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7 Bridge St, Peterborough, PE1 1EH

+44 1733 565255




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Disgusting service from either incompetent or disinterested staff. If I could give zero stars I would. After waiting 40 mins for food after half the group had already eaten they got my order wrong - somehow mistaking a salad for a burger - you would think that after having their mistake pointed out, the staff would be keen to rectify, wouldn't you? Wrong. Tried to argue that I didn't know what I had ordered. No apology. No alternative suggested. Had to argue for a refund even after they'd taken the burger away! The genius responsible for this outrageous service? The manager ,supposedly. Avoid at all costs. Other meals in the group were poor quality too.

1 by Review source

Love the Argo Lounge for lunch in the city Square. Rustic decor wooden tables and ad hoc style seating. Music! Evening crowd too! Had lunch for three. Served by smiling staff who are helpful and polite. Thank you. Wholesome food good portions. If you want good veggie options this is the place. A wide menu of traditional and varied breakfasts. Great lunch choice we ate salads a chicken and avocado my husband said had great flavour. I had halloumi and ? can't remember but tasty too. Our friend ate a huge wrap with feta and loads of crunchy veg. Huge portion! Coffees are still the best in town. Thank you again Argo Lounge we will be back.

4 by Carole Dyehouse Review source

Argo lounge is a great place for couples and small groups. Families can also eat here, but overall vibe I feel is more suited to the couple's and groups. Great selection of food all to be ordered at the bar. Staff are very efficient, friendly and best thing for me and my wife is the clgood selection of vegan food, as this is starting to expand into a lot more mainstream menus. It is reasonably priced without breaking the bank and water is available at the bar all the time with a 'help yourself' service. Overall a great place for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

5 by Dale M Review source

I'm giving it 4 stars mostly for the vibe, atmosphere, comfortable chairs, and varied menu including vegy and gluten free. However, we have eaten there quite a few times now and are always rather disappointed with what actually comes. The tapas portions are quite small for the money. Even the burger is dry and the coleslaw really sad and pathetic looking - every time. But we go because we haven't managed to find a decent alternative yet. It's always busy so expect a little delay in ordering etc.

4 by Review source

We had a delicious breakfast here. There has been some controversy with a friend of ours wanting to buy a homeless person based outside a hot drink and the staff refusing. This has been detailed in the local and national media. Argo lounge made a statement claiming that this is not their policy and I hope that this would never happen again at this location. My visit occurred before this incident and the staff were very friendly. We visited approximately 10:30 am on a weekend. It was quiet.

4 by Sleepy Tiger Review source

Went with a friend. Wasnt overly hungry . Orderd breakfast toast and a fresh orang juice . Well orange tasted horrid i took it back to then be tokd the lad is colour blind and mixed oranges up with lemons and limes . (Sorry totally different shape) . Toast arrived 35 mins later with garlic butter all over it and raspberry jam on the side .
Service was shocking staff didnt seem to know what they was doing and when complained about toast it was such a big deal for them

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Have been to the place enough times: it's just not very good. Pretentious decor, bland food (oh and they poisoned my coeliac wife), rude staff who are more interested in having a good night themselves, SO many missing ingredients/alcohol favourites, and expensive prices to boot. Lucky for them, Peterborough lacks any sort of solid nightlife so options are limited. Here's to hoping that changes in the coming years.

2 by Review source

I frequent Argo lounge on a weekly basis. We hold social nights here and the staff are always welcoming and accommodating. The tapas is delicious and the range of drinks and spirits is decent. Mid week is a lovely time to visit although some may prefer the liveliness of the weekend. Tastefully decorated and plenty of room so your not cramped in. All in a good addition to Peterboroughs night life and day time cafe culture.

5 by Simon Baker Review source

Best thing is the decor. We struggle to have a good experience at Argo. You will be happy if you like extremely loud music, average food and wine. This evening, my glass had lipstick marks from a previous drinker and when we pointed this out, the bar man was going to just tip it into another glass. Prosecco not chilled and wine tasting like it's been open too long. Just not good enough. We won't be going back.

2 by Review source

Fantastic food and service. Lovely to have a place with a separate vegan menu, and especially one with more than a few tasteless dishes! The food here is lovely and the staff are very friendly and helpful. Always love coming back! My only complaint would be the removal of the lovely falafel burger, though it's nice to see things being kept fresh and updated. The vegan house slaw is to die for!

5 by Not Another Vegan Blog Review source

Only gave two stars as not my type of establishment. Would probably suit younger generation more. Went in looking for just a sandwich and coffee, don't do sandwiches! Ended up with cake which wasn't really what I wanted. Felt I should have something as we had taken up a limited space while deciding what to have. I'm sure its well suited to others but not my thing.

