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123-138 Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3QG

+44 20 7221 9746




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Small waitrose with some nice ready to eat meals. The coffee machines for the 'complimentary' beverages were broken and there were customers complaining that it was the usual thing. I didn't like that at all. If you go to waitrose spending three times the price of the other grocery stores, you expect a different service for sure.

2 by Elisa Rosai Review source

Awful customer service in the Notting Hill shop. They never have key items and the guys who work there are surly and rude. Thankfully a nice M&S two doors down and a cheaper Tesco the other side. They really need to do something about the staff here.

1 by Review source

The fast-check machines can't recognise digital barcodes, so you need to bring your loyalty card with you. However they have a good selection, plus free coffee for every purchase. If that's not fantastic.

4 by Marco Licandro Review source

It's not that small but it's actually packed... Too many people so it makes it uncomfortable to shop there at busy hours. Customer service wise is average but for being waitrosse it should improve

4 by Julia López del Río Review source

Been a regular customer for the last months and the staff were always available to help me even when I did not approached them. Amazing team the pace always look so packed and tidy.

5 by Samantha A Review source

Good french chain of Coffice shops and patisseries right on Notting Hill ... There is a small waitrose in Notting Hill Gate as a well ... High end supermarket with good selection.

4 by Angela Sobers Review source

Little Waitrose has most of the products of the larger Waitrose, but being smaller shopping is not so comfortable and prices not so competetive.

4 by stephen poole Review source

Staff need a few weeks at charm school, then a few weeks at cleaning school. Grotty store, miserable people, chicken/egg. Sort it out.

1 by Review source

It opens till 10pm and is very convenient for a business person who work late. It's near the Tube Station of Notting Hill Gate.

5 by Eiji Mihara Review source

It hasn't got the feeling of Waitrose. Some of the Staff seems stress. I visit out of necessity. If I could avoid it, I will.

1 by Review source

Best supermarket on Notting Hill Gate, the only thing that could be better is the layout, but it's still the best.

4 by Alyssa Dead Review source

Ok just not really much of a presence as the variety go goods is curtailed by the lack of space but it has the basics.

2 by Review source

Good, convenient location near Notting Hill Station. Free Coffee is a plus when you have Waitrose card, good prices.

4 by Dawid Kollataj Review source

Most staff don't know how to play hotpick euro million and hotpick lotto lottery!!! Even superviser !!!

2 by m mahdi naghi Review source

Amazing food. The place needs regular attention. The tea and coffee stand was in urgent need of attention

4 by Molix Rawdi Review source

You can get what you need from grocery shop. They offer free coffee when purchasing something.

3 by Dawit Haile Review source

It isn't that little to be honest. Great place to shop though. I like it here a lot.

4 by granit bytyci Review source

Not great no coffee in stock 3 dsys going there the shelves very empty. Very disoppinted

1 by Catherine Higgins Review source

Good place for shopping but some evning staff verry rud and help less never smile

4 by K Fosile Review source

Very reasonable prices considering! There is a small seating area in this store

5 by Tanya Yakovleva Review source

A touch pricey, but it does have the essentials, and the staff are lovely.

4 by Bea B Review source

Waiteose quality brand but limited in choice due to size of the store.

4 by D Mar. Review source

quick and convenient with some of the selections from the larger stores

4 by lindsay pudman Review source

The basic but with very good distribution of products and attention.

3 by Guiye Ledesma Review source

Very nice place to buy healthy and also vegetarian/vegan food!

5 by Valentina Confido Review source

Great shop... Easy to get in and out quick with what you need

5 by L. Green Review source

Has a pretty good food selection for a mod-size supermarket.

3 by Santiago Santiago Review source

Not bad for everyday stuff, bayswater store is better

3 by mook tookie Review source

Just needed a drink! Saw a lot of products for a tiny market

4 by Sa B. Review source

Friendly staff, well located with good variety of products.

4 by Charlie Payne Review source

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