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499 - 517 Oxford St, Mayfair, London, W1K 7DA

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Well this was a let down. Messy shop. Rude staff and an overall disappointing experience. Cheap clothes and a somewhat nice arrange of things, cluttered and confusing. I have been in other Primark stores and this is my favourite low price shop, but this experience was horrendous. I left with tears in my eyes after being yelled at by the nasty rude lady at the fitting rooms. You BETTER be ready and have everything counted. She yelled at me, belittled me and used me as an example for what not to do, while I was 'generously' given a spot in front of line to count all of the 7 things I had. I asked her not to belittle me in front of the other customers and then I got another lecture and she kept on going. I have never had this kind of bad experience anywhere in the world. Ever. I will never be coming back to this Primark ever.

1 by Review source

The worst shop for customer experience. My partner popped in to get a jacket for an upcoming trip. She could not locate her size but there was the same jacket on a higher non-reachable shelf. So she proceeded to find an employee. When she approached the staff my partner said 'Excuse me.' in a polite manner and the staff sharply turned around looked at her up and down with a disgusted look saying 'What?!'. Shocked me and my partner was but we continued to ask if she could get the jacket down for us. The staff however did not like this, huffed and took the jacket down then threw it at my partner.

This has to be the most rudest customer service me and my partner have ever experienced.

If the member of staff wants to work in retail she needs to change her personality.

1 by Adam Cockley Review source

It's the flagship store. If it's in their range, you should find it here. If you like the stuff they sell, you'll find more of it here than anywhere else.

Always busy, always full of our European neighbours (even more so, since the Pound dropped alarmingly against the Euro).

Very close to Marble Arch Underground station. And handy for Selfridges, if you want to go higher up the shopping spectrum.

Of course there is another, smaller branch of Primark at the other end of Oxford Street, close to Tottenham Court Road Underground station.

The prices are very competitive and Primark remains very popular because of this.

4 by Steve Phillips Review source

A store with very cheap clothes! But the lowest the price the worst the quality! Don't expect to find good quality here as clothes are made with the cheapest materials. Yet if you really try you could find some not very bad piece of clothing. It's also possible to find some good bags and suitcases (go for the most expensive ones to be sure you get better quality). Most times clothes are mixed and it's difficult to find what you are looking for. Also the size of the clothes usually do not match the size that the hanger shows. I don't go there any more. Very low quality in everything.

2 by Ioanna Maria Papadimitropoulou Review source

It is a busy clothing store which lacks a bit organization. I have been this place few times and i saw clothes and hangers left on the floor which might be unsafe for people walking inside particularly for elderly and children. Price is very cheap and quality is a bit low. You might see a lot of tourists from different places of the world. It doesn't surprise me because this is the only store in London can be affordable for economical tourists or localities. If the store management focus on arrangement of their display and clean the floor most often, this store might be best.

3 by Andargachew Mfanta Review source

Surprisingly the Primark store in Uni of Oxford is much better than the London Oxford Circus street store. I found it much more organised and the staff helpful in searching out the items. Whatever I wanted was available neatly organised in racks. And there was a huge choice from cheap ones to the expensive ones. Fitted everyone's budget and made all happy that we got something. But the location is deep inside a Mall. So you have to walk quite a bit to reach this store. The Oxford Circus one is crowded and you have to really search for what you want.

4 by JAYESH C S PAI Review source

Surprisingly the Primark store in Uni of Oxford is much better than the London Oxford Circus street store. I found it much more organised and the staff helpful in searching out the items. Whatever I wanted was available neatly organised in racks. And there was a huge choice from cheap ones to the expensive ones. Fitted everyone's budget and made all happy that we got something. But the location is deep inside a Mall. So you have to walk quite a bit to reach this store. The Oxford Circus one is crowded and you have to really search for what you want.