2 by Sue Janes Review source

Just went here for a coffee, can't comment on food, but really nice atmosphere - exactly what you'd want from a coffee shop. I was let down by the coffee though - I asked for a flat white and got some kind of wet cappuccino in a tacky glass mug - no frothy milk.
Maybe Peterborough just isn't ready for a good independent coffee house yet...

3 by Rob Pickersgill Review source

Very disappointed after previous good experience at this place
Ordered the chicken noodle dish and noticed straight away the chicken was not good , the rest of the dish was lovely but after another bite would definitely say the chicken was off...spoke to the staff who said sorry and offered me a coffee ? ! ?
Will not be eating here again

1 by Janny Vallance Review source

Great little place to eat or go for a drink. Alongside their main menu they have a decent vegan menu too and offer plenty of gluten free options. The food is great. There is free self-service water and WiFi. If you're looking for a refreshing independent alternative to the many chains on the high street then this comes highly recommended.

5 by David McLaughlan Review source

Staff all very friendly and helpful.Nice place to have a snack and drink that's not like all the other mass produced coffee/cafes. They cater for kids here as well so everyone can find something they like. Played guess what picture I'm looking at with the kids which amused us all for a good while.

4 by Garry Bazzant Review source

Nice place to go where you can have a drink, chill with friends, work or read a book. I love that I could curl up in a squishy leather armchair, enjoy a cider and my book. I was there early afternoon and it was fairly quiet and empty, think it gets much busier in the evening and as it is very big, noisier.

4 by Polly Oram Review source

First visit, terrible experience. Waited 20 minutes for two coffees and another 20 for food! Staff didn't look bothered about anything or anyone. No dress code for staff. One waitress showing of her belly button with short top! Not something you would expect from a good restaurant. Dissapointed.

1 by Review source

I feel like I haven't been here enough times to have a strong opinion; however every time I have been here I have been disappointed with the staff ability to serve their products, their knowledge and the wait times. Hopefully this will improve by the time I inevitably find myself here again.

3 by Jack Wills Review source

Well, I'm a brummie, so I unlike others didn't think it was all that cheap, but it is cool place, well positioned, great staff (average age around 10 but maybe that's just me) so-so choice of ales. However, the menu choices are spankinG and the food in general is excellent.

4 by Ian McDermott Review source

Think off-brand wetherspoons. Nice enough, good price. Burger was actually really tasty for the price, chips too. Slaw left a little to be desired. Arrived at the tail end of a busy Saturday lunch service so had to wait for food, but that's to be expected. Would come again I think.

3 by Charles Cooper Review source

Lovely food and options, at busy times the cleaning can be forgotten about a little, but if you ask, they are very nice and will clean your table without making you feel bad like some places do! Delicious food and friendly staff, even if they are run off their feet alot, bless them! X

4 by Ella Melusine Review source

The interior tries a little too hard to be on-trend but the bar is well stocked including a great range of mixed soft drinks for the designated driver. Food is varied, but concentrates more on lighter bites although you can still get a three-courser in for dinner. Recommended.

4 by John Godsland Review source

The falafel burgers are amazing! The chips...mother of god the chips, they should come with an addiction warning. Food portions are generous, service is always great, lovely environment so the wait is relaxed and the price is reasonable. 10/10 Would stuff my face again.

5 by Review source

I have been to a few lounges and the Argo lounge does not disappoint. Great standard of food and drink, went for breakfast on a Saturday. I would recommend getting there early as it gets busy and can take a while to get food after ordering.

5 by sophie barber Review source

Nice setup and decoration, recommended for coffee and branch or a late afternoon beer. Quite busy during the evening. Service can be it's weak spot as there is usually a long wait for food, ranging from 30' - 60'

3 by Ioannis Tzouganakis Review source

The Drinks are great. The barmaids really know how to make a decent cocktail.

On the downside the music during the day and during the dinner service is too loud. You can't hear the person next you speak.

3 by Richard Mayhew Review source

Like Mr Charles Cooper we were impressed with food and staff. The place has an ambience a step up from a gastro pub and seems to attract a mixed clientele: from families with twins to oldiies. In all cases staff attentive.

5 by paul martin Review source

I love this place. It's relaxed, interesting, friendly and the food is generally really good. The service at the bar on a busy night is a bit of a nightmare though. It just takes so long to get served.

4 by Review source

Great atmosphere breakfast was yummy good food clean well presented you have to wait but it's worth it
Lunch great burgers good flavour if a little expensive but great quality great atmosphere

4 by Mark Ward Review source

Tapas was really nice, takes ages to be served at the bar whenever I have been here. Was quite empty tonight but three people who arrived after me were served before me, won't be going again.

2 by Review source

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