The Coffee Jar - Camden Town, London

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83 Parkway, Camden Town, London, NW1 7PP

+44 7956 032741




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Greed and stupidity will kill this lovely place...

We, me and my husband,go to this lovely place more than two years, almost everyday sometimes even 2 times per day. And today just noticed that people who even not regular there, use loyal cards for free cup of coffee, so little but nice thing. But imagine no one!!! for all that period of time ever mention the card to us. So of course we asked why and can we get one, and we know every staff by name and Sarah (the barrister) said in a quiet rude manner 'no you can get it only if you buy coffees!' but we just were there couple of hours ago and drinked our usual espressos, and when she greeted us,she even said:'oh, nice to see you guys second time of the day!'. So disappointed by greediness of the people whom you wanted support as local business so wouldn't go there anymore and if you anyway decide to go, please ask the card for yourself to avoid such an awkward and rude replies, may be you will experience even worse if you are not regular?!...

1 by Review source

Really great coffee, one of the best in the area (which is a bit of a darth for decent coffee). I also definitely recommend the white chocolate and salt cookies. A lot of regulars come here and has a friendly atmos, sometimes the friendliness can feel a little forced but at least it isn't unwelcoming. More of a takeaway coffee place due to its diminutive size but there is some room for a few people to sit. If you are in Camden well worth the visit.

5 by Christopher Phillips Review source

On my way from Camden Town to Primrose Hill, I noticed this nice little coffee shop on Parkway. I lived in the area about two years ago and I always missed a good coffee shop. It seems the situation gets better, with The Coffee Jar I now know two decent coffee places near Camden Town.

The Coffee Jar is a light place with very friendly staff, tasty strong Monmouth coffee and delicious food. I am sure that I will be back soon.

5 by Götz Bürkle Review source

Located along Camden Parkway a cosy cafe, going by the name of The Coffee Jar, is the perfect place to escape from the humdrum of everyday life. Featuring cottage-like wooden interiors together with a relaxing, tranquil feel, you’ll soon be settling down with a cup of their organic Monmouth coffee, and watching the world go by...

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5 by Twenty Something London Review source

Best little Coffee shop in Town
If you like great Coffee and I mean really good coffee, then this is the place.
It may be small but will give all the corporate coffee houses more than a run for the money.
Excellent staff, always go out of their way to make the experience special.
Non pretentious....With amazing cakes and snacks.
Always 1st place to go in Camden

5 by Damien Billington Review source

By far the best coffee shop in Camden Town / Regents Park area! Small, cozy, with an amazing selection of home-made cakes, yummy sandwiches and pastries. This is a place where locals go and it's easy to catch up with neighbours. It has a really nice mix of people. The staff are genuinely lovely and they really know how to prepare a good latte! Five stars.

5 by Mar M. Munoz Review source

Cosy little place with great coffee. A little too cosy to find a seat when I visited, but the takeaway macchiato was pretty good. A little too much milk, but nice tasty Monmouth beans. The snacks aren't cheap but will likely tempt you as you stand at the till, as they did me. Spend over £4 to use your card. A coffee and a cookie will do that

4 by Jon Reeve Review source

A wonderful place with most welcoming, friendly and polite personnel. Good coffee and sweets. Menu also includes snacks and breakfast. Had a chicken and avocado sandwich which was by far one of the best I've tasted. 2 sweets we got were very nice as well. Was a little busy in the morning but the line moves fast as do the personnel.

5 by Grisha Zotov Review source

Super delish!! The brownies - oh lord
The coffee is actually quite good and the orange juice is perfect however the prices are a bit too much go make it a regular! Especially with so many coffee shops around!
I also wish it was a bigger location as its always so popular and busy - but maybe thats what makes it so cute

4 by frascodefruta Review source

If you go to Camden, you MUST come here! I've worked in hospitality for over a decade and th service I received here was out of this world incredible. The selection of sweets were top notch, the sandwiches were also fantastic! The only downside is it's a bit small, so just grab a takeaway if you can't find a seat

5 by Ariana Zoe Review source

One of the best, friendliest coffee places in Camden.
The owner, Maria, gives a personal touch to the business and it is always a pleasure to arrive to a place that greats you by your first name as a regular customer. They use Monmouth coffee beans which are speciality-coffee beans. They know what they are doing!

