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Centre Court is a wide variety of spacious premises high street brands and rather exclusive shop brands. There is a cafe on bottom floor and on 2nd. floor quite big space McDonalds, well stocked - good looking toilet & exclusive sommelier restaurant with tables on long balcony. Spacious design offers wide well lit tall ceiling and good barrier pathways. From small quality supermarket to jewellery through shoes and clothes shops to optician, chemist, mobile shop and body building shop there is a very good staff culture across all customer services. There is sushi shop and Wimbledon cultural events corner with free leaflets. All floors are joined with automatic stairs and there is access for wheel chair users to ground and 1st. floor. I guess third floor would be possibly accessible via lift in one of the stores. Not sure. All building is a stylish, good feature. It has wide space at front past columns at entrance and small stair lot where often youths take a seating. The front of Centre Court can be quite busy due to immediate side entrance of Wimbledon Train Station and from other side Tesco Supermarket and big Bus Stop. I would invite to Centre Court Shopping my mum, brother, grandparents as well as friend or friends to start day of sight seeing in Wimbledon. I recommend it as a good place for shopping and relaxing, because of relaxing space, luxury and professional standard being it's assets. Around Centre Court there is many large known brand cafes, charity shops, food places, pubs, bars, big size Weatherspoon Pub but without a garden and of course Wimbledon Theatre. It is a good fun Sunday family stroll, good any day of week too. Enjoy. Thank you.

5 by Sebastian Goszczynski Review source

Use to be a good shopping centre years back, it use to have a good selection of shops and well-run cafe Court. But now, sadly it no longer has a good choice there. Today, when I walk into this centre the cafe court is a bit pretty much run down only with a couple of restaurants running there left remaining. Cafe Court use to be filled with different selection of restaurants people could choose from, like Ponti's or Pizza Hut which use to be there for example. It's a total shame that in the 2000's Centre Court Shopping centre use to be a really good place to go to, but throughout the years shops started going and changing and through those changes, centre Court has done there, less people come there today than there were years back due to it now being quite run down with a a poorly maintained cafe court and a poor choice in selection of shops which aren't as good anymore. It's really a total shame that the good old shops in centre Court aren't there anymore and is just left with a quite bad selection of them :(

2 by XROZZIX Review source

This Centre is the right size for me, just the right amount of shops with no distance between them, and adjoining the railway and tube stations, so you needn't get wet . There's a large-ish M&S Simply Food, Tesco, WH Smith, Debenhams and with mainly the other usual High Street stores. Sadly, I notice that a few shops have been closing down. This may have something to do with property news that there's something afoot. I hope not, I travel here from central London for a relaxing shop. There's a large underground car park.

4 by Barbara Sweet Review source

Right beside Wimbledon station, this shopping centre is brilliantly located, especially when the weather's not the best.

Fully accessible, and split over three floors, there are the usual popular names here. There's also a McDonald's on the top floor and a classy, restaurant on the ground floor.

If these don't appeal there's plenty of other choices nearby on the main street.

5 by Mark Pearce Review source

I went to the Costa coffee shop near the front on second floor. It is a little cramped in there but the staff are friendly and the drinks are made well. Centre court has car parking and toilets. At the top there is a MacDonalds and a restaurant called Footlights. Has some good shops inside including debenhams and gap. Worth a look!

3 by Aleem Ishmael Review source

This centre has a good mixture of useful shops and fashion stores. Boots and Superdrug, also Lakeland, and Paperchase. Plus loads of ladies fashion shops. Plus there's a food court and a gymboree with fantastic children's classes. Oh plus an m&s and Tesco, what more could you want in a centre.

5 by pascale ferreira Review source

Not big, but it has a good variety of shops. There are toilet facilities and a food court too.
There is a car park and it is accessible to wheelchairs. It is bright and shops aren't all cramped in a small area. Wimbledon Station is on the side. You can get there by car, train, tram or bus.

4 by Miren Lopez Review source

Convenient and local shopping centre with a decent selection of shops. It's not Kingston and the Bentall Centre but there's a Debenham's, M&S (food only), various mobile phone stores, and some non chain stores for clothes and homewares. Parking available but not free.

4 by Richard Blundell Review source

Brilliant access from tube/train station which are located on the lower level. Good variety of shops. Nice caffe on the ground floor. Parking entrance/exit very narrow I tend to damage my wheels everytime when leaving the car park so overall I avoid it unless I use the public transport.

3 by Review source

Bought Egg muffin from McDonald's and it appeared as if it was prepared the day before. Took it back to return and requested if I can have butter with the new one. They had the audacity of asking me to pay extra despite me returning a very visible uneatable food item.

