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Shocking. Lets start from the beginning, had to wait ages to be served. Only one till was open at a peak time of 6.30pm, Even though me and a friend spotted 5-7 members of staff around, yet the second till was left unmanned, whilst a que built. When we finally did get served we received no apology or reason for the long wait, Just met with a rather odd, Impolite member of staff who I could liken to the character 'Ali G', Fairly sure senior staff will know who im referring too.

As we sat down we noticed how dirty the place looked, The on table condiments looked filthy. To top this off there were tons of tiny flies around! I dont mean one or two, It seems as if they have an infestation problem somewhere. We even moved seats but there were flies there too. We even saw other customers fighting them off! The resturant itself looks like it once was a lovely looking place that has let standards slip and hasnt been taken care of.

We sat for roughly 15/20 before the first meal came, as with any normal resturant we were expecting our to come at the same time. Unfortunately not, After roughly ten minutes later, we saw my meal in a tray by the kitchen waiting for a staff member to pick it up, We watched it for a few minutes until someone eventually did, walked right up to us and ignored our table number, and walked it right back to the counter by the kitchen. Me and my friend where puzzled, I had to go up there myself and tell them my order number which was clearly displayed on the table. They brang the food over and granted I received an apology.

Now onto the food. It was all lukewarm by the time I received it. I had a double burger with added cheese, and yep its £1 extra for cheese.. In a beef burger.. Yes, in a beef burger the cheese is a paid 'upgrade'. Anyway, The burger overall was very very dry. Patties dry, flavourless & bland. Even the cheese was dry! It was melted onto the patties but it wasnt soft and melty, It was actually dry and hard! This may be because they left my food sitting for so long, or it was some kind of cheese im not familiar with. Overall bland dry and flavourless. Had to add the cheese sauce I got with my wings just to give the burger some flavour! The fries where equally as bad, Luke warm on my tray and half where fried to a crispy shell of a fry, The other half felt chewy and powdery as if they where re-fried old chips. The wings have a wide range of marinades which was nice to see. We had a mix of four, Flavour wise I cant fault them, They had tasty sauce on them. The actual wings themselves where stupidly tiny, about a mouthful on each one.

Overall final thoughts, We paid £20 each for this pleasure, I could have gotten better food & service at my local burger joint for a quarter of what I paid. Expected a whole lot more for that price, Especially as we trekked halfway across london to try this place out. The fact I have written a review out due to my experience, Which I have never done or ever felt compelled to do before says it all. This place appears to have potential but big, big changes need to be made. Wont be making another visit.

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Tonight I order a deal which included a burger, chips and a drink.

On top of this order I also ordered chicken wings and a milkshake, so overall paying £27.50. Firstly, my boyfriend had to wait for a higher member of staff to process as the man on the till could not do it.

I went to the restroom whilst my boyfriend was waiting, I found the bathroom utterly revolting. The light and flush in one cubicle did not work and in the other cubicle there was toilet tissue all over the floor. In neither cubicle was there usable toilet tissue. Personally I found this utterly revolting and incredibly bad even for a fast food restaurant.

Once I got downstairs I waited for my order, which once it arrived my boyfriend and I realised had no chips or drink, so highly annoying considering we had a taxi waiting outside, so we returned to the desk and queued in order to talk to Sharmain in order to rectify this issue for the order we had paid for. She then refused to give us fries and drinks without us paying £8 extra which we thought was utterly ridiculous considering we had already paid nearly thirty pounds. We left the venue as I felt incredibly intimated by your worker Sharmain shouting at us and obviously not living by the age old rule of ‘the customer is always right’. Therefore I left, feeling very upset and humiliated in order to get my taxi home. Once home I realised that not only was my burger cold but without chips and a drink and without the extra cheese and bacon that I paid extra for. Now, my boyfriend and I both work in the hospitality industry and we decided that it would be important for us to call your venue to try and rectify this mistake- both the missing fries and drinks AND the lack of extras on the burger that I had paid for was obviously more than just a mishap with removing the tomato from our burgers. But instead we had a man on the phone who could not hear or understand me, the manager my boyfriend was put through to was helpful and offered us a free meal, the way the meal should have been tonight, tomorrow however I am seriously disappointed in this customer service, this might be a fast chain restaurant however, I would still expect impeccable service, however all I received was rude and intimating service.

Not only all this but I have attempted to email two different email addresses listed for this venue and neither work.

Terrible service.


