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I had the Spicy Tofu, Someone with me had the Chicken Katsu. The Spicy Tofu was just shy of £6 for a large and consisted of a huge amount of white rice, barely cooked tofu, thick chopped veg and a thick, gelatinous sauce that tasted only of chilli seeds. I could not finish it despite still being hungry when I stopped. The katsu had a lot of thickly crumbed deep fried chicken which looked to be more breadcrumbs than chicken and dripping with oil... It cost around £7 for a large. All in all I could not recommend Kokoro, and I will not be going back.

2 by Ian Tyers Review source

Giving it 5-stars as a fast food outlet, for just little bit more than McD's etc and just as quick to grab the food, its a million times better. Tasty, fresh, flavoursome, convenient.

The sushi was very nice, the fried chicken in hot sauce was fantastic (the noodles were not fresh, but still fine.

100% will go to one of these when I need meal on the go in future.

5 by Jonathan Jones Review source

Every time I'm in Horsham around lunchtime I pop in a grab a Sushi box, the quality has always been excellent staff friendly and service quick.

I haven't tried the hot food yet, but the store is always busy with people ordering it for takeout or eating in. There is a small amount of tables and chairs inside but you will be best eating it elsewhere.

5 by Andy Jones Review source

A brilliant first experience, great food and a good serving. I'm might err on the side of wanting large portions but the regular sweet chilli chicken felt just right.
Will definately be going back again.
It was busy but the queue moved quickly. Lidded tub kept my food warm until I got back to the office

5 by Tim Smith Review source

Great service, the staff are trained well and work efficiently. The food is lovely. They change the food regularly to keep it fresh. Best place to eat for a quick and easy meal.

5 by FredG Review source

Love the food. Great value for money too.

Best as a takeaway as not many seats in-house.

Brilliant, highly recommended.

5 by Darren Owens Review source

I've been to Tokyo and although Kokoro isn't quite what you get there, its still very good and I eat there often. Nice staff too!

5 by DYLAN T ROCKS Review source

Was absolutely fantastic but prices have risen by over 10% in last year and the loyalty scheme discontinued.

4 by Rob Bishop Review source

Best sushi in Horsham.
Very good taste sushi and friendly staff. Perfect dinner! 5 stars~

5 by Cho Wonik Review source

You just eating the dressings,not health at all.ready meals,just warm it in each branch.disappointed.

1 by sara jones Review source

Although it can get insanely busy and a little slow, the food is seriously good and I love it

4 by Caz Svendsen Review source

your Google business page for Bank holiday Monday said you were open. You weren't.

1 by Craig Warren Review source

Nice selection of some Japanese staple fast foods. Very generous portions.

4 by Nicole Nox Review source

Tasty, but better to order at peak hours. Before closing some dried food.

4 by Jacek Haslik Review source

Decent sushi and excellent chicken dishes. Perfect for lunchtime takeway.

5 by Chris Wright Review source

Nice selection of sushi to go. Very fresh tasting and not a bad price.

5 by Matthew Stanley Review source

Nice food but prices could do with being a bit cheaper for eat out.

3 by Graham Mills Review source

Great food, great service. A lovely little food outlet!

4 by Samuel Giacomelli Review source

Good Food & Good Services...

5 by Park Inha Review source

Tasty and great portion size.

5 by Jack Trowsdale Review source

The best lunchtime take out!

5 by Edwin Scull Review source

Enjoyable and v reasonable.

5 by adam Callagham Review source

Excellent take away food

5 by Carey Manger Review source

Very tasty food

4 by Mel Review source