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64 St Giles High St, London, WC2H 8LE

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Service: 8/10
Food: 10/10
Selection: 7/10
Value: 8/10
Environment: 5/10
Total: 38/50

The service provided is quick and efficient, given the location only sits approx 20 people there was 3 wait staff and the manager. We were given an estimated time to be seated everytime someone joined the queue.

This place is first and foremost a ramen shop, with the speciality of pork bone broth that has had 18 hours to simmed along with the hand made noodles, and you can tell! The broth was thick and full of flavour you couldn't help but to slurp the noodles! Everything about the menu compliments the noodles with the addition of extras (that other ramen shops would include) like egg or bamboo shoots.

In terms of value for what you pay for the broth is where it's all at, if you finish your noodles but still have broth you can purchase another portion of noodles at £2 to continue eating! So if you eat a lot it's good value as the steep price of the broth can be offset with additional noodles.

The shop itself is small and cramped but it reminds me of an actual ramen store. It would of been nice to have more space but I assume that's the aesthetic they were going for.

Would I return?

Yes, my mouth is watering from remembering the ramen...

5 by Ian S Review source

Very small venue, always busy. I did not wait to sit in since I had a late lunch on a weekday. The service is very quick and the waiters were all kind and well-mannered. Ramen in London is an expensive meal in my opinion: here I paid £15 for the Chashu (£13) to which I added the egg (£2). I ordered my ramen noodles to be cooked hard and they were indeed very firm, in truth too much for my taste, I would order them regular on a different occasion. They are very thin and there is not a big amount, I think this is why they offer the option to add extra noodles after you have finished those in the bowl for an extra £2. The egg was jello and tasty but I was disappointed with the pork: too dry when the slices did not have fat, and it lacked flavour. The broth was thick and fatty, but again I felt an absence in richness. Maybe more spices would have cut through the taste of fat that after a few slurps becomes less inviting. And I must say that there is indeed the option to add Yuzu spicy sauce. Overall it was a satisfying meal but I did not find any special flavour in it that would justify the price.

3 by The Mr_Grinch46 Review source

Very easy to find, close to covent garden station
Service was quick, since we were given the menu outside, we knew what we wanted to order. As soon as we asked a waiter to come they did and took our order. Within 2 minutes we were given our drink and followed by our dish after our first sip of our drinks! We were served with a smile.
There is a long queue outside when we arrived however we entered the restaurant quickly.
The place is quite small (hence the queue) but is very well decorates, everyone seemed content and the food looked delicious. Its a small, comfy place where you get good ramen.
I have been to Japan and I can easily say that this restaurant serves food on par with the ramen I was served there! If you are looking for a taste of Japan before visiting then I 100% recommend you to at least give the food here a shot!
The price for a dish of ramen was around 11 pounds average. I felt like my money was well spent for what we received.


5 by Jeni Leon Review source

One of the best ramen in London, any of the choices of ramen they offer is good, I've tried all of them. Queues might be long and seating might be cramped so get in there early (before opening) to join the queue. On weekends they open at 12pm, so you either get there at 11:45 or you have to choose another time because the queue at 12:20-12:30 is already too long. There is heating outside, so even if you queue in the winter, is it very comfortable, sometimes the staff will give you tea while you wait (thanks!). The place is small and seating might be cramped, but the food is extra good. I've been here many times and the service is always very quick The ramen is one of the best and they allow you to pick up how hard you want your noodles. Both noodles and broth are super and very similar to the ones you would get in Japan.

If you like ramen and you have only meal in London, THIS is the place to go.

5 by Antonio Radici Review source

The broth,pork slice and the egg were the best I had so far but unfortunately that does not complete the package of what I am looking for in a ramen.The most important ingredient in the ramen are the noodles and unfortunately they did not make it up to the standards I was hoping for and therefore I could not give a full score.Maybe its just me but the noodles play a vital role for me.Another reason why I could not give a full score is that the price was a bit higher than the average and the waiting line was not entirley worth it.I mean do not get me wrong the service was great and if the noodles would have been right it would have been my so long anticipated best ramen experience.Maybe a little additional remark would be the fact that the menue offered just pork based ramen which is nice but than again I miss the variety.In this regard I do have to admit that I rather go to Bone Daddys.

3 by Sadi Pekin Review source

I gotta say. I was kind of disappointed with the ramen here. Maybe it's my picky New York tongue, but I expected better out of supposedly London's best ramen restaurant.

I got the Tonkotsu and the char siu don. The Tonkotsu broth was good. It salt level wasn't too high, and it certainly packed a punch! However, the noodles certainly let the meal down. It lacked that special pizzaz that great ramen-yas have.

The two redeeming factors were the meat and the char siu don. The meat was absolutely amazing; so soft like I was eating clouds. It was juicy and OMG my mouth is now watering just thinking about it. The char siu don (using the same meat) was equally as good.

As weird as this sounds, if I go back in the future, it would definitely be to just crush three of those char siu dons.