1 by Review source

Foodwise: I recommend the hot wings with blue cheese sauce. - two stars

Servicewise: With the website menu different with the one in the restaurant, there was a bit of confusion - two stars go to the manager for sorting this out in the end which meant i was eating my food 1 hour later then planned.

This evening:

OK - so at the time of writing both the menu online and in the store have different prices. (the one online is cheaper and what I read off when I did my telephone order for a pick up takeaway @ 19:35.)

@ 19:50 I walked in and said I had a telephone order to the first server and was told to pick up my food from around the corner - i believe she thought i was a courier and then disappeared

After the confusion, another server asked me to come back to the front tills to pay - i said the prices were different from online and without saying anything he just left and started putting things in burgers.

After a while another server came to the till i was at who turned out to be the manager. I told him that the prices were different online and unfortunately the menu would not load on my phone. After 20 minutes i said that i was pretty upset because my food was getting cold but he wanted to see the menu which was fair enough which I did want to show him too. We waited for both our phones to load and at which point i said to leave it and i went home ( I live 5 minutes away).

I went back home and called him @ 20:33, where I then emailed him the menu from the website where he saw the prices were different.

He apologised and agreed to give me the meal on the house.

I went back to pick up the food @ 20:45 which was good in the end , however, I think that the staff could improve on acting professional, increase the communication with the customers - perhaps acknowledge them? I believe more training is necessary for some people working there.

2 by Mui Kam Review source

It was an astronomical, overpriced value for such a poor burger.
We popped in to that place while passing by, as we were very hungry and in rush. It looked decent and inviting from outside. It was a terrible mistake. Don't judge the book by the cover.

We paid £22 for the meals. Each meal included cheeseburger, fries and medium coke.
(Just the burger only costs £6).
Burger patty was very thing and was falling apart. It is even difficult to describe what it was. Some kind of 'uneven' texture, crumbling, greasy piece of thin meat pancake.
The meat also lacked any flavour despite salt.
The chips were dry and tasted like frozen that were roasted in the oven.

Also, once we ordered and tried to sit down, we realized that the whole place was trashed. There were trays with junk left almost on every table. We had to clean our table to make a space. Despite that I don't understand this primitive inconsiderate mentality of living junk after eating, especially when you have appropriate bin 1 metre away from you, there is no excuse for the staff to ignore the trash. There were 2-3 waitresses walking around with little to do and non of them bothered to clean. Even McDonalds or Burger King tend to be cleaner.

This burger was not worth more than £3 and the whole meal no more than £4.
Me and my friend were very upset. We would have had a more tasty and cheaper meal in simple fastfood like Burger King. Such a waste of money and bad experience.

An interesting thing is that during my visit, most of the customers there (were about 30 people there) consisted of couples and large families with kids that seemed to be of Arabic ethnicity (just as the workers). Maybe they were friends of the stuff. But it is very peculiar that also majority of positive comments on Google reviews seem to come from users with Arabic names.

1 by Extreme Kaos Review source

I despise giving this venue even one star. We had paid for a deal of a burger, chips and drink, which the man on the desk could not process, the 'manager', Sharmain then put in the order, however when we received our order the burgers arrived identical, without the tomato we requested on one, but without the cheese and bacon we paid extra for on another. We also asked where our fries and drink were which the manager then attempted to have an argument with us about, now bear in mind that both I and my girlfriend work in hospitality, she refused to give us the fries and drink (which we had already paid for...and ordered!!) without us paying extra, which of course astonished us, 'the customer is always right'?!? So we called the venue once we got home and realised the order was completely wrong and were told that it could not be rectified unless we returned to the venue.

Moreover my girlfriend visited the restroom and found that the light in one cubicle was not working, there was toilet roll in neither cubicle and that the flush one one of the toilets was not working.

Overall a horrendous experience, in which we were very disappointed and my girlfriend found incredibly intimidating, given that the manager was shouting at her in the middle of the restaurant. After paying nearly £30 for two burgers and a couple of chicken wings we were very unhappy.


1 by Review source

I tried this place a few months back and didn't think much of it the first time. However, being the optimist that I am, I wanted to give it a second chance in case I came on an 'off' day. Sadly, the second time around (motivated in part by a BYGOF email voucher) was just as disappointing as the first time. The burgers really do look like they should taste better. Main problems are that they appear to season the mince beef with too much pepper (you can't tase anything else, certain not a nice beefy flavour one associates with Rolls-Royce burgers) and the patty itself is dry (I'm usually suspicious of places that offer loads of condiments and accessories/toppings...looking at you, Five Guys). Even the thick cut chips aren't that good; everyone knows they should be crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. The only saving grace (if there is one and somewhat ironically) is their chicken menu. I've tried both the boneless wings and chicken strips which are great. I may venture here again for the chicken but definitely not the burger; there are too many burger joints in this town to waste a meal here! Given that this is an California-originated franchise, I wonder if the parent company is aware that their good name is being sullied by what I suspect is bad/sub-optimal cooking...

