The Vaults Theatre - Lambeth, London

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Leake St, Lambeth, London, SE1 7NN

+44 20 7401 9603




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Discreetly located in the underground tunnels of graffitied Leake street near Waterloo, this is a great little venue that is a must visit if you are after something a little different or if you’re even a little curious. It plays host a wide range of different events, in particular underground cinema! There are always new events, plays and club nights going on so there will always be something for everyone. However being underground it can get a bit claustrophobic for some people as there are no windows and you will get the whiff of a musty damp smell that you would normally expect being underground but this just adds to the whole experience and atmosphere that you will either love or hate.

4 by Jan U Review source

Visited the vaults theatre for Wahaca's Day of the Dead festival in November and the subterranean space is well utilised with multi function rooms that suite any event.

Staff were great and there are multiple bars when exploring each section.

There were two spaces set up for music and bands which worked well and had a good time with street food trucks set up in grafitti tunnel outside.

Always loads going on here with different themes and events definately recommend checking the website for whats on. Early bird tickets are usually a steal as well.

5 by Adam Bradford Review source

Wow where do I start a strange location set in a underground tunnel plastered end to end with grafitti the club is a quarter of the way in a really unique venue hazy smoke greets you at the door before you enter into the corridor with different rooms from dance music to every type of music, some nights there's nudism depending on what show is on make sure you check this place our it's weird but wonderful at the same time drinks are moderate price wise there's also food in the beauty and the feast bar you can find all-sorts of grub there including pumpkin pie and so on

4 by matthew bryant Review source

I love this space. Underneath Waterloo station is a magical land that is transformed into an immersive Alice and wonderland or goosebumps world, multiple rooms of theatre along with bars, food and a music stage. They even host some amazing parties here. The space is well used in creative and unique ways. Check out their Vaults festival for some fun fringe theatre as well. Also, check their site before you go and see what's on.

5 by Steve Peca Review source

Famous art-hub just next to Waterloo station. Massive several vaults spaces that are hosting art excibitions, immersive theatres, screenings, as well as short term fringe plays. During February-March, there is the Vaults Festival taking place here with several fringe plays every day along the festival. Just outside of the Vaults space, you will catch the so-many-times instagrammed full-of-graffitis 'Leake Street'.

4 by George Christodoulakis Review source

This is a venue space and does a range of events like theatre, dining experiences (sometimes with immersive theatre), day of the dead celebrations, gallery space and sometimes a place to dance... My experiences there have so far been mixed but the good times have been sooooo good so I always go back and try things... And afterwards I check out the new streetArt adorning Leake St Tunnels. Take a chance, you might have fun.

4 by Angela Lau Review source

Interesting venue located under the train tracks (a bit hard to find, so pay attention). Convenient location (just a quick walk from the well-connected Waterloo station). The show I went to was really interesting and well thought out (Alice in the underground, but that's now over). Definitely will look for more shows at this venue in the future.

4 by Flavio Lerda Review source

We went to the Gatsby experience which was unbelievable. The set up, acting and general vibe was just perfect. Genuine immersive theatre. If you go, dress up and get stuck in. It was so much fun.

We then went off to a silent disco next door which was also great. Open until 3am with not too unreasonably priced drinks.

5 by Josh Rix Review source

Just another old, cold place done with lights to look like a hip place. If seen during the day you'd probably not want to go there but comes alive at night with the weird and wonderful. Just went for an event but wouldn't be my ideal hang out spot every night. Some good graffiti though.

3 by S C Review source

Incredible venue, depending on the party that is hosted there the venue changes it's theme and creates an alternate magical world. I've mostly been to the Winter Ball there and every time is phenomenal beautiful. The staff are extremely friendly, drinks are served somewhat quickly.

5 by Dobs Totev Review source

Great little theatre. Being so small it almost compels the actors to include the audience in the play itself. Difficult to find though. We were told the entrance was through the graffiti tunnel but upon arrival we were directed to an entrance behind the Iceland store on the high street

5 by Josh Harris Review source

One of those places that you will only see in London. Very underground (literally under a bridge) and real vintage atmosphere. I went to a comedy show and then to a private party they were doing that night. The place it's very big and have different rooms with bars and music too.