5 by Stephan Dune Review source

There are 2 Primark in Oxford street, one at each end. This place is famous for very very affordable shopping. You get clothes, shoes, accessories and some household items here. I personally wouldn’t bet on the quality or the fit of the garment but yes they are very cheap, say £5 for a gents shirt or£10 for denims. Having said that I haven’t been able to pick much from this place myself but again that’s very personal preference. This place is extremely crowded during weekends, best to go earlier in the day during week days

3 by Mohammed Alam Review source

This Primark store is located at the centre of London: at the end of Oxford Street, just next to Marble Arch. It is a big store. Prices are reasonable and the range of products and options is very good. The quality is not the best, but it is great value for money. I got few casual shoes, which are comfortable, very cheap and practical. I used one for a short period of time, and it served me well. But after about two, three months I needed to throw it as it became bad from inside and was not comfortable anymore.

4 by Nibras Aldibbiat Review source

First time in a Primark and especially in this Oxford street store which I assume is the flagship store.

With a diverse range of products, stocking everything from baby and kids, to womens, mens, home ware, accessories, beauty products and confectionery.

Went in to get a xmas jumper. I think several hundred people had the same idea. Total carnage.

It is very big, very busy with people finding deals on clothing.

Nearest tube station is Bond Street.

5 by Neel Ghai Review source

A giant Primark store in the centre of London has potential to be good but it isn't. Went in yesterday looking for a suit, couldn't move as it was crowded with people just standing and talking (mostly on mobiles) and racks of clothes just left laying about. It was a battle just to get to the floor I wanted. Even then I found half the tills unmanned. A big shame as I did see some items I would have purchased. Good in terms of price, but be prepared to battle through the madness.

2 by Matthew Donovan Review source

Great budget shop, similar to an Old Navy in the States, but just a bit fancier. Thought it could use its space better. The amount of people in walkways because of how close their products are spaced made it incredibly difficult to walk around. Would recommend shopping at this chain since they have great prices, but would probably avoid this specific store in particular. Its in the middle of Oxford st. and just packed with tourists and locals alike.

2 by S M Review source

Great shopping experience, with well spaced rows which aid viewing the clothings on display. They have a great exchange and refunds plan which aids people like me who can’t make up their minds on immediate purchases. Their attendants are also very helpful and provide answers when asked. However, some shoes on the shelves look worn and returned. Please ensure items returned by customers are in good conditions before redisplaying them on the shelves.

4 by Nkechi Onyinyechi Ogbonna Review source

hectic ! Very busy! Downside not enough fitting rooms so customers are waiting forever! No bathrooms so screaming kids, And worst of all no air conditioning! Avoid it in the summer it will be horrendous! A store of this magnitude should be ashamed to treat its customers with such disrespect ........Avoid at all cost if you like air, bathrooms,& no exhorbitant queues for fitting rooms. And this is not a one off all their stores are exact same

2 by Cinders Review source

Really good value for money on Xmas decorations, bed linen, loungewear, lingerie and basic tshirts or cardigans in lots of different colours. Clothes are generally awful but in between all the drab there are some gems. I have several dresses that pass for Ted Baker and get lots of compliments... and they were less than £15 each instead of a couple of hundred quid. This the second best store after the Tottenham Court Road flagship

4 by Di FR Review source

Horrible place. Cheap roadside stuff is selling in a multi-story building with a lot of chaos. One feels like one will be lost while shopping as too much of crowd keeps pouring in due to low priced stuff lying on the counters. One has to wait on the billing counters for the longer duration and after getting frustrated one leaves the shopping bag there without purchase and escapes out. No Recommended for Tourist

1 by Sumeet Gandhi Review source

Nice location, it's near Bond Street tube station, actually there are Two primark available in Oxford Street, this has lot of range for clothes, wallets, kids shoes, play items. Each floor has billing sections, but still in the evening hours it takes more than Ten to Fifteen minutes to complete the billing... Many clothes will be cheaper but the quality will not be great for many of the items...