2 by Steen Ooi Review source

I give it 2 stars that's me being generous, I've eaten at some of the top Halal restaurants in London and they have 3 very important things that are key : appearance , food and service. all 3 need to be good and this case only one was good. Food was great and American style halal joint ? LOVE IT ! but the décor was confusing is it café or restaurant don't think you can seat a lot of people ? Customer service !!!! very important being kind, caring, approachable and always looking out for the customer. I've been in hospitality/catering industry for many years and that was the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER !!!! no smiles, no consideration for the customer. there was this family who walked in the restaurant and they were confused on whether they should wait to be seated or choose a seat themselves, then one of the gentlemen from the family asked 'what do we do?' the Fatburger employee said 'sit down', none of the employee approached the family to say 'good afternoon guys welcome to Fatburger :) table for ... ? Then he goes to ask for a menu and she gives him one to share for the entire family there were 5 of them !!!!!!
The poor customer service had let me down ! ,love the food but would like a smile and care with it.

2 by Review source

Uninspiring burger, bad service and deceitful prices.
I went with a friend who ordered a normal burger while I ordered a cheeseburger - sound straight forward right? Wrong!

After waiting about 20 minutes we both received a Cheeseburger, they did offer to replace it, but we didn't have 40 minutes to wait.

The burger itself was ok, a bit too well-done for my personal taste, fries were lifeless.

The atmosphere was sad, reminds you of a service station somewhere outside of London with plastic furniture bolted into the floor and very big (and in hindsight, suspicious, posters) telling the customers ALWAYS FRESH...

On top of the bad service I was surprised at the pricing, all the prices in the menu (and screens) are without VAT - when you get the final bill you discover 20% 'TAX' on top of everything, this makes for an expensive and mediocre burger joint.

This is especially sad because 200m from there is a perfectly reasonable 'Honest Burger' which is a million times better, or a short few minutes drive 'Dirty Burger' - one of the best burgers in Britain today, IMO.

I will never set foot there again and neither should you.

1 by Review source

Horrendously incompetent staff. Had to repeat my order about 10 times: 1 portion of wings and 2 burger meals. Got my receipt and it seemed the lady had put down for burgers on their own, and drinks separately which we were charged for. I told her I'd asked for meals (fries and drinks accompanying the burgers right? Not rocket science?), she said 'Yes. Meals. They're meals.' So I said great and we went to sit down and wait for the food. Surprise surprise, lonely burgers came, no fries. I told the man who served us them that we asked for meals. He said he'd go cook some fries for us quickly. We finished our meals, eating pretty slowly. Waited some more, until it was clear we were getting no fries so we just walked out, fed up. So, 1 small portion of wings, 2 single burgers and 2 cokes for an extortionate 30 quid. Absolutely do not waste your time or money here. The nearby Hache, Honest Burger or Byron are 10x better.

1 by Review source

Ordered triple burger with thick fries. Burger tasted extremely bland. I would have given two stars if I was charged £5 but I was charged...wait for it...over £15 for below mediocre food. Burger had no flavour and was tough. I am a fool as I should have gone to the Byron next door which do a much tastier burger. Don't get me wrong I am not really a fan of these expensive burger establishments but at lease while you are being fleeced Byron are producing a tasty burger. The real truth of it is that none of these establishments can really match the McDonald's burger for taste and price. McDonald's will still be here when the burger trend dissipates and these establishments eventually disappear. Don't spend a single penny at Fatburger. If you want to pay over the odds for a good quality burger go to Byron. I actually prefer Gourmet Burger Kitchen. If you want value for money go to McDonald's.

1 by Review source

The one star is for the excellent service from the lady at the till who has mastered the art of taking food orders from someone who is ordering for an army and is so confused with the menu. Such a lovely Somalian lady. Thank you for your

Now the bad points:
1. Mediocre burgers. Bland as school dinners. Do not get the hype, honestly!
2. Pricey, should have gone to Tesco.
3. The order took so long (same as everyone else comments on the reviews here) because only 1 staff worked her ass while the rest was just chatting and laughing like hyenas. I have nothing about joy at work but come on serve us our meal first please.
4. Disgusting toilets. Smelled horrid. Like in a hospital ward.
5. Unsafe stairways. Broken??
6. £75 for 6 meals. We've been robbed

Final verdict:
- just stay home and eat microwavable popcorn. At least you know what to expect.

