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This place is amazing. I have been twice, and I'm going to keep on coming back. It's absolutely huge, and there is so much to do. I'm a beginner climber so can only climb routes up to about V1-2 however even then, there are still loads of routes to do that are within that range. There are also lots more routes for more experienced climbers.

You can hire shoes there, so if you want to get into climbing you don't have to invest into your own shoes straight away. I saw another review saying that HarroWall was prohibitively expensive, however they were only talking about membership, and failed to mention that you can get a good deal when you pre purchase sessions in advance (they call it a punch card). This is really good value if you are only coming once or twice a week.

The centre includes loads of climbing wall 'islands', a training area (complete with a moonboard, campus wall and a lattice training board), a gym area with free weights, a competition wall, an auto belay wall, and even a power tunnel.

In the near future, the kids area will open, which will be useful if you have kids, and along with it, the cave system will also open.

As I said, I have only been twice, however it already feels like home. Staff, and climbers, are all so friendly, and it has such a nice atmosphere. Can't wait to get back next week.

5 by Jayden Griffin Review source

Best bouldering wall in London... Possibly England, as far as I know! The setting is competition style, moving onto more movement based problems even from the lower grades. The space is very well used, with all angles catered for. If you do miss crimps, there are also training boards with more than enough finger torturing horror for even the greediest climbers. There are also autobelays, and a kid's area, but I was having too much fun to pay attention.

Just go there, it's insane!

5 by Ranaz Bautista Review source

Great idea, huge place, loads if space
Catered well for our gaggle of girls for a 10th birthday party.
Children's area roped off and death slide are nice touches.
Was well organised with 2 instructors and plenty of walls so not much waiting around.
Price seems reasonable and everything looked clean.
Only complaint would be there is a water cooler but not enough glasses so kids had to share.

5 by Swati Kreamer Review source

This place is fantastic. Clearly lots of effort has gone into designing and building the place. There is a massive selection of routes and there promises to be lots to do for families and children when the place is finished (including soft and hard play areas). The staff are exceptionally friendly and helpful. The opening hours are long (11pm closing on weekdays), and there is limited parking outside.

5 by Mubin Choudhury Review source

Fantastic Place. A lot of thoughts and huge amount of work have been put in this climbing centre. Plenty of routes to challenge all abilities. The place itself is amazing, very organised, bright, colourful, inspiring and huge! The staff there is passionate about climbing and they do share their passion with help /advice when needed.
Well done and congratulations!!!

5 by Laure Aslan Review source

Great climbing centre for a first timer. Useful colour system to tell you difficulty. Changing rooms and a small cafe for some snacks. A couple of parking spaces if you're bringing a car and there's a small shop for shoe hire and climbing chalk purchase. You listen to a introductory video on the safety stuff which is useful. Decent prices with student discount!

5 by Kush Mistry Review source

A fantastic new climbing centre behind Morrisons in Harrow. A few car parking spots but the train station is a couple of minutes away. plenty to do for all age groups of children too adults great exercise great, fun not just a climbing center, it has caving,ropes,you must try it out, keeps any one fit. Staff are friendly helpful ,go with a group of friends and enjoy.

5 by Arti Kothari Review source

This place is huge. Good range of routes for all levels. Staff are very friendly. There's cafe and seating area too. Parking is a bit tricky - it's unclear if customers can park outside the gym. However, the gym is walking distance from Harrow on the Hill station. Bicycle rack available outside the gym so you can also cycle here - call it a warm up :)

5 by Naan Kula Review source

Thoroughly enjoy myself everytime I go. Usually go for 2 hours and they have a massive range of difficulties and types of climbing (bouldering, harnessed wall, tunnels etc) to start off or challenge yourself. Grips get changed every so often so you won't get bored of doing the same ones over and over. Great for all ages but really tires you out!

5 by Sandika Dhawan Review source

Been here a few times now. Loads of interesting routes to choose from of all difficulties. Always busy but there's so many walls it's never crowded. Will be visiting here again soon. Parkings a bit hard to get a spot but there's a multi storey right next door if there isn't a space.

