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35-37 Close, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3RN

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Left with absolute disdain for a short chap who pretended to be a manager. Glasses, sad sense of superiority. Probably can’t manage cooking for himself. As a 28 year old, I downloaded the App and ordered some beers to a table, the 3rd round. After a short period of time a waitress appeared and demanded ID from everyone at the table. I presented mine, as the customer, the person who assumed a contract with the bar by ordering goods. I showed my ID, which confirmed I was 28. But it wasn’t good enough, of course. She must’ve been rejected at application from the police force. She wanted ID from everyone at the table, all obviously over 18. Sadly we didn’t all have ID. So I asked for a refund and we’d head off. Some time passed and I went into the bar to query the refund/status/what was going on? I was then told by Mr ‘I pull pints and wear a lanyard around my neck (with keys so you know I can open till drawers, you know)’ - who I think may have lost at COD against an 8-year-old Texan last night at 4am - that I couldn’t have a refund. So I asked for him to give the confiscated beverages to whoever wanted them at the bar. He said no. And that I’m not getting a refund. He’s broken his contract with the customer, I bought goods, which weren’t delivered to me. I’ll be relentless in forcing a refund through whichever channels I can. Hopefully matey can buy another Xbox Gold membership with the tips he earned today. And thanks to the Duty Manager for being slightly more reasonable. But Christ, use your head. In short, go to an independent. Unless you like authoritarianism, in a pub environment.

1 by Review source

My daughter's grand parents were home from Spain staying in Newcastle. Every other Wetherspoons I have been in allows under 18's who are eating food in until 9pm at least.
We arrived at 7.30 and ordered food. We passed numerous staff on entering and no-one mentioned we would need to leave. My daughter is 14 not a child running around the place. We were sitting in a corner and there were 7 customers in an area holding approx 40. She was drinking coke. The waitress who brought her food at 7.55 took great glee in announcing we should leave but she would 'let' us eat our food but must leave immediately as soon as it was finished then continued to constantly monitor our table. She ruined our meal with her grandparents and we spent longer on the metro there and back than the 45 minutes in the pub ordering, waiting and eating food!!!! We missed her uncle who was arriving by train from London aswell.

1 by Review source

One of the better JDW's and in such an iconic location. Good food and drink served quickly even on a busy Saturday afternoon. Dropped one star for miserable staff who closed 15 minutes early (11:45) instead of advertised midnight on a Sunday. When I asked to be served 1 last round the bloke behind the bar was quite abrupt.. bordering on rude. Given there were about 8 of us who had spent quite a lot of money in there and were quiet and respectful in behaviour, I expected a more respectful response back to a request for a last drink especially as it was not due to close for a further 15 minutes.

4 by Gene Hunt Review source

I would say this is the best Wetherspoons I've been in (and I've been in quite a lot around the country). The quayside as you would expect is right on the Tyne in a conversion of a fantastic old building, with exposed beams and a very unusual layout. This pub is very busy and as it was previously a Lloyd's, does play music, however there are nooks and crannies to escape in. Breakfast was of course good value and although a couple items were on the cool side, given the volume of people, they can be forgiven. Service was excellent even better with their app. Highly recommended.

5 by Fuster Strogg Review source

This place has gone really downhill. We used to come in 2016 and never had an issue. We visited Fri 19th Jan and the ‘chef’ forgot to put the hash browns on our breakfasts. Ok, a one off. Clearly not. Roll forward to Sunday 21st, ordered the highland burger. The smallest portion of haggis available was put on my burger, nothing like the photo on the paper menu. The whisky sauce was stone cold, and clearly hadn’t seen any heat. I know you get what you pay for, but Wetherspoons has hit an all time low here, the Ryanair of pub food is how I’d describe this place!!

1 by Review source

Typical Weatherspoon menu, lots of seating including a fancy internal balcony above the bar. Staff have always been welcoming and on the ball (must be good management) the facilities are very clean, men's toilets have an impressive array of urinals with privacy guards.

It's location by the Quayside (included in its name) provides excellent views, there is a sun trap at the front of the pub, great for summer beers.

Had many dates in there, safe to say it sufficed.

4 by Kyle Stalker Review source

Well-situated pub along the Tyne. The drinks are fine with a wide range if beers and ales.
The food was disappointing. The chickenburger was just a piece of dry chickenbreast tucked into a bun and the salad was topped by avocado-pieces that were coocked (?!) to make them edible. Yuk!
The front-terrace at the Tyne is quite austere with it's wooden benches. That exceptional spot deserves more.

2 by Igo2UGo Review source

Great atmosphere. Food is decent; just like any other Wetherspoons. Ale and drinks selection is large and the view of the Tyne is stunning when you're sat on a warm summers evening at the front. Have been served a few incorrect meals but I can easily forgive that due to the size of the restaurant and how busy it was at the time. The staff were lovely and rectified this straight away anyway.

