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I have been to a ippudo in NYC, Manila, and Singapore and though there are some variations in the offerings, the service was good.
HOWEVER, the IPPUDO at 3 Central Saint Giles Piazza; St. Giles High Street, London has ATROCIOUS service.
After a 30 minute wait ( not unusual of ippudos), we were seated and after waiting another 15 minutes at the table, I had to get up and go find my waiter to take our orders. Our waiter 'Eric' took the order which was large sake, 4 waters, 2 ORDERS ( 6 pieces) of pork bun appetizer, 3 Karakamen ramen (2 with medium noodles and one with hard noodles) and 1 Shiromaru Hakata classic Ramen (medium noodles). and after 20 minutes he hadn't even brought our sake or water. So I got up and went over to him and then he proceeded to bring the water. 15 minutes later, someone from the kitchen showed up and brought 2 PIECES of pork bun. I asked him what happened to the other pork buns and he said that the waiter only ordered two buns. So I called our waiter Eric over and told him that I ordered two orders of pork buns which is six pieces as exactly I had explained to him however he just didn't seem to get it. The pork buns were quite anemic with the pork filling. 95 % bun and 5 % filling. This is not the IPPUDO that I know. Also, I had ordered Karashi takana to put in the ramen but that never came until later in the meal I had to ask another waiter for it. When our ramens came, I asked him which one had the hard noodles and he said ' it doesn't matter because they are all the same'. WHAT?? I looked in my ramen bowl and it had mushy soft ramen noodles. I told him that I wanted hard noodles in my Karakka Ramen. He really didn't seem to care. I know that in other parts of the world, ippudo takes pride in the quality of the food as well as customer service, however, London's Ippudo clearly does not follow that philosophy.
The waiter than suggested he will just bring some hard noodles which I can dump in my Ramen. WHAT?? So what am I going to do about my mushy soft noodles that are sitting in the ramen bowl mixed up with everything else that is in the bowl. The noodles don't just come out so easily without the other elements of the ramen coming out with it. I told him that was unacceptable and I just want the Ramen noodles that I ordered. All in all, it was a very disappointing Speary and's having been to multiple other ippudos around the world. If you have been to other Ippudos around the world or in your own home country, do not think of this Ippudo as being related to the one that you have been to in your own home country or at other destinations. This is clearly a very substandard ramen noodle restaurant. I have not been to other Ramen restaurants in London but I am absolutely certain that there are other Ramen restaurant which would for outshine Ippudo. This was an extremely disappointing experience, one I will never repeat again. Save yourselves the anticipation, excitement, or hype of an IPPUDO in London and go eat at any decent London restaurant whatever ethnicity the food is. I can't imagine the service to be any worse than this or the food quality to be such a disappointment. TRUST ME, it is just NOT THE SAME IPPUDO that you may have been to in your own home countries. Save your money. Enough said.

1 by Review source

Set behind Tottenham Court road station Ippudo is a Japanese Ramen and beef restaurant that is great for a quick stopover if you are in the area.

First there is no way to book this restaurant. This was OK for us as we were just popping in following a visit to an exhibition. We waited at the bar with its snazzy noodle counter which would look amazing at night. We helped ourselves to some Sparkling Hana-Fuga cocktail Sake. For the price per bottle we got two champagne glasses worth. I suspect that this is the alcopop of Japanese sake with its sweet fruity taste. We both did enjoy it as it went straight to our heads even with a 5% alcohol content.

It took around 20 minutes for a table to become free and we were seated in the rather cavernous interior. This place has top to toe windows but it lacks some of the character that you would expect from a Japanese restaurant. However as there were quite a few Japanese people dining here I suppose this is acceptable place to eat.

We decided to go for the Ramen. I had the shiromaru classic with an egg which is called something else and cost more. The waiter asked how I wanted the noodles. Soft or hard. Being a bit of a weakling I took the soft option. I also ordered a cha su pork bun. This was very satisfying. The bun was soft and somewhat doughy, the pork was glazed in a sweet syrup and went well with the mayonnaise and lazy salad leaf that had been tucked in.

When the Ramen arrived the egg was on top uncut. This was a bit of a surprise.. had the cooks become lazy. It did spoil the picture I took but hey ho it was still quite tasty even though probably pre-cooked. The soup had a strong pork flavour and went well with the chashu, sesame kikurage mushrooms, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots and spring onions. I gobbled it down but I think I have had better a few weeks earlier.

To down all the food we ordered some sake. I love the chilled variety which is cloudy and easier to drink than the paint stripper sake which is considered finer. We had no room for dessert.

