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602 Marlborough Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 3XS

+44 1908 357025




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This place is a mix of food and poor entertainment venues. None of it is cheap but it is clean and well lit. To be honest I only visit for the cinema nowadays, and only then in off peak hours. When schools are out it's full of obnoxious kids and security is mostly absent. There are several bars and a nightclub, but they only cater to a certain section of people and aside from the weatherspoons are far to noisy to be able to converse with anyone. There's the usual selection of fast food outlets serving up crappy good that's barely edible, and at nighrs there's often a kebab can outside should you really want to contract food posioning or if you are too drunk to care... People mostly drink at home before coming here, so they arrive drunk and leave even worse. This explains the police presence most weekends and some sort of medical vehicle to assist those too moronic to be able to drink sensibly within their tolerances.

To sum up... If you've got kids, visit in the daytime. If your on a date, go somewhere romantic instead, unless watching a film.

Cinema is reasonably good, seats are comfy and a decent amount of legroom... Far superior to the Odeon one and cheaper too.

3 by Gavin nivaG Review source

Great place!!! Went sledging with friends for their 7 years old daughter. You can borrow waterproof trousers and jacket which is very handy if you forget or don't have those type of clothing. You can also borrows wellies but that's more of a good will gesture therefore they might not have your size or have any spare. Gloves and wellies is a must. There is snowboarding and skiing but that's a different activity to sledging therefore pick what you want to do otherwise you are going to pay a lot of money for different activities. They also provide special boots if you are skiing or snowboarding.
Additional there is also indoor skydiving.

Finally if you want to eat afterwards, there is plenty of restaurant and fast food places but prepare yourself for a long wait.

Overall great place to spend the day if it is well organise such as getting promotion tickets to safe on money. My friend got her tickets for £30 instead of £104 for 6 people.

5 by Review source

SNOzone is great! Have been there a few times with Scouts, friends etc. and had a great time! Is also good for professionals such as skiers and snowboarders.

Cineworld cinema is great! Big screens, IMAX and Super Screen in 2D or 3D or the new 4DX experience gives you a good range of choice to see your film. Mini Bask in Robbins by the entrance makes great ice cream too! Though unless you've got some money you font mind chucking away get your sweets beforehand somewhere else, as packets that would usually cost £1 or even less (Malteasers, Haribo, Revels etc.) can cost £3 and even more.

Restaurants and fast food places are great too, been to Pizza Express which is very good, Frankie and Benny's also has good lunch meals and McDonalds or Subway is good if you fancy a quick bite.

Music Kavern also offers a range of cool guitars and other instruments, even if you don't play check it out, really cool.

5 by Banana King Review source

First time I have been to the cinema in years! No box office, tickets and 3D glasses paid for at the machine. I did not see a clear sign as to where I should collect my glasses which confused me until I approached an usher for assistance. The seat allocation confused me on the machine, I think I ended up in a prebooked seat, though no one approached me to vacate it.

Popcorn was as good as expected, nachos were good, not too sure about the dips, all a bit pricey though this was expected.

Service was good, staff were friendly and helpful to make sure I can get through doors without losing my food.

Based on the first floor, it is easily accessible for wheelchair users via a lift, with all areas accessible and dedicated spaces in screens.

Good experience and recommended

4 by Kestrelius Kickass Review source

It's the only one in UK! The best indoor ski slopes and flight zone in England. It's inside the shopping center, where you can find lots car parks, so no lost time, if you are hungry after skiing, climbing or flying, there are lots of restaurant ready to get you some good food.
Skiing here is very cheap, the 20 pounds' ticket it permits to ski for 1 hour, ski boots, snowboard or ski and ski suit included.
in additivi, Skiing lessons are offered for all ages and skills, from starters to pros, but price increase, at least 100 pounds forse two hours.
Who has never skied, lessons are obligatory.
Flyght zone is more expensive, tickets start from 40 pounds for 2 minutes, litteraly. It's better buy a ticket for jumping off the plane.

4 by Nicola Santini Review source

Really great place to take skiing lessons or practice skiing and snowboarding. There is a lot of other stuff you can do here, there is also a climbing wall and a lot of outdoorsy shops in the complex if you need to stock up on things for your adventure holiday. I did the 7 hour beginner skiing lesson, which left my shins bruised by the end of it and 3 people gave up halfway through, it's not for everyone. But the lesson was built up very well, though I do think the groups are too big. The class was so incredibly mixed in their ability and some bits were easy or harder than others. I could've used more tips on technique how to do turns. Some others struggled as well. Not a reflection of the tutor at all but more the fact that the group was so big.

