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203-206 Piccadilly, St. James's, London, W1V 9LE

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I have always loved this Waterstones. Any bibliophile would. It's what - 6 storeys (?) of books. You can find pretty much any book you could possibly want. Case in point: I went in on my most recent trip looking for a specific book by YouTubers Rhett & Link. The staff were fantastically helpful and helped me track down where their copies of this book were and I am still over the moon at having found the book without having to place the order online (was only passing through London on this trip and would not have been able to make an online purchase which I could wait for). I cannot recommend this branch enough for anyone who still appreciates printed works. There's a cafe upstairs, like many bookstores these days. And they have bathrooms. Just... got there. Get lost in books.

5 by Karin Singh Review source

Fantastically presented, huge range of books over many floors, covering a huge range of topics. Really helpful staff who have directed me to books I’ve had trouble finding myself, often off the top of their heads, but are always happy to look them up for you too.
It’s open really late so I find this place really handy for shopping for gifts after work for lots of different types of family friends as there is such a wide selection of books and gifts.
There is a really good kids floor with lots of books and tons of toys.
There is also a big manga and graphic novel section next to a great sci-fi section.
And lastly lots of places on each floor to sit and read and rest your feet too.

5 by Abigail Ponton Review source

I love coming to this store. Yes, I buy books online, but being able to look at them, hold them and just pick up a selection of ones that take your interest is something that can't be beat. So, I always make an effort to buy in-store, as we need stores like this! This is, I believe, the largest bookshop in Europe and it shows, with a wide selection of all genres. There's a lift for access to each floor and a cafe if you want a drink or something to eat. The staff have always been friendly and helpful whenever I have visited, so I can only recommend this store highly.

5 by Steve Trueman Review source

A lovely bookshop with a relaxing atmosphere, I can stay there all day, however....please fix the toilets! All the toilets except for one were out of order on Friday 14th July and everyone who wanted to spend a penny descended on the only working toilet (a disabled one) in the Cafe W in the basement. If there was a screen between the loo queue and the cafe area, it might be a more pleasant experience for the customers trying to spend a quiet time in the cafe. My 2 stars are for this reason, otherwise (once the toilets are fixed) this bookshop deserves 4 or even 5 stars.

2 by Giramel Review source

This is a wonderful store, and although I still hold a preference for Foyles, there seems to be more floor space here overall, consequently with less crowding, but Foyles isn't annoyingly crowded either. I'm not keen on the seats that are provided on the fiction floor - they're too relaxed and encourage bad posture and I suspect they're ripped off a non-human animal's body. But the spacious stairwell is great low-level cardio if you hurtle up the steps two at a time when no one is looking.

5 by Eugene Nyunt Review source

Unfortunately I had a bad experience here today, and yesterday. Staff are friendly and do try to be helpful but on this occasion one member of staff went off to look for a book and never came back - I waited 30 minutes until I asked another member of staff who then went off for a further 10 minutes. The only copy of this particular book they had was ripped. Just a very disappointing service on this occasion.

1 by Review source

I just love this place! I could spend hours there and not get bored. Large place so it does not get crowded easily. Though I couldn't find a lot of the books I was looking for (popular ones too) but maybe I just didn't look well enough because this place is so big! Loved the cafe and you can find a lot of different types of books including music, art and ones in other languages.

5 by Bookish Fangirl Review source

Came here for a book signing event, but it quickly became clear that the venue wasn't suitable for the number of people. This was further complicated by the fact my partner was in a wheelchair at the time. The organisers did eventually do what they could for us, but it still meant us leaving via a backroom service elevator as the main building ones were obstructed by the queues.

3 by Rui Pestana Review source

Best bookshop in London. 7 floors including top floor bar and restaurant and cafe.

What’s not to love about the fabulous Waterstones on Piccadilly. Always worth a visit.

The only let downs are the lack of toilets and the cafe which is disorganised, lacks prices or descriptions on items, and the staff really don’t care. Cafe aside, this is such a great store.

5 by Mr Pickle Review source

Since Blackwells went and Foyles shrank this is now the best bookshop in London. They say the largest in Europe. And it feels like it. The stock is huge but plenty of space and places to sit. There's a cafe and toilet access too. Just wonder and be reminded that paper books will be around for a long time to come.

5 by Jay Raspin Review source

I went to get my friend a birthday present and I asked a staff member where to find a specific book and she instantly knew and said that would be on the second floor, turn right when you go up the stairs. The staff are professionally trained and this massive Waterstones has all the books one could possibly wish for!