One thing I found lacking here was the lack of display. Servings were carried out on rather bland plates and glasses. Much like the place it lacks real Japanese character. Room for improvement I think.

3 by Cyrus Pieris Review source

A ramen chain which is known for their good ramen around the world. Firstly, it seemed like staff didn't want to take our order as we sat there trying to get someone's attention. This is not like the Japanese... and it wasn't even busy. Finally a waitress came over. To be honest there were too many options for ramen and they all sounded similar, I weren't too sure what to choose. After we ordered, it seemed to take longer than usual for our food to arrive. We had to chase it and eventually got told that the kitchen didn't receive our order. They were apologetic and didn't charge us for our starters, but we were there for over an hour before we finally got some food on the table... And because they were rushing to bring our food out, our mains arrived before we finished the starters.

Food wise, the dumplings were good and the spicy fire chicken wings were the best wings I've had to date. They were succulent and the sauce was just spicy enough for me to handle. I probably could have done 20 of these! The pork belly were too fatty and not very nice (baring in mind I'm such a fan of pork belly, so it was disappointing). The ramen was ok. I haven't been here for a while, but remember them being better.

Wheelchair access: The dinning area is on one level and I was told there were accessible toilets, which were downstairs but you could take the service lift to get there. Apologies, but I didn't bother go check after waiting so long for the food so will have to take their word for it.

It was good of the staff to not charge us for the starters for their mistake. Overall, the food was ok but a bit more expensive than other ramen chains.

3 by Soso Tran Review source

Really good, great ramen, with lots of choices and options. They offer added extras if you want extra noodles, seaweed (nori), or anything you can think of that should go on top of a traditional ramen dish. For £30 you can eat very well there, and even have a light meal for two people (ramen, no starters or extras).

They add on a 12.5% service charge as standard, so be prepared to add that onto your bill at the end, or to be willing to apologise if you don't want it on there. It is at the customer's discretion, but the service and the great feel really makes the 12.5% definitely worth it.

When you walk in and are guided to your table you'll be greeted by the ramen masters in a traditional Japanese way, including them saying it in Japanese, which really adds to the feel of it. Absolutely wonderful, and you couldn't ask for more from a ramen place. It's simple, and delicious.

Everything is brilliantly clean, and the servers are always there waiting to do whatever they can for you. If you like Japanese culture, and want a nice ramen bowl at a very generous price, then I'd definitely recommend this as the perfect combination.

5 by Serana Chosoné Review source

A good place to go for ramen, with the shop making efforts to be more authentic to the Japanese culture from where it comes from. Small things such as the greeting when you are seen to your table and the thank you as you walk out are all very familiar from our trips to Japan.
Having been to the ones in Japan, this chain is one of our favourites, and the shop here is not a disappointment. Traditional recipe tonkotsu, with its rich pork bone broth and thin noodles that pick up enough of the broth to be thoroughly enjoyable. A choice of noodle firmness for those picky and those who hate mushy noodles. The other tradition of a top up noodle bowl, Kaedama, is great for those who have a bigger appetite.

Be warned however, the broth is quite salty, more so than I am used to, and the Miso broth is even more so. Again the kaedama helps alleviate that.

We have made 8 visits in the last 2 years and it remains one of my favourites, but that Kanada-ya across the road is certainly a challenger on the turf.

4 by Young Yang Review source

This is one of my favourite places to have good ramen in London. The broth is rich, and you can have your choice of noodles, udon or soba. If you finish your noodles you can ask a free refill. The menu is wide and you can have sushi or steamed buns, gyoza ecc if you prefer. It's on 2 floors and the traditional/industrial style of the place is fantastic. The toilet is under the ground level and you're likely to do a lot of stairs to reach it, especially if your table is on the top floor. There's often a queue, so my suggestion is to go there (yes, you have to be physically there) and leave your name and telephone number and the staff will call you when a table is free, it usually takes around 20-30 minutes, but just across the street there's a lovely pub that serves organic beers and ciders where you can chill out in the meantime.

5 by Lara Pellegrini Review source

If you like nice food I can recommend this place. If you like really bad service I can also recommend this place. Staff were friendly and smiley when you entered and left the restaurant, their ability to tend to tables leaves much to be desired.
I was meeting a friend for our monthly get together. We both ordered a starter and a main course, she got both her courses at the same time while I had to wait a further fifteen minutes to get anything. The wrong dish came out, which is forgiveable I guess, when they came to take it away they were going to leave me with just the rice.....to go cold.
Dirty plates were left on the table from the moment we finished eating to the moment we left, which was about thirty minutes.

Could be a really nice experience if they upped their game.