5 by Pete Forrest Review source

Excellent center, lacking obvious Slab and cave sections , although they can be hunted out to the keen eye. Sorely need to improve there selection of music, install a sub woofer and invest in accoustic insolation around the children's area. Certainly one of stronger centers in the UK

5 by Greg Bryant Review source

Stumbled upon this place and did not regret it one bit. Thr centre provides a variety of different difficulty levels of bouldering. Staff are friendly. Storage includes open slots as well as lockers (bring padlocks). Off peak hours start after 6pm. Will definitely visit again

5 by Rozendo Review source

So much bouldering it's almost silly. It's only recently opened so not quite busy enough yet to feel like a nice community but sure that'll happen with time. Great selection of walls, angles, features. Whole area dedicated to kids climbing, fun and parties.

5 by Tommy Oswin Williams Review source

Great place. Really spacious and lots of various challenges to try. They also have a good good area where you can focus on various body weight activities. The place seemed really clean too, and they have some great cookies at the cafe for a naughty treat afterwards :D

5 by Review source

Brand new (holds are great)! A lot of space and routes for all levels. Not overcrowded yet (another plus). Friendly staff.
50% discount on single entrance until Feb 25th.
Some areas including kids playground and gym still under development.

5 by Emanuele Colonnella Review source

Excellent climbing wall. Lots of very good routes. Amazing set up. A bit big difference between difficulties on the same colour level, still worth to try. Huge campus (if you like it). And it seems to never get crowded because of its size!

5 by Kuba Hoft Review source

Huge wall although quite expensive. Kids climbing area looks great, they are opening caving soon and they have a great number of other activities. Really advise coming here at least once. Probably one of the best walls in England

5 by Review source

So far biggest and best wall in UK that I've climbed at. Great for bouldering , haven't opened the caving section yet last I checked but it is definitely something I'm looking forward to.

5 by Robert Zabihi Review source

Brilliant, massive sets lots of blocs. So big you might want to just project/focus one section at a time. Easy access from the Met line and not that far to walk from the overground station either

5 by Edward Turnock Review source

Fabulous addition to Harrow. Something active for kids, my 6 year old loves it. Had her 1st boulder lesson and is now hooked, so am I. Great attraction for kids, hard play and climbing walls.

5 by Omar Ramroop Review source

Brilliant climbing wall. Huge selection and super friendly staff. Large location means you almost always have room and an excellent small streching area up top! Everything you could need!

5 by Alex Powell Review source

Great for West London and really big. Different areas for climbing, traversing, kids area and belaying as well.

Can get snacks sit down have a drink good for a number of hours

5 by Sunil Bhatia Review source

Friendly and helpful staff, huge centre with lots of grades to climb. Very limited parking. Some areas still under development and no doubt will be full five stars when finished.

4 by Rob Forey Review source

Staff have an awful attitude. We were half way through filling the health and safety forms and due to the staff having such a sh***y attitude we dumped the forms and left.

1 by shane chawda Review source

Excellent training center. It has great range of boulder problems, types, grades and angles. Some pull up bars would do in addition to training area

5 by Review source

Just been for the opening night. Huge venue. Still in development but loads to keep you busy already. Great selection for all levels and for kids.

5 by Joe Bragg Review source

Fantastic climbing wall, very spacious. Great route setting and plenty of options. Staff are friendly and helpful, pretty decent coffee too!

5 by Toby Hanmore Review source

Massive. Has a roof. Has a training area. Café. Shop. Parking. Bouldering. Infinite traverse wall. Auto belays. Eventually caving. Love it.

5 by Adam Charlesworth Review source

A big place with modern climbing walls. Quite cold inside. Lots of paper work to get started.
Good, but i still prefer arch north

4 by Peter Batchelor Review source

Brilliant facilities with a vast range of climbing/bouldering walls but the gym could do with a few more benches and a pull up bar.

5 by Oscar Lavington Review source

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