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105-107 Charing Cross Rd, Soho, London, WC2H 0BP

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Went there with a couple of friends to have a quick dinner in the evening, around 9pm. Ordered the food, sat down, after a while food arrived... and a homeless person came in immediately after the food has touched our table, stood by our table, started to shout and act weirdly, beg for food. This homeless person was spitting all over our food and has really scared us as we welt very unsafe and disgusted. Security and the manager took at least 5 minutes to come to our table and another 5-7 minutes to get the homeless person to calm down and come out of the pub. We have moved to a different table and the manager apologies and agreed to get us new dishes - which was fine. BUT as we have moved to another tables, we have left an umbrella behind. When we realised we did not have that umbrella we approached the staff, but they said they did not find anything. Clearly it has been taken by either the staff or the homeless person. Not a great experience and that umbrella was a very meaningful gift.

I would never return to this place and, if you care about your safety and belongings, I would advise anyone avoid going to this place.

1 by Review source

The positives are, the drinks are reasonably priced especially for London, the food is the same as all of Wetherspoons, nothing to write home about but for what you pay you can't complain and the food service was fast.
On the negitive side my biggest complaint is the toilets, they are stuck upstairs by the time you get there and back its time to do it all over again. The gents were disgusting, the toilet brush was goodness knows how old and filthy, no toilet paper one night, only one hand dryer working plus they flooded one evening, no one put a sign at the bottom of the stairs to say they were out of order, so treck up the stairs and back down again to ask at the bar, only the disable toilet in use. And the place needs a refurbishment as well, it's looking very worn. It seems to attract a young noisy crowd, not the best atmosphere.

3 by Melvyn Green Review source

-Relatively cheap and big-

In central London you can't really find something cheap, however, this Wetherspoons is a good choice to safe some money in this pricey area. I adore the price of 7.75 pounds for a chosen burger and an alcoholic drink.

Although a friend and I went there on a Saturday, we got a table after 5 minutes waiting due to the size of this pub. Unfortunately, the table and the menu cards were quite dirty. But I can understand that as it was really busy.

The food however arrived very soon and we could enjoy a big, warm burger with chips. We couldn't eat and try out more things as the plate was properly filled. So I'd say it's a good deal!

4 by Robinius Review source

I went there this morning to meet a work colleague for breakfast prior to attending a meeting in Covent Garden. Not only did the person serving me get my order wrong initially and having to prompt her twice that she had done so, I added what I thought would be some mushrooms with my order of scrambled egg on toast only to pay for what was one small mushroom! When we were served our breakfasts the lady serving us proceeded to drop the order of my colleague all over him! We didn’t have time to wait for a replacement breakfast to be served and all we were offered was a dry paper towel to wash off the beans and egg from my colleagues work clothes. Would think twice now going back to this location!

1 by Review source

In a previous incarnation this was celebrated music venue The Marquee Club and without going over the top this is celebrated in the decor. Creative tiering takes advantage of the huge open bar area making it feel spacious when it could easily feel overwhelmingly full and crowded.
As one would expect from a Lloyds/Weatherspoons the selection of drinks was generous including numerous real ales and a reasonable sized food menu.
During our Wednesday lunchtime visit service at the bar was friendly, helpful, and prompt, with food arriving hot, tasty, and plentiful within ten minutes of ordering.

4 by Review source

They served me raw chicken and raw pork on Friday 2 February 2017 in the Montagu Pyke. Soon after that I started vomiting, developed a severe headache, stomach cramps, diarrhoea etc. I had to attend hospital who diagnosed severe food poisoning most likely caused by raw chicken. It's now four days later and I'm still suffering; I had to cancel social activities and work. Food Safety Westminster is investigating the case. The manager Ana was helpful and she apologised for the inconvenience.

1 by Review source

Food is ok but the service is horrible.
I’ve there many times.One time the waiter accidentally messed the chicken wings with my partners pants,another time while waiting to order my drink the waitress just took order from the person right behind me when I complained to her she was rude and the manager came to take my order.
Last time today I asked from the waiter kindly if he could bring us one more fork he rolled his eyes,didn’t even wait to finish my sentence and he never came back...

1 by Review source

I adore this spoons I go every weekend with my work colleges but there is one thing that upsets our evening every time we go , there is a specific waitress that is constantly rude and clearly doesn't know how to behave to customers on many occasions she has been grumpy and rude and although I know work can be stressful it just isn't good enough. On Monday night she made a very rude comment about how we all work in retail and she has made ignorant faces at us on many occasions.

3 by Review source

Classic Wetherspoons pub offerings with a nice twist with the venue previously being a cinema. The venue itself has ample space and is definitely a nice touch; I like to come here when I'm around the area. Great ordering via the app as per usual; staff are efficient and professional. Also the value for money is on point, more so if you go for the deals with drink being included. Just that the food itself is nothing special, the same as you would expect - which is good in itself.

4 by Sam S Review source

An enormous Wetherspoons on Charing Cross Road. Similar to most Wetherspoons. Cheap beer and cheap food. Attracts all crowds and can get very busy at peak times. Plenty of tables with bar stools as well as tables with proper chairs for those wishing to eat. The Wetherspoons app allows you to order from your table and I found that it was both quicker and less hassle to do this than go to the bar to order; there is no difference in price. Overall a good pub for a casual drink.

4 by Alastair Adams-Cairns Review source

It's a Wetherspoons.. so it's got all your basics of one, usual menu etc. The staff are nice here, it's very big and also always busy. It's good for if you're in London and want to go on a more frugal outing. They have a huge projector for when sports is on too. It's clean and it's got lots of different levels to it which makes it quite an attractive building when you're inside.