2 by Review source

Ippudo is my favourite ramen spot in London. I have tried many other ramen restaurants in London and this one is the winner for me! The interior is very nicely designed and modern, and the staff will always greet you with 'Irasshaimase' (いらっしゃいませ) which means welcome. Although this happens in even ramen restaurant I've been to.

The food is great and flavorful, I always order tonkotsu or any spicy ramen as I love me some spice, withh extra hard noodles because that's how I roll.

This is my go to for ramen so definitely check this out. Venue is good for eating in groups and also alone they have a ramen bar area as well.

Everyone I have brought here has loved the food and would come back again

5 by Rachel Le Review source

Ippudo are a ramen chain in Japan and even there they have queues out the door. The broth is rich and tasty. The chashu pork, whilst thin and a bit small, is nice and tender with a good amount of fat on it. The noodles are also pretty good.

My only gripe, as with most ramen restaurants in the UK, is the experience has been turned into a typical restaurant one rather than what these places are meant to be - fast, cheap and tasty. Getting the staff to shout out Japanese phrases every 5 seconds sends the cringe factor off the scale. The size of the portions could do with increasing so it actually can work out quite expensive. They also have no condiments on the side which is stingy and takes away from the authenticity.

3 by Devlin Thornicroft Review source

Do yourself a favor and go to Tonkotsu instead!!! It's unfortunate I can't give this place 0 stars. I am a celiac and I am super flexible when it comes to eating. I completely understand not having gluten free noodles. I asked to replace the noodles in my ramen with vegetables, The server said yes. My food came and it was broth by itself. Next delivered was every ingredient promised to be in the ramen in its own individual bowl. I found this to be strange but didn't over think it. Finally The bill came and I was charged for every ingredient in the ramen separately on top of the standard ramen price. So for £12 you get broth. They even charge you for sriracha.

1 by Lauryn Strobel Review source

Don't do this to yourself. The ramen is really bad and the service was awful. Ramen was really forgettable and everything from the broth, noodles and egg were so below average. Our first appetiser took 20 minutes to come out and we were told to be patient because it takes 6 minutes to make it. What happened to the 14 minutes? Waiter was like Dory from Finding Nemo and kept on forgetting what tables needed. Felt like there was no AC in the glass box so we were sweating before we started even eating.

There are better ramen options and it was painful to see one literally in front of us and across the street.

1 by Review source

Japanese tonkotsu ramen at its finest. I've been to many Ippudo ramen shops, the original Fukuoka shop, two in Tokyo, two in NY, and this one. This one is one of the best. The red bowl special was killer and was worth every penny. Only one slight negative - I prefer the way their Japanese shops do gyoza. There is only one tonkotsu ramen chain in the world I'd rate higher and that'd be Jangara Ramen, specifically the one in Akasaka, Tokyo and they've not gone global. But in London and NY, you're not going to do better than Ippudo for tonkotsu ramen. Just go.

5 by zenkaiaudio . Review source

Went here based on a recommendation from a family member and was not let down at all.

Visited late, barely an hour before closing time, and staff were still friendly, attentive and obliging. Great atmosphere with staff inclusively greeting you in Japanese (don't fear, they do serve you in English).

Food tastes great and prices are more than reasonable. There are inclusively vegan options, for those swaying that way. Attention to allergens was good, and staff ensured dish was free from nuts.

Would definitely recommend.

5 by Dominic Cobo Review source

The food was good, however I felt cheated personally. It took over 30 minutes to get my beer while I watched the 2 tables that sat after me receive theirs, and to top it off my friend had received and finished his ramen before flagging someone down to inform them that I had not gotten my food.

In the end I went to wash my hands and said friend had paid the bill before I could say anything. I really wanted to like this place but even though the staff was apologetic I cannot rate higher than a 2.

2 by Kristina Lee Review source

Service was terrible. They had lots of people waiting and when we were finally seated upstairs, there were more than a few tables empty. Not sure why they were telling everyone there was a 40 min wait.
My food was ok. My partner's dish, however, was extremely spicy, to the point where she could not eat more than half of it. An extra order of rice never showed up.
The food is also rather pricy.
We went here because Ippudo in Japan was a good experience. This one is far from it.

2 by Funeral Hurdle Review source

I’ve always really liked the Ippudo ramen chain around the world since the noodles are really thin and you can choose how hard it is. I recommend getting “hard” noodles.

The cucumber appetizer is nice and refreshing to pair with your ramen. Sometimes the soup gets too salty for me so it’s nice to have something lighter to go with it.

If it’s your first time there, i recommend getting the classic pork broth (it’s usually on the first page). It’s what they’re most known for.