5 by Juliette Hettema Review source

The ski slope it's self is great. It is a fairly long slope covered in snow. The are two drag lifts up the side which means you won't have to wait ages in queues. The skiing experience is great and it feels like skiing on real snow. However we had problems with the ski hire. They did not have a massive amount of skis, and we did not all know our weight, they didn't have weiging scales to check which you would expect as wait is required for setting up the ski. They had to guess waits. One of the skiiers in our group had there skis set up massively wrong. The boot didn't even fit in. Apart from the problem with ski hire, the skiing was great. Worth a visit if you want to practise skiing on snow.

4 by Thomas Canning Review source

I go there mainly for the cinema which has super 3d screen and 4dx where the whole movie comes alive I personally love it, tho as it's more expensive pick and choose carefully what you watch in 4dx it is cheaper if you have a cinema card and cheaper again in your second year. You also get discount in a few restaurants with your card. There are plenty of restaurants in the xscape from McDonald's and KFC to Wetherspoons Moon under Water, Nando's and Waggamamma's to name a few. I have eaten in all of the aforementioned with no complaints. There are more that I have not yet tried and other shops for outdoor sportswear and equipment and of course the main attraction being the ski slopes.

5 by Den Warwick Review source

With a variety of different shops to go through, from sports equipment and clothes to restaurants, a movie theatre and even a bowling alley, what more could you ask for?

With a recent development underway during the time of this review, I believe that there will be a new area covering two floors that will attract a big crowd upon its public release!

Overall, a brilliant place to come along for a family meal, for a short snack, or small shopping sprees, to plainly browse around or to interact with (there's even a machine for a virtual roller coaster) there's a space there for anyone!

5 by Shadow Freak Review source

Very large indoor ski/snowboard slope. Best in the UK in my personal opinion.
Xscape has a variety of activities to offer such as skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, indoor skydiving and a gym.

There is also a wide variety of stores to buy the appropriate gear for all activities within Xscape.

You won't have an issue trying to find somewhere to eat either as there is an abundance of food venues both in and around the building.

Parking will likely never be a problem either due to the sheer size of the car park (prices are quite high though)

4 by Jack Review source

Fairly decent cinema (though not the best near Milton Keynes). The foyer has recently been redone and it looks 'futuristic' and glitzy. The screening rooms themselves are great, not too big with a sizable screen good image and sound. The reason that it does not get five stars is because, as with a lot of cinemas, the queue time to get drinks and popcorn is painful. They never appear to have enough staff on and those that they do appear to have been trained by sloths. No queue had more that 3 people in them yet it was still over ten minutes to get to the front!

4 by Rhod Evans Review source

Great experience for my son's birthday and Xmas gifts. Good value all day parking, soon followed by a quite injection of energy courtesy of McDonald's cheeseburgers. Some procrastination ensued over the cineplex options for later that afternoon. Quickly, we dashed to ifly for some gravity defying reality, so good, a viewing gallery for the curious and not so bold. Lunch followed outside of Xscape at YoSushi and then back to the cinema to kill some time before two hours if snowboarding at SnoZone. Such a great day, would thoroughly recommend a trip

5 by Carl Miles Review source

Great example of an indoor snow centre. It's the perfect place if you are looking to try skiing or snowboarding for the first time or if you want to brush up on your skills for an hour prior to flying off to the mountains. The instructors were excellent and everyone in my party of 6 had a fantastic day. The sledging and soft play zone is an thoughtful addition for the kids. Although the food could be improved in the cafe the waiting staff were great, very welcoming and helpful, and the table service was very much appreciated.

4 by Louise Gardner Review source

I just come here to get my ski waxed and edged and for training. the slope is ok if you are very experience as I am *I am a freerider so I don't ever ski slopes* so the slope for me is like a 4 second flat from top to bottom but a great stepping stone for beginners and if you are experienced as I am I go there to warm up my muscles and keep the strength for when I go skiing abroad for competitions. The staff is super friendly I love all of them. I just casually talk to them and they are nice which I like.

5 by Mayur Review source

Awesome place......we went skydiving and I can't rate this highly enough as an experience!!! While we were there we had a look round and I was bowled over by how much is in one place, there literally is everything there that you could need to keep you entertained for days if not weeks!
The staff at the skydiving were extremely helpful with our booking especially as it went wrong so they corrected the error and we still got to go the same day which as it was a birthday present meant so so much to me!

5 by Katheryn Harmer Review source

Complete waste of time if you have progressed past nursery slop level unless you can travel or make two nights a week for a couple of hours. Even if you can provide evidence of being a Olympic athlete. The attitude towards progression and help provided for anyone at a above intermediate level is the reason English people are a poor nation of skiers/snowboarders. It's a nursery slope that cost the same as a day pass in the best resorts in the world. Would give it a miss if your any good

1 by Iain Francis cameron Review source

Snowboarding was amazing. Instructors were professional and knowledgeable. Sadly the experience was marred by poor staff on reception who had very little clue on what was going on and poor management. The instructor didn't turn up as wasn't aware he was working. 30 mins late another instructor took over and was brilliant. No offer of a partial refund which when you spend over £300 for a course, they could at least offered a free class for an hour as compensation.

