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Easily one of the best hikes I have ever done. I am still surprised that this wasn't stated as one of Edinburgh's biggest attractions. Calton Hill is compared massively with Arthur's Seat but for me there was no competition. Much more prettier, a much better hike and much less touristy. And the yellow flowers add so much more beauty to the whole scene! You can see the whole of Edinburgh from up there.
The hike might not be for you if you're not a big hiker but you can always stop mid way. The views are pretty from every spot of the park. There is also a super pretty lake and I recommend 100% that you go there. If youre not much of a hiker, you can always just go to the lake or just enjoy the park without climbing too much. Peaceful, no noise and that is something you can't find easily in a touristy place like Edinburgh.
There is the palace there as well which is quite nice too. We could not go inside but got a great view of it from Arthur's seat. I would recommend going there when it's sunny and going around the time of sunset. Sunset from the top is something we couldnt see since we had a train to catch but it would be absolutely breath taking.

5 by Mariam Sarfraz Review source

Quite possibly the best part of Edinburgh. You don't expect to find such a vast park that makes you feel like you're in the countryside right outside the city. Take the hike up to Arthur's Seat, but if you enjoy a challenge, take the path along Salisbury Craig. If you have time, get off the main path and travel through the less walled areas. They park is big enough that you'll feel like you're away from society, but small enough that you won't get lost. You'll also get some great landscapes by walking through the less popular areas. Take water and lunch with you, and really make a day of it, and don't forget to have your camera ready! You won't regret giving this park your time, but be ready to spend 3/4 of a day there if you really want to take it all in.

5 by Tatiana Fonseca Review source

Very beautiful & peaceful area of Edinburgh. Park was royal hunting estate in the 12th century. It was created in 1541 by James V. You can enjoy in remarkable view of wild landscape of hills, cliffs, lakes...
Edinburgh/Embra is the capital of Scotland, founded in 1125.It's one of the most picturesque city in Europe. Many parts of it is under UNESCO protection. About 1million tourists visit it every year. If you are one of them, you have to visit Royal Castle, St. Giles Cathedral, Parliament, National Gallery...
Famous people of Edinburgh are: Charles Darwin, A. C. Doyle, Sean Connery, J. K. Rowling... Come & enjoy!

5 by M. Ban Review source

The highlight of my trip to Edinburgh. This park is in the middle of town but unlike most urban parks you won't find any lawns or manicured flower gardens here. If it weren't for all the people climbing up the hills on the sunny afternoon I visted it would have felt as though this was miles away from town. There are foot paths you can follow to various lookouts or you can just make your own trail through the grassy hills, just be sure to bring some good shoes.

I didn't get a chance to visit the highlands on my trip but this park did a good job of capturing a small part of the natural beauty of Scotland.

5 by Chris Mah Review source

A very enjoyable walk/hike. Unaware of the multiple ascent options we walked the hardest route. There were multiple peaks including the cliff face as seen from the city side , Arthur's Seat and two more similar slightly more rocky peaks. The route we took was off the main road as the two routes forked left and right. We took the right option. Perfect birds eye views of the landscape of Edinburgh and surrounds , Leith, the coast and the distant hills. Total distance 6kms with an altitude gain of 250metres. If it's raining or wet you will need proper hiking boots.

5 by Graham Penrose Review source

Beautiful and conveniently located. The hilly landscape and swan pond gives a taste of the greater hikes this country has to offer. The view from Arthur's Peak is very scenic. For history buffs, there are ruins of an ancient kirk at the top. There are various trails and nooks/crannies I would've liked to explore further. Even if the rain/wind, not a hard trek.

Located next to Parliament so take a tour here or attend an open debate session if you want. I skipped the Holyrood Castle but would've liked to entered the monastery if it were separate.

4 by Mingzhao Xu Review source

If you come to visit Edinburgh then you simply HAVE to visit beautiful Holyrood Park. We were amazed to find out that it's actually the site of an extinct volcano - right in the heart of Scotland's capital city! There are some stunning views across the Firth of Forth and Fife if you get high enough and the park is easily large enough to spend all day in. Take a picnic and hide yourself away from the tourists in the city centre and then climb to the top of Arthur's seat, the highest point in the park, for an unforgettable photo opportunity.

