Subway - Harrow

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121 Kenton Rd, Harrow, HA3 8AL

+44 20 8907 4455




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Agregated reviews (13) Subway - Harrow

This is a halal subway. It's a few doors down from the train station. The food is as expected from any subway. The staff vary depending on the day, some are very friendly others not so much. A good option for fast food but still not as healthy as they purport to be.

4 by Mubin Choudhury Review source

Affordable sandwiches, like in all other subways. There are usually 1-2 staff so the speed of service is not too fast. Otherwise they are usually kind.

4 by Zoltán Dúl Review source

Once logged in, unfortunately, a little unexpected upheaval. Although the food itself was not the most delicious

2 by Review source

I do like subway as their sandwiches are healthy to eat. The staff is friendly and not far from my house.

5 by Shabab Farhat Review source

Food is good but they're understaffed. Because of it, don't expect it to be very clean.

4 by Andrei Nicolae Bucur Review source

Great people, service and SPEED unseen in any other subway! Special credit to Rajesh.

5 by Review source

I love subway because it's so yummy and the staff are certain helpful

5 by Review source

Its incredible place, the staff is so friendly and helpful.

5 by Review source

Halal subway and the staff I'd incredibly friendly

5 by Zayd Alhaddad Review source

They have good service and polite & friendly staff!

4 by Review source

Standard subway nothing special

3 by minesh patel Review source

Small but quick service.

4 by Daraan Nithiy Review source

Friendly and quick.

5 by Shyam Parmar Review source