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Stopped off first at a Tea Room on the village green, great service, good cuppa. Weather wasn't at its best but who cares; the scenery is idyllic.

Once a priory (run by a prior and not an abbot) the church buildings fell prey to Henry VIII's demolition team during the Dissolution of the Monasteries period in the early 1500s. I understand that it was a personal appeal by Prior Moone to Henry's henchman Thomas Cromwell that saved the part of the building now used as a church, on the basis that it was used for worship by the locals. This didn't stop the large stained glass windows with religious themes being taken down. However, the small windows sections above, within the same stone window frames were left alone because they contained pictures of members of the royal family e.g Edward 2 and Edward 3. The extremely helpful gentleman who gave me the information was a volunteer guide and he was delighted to help, so stop him and ask a question if you visit.

A great 'artists impression' scale model of the building in its hey-day was on display within a display case in the church. It helps to understand how the place ran.

Will revisit on a sunny day and try the stepping stones across the river, though there is a footbridge alongside, in case 'once was enough'.

5 by I Law Review source

This place is beautiful for visiting. Nice scenic view and good tracks around but I would mention and advise that toilets are a real problem in this place. I am visiting this place since 2009 and the entry charges are almost doubled during this period (from £6 to £10) but the toilets are still the same (2 gents and 2 ladies). Same stinky toilets with most of the time with no lights, no toilet roll & no cleaning arrangement and a long queue of visitors. absolute rubbish. Furthermore toilets are on the extreme one side and the whole area is stretched on around half a mile. So if somebody has urgent need of toilets then this is not a right place for them as in 90% time they would not be able to make it to the toilets (to travel 0.5 mile) or to cope with long wait there, the result you better know. I am extremely disappointed with the level of service on this long weekend. One card machine to take the payment from and a long queue of entrants on both sides to get in, result in a long wait in very hot weather with kids and elders stuffed in the car. No preparation for the summer but always prepare to increase entry fee. I would not suggest anybody to visit if they can't cope with these issues until they resolve it.

2 by ahmed OMG Review source

Was disappointed mainly because it was so busy, messy and noisy that it spoilt the visit. Scenery is OK, similar to most of Yorkshire Dales really. There's a river, some woods and meadows. Nothing special besides the abbey ruins which are interesting. There's some pebbly and sandy banks on the river which is only a few donkeys away from being blackpool beach on a sunny day. There's literally thousands of people everywhere, long queues for ice creams, stepping stones, bridges etc. Dogs off leads all over the place barking at each other. Car park is awful; hundreds and hundreds of cars crammed into big fields and every space between them has people drinking, BBQs, litter all over the place, gangs of lads with music blurring out, motorbikes going up and down. There's even security blokes going round the estate on foot and in cars. Get there early as there's huge queues for the car parks. Besides the abbey, nothing here you can't find nearby and without the crowds.

3 by David W Review source

Unfortunately we weren't here long as we were part of an organised coach trip! We parked near the toilets then took a short walk down to the Abbey ruins and thought what a wonderful site it is! There was a bridge across the Rive Wharfe or quite small stepping stones if you're braver! There is also a little shingle beach which was being well used. The Abbey ruins are just breathtaking due to their size! We explored the grave stones looking for the grave of Freddie Truman but we were told later that it was round the other side near the church, recognisable by two cricket balls! Unfortunately there was a service going on in the church so we didn't want to be rude and walk in so we walked back up the slight incline and stopped for a cuppa at The Tea Cottage where the view was outstanding! You could easily spend a day here so that you could explore all it has to offer!

5 by Roella Trudgill Review source

Reason for visit was to see the Priory.
Arrived just after lunch, as we arrived to park the car, the lady in the parking kiosk told us that extra parking on the adjacent field had been opened due to the volume of people and cars. ( £10.00 parking fee !! )
Without giving too much away ..It was a lot more than just the Priory. Beautiful walks, loads of random natural activities for the children, as well as the river, ice cream, cafe and more. Well worth the £10.00 parking fee.
The Priory was as I expected and great to see. ♡
Note: I had sandles on and some of the walk is uneven and quite steep which I found hard, maybe a pair of trainers or walking shoes would have been more appropriate.

