Co-op Food - Mottingham - London

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60 Kimmeridge Rd, London, SE9 4EB

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Food, drinks and other products are up to an expectional standard - maybe even the best supermarket in Mottingham. The only downside is that most of the food is more expensive than the average and you dont get as much food inside the packet as you think; I did this with a bag of sweets that looked really big but feeling it, it wasn't even half full. And it was about £2 as well. Most of the items are pretty cheap though, and the frequency of deals is great as well.

4 by _Davey7_ Review source

A good selection of foods, shame that the staff think it fine to walk around the store getting cigarettes for one customer while others queue and wait.

If smokers want cigarettes get in the queue where they are or put cigarettes by the tills like in the old days.

3 by Laurie Ess Review source

A bit more expensive than your normal supermarket. Usually friendly staff. Fruit and veg section not always well stocked and a bit disappointing at times. Free carpark.

2 by Review source

Just round the corner from meeeee - food is getting ever pricey in here if honest but staff make you forget about that xxxx

5 by Review source

Its ok now the road men dont hang around the entrance....them mans have paced it away from that fresh coop ting fam

5 by Review source

It's coop. Lolz. This is the biggest supermarket you can get in the near vicinity. Next closest is in Eltham.

5 by Akinsowon Peter-Thomas Review source

Awful store! Staff are rude, unhelpful! Prices are expensive, never enough tills open either!! Lousy place!

1 by Review source

Always well stocked really friendly staff and a cash machine also do gas and electric top up

5 by Gamers Production Review source

Freezing cold and has been for months. Also in need of modernising like other branches

2 by Frederick France Review source

Very convenient local store, good range of products for the size of store.

4 by Gary Wright Review source

The staff that work in this Co-op are always really friendly and nice.

5 by Josie Hall Review source

Very convenient store...always have this store.

5 by Budget Flight Travelodge Review source

Best co op for miles as staff are great

5 by Caroline Smith Review source

Poor service never enough tills open

2 by Review source

Not as good as Iceland

5 by Riamu Deiru Review source

Big range of products

5 by Dawid Debski Review source

Good supermarket

4 by Alexander McDonald Review source

Very expensive.

3 by Ravindra Kulasekarampillai Review source

Friendly staff

4 by damien redmond Review source

Just leave it

2 by Moses J Review source


4 by Oscar Vargas Review source


4 by Hulbert Alexander Review source


2 by johdi adams Review source