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Green Lanes, Stoke Newington, London, N16 9HJ

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Clissold park has almost all basic needs a good park should have.
There are kids play area, tennis court for adult and children ,baseball pitch and skating board track.
There is a zoo where you will enjoy the excitement of different animals,birds, and a butterflies dome where butterflies are kept inside it.
During the summer a paddle pool for kids gets busy. A canal runs next to zoo and cafe.
A jogging track is well maintained even during rainy days to avoid muddy surface.
Trees and flowers are in good number to make place look pretty and of course healthy.This park is fenced from all sides and has installed cameras for visitors safety and security but could be improved.
special events are organised during the year specially in summer like circuss and fireworks display apart from those events this park is busy on weekends.
A Caffe is situated in the middle of the park to enjoy beverages and sandwiches and seats are available for park view.
Ladies and Gents toilets are next to the cafe.
I come here most often for jogging and sometimes just for fresh air.
This park is well looked after and tidy by management. A pond on the north east side of the park puts life in park where birds increses beauty of this place.
A leisure centre is situated just across the road from the park and some local food shops and a pharmacy is available as well.
This park has always been good place to visit for freshen me up.

3 by Review source

Love Sunrises here, the Sun hides one the left back side of the Park, I love crossing the Park, walking towards the Church, I love St Mary's Church, a place where I used to go, to be on my own and meditate, and later in time, I got married there, This church is amazing for weddings, I will never forget that day, when I walk into it. With my dad on my side, and it happened, I got married, I experienced the must beautiful day of my entire live, so I would like to thank my partner David, to our friends and family, for giving me that, and for taking me into the love of my family now, god blessed all, I trully love you

5 by Manu Abeledo Review source

Open spaces here. Beautiful Park.

Children's play area is lovely but could do with more swings. Needs dredging when too much rain has fallen. Gates need to be fixed. Unfortunately some parents don't close the gates so the odd dog comes in now and again.

Skateboard Park is great. There's an inconsiderate guy on a motorised Skateboard that goes around the park at speed, have to dodge him and poor ducklings don't seem to get out his way too quickly.

Cafe is limited but clean and offers a nice place get warm during the wet winter months!

4 by A N Review source

I walk in clissold park every day. Clissold house offers a venue for weddings or birthdays. There is a coffee shop which is moderately priced, the food is good. The park has a few animal enclosures one with deer the other stands empty at the moment. Waiting for new occupants. There is a butterfly dome which is open for part of the year. There are several dog free areas. There are lots of joggers cyclists and dog walkers. The park can become very busy. But in general it can still be a great place to spend time.

4 by simon dalton Review source

This is a fabulous and classy park with water features and many children's amenities as well as a smart cafe selling a good range of quality food. I find I love this park and the beautiful Clissold House. If you take your children they will have a wonderful play experience with the many other children there and don't forget to see the most amazing goats and deer. Many cyclists as well. It's a cyclists paradise as they use the cafe.Quality events are also held in the park.

5 by Malcolm Taylor Review source

Friendly cafe if a little expensive. There is an outdoor area for dog owners and others. In good weather there is a large fenced outdoor cafe area popular with young families.
Swans ducks goats chickens and deer can all be seen in this popular park. There is a well equipped playground, a dog free picnic area and tennis courts. I think there's a skateboard area. Growing Communities have a vegetable garden. There are toilets including a disabled toilet with a hoist.

4 by Geraldine Adams Review source

Great smallish park. Has everything:- Lido, animals, that is Deer, sometimes goats, exotic birds, great enclosed play area for young children and parents, lakes, sports areas, tennis courts, a very nice cafe. A good place to enjoy the outdoors for everyone winter and summer. Also plenty of seating for people just to sit and chill. Only 2 not so good things, people vandalising the loos and they did away with the bowling green, that was a shame for the older park users.

5 by Rhona Kadmani Review source

A fantastic day out, great place to take children as there is an open field where they can run around and play games like football /rounders also they have an animal section where you can go look at the the reindeer. They also have a park with apparatus where you can let your kids go and have fun and play with other children. There's a sand pit. A place where you can buy refreshments and last but not least an open outdoor pool for the kids

4 by Roxy Green Review source

Clissold Park in Stoke Newington is lush. It's in a great spot, just on Church Street full of great brunch spots, I recommend The Good Egg. Even on really sunny days, it doesnt feel too overcrowded and you can walk a few mins through the park and settle in a different area and it feels like you're in a different park altogether. In summer there is a wedding or two to spy on most weekends. A lovely place.

5 by Gemma Howley Review source

Great in the sunshine, vast park with alot of fond memories and a great place for a jog or a little drink in the sunshine. Park is ammaculate and the staff are very quick to respond to rubbish or any other disruption to the environment. Great for walks and to bring kids to play even great for skating as there is a great community there for people that like to be involved with skating or any other extreme sports

5 by John Smith Review source

- Very good playground
- Very good cafe in a historical place (good coffee, good food, reasonable prices, baby changing facilities)
- Varied walking space with lakes, fountains and wildlife
- Tennis courts
- Skate park
- Paddling pool is great for the summer (for kids)
- a lot of restaurants and nice shops nearby (Stock Newington Church Street)

Overall - amazing place

5 by Мария Митягина Review source

Well cared for and something for everyone. Great kids playground, tennis courts, deer, ducks, chicken, ponds, a track around the perimeter for an approximately 1 mile loop. Minus a star for the main cafe being unrepresentative of the culturally diverse population who come here; they are missing a trick by not taking the opportunity to offer favourite snack food from around the world.