5 by Theo Santos Review source

Huge Waterstones open long hours. Comfortable chairs on the first floor and a cafe and restaurant on the top floor. The size of the place mean it has extensive crime and science fiction sections that I enjoy so I call in when I can. This branch is on Piccadilly so convenient for the RA as well as everything else.

4 by Linda Martin Review source

Just love visiting this store! Such a great choice of every type of book. Spacious, choice of cafe's instore, plus plenty seating if you just want to sit and enjoy some quiet time. Such a lovely haven away from the madding crowds of Piccadilly! Lovely old building as well. Open until 10pm most evenings as well

5 by Elizabeth Wyatt Review source

Wonderful bookshop where you can easily spend the whole day  You can sit in the armchair and read a book before buying it, or go to the top floor for the cup of coffee and some food. Stuff is helpful.
It’s also the best choice if you are hiding from the rain – quite typical situation in London.

5 by Evgeniya Evgeniya Review source

I absolutely love this shop. We spend hours in there and still haven't explored all the departments. The children's department is a wonder and there are so many fantastic books and items for the book lover. It has 1920s feel to the age of the building. A must visit for a book lover.

5 by Samantha da costa Review source

This Waterstones bookstore is great as a leisure activity and if you love browsing through loads and loads of books. There are six floors with books and on the fifth you can find a café and restaurant. Service and staff is very good throughout the whole building. I absolutely loved it there.

5 by Review source

Unlike any other Waterstones you've ever been to: it's huge. There are coffee shops and bars in the basement and 5th floor. The 5th floor bar is nice, but service is very slow. The building itself was previously Simpson's of Picaddilly and it looks great, both outside and in.

5 by Peter Claydon Review source

It is without a doubt a must go bookshop. Six floors full of almost every book you could imagine, and they have them in diferent languages. They also have great educational gifts, 2 coffe shops and toilets. If you are in the area don't miss the opportunity of visit it.

5 by Javier Hernandez Review source

I love this Waterstones! It's big, with something for everyone and even has a restaurant/bar on the 5th floor. We had a great night out here, granted the bar seemed a bit understaffed but the drinks and the atmosphere were good so we didn't mind too much.

4 by Charlotte Soile Review source

Giant bookshop - ✓
Nice staff - ✓
Discount books - ✓
Multiple floors - ✓
A bar at the top to drink - ✓
Elevators when lazy - ✓
Stairs for weight loss - ✓
F***ton of books - ✓

I mean, what else can you ask for?

5 by Thibault laib Review source

Very useful place for everyone's quite big book shop on any subject yiu want and more info you can get about the items in the shops with friendly staff like kids school stuff paintings reading books on informative and selected like a express shop

5 by Shahid Iqbal Review source

I just love love love this store. It has an amazing selection and it’s so easy to browse. The staff are great - they are knowledgeable and friendly and passionate about sharing their recommendations! Surely one of the most wonderful shops in London!

5 by Review source

The Piccadilly Circus Waterstones is a lovely shopping stop in a classic area of London. Staff here are reliably friendly and knowledgeable. The store is well-kept and well-organized, and the selection of books is fairly expansive. Worth a visit!

5 by Oliver Peckham Review source

Unfortunately, there was no available baby changing room at our time of visit, and in addition, the elevator to the 1st floor cafe was out of service.
Otherwise, as a book store, it has everything you'd ever need, plus helpful staff.

4 by Alex Sheldon Review source

Waterstones Piccadilly is a magical place for every book lover! It is a huge, beautiful home for so many books. I was surprised at the wonderful staff - so polite and helpful to everyone which is not easy when there are so many people around.

5 by Review source

Fantastic store with several floors. Massive selection of books available. There is a bar on the top floor and a lovely cafe in the basement- always seats available and a good selection of drinks and reasonably priced delicious cakes.

5 by Louisa Stone Review source

Beautiful, huge bookshop that smells and feels like a step back in time. Plus great coffee shop downstairs and bar upstairs, as well as another cafe above the stationary. Does book signings and events. You could spend hours in here.

5 by Laura Turvey Review source

Amazing book store! 4 floors of books and books! It never ends! Beautiful selection, great highlights if you're not sure what you're looking for, spacious, comfortable chairs to sit in, I could spend the entire day there!

5 by Review source

They have a nice quiet cafe upstairs which serves a small but delicious selection of cakes and teas. Would have been nice to finish off a book here while sipping tea, but yea, didn't have the luxury of time as a tourist. :)

4 by Chung Chi Leung Review source

Always a pleasure to visit the largest Waterstons on Piccadilly. Massive shop on 5 floors, beautifully laid out. I found what I was looking for - staff all very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. But had to wait a bit to pay.

4 by Roz Kidder Review source

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