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It was our first time in Brighton yesterday and we decided to watch Avengers: Infinity War in screen 6. This is my review of the whole experience.

Good: fast service, easy to use ticket machines, excellent location by Brighton Marina, lovely flavourful popcorn, helpful staff, lots of parking nearby, entrance is right opposite bus 7's last stop, comfortable seats in theatre with lots of leg room, very good disabled access throughout, toilets were clean, tempting combo deal of 2 for £7.50 which I thought meant 2 adults for 2 medium popcorn and 2 medium drinks for £7.50 (turned out it was too good to be true and was actually 2 medium items for £7.50 which is still cheaper than other cinema brands), attracts lots of other nice easy-going customers (not the rowdy type).

Bad: small non-4k screens (projector upgrade needed), no seating in reception foyer, sound-staging isn't top class, average utilisation of dolby atmos and dts:x (better subwoofer needed too), volume could be turned up a tad more, main lights in theatre were on throughout and very distracting (the green emergency exit light signs plus the lights behind the seating area near the doors are more than sufficient), cineworld unlimited advert with the loop video of a guy flipping a cineworld unlimited card in his fingers was rather boring and uninteresting - it didn't excite us and the background music was also boring when it should be showing off the sound technology and giving the audience that truly immersive feel.

3 by Flex Diezel Review source

Visited yesterday as I tend to do every five years or so to see if this place has improved. It hasn't. Soulless even by multiplex standards with a small foyer and nowhere to sit before the movie except the auditorium itself, but that would require an extra half an hour in uncomfortable seats being force-fed adverts.

The seats slope a lot less than most cinemas these days and even near the back you have to look up to see the screen. It seems little has changed since the 90s except that now the sound system is loud enough to make the walls vibrate - probably not the effect the producer intended.

Fortunately and not surprisingly the place wasn't busy - I wouldn't fancy being here for the first weekend of Star Wars as there just isn't room in the foyer to cope.

There are absolutely zero options for comfy seats, let alone sofas etc and even the Crawley Cineworld seems to offer more. Oh, and while the car park is free, it stinks of urine, takes ages to get out of and, the 4 hour limit isn't enough for Blade Runner plus Nandos. Next time we'll get the train and go to the Odeon.

2 by Lars Janssen Review source

I go there on a sat night as maybe less likely to have selfish viewers eating pop corn etc and talking. Live in hope.! I love cinema and even if the film is not that good `I rarely walk out of a movie unless I find it offensive or very boring . There is something to gain from most cinematic situations! Having frozen to death in King Kong here ages ago things were made amends and I find it okay. The loos are pretty dreadful - there is a bad smell from the ladies loo caused by drains but it should be sorted out. The toilets could be better. Why are cinema loos so awful. Oh well. This includes the duke of york that somehow copes with only 2 loos for about 500 people!! And Brighton as a whole that seems bereft of conveniences considering how many people come here.

3 by Francesca Bennett Review source

I took my 16 year old son to see a 15 film & I purchased my tickets without any problems. However upon trying to enter the cinema the 10 year old member of staff refused us entry as my son didn't have his passport with us !! No mention of this before I brought tickets & refreshments!! We were given a refund for our tickets only but nothing else & turned away after I was accused of not knowing my own child's age. The age expert on hand couldn't guess my age within 10 years but seemed able to be a complete expert when it came knowing my own child's age. I wouldn't mind but the place is old & dirty & I was annoyed with myself for even wasting my time going In first place. A mistake NEVER to be repeated!!

1 by Review source

Love Cineworld Brighton. Staff are great and always really friendly and helpful. While the screens themselves are not pitched as well as other cinemas, you do have to take into consideration that there are limitations to what can be done due to the fact the car park is located above the cinema.

Seen some reviewers complaining about the 4 hour parking limit. While this is true, it is not enforced to the level of a Pay & Display car park. It is more listed to stop people parking there for the weekend while staying in Brighton. I have seen 3 films in a day here before and never had an issue with parking tickets.

The toilets could do with some updating, but other than that the place is great.

