The Defectors Weld - Shepherd's Bush, London

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170 Uxbridge Rd, Shepherd's Bush, London, W12 8AA

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On hearing the good reviews of this pub, and having to collect my 16 year old daughter and her friend from the O2.
Both myself and my wife decided we would collect the girls, after the boy band gig finished at 9.30 and visit this pub to have a few drinks and a bite to eat.
It took us over an hour to travel from East London, so we were looking forward to it.
The doorman refused the girls entry!!
They are 16 and 17, not 6 and 7.
They were with 50 year old adults.
Not a load of youngsters out together.
They were under age to enter!
Just to spend some time with her parents and talk about the great night she had just had.
Has this country gone so far wrong that a 16 and 17 year old can't spend some time with adult company!!
We don't ever have a problem abroad when we go away.
I would like to say the doorman was very polite and pleasant and allowed us to use the toilets, but not the girls.
He was following orders. 'He didn't make the rules'
So I can't really give a higher mark as I can't comment on the food or drink as we didn't get as far as the bar.

1 by Review source

I usually avoid pubs because most of them act more as clubs than places to chill and talk, but The Defectors Weld is absolutely wonderful. There's a lot of room and it's a great place to chat with service that is unpretentious. I go here with my colleagues for a drink every Friday, so it works really well with their happy hour cocktail special. For people who don't like beer, this list makes going to the pub so much more enjoyable. Their food selection is also delicious, especially their chips with garlic mayo sauce. Get extra sauce, it's unbelievable. And do check out their upstairs area because there's not only more seating, but there's another bar up there too. Wish all pubs are like this place :)

5 by Joy Li Review source

The Weld, as my mates refer to it, is a Shepherd's Bush staple. Many a good time with Christmas revelers and football fans have been had here. It's easy to see why. There's a fantastic selection of local (e.g. Camden Hells Lager, Beavertown Neck Oil) and international brews on tap. Entry to the pub can be a problem for those that aren't football fans. That's because a ticket to the match at nearby Loftus Road Stadium or a club membership is needed if you want to enter the premises at certain times on match day. As such, it's best to know when the Queens Park Rangers play at home from September to May. In any case, if you enjoy a few lagers in an appealing atmosphere, the Weld is for you.

4 by Kevin Restivo Review source

Not too bad, but far from amazing. Can be very crowded at times, which there's not much to be done about. The food we had was pretty good, we went for the £10 burgers, the meat was fabulous.
However what always bothers me in most pubs is the perpetual mistake of having the music too loud, I can't hear my friends talk and that just discourages dialog since you only get snipets of what's being said. Loud music makes people speak louder which only adds to the overall noise getting in the way.
Yes, I actually had a hearing check done recently because I thought I might be the problem, turns out my hearing is brilliant.

2 by Krasus Review source

The Defectors can be a bit all over the place at times. Generally speaking though; It's a great pub, with great grub and a great atmosphere. The selections of beers is normally spot on here, with a range of craft brews alongside some old pints. The food is superb - Definitely try their burgers, which are able to easily compete with more bespoke offerings in the upmarket parts of the city. What tend to let Defectors down is a lack of space - a victim of it's own success - as there is little room to move around on a Friday/Saturday night. Overall however, this pub delivers, and is the best bet for a pint this side of town.

4 by Steve Review source

I understand when a pub needs to serve out of plastic cups due to the football, I do. But you can't serve some people plastic and some people glass glasses. Especially if it is several hours AFTER the football. I (29yo woman, dressed smart) ordered a bar and I kindly asked if I could get my drink in a glass. When I was told no, I pointed to the football fan sitting next to me having a pint of beer out of a glass... she still refused. Not even an apology I got, just a defensive comment that he must have ordered his drink a while ago. He clearly had two sips of it... such a shame!!

1 by Vera Zijlstra Review source

This was a favourite for after work drinks when I worked in this area. This is a large pub with bit seating areas for groups. The menu is traditional pub grub- the burgers are really great. Drinks menu is great, particularly recommend going at happy hour to enjoy 2 for1 espresso martins. This place also has a private hire area on 1st floor called the snug. It has its own bar and is free if you make a minimum spend. We held engagement drinks here for 40 people and service/staff were really great. Would definitely recommend for big groups or casual dining

5 by Elle Collins Review source

This pub is a gem - great food, decently priced booze, a big fireplace, cool events (quiz night, movie afternoons, etc), good sunday roasts and great music in the evening. Book a table for Sunday roasts and weekend evenings. The staff are lovely too. The only fault is the lack of a garden.

Stay downstairs on a big table if you're out with friends for fun and go upstairs to the more secluded area if you're on a date.

4 by Jade Pearn Review source

When told to write a review about the defectors weld I am pushed to my limit to find the words to express. The defectors weld is without doubt the best place to be at any time in shebu. We started early with some beers and quickly moved on to the happy hour and let me tell you we were very happy for those hours. The drinks were flowing company was grand and the bar staff were outstanding. 5/5 can't wait to return. x

5 by Jonathan Girven Review source

Defctor weld is an absolute disgrace refused entry for wearing clean carpenters trousers. If I could I wouldn't even rate them a star. How can my clothing represent me as a person. Its snobish prejudice and run by toffee nosed busy bodies. I would never recommend this pub to anybody un easy atmosphere. Fuming at how they can refuse anybody for that simple fact of work wear NY money is as good as anyobes!.