5 by Enzo Alejandro Zamora D'Alessandro Review source

Wonderful atmospheric arts venue that's home to some of London's best up-and-coming theatre makers. The annual Vaults festival is brilliant - the closest thing London has to the Edinburgh Fringe. It has a huge, varied programme that's always worth repeat visits.

5 by Peter Langdon Review source

The vaults can be a little dark, damp and claustrophobic but everything I've seen there has been interesting, innovative productions that make the most of the space it's characteristics as well as breaking down the space between the production and the audience.

5 by Jack Burrell Review source

A great use of space under Waterloo Station. A great variety of events and plays are held here and all I have attended have been very good. The place has a great atmosphere and the flexible space really lends itself to whatever play, party or event is going on there.

5 by Chris M Review source

Love the vaults. We’ve watched several experiential theatre plays there including Alice in Wonderland and Trainspotting which were both absolutely amazing. The annual festival is great as well. Definitely worth a try for something different from the west end.

5 by Michael Langguth Review source

Atmospheric....dank....dark and a great venue in a grafitti tunnel

Saw 'Trainspotting Live' here...great play! Very interactive and not for the squeamish or faint hearted! Don't miss it!
And the pop up Bingo sounds great too!

4 by Steven Reading Review source

Fantastic atmosphere, great attention to detail and cosy AF cubby holes. I went to see the King Kong was fantastic! The acting was spot on, the humour was classic and well done. It was very immersive and I would see it again for sure!!

5 by Jessie Rxybald Review source

What a great little theatre. Excellent sight lines to the stage and good sound. All or Nothing was a brilliant show too. The bar is reasonably priced and the ice cream was a real treat. And all easily accessible from Waterloo.

5 by Helen Keegan Review source

A uniquely located underground venue hosting a range of small theatre rooms and odd bar settings. You can sip your drink in a desert tent or a watchtower. On the other hand, this place is usually packed and therefore stuffy.

4 by Michał Kłosowski Review source

As far as underground theatrical spaces in London go, this is one of the best. The multi-space complex has such a great feel, and the annual VAULT festival showcases 6 weeks of the best new writing the industry has to offer.

4 by Sophia Tuffin Review source

Atmospheric/interesting space worth checking out under Waterloo station. Worth checking out what's going on. Remember to take a couple of cans of spray paint - as you'll pass through a legal spray zone to get in.

4 by Kate Adlington Review source

Cafe / bar / restaurant - cool interior but I haven't sampled.

Gallery - weird opening hours but if you catch it - very cool and contemporary. In an underground vault. Small. Photography when I was there.

4 by Russell Hall Review source

Strange theatre underneath Waterloo station. Was very hot in there. The view of the small stage from the banked seats is exceptional however the seats themselves are old and falling apart... Plenty of legroom though...

3 by Fish Review source

We went here to see the Alice Underground production. Venue was a bit difficult to locate using Google Maps, but the venue is a very cool concept. The bar in the front in the style of Alice in Wonderland was also great.

5 by Anthony Burgard Review source

Great performance of Alice in wonderland, very expensive novelty drinks that were not worth having, didn't even taste good. should have stick with beer. Great location and space for performing arts. Recommend.

4 by Joe Roscoe Review source

Fantastic spacious venue in a good location. Well sized bars and really helpful staff. Easily accesible from Waterloo Station.

Also close to lower marsh with lots of independent cafes and restaurants.

5 by Karen Tien Review source

Went there to see a play and it was very simple but effective for plays despite de occasional sounds of trains passing underground. It was surprisingly warm in the cold winter so heating system does work.

3 by Sergio Miguel Review source

Such a great experience of Alice's adventures underground. A really fun, interactive experience, that you could do multiple times due to the various storylines happening at once. Highly recommended!

5 by Virata Jugoo Review source

It's a cool venue with lots of different types of events happening all the time. I would recommend to attend one of the proposed shows, it will surely be an interesting and entertaining time out.

5 by Andrea Tozzo Review source

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