McDonald's - Westminster, London

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155 Victoria St, Westminster, London, SW1E 5NA

+44 20 7828 6911




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This is the last time this franchise, is going to disappoint me. They took my money, but failed to give me the service that they are contacted for ie order a normal double sausage and egg mcmuffin breakfast plus a large strawberry shake, l was number 32. I watched them, serve other customers, who came after me, get their ordered breakfasts. This is worse franchise of McDonald's I've ever been to, it is not a fast food. I would give this a zero star if Google would let me. Even though the member of staff apologised and offered an alternative, to what the ordered breakfast...? No complaints procedure apparent, refund only option. On the refund no managers name or signature, also no reason filled in. Never going to use this McDonald's franchise ever again. I will leave it to the lost, the lonely, the tramps, and the drunks. And the people who don't know better.

1 by Jason Ross Review source

No halal or kosher food items bit unwelcoming whilst advertising British values. Well there are other items but what will you say to your kids if they want chicken burger..Even subway has started including items for local community but McDonald seems to act like a big tanker which is difficult and inflexible..I think it's better to take out that big M sign outside if it's not for everyone. Rather than respecting sentiment they complicate trivial eating food habits. I don't want to pass by looking like saying no to my children.
My review might be taken as regular discontent but things on the ground are changing and going forward in post Brexit..we should be a tourist welcoming country with multicultural outlets. We can't act to be still open to the rest of world where local communities are being disrespected and discontent.

2 by closeup05 Review source

okay so nothing wrong with the food, but kind of stupid and annoying how they banned my whole school from going there because one kid was messing about in there, im tired of shops banning our entire school because some people wearing our uniform werent behaving themselves, first it was marks and spencers and now mcdonalds, let me ask this, if an employee from m&s came into the restaurant and started causing trouble there, are you gonna ban that one person or all of the marks and spencers employees? see how stupid it sounds now, you cant just go ahead and ban about 700 of your customers because one person was messing around, really stupid thing to do.

1 by Review source

Great quick service and open until 2am Thurs-Fri-Sat .

Also they do delivery service with UBEREATS which is good also if the Uber app actually works or if the food doesn't arrive cold.

The restaurant is not at fault but my experience with Uber leaves a lot to be desired.

The staff at this McDonald's are always friendly and professional, cheery and happy. I like this branch especially when I need a few double cheeseburger in the evening

5 by Rich Ben Fletcher Review source

Placed my order on the machine , waited for 25 minutes only to be given the wrong food, when I explained it was not what I ordered the server told me they had ran out. I asked for a refund because by now my friends had finished eating, the manager came five minutes later and refunded me , and said I could have the now cold double cheeseburger that I ordered on the side for free, well worth 30 minutes of my time. Won't ever go back to this one.

1 by Jonathon Loizou Review source

I ordered a cheese burger with no tomato sauce and added tomatoes for 20p instead as I don't like tomato sauce. I went to collect my meal and found there was no tomatoes. I then went to the collection point and said I ordered tomatoes he said is sauce ok and I said no I don't like sauce. He brought me my burger and I discovered it had no tomatoes but tomato sauce. So I payed 20p for some thing normally free that I didn't even like!

2 by Review source

For such a central location you can't rate the food speed and crowdedness down. You can see the staff are hard working during peak times. Food is as you can expect it to be. Rather surprised that during hectic peak hours they don't ever mess up your order.

If you order 20 nuggets and/or apple pies during lunch you will most likely be waiting for quite a while. Can't blame them for this either.

4 by Andrew Review source

Anything one could expect from a McDonald's is here. The food is fried and exactly as presented on the menu. It is very cheap. It is also fairly busy almost all the time. The staff are sometimes friendly (otherwise they are indifferent which is no problem as it is a fast food service, so they're not expected to provide table service or anything). Your average McDonald's.

5 by Helena Review source

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2 by Review source

This was the first mcds I went to when I was a child and so holds a very special place in my memory. Sundays being taken there by my mum as bribery for going to church. However in recent years it has become a hot spot for homelessness and on three visits witnessed fights/arguments/racism. Not a good place to take a child and there seems to be a perpetual whiff of urine in the air.

2 by Andrew Schuler Review source

This Mc Donald's is super busy so don't expect your food to be made super fast. Although it's not the end of the world. They don't take too much time. Food is the same standard. It tastes the same but presentation is always been a mess in the fast food industry. Overall, a few changes would be helpful but other than that a normal Mc Donald's for you.