5 by Julie M B Review source

Great place to visit. We come here multiple times every year in all seasons the the kids love it. Parking costs £8 per car which is not bad. This money goes towards upkeep in improvements.
Various trails and special walks are made for kids to enjoy and the Bolton abbey welly walk is a favourite with the kids. The welly walk has slides, swings, wooden stepping stones, climbing nets up hills and much more. You are able to get food from the cavendish pavilion cakes tea or coffee and other snacks.
You can take a walk to the Strid from here or take a walk to Simons seat which is a much longer walk into the hills with an amazing view when you get there.

5 by Del Clarke-Williams Review source

Bolton Abbey is a lovely national park just north of Skipton. Entry to the park from 10AM to 5:30PM costs £10.00 per car. The park closes at 7PM. There is a tea house and Desolation Falls to the north of the parking area, and the Priory and Abbey ruins to the south. The walk to the falls takes you over hills and along the river. There are sheep, rabbits and grouse in the fields to see as well. BBQs area allowed in the parking area, and there are public washrooms and a gift shop by the tea house. Highly recommended for a week end picnic, less busy during the week. Have fun, there's a lot of pristine nature to enjoy.

5 by Kevin Brown Review source

Bolton Priory is an amazing place to go for a day trip. To let people know, you pay £10 per car to access the car parks around the priory and also the many nature trails surrounding it. Well worth the money. The staff were all very helpful. We had never been before and had two young children so we asked for advice on what would be the best sights to see during our time there. We were given great advice about what order to look at things and what would be best for the children. Definitely planning on going again soon!

5 by Colin Brophy Review source

Lovely place in a beautiful area, there are 3 car parks and paying for one covers you for the others so if you have kids or limited mobility you can see a lot without having to do too much walking between.

The cafe at the Riverside area was a bit disappointing, the sandwiches weren't very nice and the bread was hard. The cake was nice but very expensive. Would be good if they had a pick and mix option for kids with smaller cheaper sandwiches, fruit and snacks to choose between.

5 by Dean De-Viell Review source

Take a picnic, and either enjoy the grounds, ruins and a walk over the stepping stones or take a pair of wellies and go for a bit more 'off road' walk with the kids and see what you can find! Great place to walk your dogs.
Or just lie back on the lawns and catch the sun.
It does get quite busy on a hot and sunny day especially at the weekend or Bank Holiday but so do most places! Ice Cream van usually parked up nearby.
Geo Cachers worthy of a stop!

5 by Martin Martin Review source

We absolutely loved our visit to Bolton Abbey. The priory is stunning and there is so much to do and see in the beautiful grounds. A great day out for the whole family. The admission fee is £10 - this allows you to access all 3 of the car parks so you can drive to each one and then walk to specific places from there. You also receive a helpful guide with a map, and details of everything to do and see in the village, including a few lovely tea rooms/cafes.

5 by Keren Leah Code Review source

Fantastic place for a picnic, hike, stroll or bike ride. Desolation Falls is worth the walk, beautiful, secluded and pristine. The ruins of the old church are massive and there is still a church operating. To learn more, go inside and there is usually someone managing the site to tell you about the history of the buildings going back hundreds of years. Bring your camera lots to drink and some snacks; you'll want to spend the whole day if you can.

5 by Kevin Brown Review source

A brilliant place to go for a day out although such a big area its very hard to do it all on one day we tend to split it into two days over the summer for double the fun exploring half each time their are car parks at the south end north and middle parking is the only expense at £10 for the day but its so worth it great sights lovely walks and adventure pack yourselves a picnic and enjoy we will be returning again and again I have no doubt

5 by James Robinson Review source

A lovely, picturesque and majestic Abbey. The fee is £8 at the car park entrance, which goes toward maintenance of the estate. Though I could imagine the carpark being congested on a busy day during school holidays. The stepping stones across the river are fun for the young at heart and the ruins of the Priory are interesting for those interested in history of the Reformation under Henry VIII reign. A definite must visit.

5 by Simon Jones Review source

A lovely day out either for a picnic or eat at the resteraunt.
Beautiful scenery great energy seeing the children having fun- playing happily in the river. Great location too.
Highly recommend comfortable footwear.
Do be careful crossing the road from the car park. The road has a blind spot!!! Near to the grounds.
We enjoyed the circular walk & promised to return very soon.

