The Urban Chocolatier Whitechapel - London

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9 Davenant St, London, E1 5NB

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Went there last night with the mr's and a friend (not the first time) can't believe how RUDE the waitress was. As we went there we were next to the door, my mrs asked the waiter can we change the table because people from outside keep staring at us, and we still haven't given the menus or ordered the desserts, NO was the answer from the waitress i asked how comes? Her replay was because we will be busy soon we need other tables, i asked her how comes those guys next to us chnaged thier table and you were fine with it? She replied, oh because the manager knows them! What! I said okay what about the other table you chnaged them? She says i don't they just sat there!! Anyways waited waited three tables came after us and yet they ordered their food and got their food while we were still waiting! ONE OF THE WASTE SEVICE EVER. Shame really as their waffles are really nice, but Don't think will be going there again as they are so manu dessert shops around east london with quality food and service.

1 by Shahin Ahmed Review source

Been there a few times now but it seems to be getting progressively worse. The milkshakes are mediocre and should be avoided, everything else is alright. The most recent time we went, the place was fairly empty so we stood in the doorway for a couple of seconds, and made prolonged eye contact with the staff behind the counter. They didn't say anything and they didn't move so we proceeded to seat ourselves. Within seconds one of the servers came over to ask us if we'd seen the sign. We asked what sign she was referring to, she said next time we should wait to be seated. That's a fair enough policy IF the staff actually bother to seat you. If you're busy, let the customer know that you'll be over as soon as you're free. Do not berate them later because you couldn't do your job properly.

1 by Resident Optimist Review source

Too pricey for what? The service is poor, ice cream and shakes are nothing spectacular so why charge 7.25 for a shake?

The price you pay in there is more than full meals in other places.

They have no reason to charge this price, the waiters couldn't be bothered - had to call a guy to come over whilst two were just hanging around the counter, the place is dirty - they think by just wiping the tables with wet cloth makes it ok, nothing special about the ice cream. As an example kinder bueno milkshake costs nearly £8! And they won't be grateful you came either. They don't know what good service is and it's only a matter of time till everyone else realises.

Avoid this place!

1 by Andy Shah Review source

I recently went there for Eid, and I enjoyed every minute of it, their customer service was Five Stars and they also give you a great discount so you don't have to continue getting your wallet out, furthermore its a really nice area to be in as the entertainment they have on their TV is of Urban Explorers who take their life to the extreme with amazing Parkour videos and many others, it felt really nice to be in the environment and everything else, they have beautiful decorations on and will not let you down when it comes to your desert being serviced to you, overall I will strongly ask you to go to that restaurant as you will not regret it at all

5 by Mirage Mashud Review source

Shop closed early and we were told to leave while we still had our food on the table. They had an empty shop and they made 8 of us sit on a 6 seater table where we had to sit on each others lap. They were very aggressive about not giving us the bigger table at the back. The skinny guy tried saving ink and paper and tried memorising our order instead which led to him forgetting and giving us the complete wrong orders so we had to re-order. The strawberries they served with their 'Chocolate Fondant' were old, dry and wrinkled. Everything about this place is just wrong. It was the slums of all dessert shops. Will not be coming here again.

1 by Abdul Mumin Review source

An old favourite with most. It is way ahead of other dessert places with its offering of a good selection of desserts. The ice cream is great and the decision to use melted milk chocolate sauce instead of treat sauces on desserts make it better than some rival places. It does well in most things but they could work on their mojitos. Prices are alright but the portions are quite generous. Several locations each with possible parking problems but very good train links for the Whitechapel and green street branches at least.

4 by Sadrul Alom Review source

I think this is one of the most overly rated desert places in East London. I have come to know its location and name only recently. My first visit (and perhaps the last) was good in terms of customer service, however, in terms of food taste- it was average. The portion size was rather too large (waffle, cookies with strawberries)- almost felt like a meal. So perhaps- share one between two (if your appetite is like mine). Customisation is available for most of the items on menu, but come at hefty price. 3/5

3 by Ahsan Habib Review source

I went with a couple friends during off peak hours. There wasnt any customers so we decided to take a seat. After about 5-10 minutes waiting to be served I approached the counter where the waitress told us to wait to be seated next time we come. This was BEFORE asking us what we wanted to order. Her attitude and demeanour was abhorrent and we wanted to leave, however it was late and we decided to give the place a chance. Simply, we won't be going back. Also refused us tap water!

1 by Abdul Samad Review source

I went on Saturday and had to wait 10 mins for a table. During the time I was waiting, the staff spoke to me a few times letting me know that it wouldn't be too long which was nice of them. We were in a large group so the staff did join some tables for us and overall were quite accommodating. The desserts are all freshly made and portion sizes are quite good. They even do a chocolate syringe which is on my chocolate bucket list. Will be back for more. '

5 by Ross Anderson Review source

Very poor service I'd say... The staff have serious attitude problem from when I went and how other friends get served. Out of due respect guys.. PLEASE GET STAFF THAT SERVE PROPERLY!! And not show attitude for the mistakes they've made. We come to your store to have dessert but if thats how you guys serve then I'm sorry I'd rather go elsewhere. You guys have amazing mouthwatering desserts but customer service plays a big role too.

