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I don't write negative reviews, but the competence/attitude of the staff and poor quality of the food merits comment. When they can be bothered to serve you the 'service' is poor. I ordered a large glass of Pinot Grigio - not cheap at £9.80, and some Nachos - on paying I realised that the total was way over so queried it - I'd been charged for 2 glasses! I was refunded immediately. I settled down with my drink only to discover it wasn't what I'd ordered - I suspect a much cheaper house plonk. I returned to the bar and the barman told me it was Pinot Grigio - as I insisted he poured me another drink which was the right one - no apology! The Nachos and topping were tepid (tepid pulled pork?). Not somewhere I'll be revisiting - they rely for trade on people passing through and apparently have no interest in building repeat clientele.

1 by Sand Hepworth Review source

Very Poor.
We tried cabin bar a couple of years ago and although portions were never really big the food was ok. The last couple of times the food was awful! Everything was cold, the potato rosti tasted like it was soaked in vinegar and it was very rubbery chewy. They gave us a teaspoon of cold beans, the poached eggs were basically boiled eggs.I swapped the half tomato for more potato rosti and they gave me 6 balls extra(so when I went back to the kitchen asking why portions were so small he counted the balls and said it was the right amount because without swapping anything I would have got 6 potato balls). the whole dish was ridiculously disgusting and small and we'll never go back again. They charged us £10.50 for a veggie breakfast that I wouldn't eat even if it was free.

1 by Review source

The staff here are rude and believe me when I say you are doing them a favour not they you.I asked for coffee to come with breakfast but he said we don't do that churches me 13.95 for cold coffee and warm bread with child portion under 6ss scrambled eggs and bacon .the guy behind the bar has no training and should be removed from dealing with customers as his attitude is loud and argumentative. Get a grip cabin I pass twice a week and service is important

1 by M maidte Review source

I travel a lot for business and I can honestly say this was one of the most disappointing experiences in recent years. Food is frankly terrible and overpriced. I'm happy to pay airport prices for food if the quality is good. This was appalling. I was quite surprised as the overall ambience in the bar was okay. Feel free to have a drink there to choose one of the other places for something to eat.

1 by Review source

Once again, I must agree with the reviews. Rude staff with a limited understanding of customer service and a bar system that as quoted by a member of the bar staff 'makes life easier for us'. Four people waiting at the bar in a queue, nine staff behind the bar. All served one at a time. More expensive than the city and no atmosphere. Overpriced and little effort, avoid.

1 by Review source

Really: don't. I decided I wanted to have something nice and instead of going to the usual pret or spoon I came here: I regret it. Burger was disgusting (and expensive). Spoon's burger is gourmet compared to this. Chips would be tasteless if they didn't come covered with some red spice coating. Wine is vinegars and waiters are clueless and with almost no English.

1 by Muriel Zaccuri Review source

Bazofia at the price of Michelin star, the hot draft beers, I've ordered a chicken burger and they have brought me meat, although I think it would not have been much difference ... I have been told more and as they did not know how to give me back the 2 pounds of the card have given me some chips ... Surreal.
The same was food with theater and we have not heard ...

1 by Review source

Terrible service. Too busy chatting to each other or cleaning the fridge to help customers. We were there at 10:30 and had to wait for every order. It took 2 people to make a coffee as they keep chatting. Food good and clean up service good. Shame no one thinks it's important to serve the customers at the bar area. It should be a priority... Shame as captive audience...

1 by Barbara Kindrick Review source

I was trying to get some drinks and food for some friends and myself, and after i was waiting in the queue, when it was my turn, the barman decided that actually wasn't my turn, i don't know how could he decided that, because be4 starting to serve us, was chatting with his colleagues without EVEN TO PAYING ATTENTION TO THE CUSTOMERS

1 by miki benincasa Review source

Only reason I give it one star is to get into the review space and extol the virtue of the glass of Wine and the crispy lettuce leaf I got on my awful beef (I think) burger bun construct with soggy yellow potato lozenges.
Good seats (if you want to get out of the crowds), otherwise, nothing good.

1 by Review source

You have to ask at the bar where you ask for one thing, they charge you another and they bring you a third that you have not ordered. The staff is very border, it seems that one is bothering there. Price more expensive and food worse compared to other establishments at the airport.

1 by Review source

Listen to the warnings and avoid this place, overpriced food and overpriced drinks. The burger and wedges were soggy and the club sandwich was made with stale bread and not toasted. Only positive is there was a seat but that was probably due to all travellers going elsewhere.

1 by AnnA Nicolas Review source

All of the unoccupied tables are dirty. Many have had their used glasses uncleared since i arrived some time ago. Bar staff are the slowest I've seen in the world. Over £8 for a larger and some crisps. Probably the worst managed bar I've every been to.

1 by Jonty Coops Review source

They served me a dirty martini with oily olives?! There was OIL from the olives in my drink?!
I still feel kind of sick to my stomach from the oily taste...I complained and they got me an old fashioned instead. But still, not acceptable.

1 by Review source

Front of house woman was OK, otherwise staff were terrible. Loads of staff milling about behind the bar while I and others were waiting, forgot part of my order, cleared away my serviette while I was eating Food was adequate

2 by Peter Boreham Review source

Horrible service. Table completly dirty and waiters look at you and dont clean it. They then go to the bar and talk to themselves, laugh and do nothing. It seems there is no management. Also expensive for the horrible food

1 by Review source

Don’t bother, food wasn’t hot, I had the All day breakfast with 2 hard fried eggs which they did change after two attempts and a coffee which cost nearly £16. Go to Burger King opposite it’s better value for your money.

1 by Review source

Reheated, undercooked burgers and frozen super market wedges, terrible staff who don't know how to pull a pint or spot a waiting customer. Save your money and time a burger King across the way.

1 by Review source

I was called idiot, than disgusting by some girl Sonia in (C) Cabin....very sad.... feeling was very bad.... I left very sad, and shocked....very bad experience....

1 by Review source

Utter horror. Cold, overpriced, low-quality crud. It made me want to steal the HP sauce to glean at least a semblance of value from the place. Don't do it!

1 by Paulus F Review source

surprised by the 1* reviews, staff are fine. i'm standing here right now on my own looking across at a contented bunch of drinkers/diners/travellers!

4 by wayne carter Review source

Such a huge rip off.....AVOID!! £17 for two drinks!! Not even good drinks!! Also, terrible attitude from staff, not really sure what I paid for??

1 by Review source

Service without a smile, poor quality food, luke-warm, small portions and over priced. Happy to pay for quality food this wasn't even close

1 by Review source

In the words of Zoolander - 'What is this? A breakfast for ants? The breakfast needs to be ... at least 3 times bigger than this!'

1 by Review source

Should’ve gone to spoons. This place serves highly priced low-quality food churned out en mass. At least at spoons you get what you pay for.

1 by Review source

Shockingly poor food. Chef literally can't cook an egg. Save yourself from certain disappointment and go anywhere else.

1 by Adrian James Review source

They do not serve the tables, you have to take the order yourself from the bar. The Spanish manager quite edge.

1 by Jose Manuel Carou Álvarez Review source

Poor quality of service, rude staff at the bar as well. They ran our of Lager and lemonade by 5pm on a Friday.

1 by Antonia M Review source

Really nice staff today, friendly atmosphere, the manager greeting guests and most people smiling

5 by Review source

Horrible experience, unhelpful staff. No ice - warm cocktails! Shocking!!!!!!!

1 by Maciej Dudziak - Milewicz Review source

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