The Kia Oval - London

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56 Kennington Oval, London, SE11 5SW

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I visited the Kia Oval to exhibit at a conference. I was running late and so I didn't have time to get a coffee, my brain was not functioning at all. The staff were friendly and very patient with my stupid questions.

As I was having trouble with my phone GPS getting both my location and direction wrong I asked the guy on security at the gate for a little help finding the nearest Tesco. He was a great help and quite funny. I very much enjoy when the security staff are good with people.

The food and drinks during the conference were absolutely fantastic. At the time, exhibiting at conferences was my full time job. I rated this venue as my absolute favorite conference food during my year of endless conferences!

5 by Jonathan Dalton Review source

Efficient on the door so got people in quickly. Hard to understand why you can take a modest amount of wine into Lord's but here you can't and its £27 or £29 for a bottle. If they are worried about glass then a wine box will suit but its really not about safety but about the rip off. Near the end when it had rained the paying customers were the last to know if there would be more play. It would have been easier to tell everyone several minutes earlier if they had been slightly bothered. Oh and take a nose peg if you have to go to the loo. Can't be that hard to keep them cleaner

3 by Jeremy Dhondy Review source

A first class First Class cricket ground. Home to Surrey CCC. Fine sightlines and well placed readable scoreboards. PA not always that clear though.
Competitively priced, at least when compared to the incredible amounts charged for standing amongst yobs at a football match (funny how none of them are able to remain in their seats).
Seats fairly comfortable. Loos surprisingly ok. Catering is expensive but I think not untypical for a sports ground. Handy for bus and tube. Look out for the ground's commemorative plaques and displays about former players.

5 by GM Jones Review source

Have never visited his iconic place before. Lots of outlets for food and drink. Bit pricey. We visited for a T20 blast match on a Sunday afternoon. We were in the 'family'stand but unfortunately there was an element of rowdy 20 somethings who drank a lot and we're very noisy rather spoiling what would have been a very enjoyable time. Before when my husband and son have been before alcoholic drinks are not allowed in this area. Shame . Needs better monitoring.

4 by Marjorie Gale Review source

Visited for the ICC matches.
Excellent covered seating areas.
Bars and shops plentiful and reasonably priced, especially for those that don't bring their own hampers.
Critically, plenty of loos and fully functioning hand washing facilities.
Arriving and leaving the ground on public transport and at peak times was extremely easy and well managed by the venue personnel and TFL.
An excellent experience virtually guaranteed save the English weather!

5 by AS Khan Review source

Amazing place to watch cricket, one of the premier grounds in the country which has a blend of modern facilities and traditional. Transport, it is best to travel by train unless you are local, due to its location driving and parking is tough. I always go via the Oval or Vauxhall tube stations (oval closer) which are both walkable to the stadium. Surrey also put on a fantastic show for domestic and t20 games, with huge amounts of food drink and shopping options.

5 by greg bell Review source

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5 by Mohammed Forhad Review source

Perfect place for cricket and cricket lovers. Big ground, decent capacity, nice pavilion. Nice view from any stand. But some stands have restricted vision. Better use public transport to go there as parking is not that easy in that area. Foods and drinks stalls are quite good inside the stadium. Drinking water taps are available inside, only take your own bottles. Nice pitches, nice views. Great place to enjoy cricket.

5 by Ghanahsham Zavar Review source

The grounds are beautiful. The Buffett xmas dinner we had was very standard. I didn't even get a look in on dessert they ran out and cheese and biscuits/crackers were just cheese again they ran out. Our whole table missed out. Table wine cheap and nasty to drink. Disco was fun and the venue was lovely. Make sure you eat before you go. A bus load of us had to get food on the way home.

3 by Lisa Dench Review source

Since first coming here for a Test in 2010 and being a bit underwhelmed having previously been to Lord's the Oval became a second home when we lived in South London and has really upped its game. Great atmosphere, good food and drink, and some epic contests down the years. We moved away from London this year to the North West but the Oval is still worth the annual pilgrimage.

5 by Matt Brereton Review source

An old ground that has been substantially renovated of late. It oozes history, viewing is odd and access from local tube and railways is a breeze. Don't expect anything to be cheap here though. If you want a peaceful day avoid Test matches and twenty twenty (cricket for the brain dead) and watch Surrey play in a four day match entry prices.

4 by philip paine Review source

I was there for Australia and Bangladesh Champions Trophy 2017 game in the General gallery which is square of the wicket. The view of the game was fantastic and big screens complemented the experience well. Food and drinks were pricey - 5-6 for drinks and up to £12 for pie and chips. But I believe that is comparable to prices in similar venues.

5 by Sami Chowdhury Review source

An amazing cricket ground, and the home of Surrey Cricket. I visited here for a tour and was highly impressed. Looking forward to the summer to watch a few games at this wonderful ground.