1 by Simply joyful and frugal Review source

Let me get straight to the point, they cook burgers like they don’t know what salt is, let alone how to make a burger with a gram of taste. Before pricing their burgers at the extortionate prices, (which don’t include vat on the menu so you don’t know how much you spent till you get the bill) they should learn how to make a standard burger.

On top of that failure, the service is also terrible, the cashier showed attitude when ordering the toppings. After clearly say what we wanted they still managed to mess up the toppings for the burgers, but when asking they got defensive.

Gladly the manager came to help remedy the issue, but not before berating the cashier to the point she ran off crying.


1 by Review source

Literally the best staff, SO pleasant, understanding and GREAT! Twice we were sent the wrong order when ordering through Ubereats but the staff are always so great and understanding and have compensated us well. Honestly working in the service industry is SO hard especially fast food places, yet all the staff here are AMAZING at what they do and deserve so much!! You guys are so good!!!! (A guy who helped us out with recent wrong order on the phone was really great and I want to mention him by name so hopefully his boss will see this and give him a bonus (HE DESERVES IT), but I can't quite remember his name. I think it was Nunu ? (noo noo) but he was great!!!!! THANK YOU !)

5 by Lukas Fraser Review source

I was there on Wednesday 8th March 2017.
The food was mediocre, the burger used good beef but was served warm not hot, the fries straight out of a packet and the wings sauce straight out of a bottle.

I ordered a double burger, 1 vegi burger, 1 curly fries, 1 portion (6)wings and 1 drink, it cost over £26.

I grade places on:

Taste/food quality 6/10
Ambience 7/10
Value for what you got and where it is 5/10

They scored an average of 6/10

For me if it's a place to go back to it must score 8/10. It doesn't, so I won't be going back or recommending it.

Fatburger, No Fat Good

2 by Zulfikar Din Review source

I ve been this afternoon at 15pm for my lunch break,15.10 l took the order(chicken burger grill) in the menu wasn't any note to inform the customer which the chicken its spicy!!
I try to eat but after two bites l can't do it anymore!
I ask to change it and they said ok!
At 15.37 l was still waiting for the burger,l ask them if was ready or not and they said :I m sorry but to be onest l completely forgot!
So l didn't had my launch,l come back late at work for?? Nothing!
Also l want to specific in the kitchen was 6 people working,and they were so slowly and no one of them they remembered my burger,never back again! Definitely

1 by Danila Delmastro Review source

Imagine if someone took a McDonalds, and then made it... Y'know. Amazing rather than just okay. I love bold flavours and big portions, and Fat Burger delivered.
Ever eaten a quadruple burger? Fat Burger will give you the chance
Like a lot of trimmings or maybe keep it plain? Fat Burger.
Milk shakes? Sweet mercy yes.
And the wings. So many different degrees of heat, whether you want to play a cruel trick with some Death Valley or play it cool. Better yet, they have boneless wings, for when you want to tuck in without too much thought.
I'm still struggling to decide on who does the best burgers in Camden.

5 by That Guy Review source

Well. The burger was small (we ordered a regular one with chili and fries in it), the chili sauce was missing, so I assume they gave us free boneless chicken wings (dry and no flavour btw).
The botomless drink option is good, but one of the coke zero didn't work.
The burger wasn't that all, average meat, good bread, I was trying to figure out were the sauce was. Skinny fries were nice though.
Jalapeno cheese bite were nice and different but ridiculously expensive.
The waiter offered me an oreo milkshake, it was the only positive aspect of this dinner.
We won't go back again.

2 by suzana marie-antoine Review source

Excellent. We went into the restaurant last night around 7.30pm and we could see the restaurant was quite busy. However the queue to order moved quite quickly. When we got to the counter the server asked us if we had been to Fatburger before, he then explained the toppings on the burger and showed us the wings menu. We ordered a Fatburger, lemon pepper boneless wings and a Oreo milkshake. We took our order number and found a seat. The food came out in around 10minutes and was excellent. The wings especially were the star of the show. Would definitely go back and will be recommending to friends.

5 by Review source

I visited in March and complained via the website but have yet to receive a response. Worst service I have ever encountered. 7 minute wait between mine and my colleague's order since they seemed to be short of staff at the till but not in the kichen. The food arrived after 35 minutes and we had to share a cup as they had run out. Our orders were both incorrect and we had to wait another 10 minutes until this was rectified. Totally unacceptable for a fast food chain charging so much for very average chicken wings and cremated burgers. Will never visit again.