4 by Esther Baker Review source

Bolton Abbey and its grounds are a lovely place to visit with family for a walk. Nice a gentle with footpath suitable for most. Some short steep inclines. Nice for picnics and bbq. The car park itself is a lil pricey £10 per vehicle but that does contribute to the upkeep of place. The ruins of the abbey itself is extraordinary worth a visit. Fun day out for whole family.

5 by Nurul Islam Review source

Powar ::
IT IS £10 per car Parking !! \\u003e\\u003e
IT'S OK \\u003e\\u003e
If you like walking.\\u003e\\u003e
Loads of people\\u003e\\u003e
Loads of noise \\u003e\\u003e
ABBEY very good \\u003e\\u003e\\u003e
Peaceful and quiet \\u003e\\u003e
ONE point :: No BINS at / near stepping stones ..the main feature \\u003e\\u003e

3 by Mohan Powar Review source

Hugely popular day out, very scenic and a walkers paradise , having a number of walks ranging from a couple of miles to a full day's trek.
There's also a handful of camp sites nearby , a steam train, and it's a short drive into the old market town is Skipton.
Oh and take your bbq there's a big field for them next to the river

5 by graham snape Review source

Excellent visit. The ruins and cemetery are a wonderful adventure and they expose the history of the area. Take a tour of the still-in-use church portion as you'll get a glimpse of many things from the 13th century. Take the quiz while inside and discover some things that you would otherwise miss on a simple walk-around tour.

5 by E&C Cox Review source

Great place for walking, jogging, fly fishing, bird watching and just playing out! Lots of good car parks and tea rooms. You can walk from one tea room to the next and get an ice cream in between. There are short walks and very long ones. The abbey is very beautiful, as is the river which meanders through the site.

4 by Bob Daniels Review source

£8 to park and that includes 5 passenger's access to the abbey and it's grounds. The stepping stones are ace and is great for kids and all the family. Take your own picnic, sit by the river and you can't beat it. There is also a good walk down the river and back up the other side. A good cheap day out!

5 by Review source

Despite the bad weather, this is a really nice place to visit. Walking by the side of the fast moving river admiring the views and some amazing trees which appear to defy gravity. Plenty of space for the kids and dog to run around and some nice tea rooms to visit. Would definitely recommend here for a family day out.

5 by Dave Williams Review source

Very nice walk and day out

One of the impressive abbey ruins on the North.

Very good for a family day out.

Stop for a tea on the Village Green.

Hiking boots highly recommended especially in wet weather.

Good for family picnic

4 by David Zicho Review source

Did not plan going here at al. But what a surprise and wish I had planned better. The Abbey is amazing and the quiz that we took helped us enjoy the Abbey even more. The grounds around are well maintained. The £10 parking fee is well worth the trip.

5 by marc cramp Review source

The Easter Trail was great fun.
We will be back time and time again. Lots to do and adventures to be had. Ample parking. Lots of info on the website. Some areas are pram and wheelchair accessable.
Don't forget your wellies!

5 by Rebecca Whitham-Kay Review source

Brilliant place for a day out can take a picnic sit by the river spend all day there plenty to look at theres a tea room the abbey ruins are fantastic steeped in history suitable for all ages .. couples, families. Groups of friends

5 by Review source

The priory is absolutely stunning, set in a most beautiful valley. The ruined section of the priory features on the front cover of my favourite album by The Cure ('Faith'), so that alone makes this place wonderful.

5 by Mike Doran Review source

Interesting ruin with plenty of places to get a drink, decent parking and a good walk especially across the stepping stones in the River Wharfe. Beware dump parents letting their kids go against the flow of the majority.

5 by Ben M Review source

My gran used to take me as a small child and now I'm returning with my own son and the dog. It's a beautiful place. The views are lovely. The food is good and it's a great day out for kids and dogs.

5 by Alexis Bennett Review source

Amazing day out, lots of walks, fun in the river, picnic points with the children and dogs! The boys all had a great time the abbey is beautiful and my eldest boy was fascinated with the ruins and the history!

5 by Review source

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