning goes on, busiest midday, staff always friendly & helpful...
Prices of cakes, wrapped biscuits etc, a bit steep, better value next door in M&S.
'Friends' shop adjacent to Costa, different theme every time we visit, bags & holdalls last time, jewellery this time, always worth a look, good value items.

4 by mike h Review source

The guy who served me addressed me as 'Bro' :) Asked for extra hot but got loop warm - and that's cold by the time you finish. Seems you always have to ask for extra hot in a lot of Costa's.

3 by Simon Waite Review source

Regularly visit hospital for wife's treatment, and always enjoy a snack here. One of the best Costs café s I've visited, and staff all great too.

5 by John Smith Review source

Never waited longer than 1 or 2 mins to be served. Very good service. Nice little environment to escape into from hospital surroundings!

5 by James Brannan Review source

Can be untidy as numerous people pass through the shop. Reasonable choice of snacks , soft drinks & coffee. Staff are friendly.

3 by Nirvana Dutt Review source

Just like any other Costa but maybe a bit draughtier as it's open to the corridor and thence to the front door. Always busy.

4 by Denise Cawthorne Review source

Pleasant staff toasted sandwich etc. and drinks. Always a nice relaxed atmosphere albeit in a hospital.

5 by Valerie Skinner Review source

Easy access easy parking great to catch a coffee on the go!

5 by 0 Review source

Great staff, great chai latte, great hot panini

5 by L Miss Review source

Nice coffee and atmosphere.

5 by abbas gabiou Review source

it's nothing special

5 by Neil Gulliver Review source

Clean and friendly

4 by shazza726 Review source

Friendly staff

4 by Noel Withero Review source

Lovely coffee

5 by diaconu dumitru Review source


3 by Stewart Hunter Review source

All good

3 by omugrg Review source