4 by Rosie H Review source

Lovely place to rest, have a drink and something to eat. Not as busy if you get there early, but it is unlikely to get a table easily later on. The food is OK not a large menu, but all cooked well. The food arrived quickly to the table, staff very helpful. As a tip download the Whetherspoon's app and order from your table as the bar is very busy.
I would recommend to go if you want a rest and a bite to eat.

4 by Kimberley Slaney Review source

Horrid service, waiter rolled his eyes at us whilst serving out food.

The food: I ordered mash potato and avocado as I had dental surgery two days ago and can only have soft food. mash potato was good but slightly cold. The first set of avocado was rock hard and unripe and the second.. well you can look at the pictures.

Absolutely HORRID, DISGUSTING and horrified that this place is even open!

1 by Tillyah Canoville Review source

I love the spoons (aside from it's brexiteering owner), so I am a bit biased. This tardis pub is a decent one, even though it has atrocious acoustics and, weirdly for a spoons, plays music. Top tip: sit near the stairs in the middle of the pub to have an endless supply of hilarity watching the utterly hammered fall in spectacular ways down them. (There are only a few, so no one gets hurt, I'm not evil.)

4 by Tee Gee Review source

Unusually for a Wetherspoons they just haven't got the decor, layout or atmosphere right. The whole place is garishly bright and the toilets are inexplicably located upstairs. Also keep a close eye on your personal items as there are insalubrious characters either begging from table to table or looking for unattended bags and mobile phones.

2 by Philip Daly Review source

Back in 60s this was the famous Markee music venue where artists such as the stones and hendrix played the original format over two floors hasn't changed seating for two hundred and a great bar and service really make this wetherspoons pub buzz and the reasonably priced menu is very popular with the soho fraternity. A good meeting place

4 by Chris Swinden Review source

Awful. Ordered some milk to a table of lovely ladies to wash down their beer and it never turned up! How is this table service?! Which is what is advertised.

Also ordered some BBQ sauce for the table next to them where a lovely couple was enjoying their meal, again never turned up!

I'm out of pocket of £1.15!

1 by Review source

Big space and reasonable prices (west end) Wetherspoons.
My only negative would be the location of the toilets. If I had been seated upstairs I would have been a little bit put out by the continuous stream (no pun intended) of toilet visitors traipsing up and down the stairs and past every single available table.

3 by David Guru Review source

Very busy on visit, ordered via app, drink served quickly, food came soon afterwards, food server did not reappear to ask if food was OK, when finished I mentioned the burger was a bit dry, to which with an aggressive tone and attitude, the waiter said I should have mentioned it earlier, not the best experience.

1 by Review source

It's a fairly large Wetherspoons close to Charing Cross. The service was acceptable, although the app the chain provides doesn't pass notes provided to staff, meaning the order arrived wasn't as requested. A passable Wetherspoons that isn't exceptional, but isn't particularly offensive either

3 by Harley Faggetter Review source

Good food, fast and decent service, very good prices! Nice atmosphere. Food isn't very high class but tastes awesome, so why bother? (curry thursday is recommended!) Great for tourist that just want to have good diner and some pints without overpaying. Will visit again. Make sure to check out other locations

5 by Sanne Bruggink Review source

Looks like a bowling alley, don't like the music. Decor is a bit '........'. Why have they got the Who? Feels like a bowling alley. Not nice mirrors. Upstairs is like a slowly moving club. Not enjoying but interested in the mysterious area - would rate higher. Cohesiveness: none of it matches.

3 by Joe Gleave Review source

Awful service. They served me a burnt burger and when I asked for a second one the server said to me that the new one was just going to be the same. Offered me a chicken burger instead of a better beef burger wich is what I want. The second one was much better but makes me thing how much spit it has in it.

1 by Pata Alves Review source

Montagu Pyke is my regular! Perfect location for some food and drinks that's not going to break the bank! My only issue is the waiting lines are very ambiguous, so you can be waiting for a long time at one till but the staff pick and choose which till they want to work at. Which happens often.

4 by Isaac Boulay Review source

Hmm....A little disappointed tonight I'm afraid to say. It was advertised as a steak night, but there was no steak. They did put up a notice explaining the reason why - (good point, well done). But I organised tonight to meet up with my friends especially because it's steak night.

2 by The Beautiful South Review source

A branch of Wetherspoons, it's quite good. A nice place to catch a drink. Had food here on previous occasions & the food is pretty nice. It's not super fancy but compared to other places in central London it is decent and the prices are ok.

Good to go in groups here.

4 by joe bloggs Review source

What could be an amazing space blandified into typical Wetherspoons dimly-lit conformity. Service is terrible — I must have been wearing my invisibility poncho. There are hundreds of far better and more authentic London pubs within a stone's throw. Go to one of those. I wish I had.

2 by Henry Winchester Review source

I like to come here when I'm in the area. Great value for money considering the location and plenty of space inside. Ordering via the app works great, very efficient. The food is nothing special but fine for the price, especially if you go for one of the deals with a free drink.

4 by David Green Review source

It's another Wetherspoons pub. You've been in one and you've been in them all! This one's a bit bigger than some. Two bars, split levels, mixed crowds. Probably an old cinema or something alike and neatly placed between Tottenham Court Road & Leicester Square.

3 by guy taylor Review source

It's always very busy with terrible acoustics, however for a casual visit with friends, it is fine for a quick drink and some easy food. The food is what you expect from a whetherspoons, mediocre but it gets the job done and they always give you enough to feel full.

3 by StudentEternal Review source

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