5 by Review source

After driving here, parking, buying a ticket and snacks, I get told I can't go in because the film is a 15 and I don't look old enough, even though I'm 16. Fair enough that you have to do your job properly, but why would I go through that hassle and stand there searching my phone for a picture of my passport for so long, only to be turned away? The thing is, I didn't even realise this film was rated 15. Aren't the movie trailers picked for the rating of the film you're watching? Because when I was Jumanji, this film was advertised to everyone else, including children, in the cinema at the time. Is that allowed?

1 by Leo Cook Review source

In this as well as all other cinemas there is a major problem with NOISE - I pay nearly £10 to watch a film and spend 1 hour of it listening to the rustling of bags! This puts me, and many others off from going to the cinema as we all hate it. Change the bags for popcorn and sweets to quiet ones, put some adverts up before the main film telling people to be quiet with their food, ban the use of mobile phones. Let us enjoy the experience instead of waiting for the DVD and watching it in silence at home. Cinema's could be a great night out but they are ruined by noisy eaters rustling the cheap bags for half of the film!

2 by Review source

Cineworld is situated at Brighton Marina. It's out of the way for some people, myself included, but I much prefer it to the Odeon in town. It's cleaner and less expensive.

Popcorn, snacks etc are typical of most cinemas (over priced, I always sneak sweets in my bag) - but you can pay for a yearly card that gives you unlimited entry to films and also a great discount on the snacks.

As other have mentioned, there is free parking available which is an added bonus. I'll probably be coming here again a little more often.

3 by Sophie paul Review source

Lovely view, screen 5, seats k9 and 10.
The back of my head was level with the top of my seat.
However what happened next, the inevitable, seats occupied in front, the person's head filled my view. So we moved. What's your problem?
well these seats were off to the left side; we were asked to select our seats when we paid. Then two people sat directly infront , my partner was on the end so he could see, I had to move to the next seat along. Great film,shame about the seats.

1 by Annette sheldon Review source

Cinema is nice however I got up half way through the film to get a drink for my daughter and their was only 2 people in front of me. It took 10 minutes to be served for a over priced small bottle of water. Their was 2 staff on the tills, one walked away as he was discussing a unlimited card witg his customer but took 5 minutes to call one of the 3 members of staff who were standing by the doors talking and laughing. I don't see how 3 staff members need to be by a door. Very FRUSTRATING !

3 by studley87 M Review source

I go here way to often. They have a good variety of films and the staff are really nice and helpful. I have an unlimited card and 8t allows me to go and see as many films as I can, this is my chosen cinema since I was a child and I would go there as often as I could. There are so many other things near to it, such as bowling, lots of restaurants, swimming pool, and a ASDA! It's perfect for people to go with their mates or on a date. Just make sure u see the right film tho.

5 by One Shot Entertainment Review source

Terrible venue. It's too bright. There are no curtains at the entrance of screen rooms so all the light from corridors comes in. Especially annoying if you sit in back non-central rows. They also keep spotlights on during screening.
Most disturbing of all they sell popcorn in paper bags! The noise of the audience crunching and crushing the bags is unsustainable.
Sound and quality does not justify the ticket price.
It's also quite filfy and outdated.

1 by Alessandro Crisafi Review source

Decent cinema with a slightly more local feel to the customer service than the bigger Cineworld locations. Staff are friendly and helpful, snack bar options sometimes out of stock and at typically high cinema prices, and the seating/decor feels a little dated, but it's kinda part of the charm. My preference for local cinema swayed by being a Cineworld Club card member. Parking options are free and almost always easily accessible, and a big plus for the Brighton area.

4 by Benjamin Willis Review source

We pre booked our tickets online but arrived at the cinema 10 minutes before the screen opened - and lucky we did as it took us 15 minutes to get our snacks due to the long queues! The seating wasn't the comfiest and the cinema was very crowded (however this was to be expected as we were watching a popular film). Overall not a bad experience. Toilets could have been cleaner and had more toilet roll but otherwise a standard trip to the cinema.

3 by Sophie Cobby Review source

Awful place, waited for 15 minutes for service as all the counter staff decided to take a break at the same time while customers stacked up, the two members of staff on the floor just shrugged at each other, the place was dirty, sticky and smelled pretty bad. Considering how much they charge the place was a joke. Even the popcorn was stale, massively unimpressed, I won't be going back any time soon.