4 by Diyang Yu Review source

“A small trendy authentic ramen restaurant.”

Came here last night for dinner. Had the spicy ramen with hard noodles. If you’re like me and have never been offered a choice of hard or soft noodles (just me then?) then it’s worth saying the noodles are not completely hard. They’re actually cooked really nicely but with a little more texture. My friend ordered extra hard expecting them to be crispy, but they weren’t. Not a bad thing, just different but actually very nice.
You can’t book here and it’s a popular place. We got here around 6.30 on a Thursday and managed to be seated within 10 mins so is a quick turnaround.
Staff are friendly and explained the menu. The Ramen was nice but the crispy chicken we had as a side was delicious - we ordered 2 lots.
I’d recommend this place.

4 by karen edwards Review source

We walked past this little restaurant before it had opened for dinner, and there was already a queue! We decided to join the queue a bit later. One of the waiters said it would be a 20-30 minute wait which we thought wasn't too bad. Once we got in the service was great. The waiters were very friendly and helpful. We both ordered Tonkotsu ramen with hard noodles, and it was delicious! They recommend that you order the noodles hard, and I have to agree. The noodles had a nice bite to them. But of course, you can choose to order a softer texture. We also ordered a side of fried chicken, which came with generously sized pieces of meat. Apart from the need to queue up, the food is great and worth your money.

5 by Jason Do Review source

Flavourful broth, perfectly cooked noodles (got the suggested 'hard'). Amount of noodles was slightly on the lesser side; I had space for an extra serving ('kaedama' on the menu)! I got the chashu-men and I enjoyed the ample slices of pork collar. Watch out as I didn't realise they charge extra for the soft-boiled egg (which was delicious). Overall, a little on the pricey side. Got lucky my visit coincided with their anniversary special where I got 33% off of my total bill. More like 4.5 but happy to give 5-star rating if comparing to other ramen places in London. Small place and tends to get full; it helped I arrived at 5pm and went alone!

5 by Stephanie L. Tan Review source

The ramen here is some of the finest and best to boast in all of London. It offers a refreshing taste reminiscent of what you’ll find in Japan itself. It tastes amazing with original broths and ramen creations.

However, often with that comes alongside well deserved acclaim are long winding lines. At peak hours, and especially on the weekends, expect long lines. You may also find that the price is a bit steep.

The interior is well furnished and designed. However keep in mind, it uses Western styled seating, instead of the traditional Japanese ramen bar with stools.

4 by Michael Azad Review source

I love ramen and have tried lots of places in london. I frequently passed kanada-ya and was intrigued by the hype and the often huge queue outside... I finally decided to brave the queue, suitably wrapped up for the weather! Unfortunately it didn't live up to the hype :( seating was very cramped and crowded, service was basic, ramen was nice but not out of this world and you had to pay extra for egg! WHAT!? I won't be back as I prefer the ramen else where; with a better menu, environment, atmosphere service, without the mad queue outside and egg is included ;)

3 by Rebecca J Review source

I came here with my husband after he read that it is the best place for ramen in London and I have to agree, this place did not disappoint.

The ramen was so good, I went back three times in the next two weeks and recommended it to all my friends who like ramen. There is a nice selection of ramen to chose from, with recommendation on how to have the noodles. The sides are also very good!

It has always been fairly busy when I’ve been so would recommend going earlier or booking.

5 by Daniel Novello Review source

I had the London special and my friend had the spicy one. Having been to Japan before, this bowl of ramen is very good in comparison. For me it was good but not mind-blowing. I like that you can order extra noodles for any soup you have left over. The truffle edamame were very nice though a bit too oily. The place is very small and most likely you will need to share tables. It was funny sitting opposite strangers but I just used the 'no eye contact' method Londoners use on the tube.

3 by Ly V Review source

Amazing ramen here. Beautiful tonkatsu broth and perfectly cooked noodles to your preference or firmness. Chicken karaage with yuzu mayo was sensational. Extra noodles for £2 if you have broth left over from round one - again, cooked to your preference. Seriously better than Shoryu and Bone Daddies. Simple, sophisticated but a small venue so arrive early or in groups no bigger than two. Packed on Monday early evening, eek. But we were lucky and got a window seat for two. Give it a go!

5 by mrsheeblee Review source

Having sampled a myriad of other ramen shops in San Francisco, New York, and London (SF: Iza, Ken Ken, Nojo, Orenchi Beyond; NY: Ippudo, Jun-men, Rockmeisha Izakaya, Ramen-Ya, Totto, somewhere in Williamsburg I forget the name of; London: Ippudo, Bone Daddy's, Tonkotsu), and having been to Kanada-Ya enough times to blow through 2 buy-10-get-1-free loyalty cards, I can confidently say Kanada-Ya consistently produces the best bowl of ramen I have ever found.

