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5 by A TW Review source

Cambridge’s main retail park. Find shops such as Argos, Currys/PC World, Boots, Dunelm, Halfords, Sports Direct and more.

Take a break from shopping by grabbing a coffee in Starbucks or Pausa (inside Dunelm). For something a bit different check out La Latina Bustaurante (Latin American street food on a converted bus!), which often pulls up in the car park.

Plenty of parking, including kiddy spaces and accessible bays. Can be busy at peak times, it there’s nearly always spaces in the furthest corners.

Just a short walk across the road takes you the Beehive Centre with Asda and other retail outlets. Also, on the doorstep are Tesco, B & Q and Wickes.

The biggest drawback is the congestion and time spent queuing to get into this retail park; it really should have been built outside the town.

Here’s a tip.... if you’re travelling in from outside the town, use the Newmarket Road Park and Ride which stops at the entrance to the retail park.

3 by Ben - Concierge Cambridge Review source

Has a ton of shops, ok parking , can get rammed at busy times though . Not as much parking as beehive centre so use there as an overflow and walk across. Lots of product selection here though with a huge Curry's and big Argos. Boots offer prescription pickup all night and they even have clothes stores, homebase and halfords for car bits. This retail park really has most stores you'll need , even a dunelm mill to boot

5 by Josh Hogben Review source

Has a variety of big warehouse shops such as PC World/Currys and Argos and a few other Arcadia clothing brands in another unit. They have recently added a few more foodie places to the park. There is a lot of parking for both autos and cyclists. Not many areas to sit down so that is something to take note if you lack mobility and need to rest often.

4 by Daryl Lord Review source

Yes go and buy some useless tat that you don't really need and then get yourself a skinny latte cos it all helps the economy. Make sure you park for more than 2 hours and then you can waste even more money paying your parking fine. Same shops as everywhere else and the same minimum wage muppits working there.

1 by Woodsy Wood Review source

There is a good selection of shops, household items, pets and home shopping, garden items, clothes and toys like Curry PC World, B&Q, Argos, Sport Direct, Boots, Evans. There is plenty of parking, but, it can be a lot of traffic around the area, especially during the weekend and in the afternoon.

5 by Isabella Gottardi Review source

It's ok as retail parks go but the traffic to get there and out of there is dire!!! Same with the rest of Cambridge. I don't know why retailers put up with it. Mostly these days I would go somewhere else than fight through disastrous traffic and parking management and provision.

2 by Andrew Dean Review source

Mainly out of town big box stores, that is nothing quaint or homely here. However parking is easy, once one is through the local traffic. Hence loading those big box items into your vehicle should be easy. Bottom line is only go if you know what you want and not for browsing.

3 by Terry Dickerson Review source

Beware of the parking time limit. Cameras record number plates and automatically issue penalty charges if you leave after the limit. If you do get caught, it is worth challenging the charge, specifying which shops you were in and providing receipts as proof.

5 by Jon Dane Review source

Plenty of parking .. Large stores ... Argos Curries Boots ( midnight) Halfords Homebase Clothes Sports clothes Pizzahut But no Grocers. .Large Tesco across the road . depends what you want..but everything is smart spacious and modern and not congested .

4 by Faraz Khan Yusufzai Review source

Possibly the most souless shopping experience in Cambridge but very functional with good parking and a large range of the usual suspects. Not sure what you could have done in a previous life to deserve finding yourself in the pizza hut in the carpark.

3 by J.Petroc MacKenzie-Williams Review source

The shops are okay and however it would be nicer to have more food based shops there. The car park layout is pretty shocking. I've had many people go wrong the way around the one way systems and roundabouts hitting my car. Be weary of the system

3 by Tom Sharman Review source

Much better having these big stores in these convenient locales, as opposed to being within busy town centres. This way, you can park right outside the individual shops.. & there's even a place for a coffee when you're done.

4 by Pearl Rose Review source

Lots of different stores with everything you may ever need such as food, electrical, home furnishings and car and bicycle accessories. Plenty of parking and fast food restaurants if you are hungry, close to the centre of Cambridge.

4 by M Ay Review source

Charged a fine for parking too long while spending money there shopping and having dinner. Absolutely no response to this despite trying to contact them in several ways. If you’re a customer, don’t expect to be heard by them.

1 by Harry Jubb Review source

Frankie and Bennies - great service, had 4 adult, three children and an infant in a push chair and made us feel welcome rather than a burden. Nice food too, better than other F & Bs I had previously been to.

4 by Michael Hurley Review source

Just off Newmarket road ìn Cambridge, this retail park has free parking ( for limited time) to access the numerous outlets here, including Asda, Costa, B&M, etc.
Gets very congested at peak times.

3 by Jon W Review source

Great place for shopping, and eating, but getting here is a pain on Newmarket Road. Free parking is good, as is the range of shops from PC World, Dunelm, Homebase, Nando's, Boots and many more.

5 by Detailing Diaries Review source

Generally quite good, parking can be a nightmare, but more importantly whatever you do, DO NOT overstay the 4 hours, otherwise a penalty through the door by a very dodgy company called ParkingEye.

3 by EMIL HOVSEPYAN Review source

Tons of parking, well maintained. Normal selection of shops for a retail park of its size. Not far from the beehive retail park and Asda so pretty much covers any shopping needs you may have

4 by Tom Holloway Review source

A good assortment of shops and cafes even an hairdressers there. Downside 4 hour parking limit so the time must be watched if you are eating as well as shopping. Plenty of parking.

3 by Tony Tarrant Review source

Great shame that the route to this retail park is so congested whatever time of day you visit. Parking once you arrive is good. Another one or two clothing stores would be good.

4 by LYNDA LINDLEY Review source

Not much to dine. Pizza hut and Nandos. A starbucks too. The usual retail park players-- Boots, Argos, Halfords, Currys, Sports Direct and a few more. 4 hour free parking.

3 by S u n n y B h a r e l Review source

Useful for furniture shopping and electricals , out of town so either need to ride number 3 or 5 bus over or take the car, very busy traffic over this side of town.

5 by Steven Wood Review source

Lots of shops including pizza hut, PC world, Curry's, Argos and more.. plus b&q, tesco and other shops closely... great access and parking. Good location!

5 by Marzuq Azam Review source

The bit of Cambridge that tourists don't see. Given the number of shops here the amount of time you can park without a punitive fine is actually quite short.

3 by David Charge Review source

Very much the barometer for retail parks, designed neither to entice or repel. Free parking for three hours, giving ample opportunity to complete mundane tasks.

3 by Sean McMahon Review source

Traffic is awful, parking spots are tight and the mix of shops is bizzare. Couple of good shops, but it's a hassle in almost every way to get there.

3 by binnie binnie Review source

Great for grabbing a few bits and pieces in the evening but i try to avoid it in the daytime as Cambridge traffic makes it a challenge to get to

3 by Lucy Beg Review source

Lot of shops for clothing, furniture, car and bike parts. Also restaurants and gizmo shops. Ample parking spaces and easy to get in and out.

5 by Arthur Danner Review source

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