5 by Craig Smith Review source

Lovely park and we had AMAZING weather ☀️ it is lovely. Take water and a little bit to eat with you. The climb is not hard but it can be exhausting. Especially in the heat of a bright spring day. There are e couple of main paths leading up to various spots. But there are trails going from those paths everywhere. They vary in difficulty but they take you away from the crowds and give you amazing views across the valley. Offcourse we were very lucky that al the yellow flowers were in bloom. There is yellow EVERYWHERE!!! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!

5 by Birgit Wildeboer Review source

Great place for a nature escape in the city.
The highest peak (Arthur's seat) is great for views of the city and a nice climb.

The craggs (sharp cliffs facing the centre of Edinburgh) are also a great walk with beautiful views.

Yet the smaller peak closer the shore direction is where I spend most my time. It is peaceful, generally with just a few locals walking dogs or running. And you can divert from the paths just a little bit, to find a secluded spot. I often head up here to sit, draw and relax.

5 by Review source

Great open space with excellent views of the city.

The road around the seat is very popular with cyclists and runners, can be very popular on the weekend.

Best views are of course on top of the seat but I think if you were less inclined a trip along the crags gives just a good view of the city with a little less effort (still an energetic walk!)

Take your own provisions there isn't any on offer, but also do take your own rubbish away with you (not too many bins up there!)

5 by Peter Adshead Review source

Brilliant place to get outdoors.
You can hike to the top of Arthurs seat for an amazing 360Deg view over Edinburgh. You can see Bass rock out to sea and across the Firth and the hills to the north.
Salisbury crags (the cliff faces) are a great place to practice some bouldering moves.
Head round the far side and walk along Duddingston loch (lots of wildlife including large number of herons)
Take your sledge/snowboard/baking tray when there's snow for some winter fun!

5 by Stefan Rossmann Review source

You start with a beautiul lake and swans you can feed them brown bread. Breathtaking views. Then if you follow a pathway up more Beautiful views and different walk pafhs up into arthur seat mountain. Giving you stunning amazing views of city of edinburgh. You can take your car up and there are free parking bays to enjoy your time as you please. There are beautiul lakes in the mountain too. If your a serious cyclist full of stamina its a great up ride, round and finally down the mountain.

5 by Zahra Hassan Review source

Fantastic large park very close to city centre. Lots of different areas to walk in. Well worth going up to the trig point at the top of Arthur’s seat where the views are tremendous. Nice 5 km circular walk around main roads which are helpfully closed to traffic on Sunday making the walk very pleasant. No refreshments in the park as such but lots around the various bits on the edge of the park including the now trendy parts around holyrood and the Parliament.

5 by Susan Dunn Review source

A very well maintained Park and Castle of Queen Elizabeth II and her ancestors. It has an Admission fee. It is a huge park with lots of plants, trees, herbs and greenery all around it. It is Opposite to the newly built Scotland Parliament or Scottish Parliament. It falls in Scotland which is a country in the United Kingdom or the UK. It is a must visit place, especially if you are a tourist who's visiting Scotland. It has a number of antique furniture.

4 by Fali Madon Review source

The road to Arthur's seat is incredible. nothing is easy in this park and the adventure is challenging but my god , the feeling after you reach the summit ! Every time you look up you can see why nature is such a power. The road to pallace is funny and you can actually try to imagine how was the terrain in the medieval times and how people were galloping on horses to deliver some message to the king or another important person. It is fun trip.

5 by Anna Tarczynska Review source

Holyrood Park makes it easy to 'escape from the city' for both tourists, city-workers and locals like me.
Its wide-open spaces offer a 'breath of fresh air' very close to the Royal Mile or nearby suburbs.
Lots to see and do.
Great viewpoints are easily accessible for those less mobile (when driving by car), too:
On Sundays, the road (Queens Drive) is frequently closed to road traffic, though.