5 by Greg Kinman Review source

There was a line of 20 out front before they opened at 5:30pm. SOOO worth it! Luckily I was near the front of the line. This place ties for best ramen I've ever had. (The other is in place is in Portland Maine). It would have been nice to have had a cocktail but really the ramen and staff were so fantastic I'm not complaining. I just wish I had time to go back again before I fly home. Cant say enough good things! And can't wait to come back.

5 by Review source

Had the truffle one a few days ago and still have haunting dreams of the taste.
It's a small place, so there's a little wait outside, they're really nice about it, have warmers and give you a menu to prepare.
Everything is very Japanese like in the sense that is very well thought and planned through and organised.
It was a pleasant change to see how dedicated and detail oriented the chef was preparing each dish.

5 by Alari Truuts Review source

Very nice pork broth ramen with very flavourful though fatty pork. I wish you got more slices in your broth. They also have interesting truffle options which is a nice novelty, anything truffle flavour is great. The famous fried chicken was very tasty and crispy, perfect for me. Very small place so more for a quick bite to eat (we had a queue but it moved very fast) and then you have the energy to go shopping a bit more. ;)

4 by Juliette Hettema Review source

Visited this place after hearing the amazing reviews. Had to queue for about 15 mins outside to get in but it was bearable thanks to the outdoor heaters they have! Tonkutsu broth was thick and flavourful and the amount given was definitively worth the price! Karage chicken was simply amazing and stayed crispy even towards the end of our meal! Staff was attentive and friendly too! Would definitely recommend this place!

5 by Michelle B Review source

I brought my Japanese friend here, how embarrassing.

We got the classic 'tonkotsu'.
The broth was tasteless and watery with no garnishings apart from the froth on top from the impurities not being removed.

The meat was stone cold, tough and chewy. The opposite to the expected hot broth, rich with flavour and Japanese style melt-in-your-mouth style pork, it was awful.

1 by Michelle Lilley Review source

I love Kanada-Ya. Probably the best ramen in London. I have been in their St. Giles branch quite a few times but last Saturday, food is obviously banging as always, but I saw rats running around the resto and I called the attention of the server and I feel like they took my complain lightly. I will choose hygiene over good food any day. Have it sorted KANADA-YA! Rats, really?? I love you and I am torn.

1 by Review source

The queue outside may the biggest draw. If people are waiting, it must be good, so people join the queue etc etc. The menu is reassuringly small and the food comes within seconds or ordering. The quality is fine but reminded both me and my wife of cuppa soup, both in the texture of the ramen and viscosity of the broth. It's worth a try if you don't have anything better to do.

3 by Laurence Panter Review source

Yummy! Well worth the wait in the queue if you like ramen. Friendly staff, fast service, simple options make for a great lunch location or a quick pre-show meal. The shared tables make it great for eating alone or in small groups - less good for a date though, and if you go in a larger group, you could be waiting for a long time for a whole table to open up. This is an absolute must!

5 by Xander Wood Review source

Excellent customer service from staff and although the gluten free options are very limited it was fresh and was of a good quality. The handmade wheat noodles my friend ate was brilliant ... apparently. I would love if they would do gluten free ramen. They were clear on what was cealic friendly and what was not. Fully recommended this place. Not pretentious and very welcoming.

5 by CYU CYU Review source

Really long line for an early Wednesday night (about 45 minutes) because of small seating space but they turn over very quickly. Staff was very nice once we got in but honestly the ramen was good not great. Very simply straightforward traditional flavor for the tonkatsu, very little meat for the price. All the same, really hits the spot for a winter night in London!

4 by Claire Rivkin Review source

Delicious and authentic ramen! The signature broth is a pork and chicken base. There is normally a bit of a wait, and you have to queue outdoors. However, there are some benches and heating to keep you comfortable. The karrage is crunchy and succulent, and is a more satisfying side than the nigiri. You will also have a pay a bit extra if you want a egg on your ramen.

4 by Daniel T Review source

Good ramen, but they only have pork broth. And some seating is a bar facing outside which isn't really conducive to group talks. But the service is good and the staff are helpful in making the line (there is always a line) move quickly. And my friends think it's the best ramen in town!

Good small plates too (onigiri and fried chicken)

3 by Madhu Singh Review source

The food here is fantastic, but I'd recommend visiting one of the other kanada-ya's instead. This one is too tiny. We were sat right next to the door and anytime anyone came in or out, I was literally smacked in the back and squished every time. Really unpleasant. But the food is good, so well worth going here if you can avoid the door table.

4 by Jenny Pharis Review source

Very busy, long queues!

Staff are really nice and friendly, food seem great - but not sure why it's so popular? I love ramen, but I'm just one of the people who can't appreciate the quality/taste differences with ramen.

Restaurant is a decent size, compact with a good vibe (always busy, people are chatty etc)

4 by C H Review source

The ramen here isn't among the best I have had but is still quite enjoyable. The broth is flavourful and well made. The ramen however comes with minimal toppings and additional toppings such as egg are charged. The side dishes such as their onigiri are okay at best.
Is it worth trying? yes.
Is it worth qeueing for? honestly no

3 by Mark Chooi Review source

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