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8 Kings Rd, Portsmouth, PO5 3AH

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'This place is incredible. Such a warm, inviting atmosphere. The food is absolutely incredible and at an affordable price. I can't wait to return here.'

The above paragraph is what I posted last year.

This evening I returned. It's not often I get to eat out because we have children. I was so disappointed. We had to get a refund on 2 of our 4 tapas dishes. Mainly because they were tasteless, fatty, covered in grease and has more batter on than the bottom of a chip shop chip fat fryer!

The other 2 dishes I paid for weren't great. The chicken was obviously brought in frozen and reheated on the day. The duck was average. The portion sizes seem bigger but quantity does not equal quality. When I wrote my first paragraph I was truly blown away with the place. It was incredible. I left today feeling cheated out of my money and my pregnant wife felt sick. Not sure that's what a date night is supposed to be. To finish, this tripe was so overpriced I really think I was robbed. I've had better quality food at a wetherspoons!!

Unfortunately, whatever has happened over the past 6 months, hasn't done the place any favours. It's killed it. It's now just an overpriced cash cow dishing out less than average, reheated tripe. At least wetherspoons charge you for what their food is worth.

Last year, I'd be forcing you to go. Now I'd be begging you to avoid. Shame.

1 by Chalton James Review source

this was my first time having thai food, i would have given 4 stars or even 5 because was the food was good the honey comb ice cream was my favorite. but the waiters were very hard to call, the restaurant was not that full yet i had a very hard time signalling them to come over, they seemed to go over more to tables with more people. made me feel some time of way because i came alone. one of the waitresses was very snorty which was irritating. all in all the place is lovely, if you are alone and are looking to try something new this might not be the place for you. you might get the cold shoulder from the staff like i did.. but if you and your friends are looking for a nice quiet place this is the place for you. the food is good and you will get a better service than i did, i definitely will try this place again but definitely with a friend

3 by Oluwaseun Ogungbe Review source

Koh Thai is one restaurant that you'll adore if you haven't yet been. So much so that I've moved across the country but came all the way down just to visit.

The food served here is second to none when it comes to Thai Food and the service is no exception.

If you're no veteran to Thai foods or like me are just indecisive, I'd recommend asking for sharing tapas. You're able to choose your spice level, and what foods you like/don't like and they bring you a selection of different foods.

If you like a drink, Koh Thai do incredible cocktails and top quality ingredients to match, ensuring that each cocktail you try is but the best.

As mentioned previously, the service is I've had every time I visited has been exceptional and entirely flawless.

5 by Fabio Ibrahim Review source

Went here for the first time Feb 2017 having heard a lot of good things. The restaurant it's self is visually very attractive and has a great ambience upon entering. The service was friendly and quick throughout. Having its own cocktail bar means you get a good range of drinks. The food though....me and my partner shared 3 tapas dishes and a main with sticky rice. The flavours were outstanding! Have spent some time in Thailand I wouldn't have been able to notice the difference! Will der be going here again! Although I was a little shocked that the drink bill was nearly double what we spent on food!!

5 by David Waters Review source

It was very disappointing. Heard lot about the place wanted to try it. The waiters brought the wrong food to the table number of times. And then said sorry for the mistake. Then they took the order for the desserts and after 10 mi returns to the table to inform that the kitchen is closed and they can't do the order. It's a simple order as a banana fritters. How long will that take?
The staff should de trained on regard to the timing and inform the guest before they take the order. Kitchen should be a bit flexible. No managers arrived to apologise. It was a very disappointing evening.

2 by Review source

Think the food is very overpriced for what you get. The massaman curry with lamb was mainly just potatoes and onion and a few pieces of lamb, can't fault the taste but just needs what you get for your buck sorted. 5 of us ordered the Strawberry and Rhubarb Cheesecake only then to be told sorry we are out of them but the truth actually was they hadn't taken them out of the freezer and would take 8 hrs to defrost !! Music was far too loud, asked the waitress to turn the music down and she said sorry what was that and we said exactly even you can't hear what we are saying.

2 by Review source

The tasting menu was excellent. We went for dishes that were medium upwards, with no mild by choice. Food was delicious and I would certainly recommend doing the tasting option as there were so many different dishes between the four of us. If your taste buds can cope, then the jungle curry is amazing. Service was excellent and the venue was great. My only negative was that the house wine was pretty poor for such a nice restaurant. We paid the extra couple of pounds for a lovely Chilean merlot for our second bottle, but wish we hadn't bought house wine for the first.

5 by Review source

Sited on a corner building which (I think I remember correctly) used to be a bank. Nice decor. Good quality food and service was as it should be. I Found the (background?) music slightly too loud in the evening so conversation was either done by signing or shouting in as friendly-a-manner as possible. We've eaten upstairs on both occasions and my only real gripe is that it's so dark upstairs. Not 'Heart of Darkness' dark, but dark nonetheless, and so much so that we had to use our mobiles to read the menus. All good fun.

4 by Kevin Williams Review source

One of my favourite restaurants in Southsea. The service is has always been great taking into consideration how busy it usually is.

Book in advance to avoid getting turned away.

The food in my opinion is great and the prices are really reasonable.

Its a nice building which I think used to be a bank but its open plan so can feel a bit noisy but all part of the atmosphere in my eyes.