4 by Ahmad Asif Review source

Sat in a bit limited on seating not helped by several homeless persons hogging there favourit seat one lady asked me to buy her a cup of tea I gave her a voucher and instead of a thank you I was immediately asked for a second she went to use the voucher but then insisted on returning to the same seat even though a family had already Sat down I her old spot.

4 by John Kennedy Review source

Needs far more seats & more staff on duty at the door to prevent people coming in & pestering you when you're trying 2 eat or, worse still, have a conversation with yr. friends. Often this is the only time that we are all together.
5he service at the counter has got v much better now that they've introduced pre-ordering.

2 by Review source

Very busy location as you might expect with its centrality, and certainly not a lot of parking if you're driving. Service was slow, but I was there on a Saturday lunchtime so that is to be expected. The reason for the three stars is because our McFlurry was melted by the time it got to us, and the food was not fresh.

3 by Humza Aldeen Review source

Long wait for fast food, not very clean, toilets dirty, new system is messy, not enough staff walking the floor to help customers get to grips with the new system of service, which I might add does not improve or create greater speed of service. Non of the USB ports are working.

Yuk will not be rushing back.

1 by San P Review source

Visited on a couple of occasions, friendly approachable staff.
Initially service can be a bit slow and you find orders made after yours go out first.
Orders were fresh and hot.
Always found space to sit down stairs so don't think just cos the ground level is busy you won't get a seat.

4 by Adam Cook Review source

McDonald's is a great place to go with friends to have a quick snack if hungry, there is lots of space to sit down and they offer takeaway too. The food is cheap and of very high quality for the price. I will most definitely return when I go back to Victoria and I will visit other branches also.

5 by Theo Santos Review source

This is a Macdonalds remember. But while it's no good for a date night, unless you are 14, for a quick bite between trains it was fine. The staff, best they can they are polite. Toilets, very clean. Suggests the food may be clean too, eh? High 5 for low key place.

5 by Bill Lovett Review source

Nice place to eat something if you're just passing by through the city. But I waited too much (around 40 minutes) for a simple cheeseburguer, I had to ask them and they told me that my number was lost, so I wasted my time waiting a number that never came up.

3 by Bogdan Gheorghe Review source

Like all McDonald's it has the same quality food you find all over the world. Its a new look McDonald's with faster ordering as it can be very busy at lunch times with office workers and tourists. Toilets are downstairs if you need to make extra room.

4 by Antonio Monfermoso Review source

More like a waiting room for builders and the homeless. People sitting at tables with no food or drink in front of them. People sleeping with their feet up on the chairs. Staff not bothered. Hard to find somewhere to seat and eat.

1 by Helen Tripp Review source

It's a McDonald's, pretty standard, as with all of them some of the staff weren't great, others were well trained, food was good but as always pretty small portions. All in all pretty standard for the chain

3 by Review source

The new self-ordering system doesn't work. At 11pm on a Monday you don't expect to have to wait half an hour for an order for 1 person. Really poor way of doing things, and definitely not fast food

1 by Andy Dodds Review source

Layout of store appalling , straws, napkins etc near the entrance/ exit, would be better by the collection point and don't get me started on those high stools that shorties like me struggle toget up on

2 by cathy graham Review source

Am I really reviewing a McDonalds?

Yeah all round good, automated machines worked well, wait time wasn't too bad, despite how busy it was we got a seat, NFC charging is a funny little extra.

5 by Arthur J Gibson Review source

Most of the times busy, in the evening / night it is hard to find a seat as the -1 level is closed so you can only stay upstairs. Good location, nice view. Great that its open even during the night.

4 by Judit Németh Review source

Well, it's a McDonalds like any other.... but what stood out here was all the self-order stations they had, made ordering super fast. I also noticed they had ipads setup for kids

5 by Cais Review source

Hmmm. The usual hustle and bustle of placing orders but better if you have contact cards. That saves you the trouble of queuing at the counter. The toilets can be cleaner than it is.

3 by Tony Ejinkeonye Review source

Watching today the person preparing food . No gloves at all going from cleaning to preparing without washing hands or putting on gloves. No interest from staff when i commented.

1 by Ian Bailey Review source

A McDonald's is a McDonald's, all over the world. You know what you can get. Plus, in this one, we could try an ordering system that made the process extremely fast!

4 by Juan Carlos Rovetta Review source

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