1 by TheLoopyLouProject Review source

The staff are fine. The building is generally unpleasant. The seats are too close together. The company can't even be bothered to update the crappy hand dryers in the gents toilets. They have been the same ones for years. The entrance\\\\exit doors are unpleasant to operate and have also been the same for years. An overall impression of an organisation that doesn't care about customers.

1 by Shamedian Shamedian Review source

Bit pricey but cheaper than odeon at prime time, food and drink is crazy expensive for what it is. Seats are comfy enough, but if you're short you're screwed if someone sits in front of you (odeon has much better seating as it's properly raised, not half arsed). But the staff are usually very friendly and helpful, and Cineworld tends to have less technical issues than odeon

3 by Review source

Had to wait for an extremely long time to get into my screen, in a tiny, overcrowded foyer. The screen itself was quite small and side seats give quite an obtuse angle for viewing. No toilet paper in the women's toilets. Popcorn is brought in and heated up as opposed to being made fresh. Really dissapointing as the ticket/confectionery prices aren't exactly cheap.

1 by Cyrus Dean Review source

Needs to be refurbished inside. Toilets aren't very clean and usually quite a few out of service however there is ample amounts of them. Staff all very nice and helpful. The ticket machines are regularly not all in use as they appear to have at least one or two out of order. Needs jazzing up! Seats are uncomfortable and lack of leg room.

3 by Sara Crook Review source

Compared to the Cineworld in Crawley, this one is massively behind the times. It feels very dated and in need of being updated. Having said that, the staff are friendly and the facilities available are alright. I just wish Cineworld would put some money into this cinema, or even better give us an even better venue in Brighton!

3 by Duncan Travis Review source

A decent cinema with free parking and a variety of restaurants within walking distance. If you have small children, I'd recommend taking their car seats into the cinema as the seating is fairly level and they won't be able to see if someone sits in front of them. The cinema no longer provide booster seats either.

4 by Josh Pannu Review source

The cinema is nice but as with other cineworlds I have been to, it needs an update. Crawley seems to be the only one that gets regularly updated/upgraded. Brighton could do with new seats as they aren't the best for comfort and space. Screens are fine, again, not as good as Crawley but they do the job!

3 by Ian Bleach Review source

Because of its many screens, what doesn't come into the Duke of York's or Komedia you can usually see here. Nice to enjoy a stroll on the boardwalk after a screening. But go back to town for food, downtown Brighton has much more to offer than the run-of-the-mill estaishments around here.

4 by Adam Dobay Review source

Nice big foyer and plenty of screens to watch all the latest movies. Seats are comfy and roomy. Big problem for me was no healthy options for food at all... Not even low salt popcorn. If you want something with less than 1000 calories whilst you watch your film pop to the huge Asda nearby first

3 by Andrew Warren Review source

A great convenient Cinema within easy reach of parking. I am disabled and manage quite well. The Cinema is quite open and you can use the machine to pay and collect your tickets or you can get the tickets from the food counter. By food counter, I mean, popcorn, hotdogs, nachos and drinks.

5 by Review source

Friendly and helpful staff. Food and drink very over priced and they take a very long time to clean the rooms.

EDIT - been in again recently, staff were very unhelpful and they all seemed to be standing around doing nothing. New star rating of 1 star.

1 by Damon Sim Review source

Not the worst cinema in Brighton, but frankly the opposition isn't much. Small screens, chaotic entrance and the sound certainly could have been better. How much longer does Brighton have to wait until the Odeon and Cineworld invest properly in the city?

2 by David Christie Review source

Large cinema complex with in addition to many screens has a Costa's coffee on upper floor. Very easy to get to if you're driving with plenty of free parking just in front of cinema.
Very clean and tidy including toilets plus staff very friendly.

5 by Stuart Richardson Review source

First time in my life where iv gone to a cinema and they dont turn off the spot lights! I found that distracting and lost much of the experience of cinema.\\r
Great staff and service. Craazy prices for their foods/drinks. A little overpriced for seats.

2 by Review source

I was disappointed with this cinema. It's pretty old fashioned and tired now. The seating is uncomfortable and the sound is not good at all. In the beginning they played the same dreary advert five times. I wouldn't return given the choice.

2 by Lisa Edelman Review source

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