4 by Jess Shepherd Review source

Very unfriendly staff behind the bar. Went in with work colleagues for lunch, went up to the bar to order and got a stink attitude because I didn't know the table number. If its so vital then I suggest you drag your lazy backsides to the table and do tableside service. More importantly IMPROVE YOUR ATTITUDES! Food less than average. Far better places in Newcastle to go. One star.

1 by Danny Whitfield Review source

Food and beer as expected from a wetherspoons but one of the staff was very rude towards my party and insinuated that we were too loud when there were only about 10 people in what she called a 'restaurant' at 11am. She came back over again a few times to repeat this and we swiftly moved on to a more accepting establishment. Wouldn't go back if she was working.

2 by Craig Obee Review source

A historic quayside building converted into a JD Wetherspoon pub. Previously a Lloyd bar it has a music license so is livelier than a standard Wetherspoon. Always busy, servicing a large selection of food and drink. Excellent value breakfast with free tea and coffee refills. Large outdoor seating area both front and back. Friendly staff prompt service.especially off the app.

5 by Mel Whittaker Review source

A Wetherspoons pub that is nice and peaceful during the week but when I went imagine on Friday it was so loud you would have thought you were in a disco.

Having said that prices were ok and it's in a nice Riverside location but I wouldn't visit again on Friday or Saturday.

4 by Tony Fletcher Review source

There are so many great places to go for food in Newcastle. I have to say out of all the bars and restaurants this place just has it all, great food, affordable, excellent choice of beverages and a fantastic view that really gives you a real feel of the great city! Always enjoy coming here.

5 by Dave Wallace Review source

A rather busy Wetherspoons pub. Friendly staff and fast service for food, as I was on my own and didn't want to lose my table I used the App to purchase my food. Less than £11 for a Pizza, chips and a pint of beer.
The food arrived quickly, was well cooked and hot.

5 by Michael Graham Review source

We go for breakfast nearly every Sunday sometimes it get extreemly busy, staff always rectifier anything in your order very quickly.I always go for the veggie breakfast and they are happy to change things to how I like it poach egg not fried no beans and so on.

4 by Review source

Went in with a local friend of mine!
Typically wanted the local dining experience with drinks. Trust me you'd get it. The typical British experience ...a must for travelers and it's a lovely place. So immersed that I couldn't click pictures

5 by Satya Pranay Review source

Great weatherspoons. As always tasty food and good value. The building is really quirky and nice just to wander round before you puck your seats. If its sunny you need to get here early as ut gets busy. Especially if you want to sit out front by the river.

5 by Stuart and Emma dent Review source

It's decent because you can get a wide variety of drinks and food and also what's even better pizzas have just been released so why not go down for a few drinks and have a lovely view of people on jet ski and different boats going down the Tyne

4 by Review source

It’s a Weatherspoons but in its own way. Lovely location on the quayside, over-looking the Tyne. Great prices (£2.19 a pint!) cobbled entrance round the back but smooth paving tiles could facilitate accessibility. Also a radar toilet available.

5 by David Richardson Review source

Loved the atmosphere and the laidback feel, great views over the Tyne and along the quayside.
Food and drinks were very reasonably priced with a comfortable noise level to enjoy chatting.
Perfect for anyone and good parking

5 by Elaine Somerville medium Review source

Part of the wetherspoons chain. Historic quayside location. Good food great beer selection. Table service via the app. Reasonably priced food and drink. Layout is a bit chaotic. Two outside seating areas and the loos are super.

4 by oliver bowe Review source

Great location with lovely stone courtyard and riverside seating, traditional look decor, great drinks prices, great pints of Guinness.
Friendly staff.
Only downfall I thought was the food wasn't great.

4 by Review source

Dashed in before gig at riverside very busy no tables so standing littering starring at people to leave. Service so fast as to be amazed. Chips okay frozen but quick. Garlic bread decent. Overall pretty good.

4 by Peter Conlin Review source

Just love the Quayside. Been on a city walk and ended up here. City walk great even though I come from Newcastle. Food and drink at Wetherspoon just finished off the outing nicely

5 by Review source

Extremely rude female staff member. No eye on who's next customer wise then moaned about me being served by someone else. Clientele also have zero bar presence. Disappointed

3 by Liam Coyle Review source

Didn't realise the market was still going after all these years. There was a some nice stalls and the food smelt very good. Lovely morning family walk in a vibrant location!

3 by Review source

Located in the Quayside on the pedestrian riverside walkway directly accessible to all bridges. Large selection of drinks and food at reasonable prices. All round good pub grub.

4 by Chris Allmond Review source

Newcastle quayside is number one attraction of Newcastle for me. Quayside is busy but still noise free and relaxing. Multiple choices available for food and other activities :)

5 by sou ind Review source

First visit to Newcastle so first time this wetherspoons,staff helpful and polite lovely pub inside,Exterior shabby as old building.But as usual cant fault a wetherspoons

5 by Clive Mortley Review source

Nice Weatherspoons with outside seating at the front looking over the river and out back in a courtyard. Service was a bit sloppy, missed items and unnecessary delay

4 by James Inman Review source

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