5 by Review source

Stopped off while waiting for a photo shoot to be done customer service is excellent they seem to remember there customers as I was 3back in the queue and was listening to them ask how was there trips and what's gone on at work ect......Oh and the coffee is good and I love coffee being a lorry driver

5 by Salt Ash Review source

The Praise: Amazing place, lovely people, superb coffee and tea.

The Soapbox: they most likely pay tax, unlike the other corp coffee shops, and this helps everyone in our community, if that does not matter to you - see aforementioned praise for awesome coffee and nice people.

5 by Richard L. West Review source

The best iced latte in London. Not Camden, not zone 1, not north London. The best iced latte in LONDON. Friendly service, full of locals, and just where you want to be on a sunny afternoon before strolling through Regent's Park or grabbing a bite to eat in Camden market.

5 by Ryan Victor Review source

If you like Monmouth coffee then this place is for you. The service is super friendly, the food options are plentiful and varied with a decent supply for each option.

If I was pushed to criticise I would say that the milk used in my Latte could be sweeter.

5 by Matthew Culver Review source

Great staff and great coffee make this place a must visit for coffee in Camden. Small but cosy and a delicious range of sweet treats from biscuits, muffins and even caramel slices (called millionaires slice in UK...why?). Recommended for visitors to Camden.

5 by Mark Northcott Review source

Rude and unpleasant staff not just towards me but other customers. I feel that the staff could do with some lessons in customer service and perhaps know the value in a smile! The nice cakes are not good enough to draw me back to this café.

2 by Jacquie Ujetz Review source

If I could give it 6 stars I would. The staff is simply fantastic. I am visiting london and spent about 30 minutes here. Almost everyone who came in the staff would talk to as though they have known them for ages. Coffee was fantastic!

5 by Review source

Not exactly service with a smile but delicious, Australian-quality coffee and pleasant enough banana bread. I'd have preferred the coffee a fraction hotter as I don't like being able to knock it back pretty much in one go.

4 by Isabella Woods Review source

Quaint little coffee shop doing good coffee that will set you back. Pricier than many other places who charge like 50p for a tiny jug of oat milk for a long black which I haven't encountered anywhere else in London, yet.

2 by Nancy Wu Review source

I love coffee and this place makes the best real tasty and delicious coffee. The aroma smell and taste is mind blowing. They also sell cakes and fresh sandwishes. Yumny all the way. The best in the UK. Come and try it.

5 by snap soon Review source

Most excellent coffee - which I guess you want when you are called the coffee jar. Well worth a visit. And when you are there, try the snacks/food/cakes too - also excellent. A great little venue with great staff.

5 by Michael Smith Review source

Small coffee shop with delicious coffee and a varied selection of pastries. In addition, there are also small breakfast items (for example Banana Bread + Greek yogurt with berries). The prices are fair.

5 by Jonas Walter Review source

As you might have figured by the name this is a small coffee place. However, they serve lovely Monmouth Coffee and Maria bakes most of the delicious treats, to go with the lovely coffee, herself.

5 by Review source

A lovely little artisanal coffee shop near the heart of Camden, with a large range of delicious meals and snacks. The coffee is beautifully presented and tasty. Highly recommended.

5 by Euph Auric Review source

Cosy place, perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee to go, getting some breakfast, or tasting a delicious snack. The staff is great. The espresso is one of the brest I had in London.

5 by Davide Nunes Review source

Maybe it's a bit expensive .. But it was very good. We took the carrot cake and a salmon begel and great both. It's a bit small so sometimes there's no room.

5 by kel Review source

A really small and cute shop. The service was extremely friendly and explained everything super. The food and drinks were delicious and the price for this perfectly fine.

5 by Maria B. Review source

Coffee from here is worth making a detour to. They do great snacks and yummy cakes too!

Only downside is that it's a bit small and there is no loo

5 by Kia Stanford Review source

Delicious sandwiches. We had a ham and a pastrami sandwich. They were both very tasty. Loved their sour dough bread. Coffee was very good as well. Recommend it.

5 by Pariz Review source

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