4 by ThiruMurugan R Review source

I LOVE THIS STORE!!!!! This was my first time coming to Primark. I actually heard about the store through a show called BKChat London and I wanted to check the store out. I’m from the US so that’s why I didn’t hear about it. When I arrive to the store, I walked in with the biggest I ever and I vowed to come back to Europe with an empty suitcase just so I could redo my wardrobe through Primark

5 by Robin Taylor Review source

Great place if you are a HARD CORE shopper, crowed and a scavenger hunt for bargins. You can always find secret little bargins in the piles of merchandise. You feel you have won the lottery when you find one. Great pajamas, basic t shirts, tights, leggings, you can never leave empty handed. If you are easily overwhelmed by crowds, tight spaces or disarray, this is not the store for you.

5 by Chris Glidden Review source

Shopped in the London store today. Service was awful. Other than telling me the price, the assistant failed to acknowledge me because she was too busy talking to her colleague about how they’d like to have their own business one day and be their own boss. I gave them both some business advice - actually acknowledge and engage with their customer or you won’t have them for long.

1 by Review source

Heard about this place from our cab driver on our way into London, he described it as 'so cheap you can just wear it and throw it away'. Everything is super affordable, some items of better quality than others but overall great value. Love this place. In Canada, closest thing is probably h&m or forever 21 but Primark has way more selection in men's clothing.

5 by K P Review source

Fitting rooms inside for men and women to try on Well located Primark. The store is well stocked and has a variety of different clothing available for men, women and children. A lot of public transport available. No parking structure available as it's a high street and prices are as standard prices as any other Primark. Really busy all the time. Queues are very long.

3 by Ahmad Asif Review source

Big Primark store with two floors (ground floor is women and first floor men, home, kids and women accessories and shoes). It is always extremely busy, so be ready to queue for a very long time for paying. If you are a woman, don't even try to go into the fitting rooms, the queue is just ridiculous. They should put more fitting rooms and hire more staff.

4 by Maria Rodriguez Review source

Lots of choice over 2 floors. Bit awkard for wheelchair users with all the hangers on the floor but was a lady sweeping them up. Everytime ive been in there its very busy cues are long. Again for wheelchair users getting to the tills is easy just go to the end and u get to jump the cue so u dont have to get caugt up. Good place to visit.

4 by georgina lud Review source

Primark has super cute clothes for very affordable prices, and good quality. It's very massive and can be hectic. Lines are long and people are everywhere. This is definitely not a place to go if you only have a short amount of time to shop, but if you have an hour or two to dedicate you are sure to find some treasures!

4 by Cassie Paulsen Review source

Great shop. Great products. Great prices. Always staff around to help if needed. Only negative is that it is usually very busy however it is expected of such a cool shop. Women's clothes and shoes are of high quality and their homewares are unique. Great brand available as well such as Disney and Harry potter.

5 by Stephanie Rumble Review source

Fast fashion made right. Primark is your fashion destination for anything trending. They do designer inspired apparel and accessories at an affordable price so you don't have to worry about spending a huge sum. They have a nice selection of Disney, Star wars, Harry Potter apparel and chic home goods.

4 by Marjorie Sy Review source

Primark is a budget place for shopping across Europe. There are two Primarks shops in Oxford street. One close to Marble Arch undegraund station and the second is opposite to Tottenham Coart Road station.
The both are very big. The prices there are very cheap for London. Primark never disapoints.

5 by Sergey Feldman Review source

Cheap yet okay okay clothes and accessories tis the place to be, crowded always but guaranteed you'll find what you're looking for. Men's, kids, women's you name it they have it. Origin of apparel is from Bangladesh and Pakistan mostly and India too. So decide and go shopping.

5 by Review source

Considering that this branch is located on the busy Oxford street I found it to be very tidy. It is really busy in here and there are a lot of tourists with suitcases too, which can make shopping a little restricted.
I managed to buy a jacket, skirt, cardigan and a top for £30. ☺

4 by Katrina Brown Review source

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