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169b Mile End Rd, London, E1 4AQ

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Good and relatively cheap dessert place. Would have given this place a better star rating but I burnt my fingers after I tried to turn the cookie dough pan around. Server dis not tell me that the all metal pan used to serve the cookie dough was scolding hot as it was used to cook if as well.

A warning when serving the food would have been helpful instead of just plonking the food on the table and walking off.

Secondly tables were really sticky on arrival and had to ask waiter to clean it for. Spilt dessert would do that. Server used a cloth and a few mists of spray cleaner to clean off the sticky residue which reduces the problem a bit. But not completely. They need to clean the tables with wet soapy towels that have detergent in which dilute the sugar to get the stickyness off.

3 by Grimshaw Grummage Review source

I recently discovered Sweet Deserts down the road from the office I run for 300 people on Mile End Road. I asked if we could have a slightly unusual offer of Waffles for 50 people which I could bring back the office. The wonderful Manager Faisal agreed and when they arrived... it was totally delicious. Homemade waffles with plenty of toppings, enough to feed plenty with no holding back as I have seen in some other pudding places. I was very impressed. I would highly recommend visiting Sweet Deserts for a lovely sweet treat, and as well to ask Faisal if you can create anything more custom ordered for you party / function / office events.

5 by Sophie Colacicchi Review source

They have a great selection of desserts, of a range of prices. Some are a tad overpriced such as the mojitos as they cost the same as a large waffle with gelato. It's a lively place definitely for someone who enjoys loud bubbly dessert places. I wouldn't recommend it to people who enjoy a quiet and cosy atmosphere. They make the desserts in front of you and also have a lot of customers wanting takeaway! I enjoyed a large waffle with berries, cream and vanilla gelato, and it was definitely worth my money!

In an area with lots of Muslim customers I was pleased to see they had sat men in a different area to women.

3 by Sarah Butt Gardner Review source

Best desert joint in Tower Hamlets. Let's me just say at the outset that the deserts are brilliantly presented with a touch of class, with significant sub-range for each type of deserts and all have tasted great.

But more so, the atmosphere and the buzz is great, in a natural way. Not some cobbled together joint with either horrible music or dark interior. This place is light and pleasent with a throw back rustic feel that works. Staff are well trained and helpful and each time I've gone with family and friends never been disappointed

5 by Souheb Khan Review source

Over priced and not great. Ordered a brownie blitz for £7. It didn’t even come with any chocalate sauce, it tasted bland, was hard, and the takeaway packaging was tacky. Not what you would expect for that price. Other items ordered also lacked in quality. When eating in it was suggested by the waiter we get some churros, so we did. When our orders arrived at the table two churros came instead of one. To top it off they even charged £20 for the privilege. Normally I don’t leave reviews but had to in this case.

1 by Raj Rahman Review source

Visted this place on 20th aug.. Well what can i say excepet AMAAAAZING.. I went quite late but told them i came from manchester and heard alot about the place and the manager kindly accomodated us..

I had the choc cookie dough & and a oreo cheesecake (yes i have a sweet tooth) and have to say the oreo cheesecake has to be the best one i ever had.. If u try this place make sure atleast one of u order this.

Would DEFINITELY recommend this place to any1 in london or visiting..

5 by Jabed Ahmed Review source

The variety and quality of their desserts was excellent, the only thing holding me back from giving them 5 stars was the quality of service which was a bit of a let down, the waiter who showed us to our table didn't come back to take our order, I went to the till to order when my patience ran out and was told that one of the waiters will come to the table, which took a while. Otherwise this place is a must visit in mile end. I highly recommend their mojitos.

4 by Arvid Chowdhury Review source

The restaurant was clean and decor was very chic. Very friendly staff members. It attracts young people and it's very close to Queen Mary university. Parking is difficult to find at peak times but you can park in the retail park for 2 hours free and its a 2 minute walk from there. The selection of desserts is very extensive although, I found the prices to be more on the expensive side comparing to the other competitors in the sorrounding areas.

4 by Fahad Takolia Review source

Visited here on 27/10/2017.
Marvellous dessert joint in the heart of Stepney, off of the main road.
The shop is highly clean and staff are greatly attentive and welcoming. Heard great reviews so came here finally and can now be amongst those who can compliment and recommend it. Wonderful PG friendly atmosphere. There are more tables at the back of shop in what looks like an extension.
Only 10 seconds from Stepney Green station.

5 by FreakishlyTrue Review source

Mile End doesn't have many good dessert-focused places and therefore Sweet. excels at filling a gap in the area with its smell attracting me every time I get off at. Stepney Green station. The prices are reasonable and the desserts are delicious. Doesn't matter whether I order a sundae, cookie dough or cake, I am satisfied. I would say the milkshakes are the weakest link of the place but I recommend going there and treating yourself!

5 by Krys Stasiak Review source

Went here as I saw good reviews and was not disappointed. We went here mainly because of the garden bit at the back which is very lovely. Had to wait a while for a table at the back but did see others get seated quickly if they were sitting inside. Customer service is very good but the actual service itself is a little slow but I guess that's because it's busy. Would definitely recommend everyone to come here

4 by Nina Jones Review source

The tables were incredibly sticky and when we were served our deserts my spoon and my friends knife and fork were sticky as well. I had to ask for different cutlery and the second fork was sticky too. Considering the general dirtiness of the place the food was fine, but I wouldn't go back. I'm not sure who washes the cutlery and wipes down the table but they aren't doing a great job.