1 by Ahmed Saleem Review source

Nice little shopping centre with carpark, a variety of shops, cafes, a department store, a food court, a restuarant (in Debenhams), a supermarket. It always feels bright and clean. It even has a few comfy seats scattered around so that you can rest your weary legs.

4 by Gary Cheung Review source

A compact mall on a busy High Street. It's clean and has a nice variety of shops, the biggest being a Debenhams which requires some updating. Most shops are occupied but it could do with a new toy or baby shop. Currently it got a bit of pickpocket problem.

3 by Ariane Hofmann-Maniyar Review source

Compact shopping centre, but has all the high street chain stores here. The food court is well used with Macdonalds as the main anchor. Good physical connection to Wimbledon tube and train stations - the covered walkway does such a great job esp on rainy days

4 by Jyk Wong Review source

The food court can benefit from inviting more options of fast-food variety as there's only McDonald's and possibly one another option, it could benefit from making the food court more vibrant and useful.
Wi-Fi option never works properly.

4 by Rakhi Lall Review source

Good range of different shops, many big branches in one place and good food options nearby, not the best upstairs but right outside the centre is GBK, pizza, Starbucks etc. also has a park at the back and a cinema upstairs with toilets there too.

4 by S Ahmad Review source

It's a good shopping centre. Has a decent amount of shops. Isn't a place where you want a massive variety. There's a lot of food shops and supermarkets nearby and inside. I believe the layout of the centre could be better.

3 by Ahmad Asif Review source

One of the best shopping centres in London, and rarely busy because it's away from the centre. Very nice, clean vibe and upmarket selection of shops mixed in with favourites. My no. 1 recommendation for a shopping centre in London.

5 by Laurence Green Review source

Centre Court is fine but the choices of stores are limited and seating is limited since all the space in the centre is taken up with stalls and sales stalls, which I personally don't like as much as when the centre first opened.

3 by Raz Razzy Review source

Nice open space. Lots of shops, restaurant outside Debenhams is GREAT! just a shame to see so many stores closed, needs to attract some more stores to fill itself back up. Also parking is not nearby for those wondering

4 by Alex Weir Review source

This shopping centre has 2 floors it has a few high street named stores under its roof and it has a few shops that are not on the high street, on the second floor it has a Debenhams, McDonald's and public toilets

3 by giz k Review source

Not as busy as it was in its day, a selection of shops including an Apple reseller and Debenhams are the main attraction. McDonalds in the upper levels has plenty of seating but becomes crowded after schools let out.

3 by John Review source

Decent selection of shops including H&M, Debenhams, Tesco, Paperchase, Apple Premium Reseller etc. (as at August 2017). A few nice places to dine and drink too. Manageable sort of crowd levels, not crazy busy.

4 by Roxanne Butler Review source

Not a wide variety of shops really. The escalators and stairs are badly placed too. Who would design something so ridiculous? There's a mini Sports Direct in the Debenhams too, so that's decent.

3 by Rob Clegg Review source

Excellent Shopping Centre, It Covers All Major Well known Retailers in The UK,
Wimbledon Town Centre LandMark, Located Next To Wimbledon Train Station Whereby Operates To All Major Cities In The UK..

5 by Wimbledon Residents Association Review source

Opened in the mid 1990s this shopping mall has grown to incorporate Debenhams, Gap, M&S Foods, HMV, & Boots, to name just a few
Love Moka restaurant cafe just to chill out and relax.

4 by Justin Foster - Barham Review source

Usual fair of shops with a food court etc etc. This is nothing special, but it is a perfectly functioning serviceable shopping center. So if that is what yo are looking for, you will be pleased.

3 by Sanjay Shelat Review source

I don't know why my navigation is always wrong. When I'm at between say 11 & 1 on a map I'm actually somewhere around say 3 to 5.I hope that I've explained it adequately.

1 by Bill Moylan Review source

Its okay. Only a few shops in here. Clintons staff is really rude. Paperchase and Partica staff are really nice and friendly. If you want to go for a big shopping spree - don't come here.

4 by Jen Review source

Debenhams, brilliant ground floor Italian restaurant, lots of clothes jewellery health food shops and other well known brand shops. Under cover so great if it's cold and raining outside!

5 by lynn broughton Review source

Wimbledon shopping centre. Good for various chain stores including Crabtree and Evelyn. Parking available. Useless for food choices however as only dreadful McDonald's available.

4 by Sarah Swanson Review source

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