1 by Sophia Zukowska Review source

This is one of my favourite places to visit with my daughter. We love the shakes, she loves the boneless wings. My absolute favourite are the chilli cheese fries and the variety of extras you can add to your burger.

The staff are always very friendly and helpful, the food is fresh as the burgers are made to order, my daughter loves that they shout out your order from the cashier to the kitchen staff

I'd definitely recommend it for dining with friends or with little ones best burgers in London ( and chilli cheese fries)

5 by Review source

We used to enjoy our food here but todays experience was really bad. The food was ok, used to be better, but we felt really uncomfortable with how the staff allowed people/hoodrats who looked like who were up to no good(possibly ex staff or staff who are not working today)one named Shane, to walk around behind the counter and next to and lean against where our food was being prepared. To quote my wife - they seem like they are having a party behind the counter. Overall it was very unprofessional. Bad experience.

1 by Ronnie Rahman Review source

Hi I went fat burgers today. Worst place ever!!! The food was bland and dry literally. Also you have to pay £1 for cheese, like what is the point of getting a burger without cheese when I can go Iceland to buy a block of cheese that's worth £1!! Also the guy that served me was so rude and had such bad customer service (his name is Grandad) what a name!! Suits him aswell lol
Anyways rant over fix up ASAP!!!!

1 by Review source

This place is bright and upbeat, echoing the feel of a modern American burger chain.

They offer more variety when it comes to the food than their competitor and next door neighbour, Byron Burger.

Staff are efficient but generally don't smile. There's also issues with cleanliness - in the evenings you're bound to see litter on the floor uncleaned for your stay. If these two things are fixed, Fatburger definitely deserves 5 stars because the food is good.

4 by Nik Gupta Review source

Double up or Mess up Tuesday. They are ridiculously genius. People asking for double patty promotion which is called Double Up Tuesday and they are still trying to sell them single patty. Great mentality, shame on you. (edit) They are still sarcastic, promotion does not work anyway. Double up or second free or put the second proper place or are you available for second one or I am a double decker liar/cheater. You need to learn proper business manner. Don't Double Up Your Fat Lies.

1 by Haluk Karakaş Review source

So I've never eaten in the restaurant but had numerous meals delivered.

Chicken - out of this world. Range and flavours are phenomenonal.
Burgers - can be hit and miss but usually great.
Chilli Cheese Fries are wonderful.

Delivery - most of the time it's been great. The few mix ups or delays but always had great communication via Deliveroo.

Price - it's probably not the cheapest place to eat but it's worth it.

5 by Peter Conoulty Review source

Very expensive for something you can get in McDonald's or burger king for less then half the price, staff are let down, especially the guy in the kitchen, who is very rude, very ignorant, and I wouldn't trust this guy to make my food. My friend had to get a refund because they mixed up his burger order and wouldn't make him another one, unbelievable poor service that charges almost £20 for a burger meal, and there's nothing special about it.

1 by Review source

Big name in the burger industry and lives up to the hype! Burgers are amazing and the variety they have is awesome! Their wings are unbelievable! Have to say Lemon and Pepper takes the W! Ultimately the food can be good but the service is what seals the deal and Fatburger Camden have some of the best staff I've come across! Polite, funny and passionate. 10/10 on a good day and 9/10 on a rainy day (and that's nothing to do with the restaurant!)

5 by Review source

My opinion the burger quality is poor, the only thing fat about the burger is the price.

It’s way over priced for what you get. Service was lacking as well. Very rude when pointed out the burger served was th wrong one.

Anyways make your own judgement, but if you looking for a halal burger joint, there’s a decent place just round the corner from here name Burger UK. Quality burger and you save some money as well.

1 by Review source

Very disappointing burgers. The burger made of overcooked mince, is pretty dry, the bread is tasteless, for the price you do expect a lot more than this. The milkshakes and the chips were good though. But I wouldn't go back. We had to chase the staff 3 times for our milkshakes, our meal was over by then, the customer services skills is way below average. You have a lot of options all around which are way better for the money....

2 by Review source

Enjoyable experience at Fatburgers. Tailor your own burger toppings, with a great selection of toppings to add to your monster burger!

Seen a guy with the huge XXXL, and can honestly say it was the biggest burger I have ever seen. Could of been on 'Man vs Food'.

Stunning chicken wings with every possible sauce you could imagine. Best of all was the Milkshake! Top marks for great food and drink

5 by Darren Jordan Review source

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