1 by Review source

A cool pub! Was pleasantly surprised to find it was really big inside (whilst still providing a comfy ambiance), with heaps of tables large enough for groups of 6 or more. Service was amazing and quick considering it was a Saturday night, and it wasn't heaving like the other pubs surrounding. A perfect Saturday hangout. Would have been a 5 star review if I had tasted the food...maybe next time!

4 by Nancy Silverman Review source

Ever been to a trendy club and been turned away on the assertion that 'we're closed', only to watch a group of girls go in immediately thereafter? This pub is that, except it's not a trendy club, it's a mediocre pub. Fine if you want to go for a quick drink after work, but don't rely on its opening times as being indicative of availability.

1 by Review source

Visiting from the States, we were looking for a suitable place to play Cribbage and have some drinks. Even though the first level is quite open and spacious, our corner of a long table was cozy and comfortable. We ended up ordering dinner too and it was fantastic. We are used to fairly generic and uninteresting pub food, but everything we had was exceptional.

4 by Angela Steinkamp Review source

If you're just swinging by for a drink, The Defectors Weld does have a great selection but the food is expensive for what you get and you really wouldn't have to travel far to get something better for less. The staff that I've seen there during the day also aren't as welcoming as they ought to be.

3 by Christopher Review source

Good alternative bar. Tries to be overly cool, and the staff try to out-quirk each other with their ironic t-shirts and non-prescription galasses. having said that the staff are friendly, attentive and pour good drinks. 2-for-1 cocktails most evenings and the foods not bad. good selection of tunes, too.

4 by Review source

Nice pub, rather spacious, good selection of beers and spirits. Cocktail list is also better than your average boozer. I can highly recommend The Defector, it's ingredients seem a little odd, but the execution is amazing. Also had some interesting bourbons which is always good. All in all, great place to go.

5 by Parry Weare Review source

Love this pub. Very cosy, with great booths. Busy in the evening but quieter on Sundays when they do they're fabulous roasts. No TVs which is perfect for someone who hates sports or just rather tall than sit watching TV! The salted caramel dessert is amazing but recommend sharing all that yummy sugar!

5 by Tash N Review source

If you are looking for a place to drink, this is definitely a good place to go! However the food and the wine (I only tried the £9 a glass Shiraz) are pretty terrible and well overpriced, and the bathrooms are shameful. All of that being said, the staff are very nice and the environment is hospitable.

2 by emma andersson Review source

Pricey, nice staff and nice interior but the bar's too big. The sitting area kind of wraps all the way around it. The bar dominates the space and there's less seating than there really should be. It gets cramped at peak hours. Also employs doormen on weekends. Nothing worse in a pub

3 by Luke E Review source

This used to be a good pub, then Young's bought it and it's been downhill since then. The ale is often poorly kept, but they will at least swap a bad pint for you. Beer-wise they're focused on craft stuff in key kegs (over cask ale) because there's a higher profit margin.

2 by mark glanville Review source

Only use it for after QPR games now I've moved North TBF but always plenty of 'hip' trendy types & post Westfielders in ..... the Shepherds Bush of my youth would be turning in it's grave at the way the local pubs are all going, nice murals in the smoking area though

4 by Fat Bellyownersclub Review source

This is the best pub in the Area. Food cocktail and beers are all great. There are dozens of cosey areas to sit with friends including the upstairs snug bar and two large sofas at the fireplace. Live DJs every weekend. The cocktails would be far too expensive were it not for happy hour.

5 by Oh Jay Review source

We were 2 couples who visited London for the first time and someone told us that it was a must to eat fish & chips in an English pub. We've loved the experience and we recommand it. We stay in Quebec (Canada) and we have liked your restaurant. Thank you for the good time.

4 by Review source

Fantastic pub in the heart of Shepherd's Bush serving a wide variety of beers, ciders and spirits as well as producing some very tasty and well presented food. Traditional pub feel inside with sofas as well as bar stools and a nice wooden interior. Perfect for pre-gig drinks!

4 by Mark Edwards Review source

Been coming here often lately because of the location. Food is overpriced and mediocre. Drinks are way over priced. Staff has been apathetic and unhelpful. It seems like high prices, bad food, and poor service is becoming the norm at pubs in West London these days.

1 by London Reviewer Review source

Really bad music the dj wasn't interested in nothing at all even Shazam couldn't recognize the music he was playing all the people was annoyed and most of the time he was chatting on his phone, I was so disappointed by inviting some friends to that place

1 by Review source

The first description I read on this place from Google maps is spot on. Renovated boozer with hip lampshades. I've always wanted to try English fish and chips and this place did not disappoint. The place is busy but cozy and the menu is small but flavorful.

5 by Aaron LaBeau Review source

So insanely crowded there are never any tables, servers brush by you without saying anything, they ignore you at the bar, and it gets really rowdy and HOT with not much circulation of air in there... would not recommend it for a weekend night at all

2 by Review source

Great pub, spoiled by the most miserable and moody staff I've come across in quite a while, how dare we talk to them or ask to be served, I'm guessing someone died in all their families.
Just for rhe record, the staff are miserable.

2 by Review source

Lovely proper english pub. It's got strong ales, great chips and tasty sauces. It even has vegetarian options. Only complaint would be that the beer sometimes comes in plastic cups rather than glass. The staff are all really friendly.

5 by Morgan Spicer Review source

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