5 by Andrew Fraser Review source

Truly beautiful spot with the option to walk along footpaths or meander off the beaten track. Stick to the main road to remain on the level ground, enjoy the sights and visit a small Loch. Adventurous travellers can follow one of several tracks to the top of Arthur's Seat or take an equally scenic, but somewhat easier walk around the crags, with beautiful views of the city. Free parking beside Holyrood Palace at the weekend.

5 by Dave Jones Review source

This is no ordinary park! It is the beautiful grassland and heathland containing the dormant volcano of the famous Arthurs Seat and The Craggs. There are also three beautiful small lochs around the hills.
This beautiful park is the perfect way to experience the Scottish landscape in miniature and see completely the beautiful City of Edinburgh in all its glory from the Firth of Forth to the Castle.

5 by Lorna M Review source

Well worth the visit. The cost is minimal and the staff are great help as they know quite a lot about the site. If your a fan of the royals and the legend of Mary queen of Scots you need to come here as this is where she lived for quite a few years as well as where her friend and advisor rizzio was brutally murdered. A lot of history packed into a short tour.

5 by Diego Leon-Martin Review source

It is really nice place for a walk right in the middle of the city centre. You probably can spend whole day walk around it, there are so many different routs. It also can be quite demanding as you have to walk up the hill. The only downside is there are quite a lot of tourists so if you need peace and quite I would recommend something else.

4 by Michal Furas Review source

Some amazing views of Edinburgh, nice walk up although windy at times. The park was well kept and clean with no visible rubbish. Plenty of free parking was available from the bottom of the climb and sufficient parking further up. Good walk for the dog, plenty of exercise. Looked very popular with the locals who were jogging and dog walking.

5 by Richard Scott Review source

A great place for a hike, a small picnic, running or walking, or just relaxing in the summer evenings. Quite close to the old city, there's the science museum as well
Many people hike up to Arthur's seat every morning and evening, and lots of runners and cyclists love it. The place is super clean and accessible.

5 by Abdul Rabbani Shah Review source

Very big park with lovely views of the city, hills and sea, especially if you can climb to the top of the hills within the park. Just to note it's easier to go past Hunters bog and then down Salisbury crags rather than the other way round. Salisbury crags is deceptively steep (the path that goes parallel to Queens Drive)!

5 by Sohel Khondaker Review source

Definitely a relaxing shot in the heart of the city.

You can climb, ride your bike, have a walk or just have a chat with friends in the park.

Either way, of the weather is good, don't miss this spot.

The park is also next to the Scottish parliament and Holyrood Palace if you fancy a visit

5 by Emanuel Corrà Review source

One of the best features of Edinburgh. Large open areas that are great for dogs, paths up the crags or Arthur's Seat that offer amazing views of the city, and bike routes for a fun ride. The road is closed on Sundays, making it even better to let dogs and kids run around, bur it's great any day of the week.

5 by Gareth Simpson Review source

Great walk below Arthur's Seat, paths easy to follow & a few different routes to take with splendid panoramic views over Edinburgh & down to the coast.The wind can be a lot stronger up there which takes the edge off the temperature, especially if climbing all the way up to the peak of Arthur's Seat.

5 by paul appleby Review source

Beautiful building. Unfortunately my wife and I were unable to visit because queen of england had been slotted to stay there maybe within a 2 week period. The guards will let you slip your camera through the gate and take a picture of the building though. Just be respectful and you will be fine.

5 by Adrian U Review source

Wonderful place, of there is no fog you've a clear view of the city, if there is fog instead you're up for a fable-like surrounding and atmosphere. Care as when rainy is super slippery and mind that stepping on grass or volcanic rocks is safer than following the muddy beaten path.

5 by Giuseppe Perrone Review source

Beautiful park near the Queen's residence you can climb up from there to Arthur's seat. Be ready to walk in the mud as usually during the winter season the soil is wet. You will find a small lake with the ruin of saint Anthony's chapel on top beautiful view from there.

5 by Simone Di Marcoberardino Review source

oneof the most visited place in Edinburgh. famous for its relatively easy climb and breathtaking views from top. it takes 2o minutes to get to top. well kep greenery nicely paved path, alot of joggers and few lochs and sea at the back drop makes it most loved hill of Edinburgh.

5 by Review source

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