1 by Alisha Saleem Review source

I've been a regular customer here, and have only been seeing a downfall in customer service. From a waitor who couldn't speak properly, to a waitress with serious attitude problems, it only gets worse. Always mixing up orders, making customers wait while other late coming customers get served before. The management is appalling. Its a shame that the actual desserts are fine, only the customer service ruining the experience.

2 by Ash R Review source

I ordered a Maltesers milkshake from the Whitechapel branch and I got a glass full of milk and cream with some chocolate sauce over the top. After complaining, the staff kindly replaced this but with a Snickers milkshake instead of another Maltesers milkshake. I couldn't drink as I'm allergic to nuts... Be extremely specific with your orders?? I won't be going back and wouldn't recommend it to anyone I know.

2 by Farzana Priya Review source

Abit of a boring shop as most dessert places nearby have a sparkle feel were as this place was dull.. However, i did try out their 3 chocolate tasters which i must say was Great, but extremely sickly. I did order a strong coffee to counter the sweetness and water to keep me human. I did also order a mojito which failed miserably. I only managed to get 4 suckles from the straw and the rest was ice.

3 by Mohammed Siddique Review source

This place is one to avoid. The staff and rude and the service is poor - they treat you like second class citizens. They will draw you in saying they take card payments and then say the machine doesn't work and are very rude how they say go and get cash 'you have eaten it'. The washrooms are limited too. My mate said he saw mice in there. So defo one to avoid.

1 by Anwar Khan Review source

The cookie dough was great! As they give alot for the money! Other desserts there are too chocolately. I think they should reduce the price of the desserts and portion too. And as for the staffs, very rudely. Not qualified members of staffs. Presentation of desserts are fantastics but the attitude of the staff kills the moments of going there again!

1 by Hajn Sim Review source

Ilford branch has the worst service ever. Forgotten half the order. Waitresses don't know what they are serving when serving to a table. Clearly do not know their own menu when asked for what ice creams are available as some were finished. Sort the service out! Especially Friday - Sunday. Hire new staff!

1 by Shiv L Review source

Good food just disgusting customer service, no acknowledgement you are in the shop and had to wait a long time to get the order taken then the pleasure of waiting for a large duration for getting my food
I have given the shop a few tries but just feels like the service gets worse and worse

1 by Rofiq alam Review source

Went here with a couple of my boys. Didn’t expect much but was pleasantly surprised to see cookie dough being sold. The warm texture of the cookie dough and chocolate combined with a cold scoop of ice cream was refreshing. I was greatly pleased with finding a dessert place like this.

5 by Radhi Hokage Review source

I came here for the salted caramel hot chocolate. I remember closing my eyes and savouring the perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness, neither one too overpowering. The hot chocolate was creamy and not too hot. I always go back for more of it, great for a cold and windy morning.

5 by Siddiqa Khatun Review source

Poor customer service. Asked to be seated at one of the booths but were denied by a female worker without an explanation. Furthermore when we asked why she responded with 'will you order or not'. Shocking service to a regular customer that will not be returning. customer

1 by shayed khan Review source

Amazing desert place. Unfortunately my maple waffle had very little maple syrup and too much chocolate, but I would recommend this place to any chocolate lover.

I was in a large group of 12. Service was great and no complaints about any of the other orders.

5 by Mubin Choudhury Review source

It tastes really good, I had the chocolate peanut butter milkshake and it was great. It's just slightly on the expensive side, since it costed almost £5. I've seen their other desserts and have heard from many friends that they taste really good. :)

4 by Mujahid Ahmed Review source

Appalling service! waited over 45 mins for my order while people who arrived after me were served before me, further more the shakes and desserts were mediocre will not be coming back and will not recommend. The place is also damp, stuffy and smells funny.

1 by Abdul Malek Review source

Beautiful decor with tasty desserts....I’m drooling whilst I’m writing this review.

Plenty of options for all and never let’s you down and can assurances you will not be disappointed.

I’ve had the chance to go time and time again.

5 by Zahid Rahman Review source

Ordered the apple crumble for the first time and it was just delicious. Also have had a few of their waffles and really enjoyed the strawberry and chocolate one. Not much of a wait here either and service is quick and efficient. Would highly recommend

5 by Sadiqueul Huda Review source

I visited UC in April last year i must say it was very good quality i have tried many locations in that area but their Coookie Dough is by far superior!

Place needs a makeover even though its called urban everything just looks tired.

4 by Super Power Review source

Excellent Dessert place. The Customer Service was excellent. The staff were nice and friendly. The atmosphere was great! The dessert tastes good (especially thier cakes and milkshakes). Not too overpriced. I would recommend eating dessert here.

5 by Tahmedur Rahman Review source

One of the few hidden gems in Whitechapel. I like my sweets and this is the place to go to if you have a sweet tooth.

This place makes their own truffles, make unique milkshakes and excellent desserts if you want something more.

5 by John Aromin Review source

An ample amount of desserts to choose from, & is almost always worth it. During busy hours there could be quite a wait to be seated. Other than that, there's usually seats/table vacant. Speed of service is relatively quick.

4 by Sameul Sayad Review source

Went for dessert/hot drinks after dinner. Staff were surprisingly attentive and even offered a better booth seat once the place quietened down a little. Definitely appreciated! Hot chocolate is definitely recommended.

4 by Puvi R Review source

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