4 by Rohenne Lee Review source

Just average ramen. Arrived there alone and after shopping with some bags and they assigned me a seat on the counter despite many tables available. It was not very comfortable to accommodate myself, my bags and my purse on a very small space between two other customers that were having their meals already.
Ordered my ramen and it came incomplet without the egg. Had to ask for it.
Not what I expected for such a well rated place. Food was ok , but very disappointed with service.

3 by Renata Prazeres Review source

Very tasty ramen, and the gyoza are a must.

However, having been lucky enough to go to a couple of Ippudo chains in Japan this was something of a let down. It’s a little expensive for what it is, the tables don’t have sesame or other accoutrements, and it was all a little more serious than its Japanese counter parts.

It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area and there’s no queue. But don’t necessarily expect the same experience you had on holiday.

4 by Tobit Michael Review source

Great food, below par in service. Wasn't even sure if they had acknowledged us and I think that they would have been fine had we walked out of the door and not eaten there.

Good vegetarian options but the dish I wanted was 'out of stock'. No interest in recommending an alternative. Took half an hour between us coming in and our order being taken.

Service charge added onto the bill, certainly no need to tip above that.

3 by Jannat Shah Review source

I was a fan of Onizuka, famous Japanese manga. I saw a dish of ramen for the first time there and it sounded very delicious. When I came in London, I decided to taste it in this restaurant and it was amazing. A Japanese friend told me Ippudo is a very good place to eat Japanese food, specially ramen. The service is good as well. I have to come here every mount, I can't stay far away for to long.

5 by Roberto Manna Review source

Thank you so much Hiro (the waiter)for taking such wonderful care of me and my friends on every visit of the restaurant.You're very polite,accommodating and well informed.You always do your best to make me feel like home,that's why I'm addicted to ippudo ramen and always look forward to come here for delicious meal.
Thank you and see you this weekend
Ippudo Addict Joanna

5 by Review source

Excellent broth, chashu pork is lacking in quality (at least when I ate there) but isn't a deal breaker. Toppings are great, especially the exquisite egg which comes whole and drips into the broth when you split it. The noodles were a bit softer than expected for the 'hard' level I asked for.
The atmosphere is nice, although the welcome in Japanese is a bit over the top...

4 by Or BZ Review source

Great meal, great service! Had a wonderful bowl of ramen here and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The restaurant has a lovely open feel with great window seating. The staff were very friendly and helpful, while not being too overbearing. Cute menus explain how best you eat your ramen. Great for groups or couples alike. Overall a good experience here and will return in the future. Thanks!

5 by Jules Rose Review source

Very flavourful ramen and quick, friendly service. You even get to choose if you'd like extra meat, extra vegetables, extra egg, and how soft you'd like your noodles. We also had the pork buns as a starter and enjoyed them very much. This would be a great place to try ramen for the first time, or to go as someone who already appreciates all the different ways to serve ramen.

5 by Stephanie Feeley Review source

The place is nice and modern looking. The tables are a bit cramped and the place is a bit noisy with conversations, but still a nice place over all. The service was nice but a bit slow and the food came a different times.
But the food... the food, was freaking delicious!! One of the best ramens I've had in London. Strongly recommended. Also pretty inexpensive.

4 by Ignacio G. Zea Review source

Had the Miso Ramen Special and it was really nothing special. Most of the ingredients were quite 'blah', from the noodles to the egg and especially the pork, which tasted like a cheap deli meat. Service was sub par even for the area. The whole experience was quite underwhelming. If you just want quality ramen, go across the street.

3 by Danny R Review source

One of my favourite Japanese restaurants in London! The food great, with a small selection, everything is really nice. I particularity particularly like the chicken Hirata buns in the lunch menu. The service is great too! Everyone welcomes you very loudly as you enter the restaurant! It's the small things that make a big difference :)

5 by Amir Hosseini Rad Review source

Came here after deciding not to wait an hour in the cold for Kanada-Ya opposite. The ramen was ok and the service was a let-down. I think they forgot our table's order - it took almost an hour for our food to arrive....by which point I think our tummy grumbling could have been heard by the neighbouring table :(

3 by NISH DEWAN Review source

The food is great and inexpensive. The cocktails are good, and cheaper than the beer, which is well attended to. There is a bar that you can stand at while you wait for a table. The wait is interminable. Once you get to a table however, the service is rapid. I've been here twice. I'll come again.

5 by Ambrose Gibbons Review source

The best ramen franchise in London. It is the closest example of ramen in Japan. It sticks to traditional style and basic senses for ramen which is quite difficult to be seen at other places. Do not forget to order fresh, well-maintained draft Asahi beer with ramen. Expensive price is the only problem.

4 by Ali Cho Review source

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