5 by Ed Pritt Review source

Price is too high. Food is fine. / also 10% service charge is added without asking. I didn’t see anywhere stated in the menu that they will add 10% extra.
They add 10% in the bill and then say it’s optional on the bill. - so do they expect me to say No service charge please after I get the bill with 10% extra charge ?
1 star review because of this

1 by Heath H Review source

Food is excellent and delicious! The menu has a lot of options. Nice atmosphere and excellent service. Staff were attentive and helpful. Isn't really tapas though as only starters and curries fall under the tapas category. Portions are also too big for tapas. Smaller, cheaper portions with more choice would be preferred so we could try 6/7 dishes.

4 by Nishant Vadgama Review source

Well served by the staff, very nice food served in a tapas style. The staff are very helpful if you want to try a selection of things you might like and other things that you aren’t so sure of. The team are very knowledgeable about their offering and are generally attentive. A nice feel to the restaurant although could do with a little updating!

4 by Tom Kinlough Review source

This place held so much promise with the allure of mystery oriental dishes of delight hand picked by the chef. Alas the service was woefully slow and we ran out of proseco and received our mains after the allocated time period. The food was good and we did get a free glass of proseco but the culinary 'experience' was overpriced

3 by James Heggett Review source

On my top 3 best Thai restaurants extremely tasty food...quantity just right price is really reasonable. The light lunch menu is Excellent...recommened the chicken chilli stir fry for the spice lovers...the trifle dessert with salted caramel ice cream is sensational...if i pass by another branch next week I'll dine again.

5 by Mohammed Choudhury Review source

Top notch Thai food in the city centre of Portsmouth. Me and my friends enjoyed a delightful dinner at Koh Thai after a nice stroll on the beach. This is the secondtime we eat here and the staff is always friendly, the food is cooked to perfection, and their espresso martini is to die for. We'll definitely return.

5 by vittoria covaliu Review source

Had a takeaway for our Anniversary- very disappointing it took 1 hour 30minutes to arrive and when it did it was cold, I complained by phone and was offered a replacement meal, but it was too late then.I will not be using them again as their food is not nice when cold. 5 dishes and it cost £50 what a disappointment!

1 by Review source

Very nice food with a grate atmosphere, the staff where lovely and very well priced for the quantity and quality of the food. What I would say is that it's more Thai food catered for the English i.e. only a third of the dishes you would find in Thailand or a authentic restaurant... Will definitely go back

4 by Kieran Bioth Review source

The service was slow, the main courses were awful; some are rather over-priced, and the one vegetarian meal had fish sauce. One of the meals had been microwaved. The starter/tapas selection was fine, so I suspect that anyone simply ordering the taster/tapas menu would be ok.

3 by Russell Morris Review source

Food was ample and good quality, waiters and waitresses we're very attentive, mocktails and cocktails were well mixed and tasty. Some of the starters were choose were a bit greasy and drinks were pricy.. I will come defo come back just change some of my order.

4 by Review source

Great cocktails, fantastic food and superb service are what you'll get here. Mix that on with a unique venue and it's a dining experience worth the walk or taxi wherever you're staying. Highly recommend the dumplings and spicy rice.

5 by Christopher Bongard Review source

Best Thai food in Portsmouth but that review that says low price is just straight lying. I'm giving it 5 stars because I've been here many times and its worth the slightly higher than average price for the quality of food and atmosphere.

5 by nikhil sathyanaryana Review source

The service was so poor & the staff unhelpful & did not know how to serve the food on the table , 1 of the party are vegetarian & they did not get there food as 3 of us had the £22 shared meal & they gave us some of there food.

1 by Review source

This is a lovely restaurant, providing food for all manners of taste. We chose the set price options instead of individual meals and it didn't disappoint. My favourite were the duck pancakes, which had been lightly fried and tasted amazing.

5 by Review source

LOVE the cocktails there and their tapas is very tasty. The staff are very friendly too. Would recommend you make a reservation online as they can get busy, but they will always find you a table if you pop in, but you might have a bit of a wait.

5 by Elaine Skinner Review source

Lovely atmosphere, friendly staff and the food is amazing. It was fairly busy when we booked, and we were told upon arrival that we had a time limit on our table, which made me a bit conscious of the time. Other than that, perfect

4 by Daley Carter Review source

Lovely food, great atmosphere. Evening slightly spoiled because on a couple of occasions staff had bring beer kegs through the restaurant and left an external door open, meaning we sat with a very cold draft for several minutes.

4 by Doug Tibbetts Review source

As someone who has a Thai mother, this is probably the most authentic Thai food I've had outside of the home, or Thailand. Fantastic place to eat, and I will definitely be eating here again when I visit Portsmouth.

5 by George Smith Review source

Even have not seen any Thai staff, but the food taste is nice Thai taste. Price is relatively high in point of Thai people. Parking is not arranged which normally for Portsmouth area. Staff are friendly and flexible.

4 by Nathawut Apisithayagorn Review source

Excellent food, but highly overpriced given the portion size. £14.70 for a lamb massaman curry and coconut rice. About 6 small pieces of lamb and the rest was onions and sauce. Won't be back.

2 by Review source

Have been going since opening. Still beautiful food but, reduction in size/quantities is disappointing. It would be so easy to maintain that first class experience. Note: Serving staff are superb....

3 by John Brewster Review source

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