Edit: Watched many games here. Fantastic experiences. Great staff, great crowd, and a great place to hang out and watch some cricket.

5 by Naman Jain Review source

I was lucky to witness the epic final between India and its arch rival Pakistan in champion’s trophy 2017. Unfortunately India lost the battle but the fun and enjoyment was awesome. It was really a great experience to watch this final match in Kennington Oval, London. Great crowd. Great Atmosphere. Amazing place to watch cricket.

5 by Avaneesh Mishra Review source

Attended here for a conference. I must say that I was not impressed by the venue. The conference was held in an area that was not really a conference hall, but was a walkway. The conference rooms were a distance away from the main area. The views were quite good with nice views of the pitch. Not great however all in all.

2 by Mubin Choudhury Review source

Great place to watch the cricket. Drinks are pricey and there's a convoluted arrangement for returning cups. Good food outlets. Handy for the railway. A good experience. Relaxed stewarding except when one or two dared to try and run across the pitch. Then the stewards leap into action like mercenaries on commission.

5 by david smith Review source

One of the great cricket venues in the world, and one if the few to hold 100 test matches. Has a lovely old traditional pavilion. Great atmosphere in the evenings for T20 games, and being cricket, there are none of the issues you get with football. And you can have a beer whilst watching the game.

5 by Robert Roffey Review source

Opening Day at The Oval! Join us on opening day for the brand new Oval+ 2017 season! Wellness Wednesdays. Join us every Wednesday for FREE fitness classes like yoga, Zumba, kickboxing and more from 6-8pm. DJ Dance Party Thursdays. Food & Flicks Fridays. Game Day Saturdays. Family Fun Sundays.

5 by santosh gouda Review source

A nice cricket ground. Came for a 20-20 and for cheap tickets had a good view of the game. Beers were about £5, but you have to buy a £1 cup too (refundable but you probably won't refund it because of the effort to get to the collection point). Worth a visit if there is any game on.

4 by Marshall Whitehouse Review source

Cricket practice at the Oval nets. Great place to practice playing cricket. Steeped in history and yet it's easily available for net practice! What unadulterated childish joy! Don't forget to bring all your kit including balls as they won't provide you with any equipment!

5 by Amit Dave Review source

Went to the Oval for a T20 game after work. It was a Corporate event and the catering was excellent. I don't think you can beat it for an easy to get to event after work that kids also seem to love. The facilities could use a bit of smartening up but plans are under way for that

4 by Phil Brittain Review source

Only done a behind the scenes tour here but what a splendid cricket ground. Great views from all sides of the ground, some fantastic & expensive corporate facilities are available, mainly for companies due to the price. One of the iconic cricket grounds in the world.

5 by 1981RichB Review source

It was very efficient getting in, there was a bag check and it didn't take long. The view was really good. Only negatives would be the price of drinks and food, and the lack of hot beverage options. They only had filter coffee and were running out of tea, at tea!

4 by Ewan Dennis Review source

Massive cricket ground in England and the good location in test cricket and one day match and the wonderful atmosphere in India vs Pakistan the champion thropy final in June 2017 the Pakistan 335/4 runs in just 4 wicket india all out 155 runs Pakistan win by 180 runs.

5 by Nischay Sahu Review source

Amazing place to watch a game. Specially of a subcontinental team is playing, it's a party! We were in the Peter may stand and the seating banks aren't too massive so wherever you are you feel relatively close to the action. Definitely worth the experience.

4 by Anirudh Nair Review source

Love the Oval. Especially for test matches. Slightly irks me that they don't let you bring in alcohol which they blame ICC rules for. Strangely though Lord's still allow you to bring in a bottle of wine. Only a slight issue though, still love coming here.

5 by David Hubbard Review source

I usually go their for nets. All in all good experience. 4 star cause there is no drinking water facility around nets and from this year they started to give 5 mins less then your allocated time slot. So if you hire it for an hour and you'd get 55 mins.

4 by Shahbaz Khan Review source

Great venue to watch cricket. Large selection of places to buy food and drinks, although quite expensive as is to be expected. Many seats have no cover so need to get lucky with the weather! Hospitality area also very nice with friendly and attentive staff.

5 by Daniel Fenwick Review source

An historic venue to watch cricket. The concourse gets ridiculously crowded during the lunch and tea breaks in play. Drink isn't overly expensive, was very disappointed in the 'wood fired pizza' which was very poor quality and expensive too.

4 by Mark Maynard Review source

Went for a wedding. Great location. Only problem was that the entrance was really far from the station. Although it had multiple entrances all were closed so had to walk around to get to the only open entrance which was quite a distance from the station.

4 by Cybernaut Geeks Review source

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