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Visted Sultan Saray for a friend's birthday. At first look, one would think: Is this a restaurant or a kebab shop cum restaurant? The latter is correct, they've jumped on the bandwagon offering seats but it's hardly a restaurant. The service was quick and staff are friendly. The female waitress is lovely and very welcoming. Corkage charge for bringing your own alcohol is made up - £10 per bottle, you must be having a laugh - it wasn't documented anywhere in restaurant leading me to believe the waiter made it up on the fly, especially as he offered to lower it to £9 when I asked again. Most Turkish restaurants I know wouldn't even charge. The lamb ribs were extremely oily - why? Because they were full of fat and not much meat. I didn't choose to come here by choice, I came for the event, but I would never come back as there are MUCH better Turkish restaurants in North London as everyone knows and the best Turkish restaurant is only down the road in South Woodford...

2 by Claire Jasmine Taylor Review source

2*. It was Forest Kebab for way more than 15 years as all the people around Leyton would know. The restaurant looks fancy and the staff are kind.

Down to the food where the main bit is. I think the food is now way to pricey. The locals want a donner kebab. It ain't that good anymore. 15 years ago when the mustache man was in it was top. Now I hear they are removing the donner for Shwarma. Also the small meat and chips is £7 now. I think that's way to pricey. I'll be back when you take the customers seriously with the opinions. Quarter pounder was nice as well but you stopped doing fried onions and all that. 2* for great staff and a nice place but the donner not quite there anymore and definitely not worth £7 for a small.

2 by Oz Oz Review source

Very delicious food and welcoming staff. The waiters are very professional and fast in service. They welcomed us at the door and greeted us very nicely. Very very friendly waiters. We was given a massive salad and dips before the main course. Then we recived our delicious starters. The waiters were so professional, they waited for us to finish our starters before bringing the main course. we was given a new cutlery and plate service before the main course. The lamb chops and sarmali lamb Beyti was delicious. I'm always here with my friends and family. Me and my family are very happy to see that this amazing restaurant has opened locally.

Definitely a place to visit. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

5 by Review source

Used to be the best lamb doner in the area and was a customer for many years (previously used to be Forest Kebab). Not anymore! Bought a takeaway for all the family, took it home and unwrapped it expecting to find the usual lamb doner to instead discover that they've changed their product. Instead of the usual thin cuts of meat there were what can best be described as shredded lamb bits, in actual fact mostly inedible fat and grizzle. Absolutely disgusting - gave it a fair try but ended up binning it. Rang up to complain. Was told that this is a 'real' doner. Refused to give me a refund.

1 by Review source

Food not that great. Had the Chefs special which had rice tucked under heap of meat, very difficult to get to. No lamb chops included despite the price. shish very salty. Doner very oily. Salad had too much lemon. I requested orange juice but they didn't have any. In the end waitress came to wipe table with foul smelling napkin.
Nothing compared to great Turkish restaurants like Kervan Sofrasi in North London.

2 by Review source

I used this place a few times since it was referbished lovely food but the last time I went there the wrong food came to the table we had eaten half our food before a dish was delivered to the table the manager shouted at a young waitress and told her it was her fault. It seems that the take way service takes priority over the restaurant as there seem to be a shortage of chips for the restaurant
Terrible place

1 by Wayne Turn Review source

Used to come here all the time as we live literally on the next road, but not any more! Since its turned into a restaurant the service is appalling there was a very rude man serving at the counter. The prices have gone up which I can understand but food quality has gone down. It was one of the best kebab houses in London. The owner and previous staff were so warm and welcoming. It's very upsetting

2 by aishah malik Review source

I really recommend this place! I went in for a take away and while I waited the staff brought me a free Turkish tea, some Turkish delight and some Turkish sweets, and it wasn't like I had to wait ages for my food anyway! Chicken wings were amazing, very fresh and great seasoning. The Turkish flatbread was also amazing. It tasted as good as the famous places in dalston. Definitely going back.

5 by Review source

A standard Turkish menu, a tad pricey but large portions. The restaurant is spacious with plenty of seating. Fully halal (Hmc) and food is flavoursome as well as free Turkish tea. Service needs improvement in particular the attentiveness of serving staff. Parking on street outside of control hours. Cash only but cash points near by.

4 by Sadrul Alom Review source

Bright n clean meze restaurant. Menu same as ever but Turkish bread instead of Pitta's. Did all the kebab houses get together n put the prices up ?? Basic lamb Doner with rice no bread n two kids menu meat n chips £25. Seems a bit strong pricing. No wonder the place was empty...

3 by Graham Stanford Review source

Very good service. Food was tasty, was given complimentary bread and offered more on finishing the first batch. Also given a starter and drinks on the house. Mains were very big portions, one between the two of us would've been more than enough.

4 by Saeed Bhuta Review source

We had our lunch here today and it was absolutely delicious. We've enjoyed it very much. Their customer service was really good as well. Definitely a place that we are going to visit again.

4 by Review source

First Visit to Sultan Saray, and what can I say! Amazing service, good customer service and attitude. Food was excellent, cannot fault it. Portion size is very good. Thanks

5 by nas malik Review source

Brilliant service and delicious food. Very generous with their free stuff and portions are of very good size. Excellent quality and very curtious staff. Highly recommended.

5 by Review source

Welcomed by the owner in a friendly manner, food was prepared timely and was delicious. Portions are large so we took some home for the next day.

5 by Review source

Food was really nice as was the service. And It wasn't expensive resonably priced in a nice clean environment. Would definitely go again.

5 by Deano Review source

The staff is very friendly. Food is delicious. The owner takes time to greet the customers. We really appreciate your service. Thank you!

5 by Tabita Zaremba Review source

The most amazing kebab shop i've ever been in, great food, great serving. If i could give more than 5 stars rating i would

5 by Iulian Patru Review source

Ordered before iftar 8:45pm and food is still being made. Time is 9:50pm. I had to force them for starters. Very bad service

1 by Review source

Bought take away food. Really nice Turkish food, freshly prepared which understandably means longer wait.

4 by Assad H Review source

Always happy with food and service. Value for money best in the area, always room for improvement though.

4 by Review source

Outstanding food, top Quility. Amazing service. Thank you lads great family experience. Sure to return

5 by Matt Damon Review source

Superb food and service. Even with take away they'll offer you a Turkish tea whilst you wait.

5 by John Athow Review source

Service takes a while. Some of the food is very bland. I much prefer Hilal near Edmonton

3 by Muhammad Mulla Review source

Very nice food at a reasonable price. And very nice decoration, and nice and friendly

5 by Ryan Lord Review source

Been there several times and it is fab. Great food and service, highly recommend it.

5 by thierry decae Review source

Very helpful and friendly staff, serving fantastic food! Will definitely be back

5 by Review source

Only used as takeaway. Good quality food, large portions and great service.

4 by Julie Nelson Review source

Very friendly staff and great a family we really enjoyed.

4 by Shabnam Saiyed Review source

The service is not on the level, I would go more to this place!

1 by Review source

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