3 by Kamrul Islam Review source

Worst thing about this place is everyone wants to go here. It's a very popular place and quite rightly so. Foods on point, staff is friendly and helpful, they have some thing for everyone and deals for the regulars.

Great place for a second date or a celebration.
Thier coffee is amazing and the atmosphere is on another level.
Blows the competition out the water.

5 by Luca Risino Review source

Lovely dessert place with a huge variety of choices ranging from warm desserts to cold desseers, cakes, ice cream, waffles, crepes and the whole lot. Quality of the food is also excellent. They're mojitos are a must especially the Mango & Strawberry Mojito. Ideal seating arrangement and really nice interior design. Would definitely go back here. The prices are also reasonable.

5 by Ridwan J Amin Review source

Nice dessert place located along the fried chicken mile in mile end. Good presentation of desserts and I like how the tea is presented with a tea pot and loose leaf tea. Desserts can be quite pricey given the size, such as the cookie dough which is smaller than other places. Parking available on side streets outside of control hours but hard to find, good public transport links.

4 by Sadrul Alom Review source

Would recommend this place for anyone with a sweet tooth as it has a great variety of desserts from cookie dough, cakes, ice cream, freak shakes, milk shakes, and more. Nice internal decor too with colourful mood lighting. At peak times, it can get quite busy and you may have to wait for a table. Located right next to Stepney Green tube station so very easily accessible.

5 by Ai Kumon Review source

Everything is amazing except the cookie dough. I recommend a crepe, waffles, any of their teas - specifically peppermint tea. The cakes are also delicious. They do charge for substituting whipped cream for vanilla gelato, some dessert places don't charge for a standard modification like this. If you're getting any of the above it definitely is worth while.

4 by Adil G Review source

My First time in this dessert shop but the Customer service was awful in particular one of the male asain staff was rude beyond words! which really does put a “damper” on ones mood when having a nice night out with friends! The blueberry cheese tasted like dough yuck and the caramel tart base was undercooked. Clearly will not be coming back again!

1 by Ayesha Hoq Review source

The manager who owns the place has disgusting attitude. No customer service skills told us to stand outside whilst waiting when there was space indoors! On top of that kept telling us to move out the way several times. His made a little bit of money and thinks he runs the joint! Needs a course on customer service if you ask me!

1 by Aysha Begum Review source

The atmosphere and the decor were warming and welcoming.

Great selection of desserts available on menu.

Staff were very friendly.

Only gripe was that drinks arrived very early in comparison to the desserts which did take a while to be served.

However, desserts were scrumptious!

4 by Adam Patel Review source

Absolutely awesome gelatoes, and cookie dough is to die for, but I wish they had the prices on display - as every time it seems that they simply make them up.
The items that Eliza put on my receipt did not reflect what I have ordered, and it was very clear that they use this as an opportunity to overcharge customers.

1 by Review source

Rubbish customer service by the waiters/servers. People jumped on the queue and they were unable to manage the queue in a respectful manner. Ordered a cookie dough and it was the worst thing I've ever tasted in my life. The dough was too hard. Definitely never stepping a foot on this place.

1 by Mahmudul Fakrul Review source

Don't go here if you're full and want a little ice cream. The desserts here are massive and full of flavour. When we visited the staff forgot to process our orders, however when we asked they were extremely apologetic and compd half our food. Best desserts I've had in London by far

5 by Rusty Thomson Review source

Been many times over this week and just feels like I can't get enough of it. Outstanding service as I have been given a pleasant welcome everytime even though it has been extremely busy, the staff always give a smile no matter to make sure everyone gets a pleasant experience at sweets.

5 by 0 Review source

What a wonderful dessert place this is, the moment you walk in you almost forget you are in the heart of East London. Excellent food, well priced, beautiful decor with delightful customer service. Will certainly be my spot to go for desserts. You must try their cookie dough.. best in town.

5 by Jeba Miah Review source

bad service...the lady staff took the order we placed but did not enter it into the system until half an hour later..while we just sat there thinking they were preparing our order...ruined our day...we just left and went to urban chocolatier...which has much much better service than here.

1 by Review source

Very nice but need to work on the cleaning.
1. Spider web all over the store
2. Saw some spiders
3. Cutlery was dirty
4. Water glass wear smelling
5. They won't give u time to finish your food.
6. Cuz other customer were 'waiting'

5 by Sahib khaja Review source

Best dessert style place in E.London, loads of choice doe everyone can tuck into something they love! Being a chocolate lover myself there is a ton of chocolatey goodies served here, I ordered a freak shake while siblings ordered crepes, waffles, cookie doughs and sundaes.

4 by Ruksar M Review source

Great deserts. Nice seating and environment. Only down side would be with the hot drinks like Lattes and Coffees. They come warm and not hot. This is has happened a few times. Also no white sugar just brown. This would be 4* for me but the hot drinks have not been hot!

3 by Oz Oz Review source

Be prepared for a wait, good decor and enviorment service was fairly quick. The cookie dough my wife had was amazing its a shame that my sundae left a lot to be desired it was more or less a cup of whipped cream with a couple of scoops of ice cream buried under it

3 by Jason Uthayakumar Review source

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