4 by Spencer New Review source

Beautiful park with excellent sports and recreation facilities. The cafe in the house does a good selection of food (although I've only had coffee/snacks) and decent coffee too. A very dog-friendly park in general and an ideal spot for exercising. Some stunning views in the sunshine too. Also have a regular program of events at the house and in the park to look out for.

5 by Nick Boardman Review source

Lovely. So much going on, tennis and football, people doing self defence classes, wildlife (birds and deer) in large open cages. Dogs, people jogging, people with children. Lovely cafe great selection of coffee and cakes also allows dogs on lead and a place to sit outside. Many trees and fallen logs to sit on or climb with kids or dogs. Large kids play area.

5 by Jazz Wood Review source

Clissold Park is a wonderful park enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. It boasts an array of wildlife and a lido and has other things to entertain children and young at heart. It's also a great place to go for a run. It's also great to see the dear and the avery when it's open. It is deceptively large also. Highly recommended for a day out.

5 by P Jeetun Review source

My favourite park. Had many kinds of wildlife. There are goats, birds, butterflies, two huge ponds and water fountains. Very clean and looked after. Friendly atmosphere and lots of families and students. Open fields for football and there are basketball pitches. They even have a tennis court and a outdoor pool for the kids in the summertime.

5 by Meshech Blake Review source

A great place for a family day out, a beautiful garden with pond and wildlife park and a lovely paddling pool with a lovely large variety of birds, goats, deers!, lots of green space for picnics and or playing all types of games, dog free area and swing park also have a skate boarding area, I recommend it for adults and children.

1 by Dawn Allwood Review source

Large grassy park a rivulet running through it over which 2 wooden bridges cross. The park has fenced in areas in which fallow deer roam. There were 2goats named Bob & Dylan that are no more because of severe arthritis.
There is an outdoor play area for children to use climbing frames, slides, swings and a short zip line.

4 by Review source

Fantastic place for the family and the dog very healing park some times in the summer I can spread all day there lovely wild life for the children big play area and a cafe for a coffee cup a tea for mum and dad your dogs going to fall I love with this place youl never want to visit another park in hackney again xx

5 by Joe Gant Review source

I is very family friendly there are animals that you can see in the park; there is a Children's Lido that you can take the Toddlers and small children to enjoy.
There are things that you can do to keep yourself amused
I will recommend this park to anyone that lives in and around Stoke Newington.

4 by Ron Garwood Review source

Nice park with lots of features. We went mainly to the children's play area that had loads activities for children to get involved in. It was extremely busy on the Sunday morning when we went so this sort of affected our experience. Othet than that a nice green space to escape to.

3 by Shanroy Dehaney Review source

Well curated, perfect size, wonderful park! It has 2 beautiful goats, many deers and some parrots. Perfect place for a date, children or just walk the dogs; a bit crowded during weekdays. There is a coffee shop on top of a hill, beautiful view a bit overpriced but really enjoyable.

5 by Tiziano Summo Review source

Lovely park with a nice café, tennis courts, a mini zoo and overall great amenities for family and kids. Very popular among the local young families, especially during summer. I wish all the parks well so well maintained like this one (referring to Finsbury Park in particular).

5 by roberto pansolli Review source

One of the nicest North London parks, always well maintained and we ll play area, adventure playground, a great skatebowl, paddling pool, restaurant cafe, zoo, tennis courts etc etc. A real asset to the area, with some summer festivals and events, also a street food market.

5 by Ingo Pless Arena Projects Review source

Park view cafe is expensive, but good quality food, playground for kids and lots of space for activities. Nice views and lots of wildlife. There's a butterfly dome, birds and animal zoo. Running track, lake, tennis court and a skating area. Been going here for years.

5 by Review source

Love running here in the mornings. The park is packed on the weekends and good for people and dog watching, but not a place for quiet or solitude! Lots of sports and people working out and kids playing. The zoo is small and quite charming. Would love to try the cafe soon.

5 by Angela Wright Review source

One of the nicest and most family friendly parks in North London. Staff seem to keep on top of things meaning it is kept clean and well maintained. Lots of different facilities such as Tennis, Skate park, outdoor child's splash pool in summer, café and more.

5 by Review source

Great park for families and unchilded people alike. A decent café, space to stroll, tennis courts, kids playground and an overall friendly ethos. With kids or without, with dogs or without, it is (obviously! ) an uplifting breath of fresh air. ....

5 by Richard Tarrant Review source

Huge and well maintained park with all sort of activities for all. There are grass areas, perfect for relaxing and pic nics. Playgrounds, lakes, swimming pool, animals, cafe, many rubbish and recycling bins and free toilets. Open till late. Just love it!

5 by Gloria Francalanci Review source

Play park, animals, duck pond, lido, running track, period house for hire, cafe, picnic spots, events and more green grass than you can shake a stick at, oh and it's right at the end of Stoke Newington's Church Street, what more do you want.

5 by Tom Dobinson Review source

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