2 by Mark Foale Review source

Never been skiing before and I must recommend this to everyone! Booked lesson 1 of 5 and had such a friendly guy doing the lessons really good instructor picked it up nice and easy... Same as most places that have this much to offer the food and drinks prices was unacceptable, but in the Milton Keynes branch there is many other food places inside the shopping centre/ food court (like Wagamama) overall I'd recommend to everyone snow is actual snow it's cool!

5 by Jason Mariette Review source

The best experience by far to date.
Ifly experience was amazing and would highly recommend.you actual feel like your flying. The instructor was amazing and assisted us every step of the way. Its a little pricey for first time,but you can purchase extra flights for £12 if your session has time left over. Later when you go to reception to pick up certificate,there is an option to buy cheaper flights on your return visit. An excellent treat to gift somone.

5 by Ghazala Rashid Review source

This is a great place to come weather you have children or not. It’s a lovely place of an evening, you can go to the cinema, go out for a meal and even a few drinks after all in the same place. Also fun in the day, look around the shops, go indoor skiing, bowling or to the cinema. Lots to do and would highly recommend a visit to anyone. Bare in mind that the parking is difficult come midday, and it is also relatively expensive to park.

5 by Emily Picken Review source

A great day out at the Xscape. With plenty to do and loads of places to eat, you can easily spend half a day here.

The Cineworld cinema is also amazing. It looks brand new and modern, whilst also offering a 4D screen!

The snow slope is also really good. The downside might be the prices of everything but there's not many places like this around so still worthwhile if your into skiing or snowboarding.

4 by Ketan Bhavan Review source

First 2 snowboard lessons here, instructor was really relaxed and explained things very well, helped out whoever needed it with skill. He spotted me struggling in the lobby after arriving late and came right over to help and get me fitted and in the group straight away. Can't remember his name which is a shame..
The snow slopes seem well kept and are fun to ride, all the park staff were friendly and keen to help.

4 by Ross Rankin Review source

Xscape centre is apart from an odd shape from the outside is full of a variety of shops inside. Also there is the ski slope which is excellent entertainment for all. There is a cinema a theatre and plenty of places to eat or shop. You also have the main shopping centre 2 minutes walk away. Lots of paid parking is available though some of it is only available via an app which involves registering for the service.

4 by John Williams Review source

Loads of places to visit and go but most close really early so not as fun. The casino next door is great and is a place to just have a bit of fun with friends, and they try to keep everything inside clean in the building so a well deserved 3 stars.

The main downside is there isn’t any help options when parking as they don’t say when it’s free parking and they don’t have any help options.

3 by Loler Man Review source

This is a small shopping centre in the heart of MK. There are no reasonably priced shops here. There are designer, big name brands, like Quiksilver, and Animal.
The rest of the mall is made up of mostly restaurants. If you're looking to eat here, you'll be spoilt for choice. All cuisines are catered for.
Overall the place was clean and felt safe to walk around. Recommended.

3 by Wendy Daniel Review source

Came here for bowling, it's a nice entertainment complex however I was appalled at the prices of the bowling, extortionate however it was in August so could've been inflated by the school holidays. It was twas very busy but that was to be expected. There is a vast amount of parking including a mutli storey car park which was good and it wasn't that expensive which is perfect.

3 by Shamik Shah Review source

We went to try skiing and my son tried snowboarding, my lesson ended up being a one to one and it was brilliant.
Bought as a gift so I don't know how much it cost and the main downside is queuing to get up on the escalator and lift, no real system in place leading to a bit of chaos at times but I had an absolutely fantastic time passing levels one, two and three in one session.

5 by Lindsy Ellis Review source

My only frustration is that they let people buy tickets at the I've cream and sweet section. There is only ever one member of staff on this desk and I waited for 6 minutes for someone to choose a film and then argue about where to sit. The queue behind me was massive, yet the queue at the normal drink and popcorn area was non existent. They didn't even buy sweets or ice cream!!!

3 by Tony Benson Review source

I'm not a great fan of this kind of entarteinment and Xscape is FANTASTIC! The people can help you get the very best from the experience with great communication skills. The experience itself is very well organised and varied; not too easy nor too complex. What I appreciated most is that all the team participants can contribute with their own capabilities and be part of the outcome.

5 by Francesco Vedana Review source

Nice variety of restaurants and sporty shops! Lots of shops that don't often have their own shop - like Quicksilver and O'Neill.

I have been to Snozone twice now for snowboarding lessons and they've been great! Good real snow, relatively small groups of 6 and the instructors were great at explaining techniques and pointing out where we were going wrong.

4 by Sophie Tooke Review source

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