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I gave 5 shiney stars cuz It's my favrioute cinema cineworld in the world. Such comfy seats. Only down point that makes my smile upside down is I think the food and sweets is quiet high in prices they should lower some down prices down because we all pay for the cinema tickets and loads peeps pay anyway for the tickets and seats and also Junk food so I think it's deffinatly alot fair they should keep It cheap medieum gd price for junk goodies. That proberly will make it more attraction. It's a lovely placeand amazing because it's massive very cool detailedI prefure the look now since before they had they should put more massive things up to match building. The staff are very nice and helpful.

5 by Review source

One of the best cinemas in Crawley, the only cinema in Crawley lol

It's clean and tidy with comfortable seats and the cinema has a nice temperature most of the time. A standard ticket is very expensive at around £12 a ticket. So for £17.50 a month you can become a Cineworld member and will have unlimited movies and 10% of food and drink. When to have this card you can book online.

The trailers last generally for around about 30 minutes so you can always get in and watch the movie even if you're late.

Free parking outside which gets filled up at peak times very quickly.

5 by Harvinda Talwar Review source

Quality really shines through now they had then renovation, I thought there prices of food were a joke since it was looking a but old but not it looks top notch but still 3 times the price for food to eat in the cinema is a joke. Also prices for films has increased so much in recent years I only go when a big film is on as its a joke. They are trying to push the monthly deal which is really cheap but there just arn't enough films to do that, so its a bit of a con because they could just lower the prices instead of having that but that's there business model unfortunately.

3 by Liam Thompson Review source

The Crawley Cineworld Cinema has improved greatly over the years; online booking, self seat allocation (although you can't leave a single gap between others in a full showing), many screens, late night showings, 3D in IMAX and standard, 4DX (think US theme park ride in a cinema), electronic ticket payment and collection. Good clean toilets and always clean through out. Lost one star for the crazy food and drink prices. Have heard of stories of bags being searched to ensure you don't bring your own stuff as they stick labels on food bags after purchase. Bit silly.

4 by Claire Bradshaw Review source

I came here today to watch Black Panther with my two boys and unfortunately we got caught in horrendous traffic because of a collision on the M23 as well as 2 more local road accidents and this made us over an hour late for the film . The staff at cineworld had already heard about it and when I explained how upset my youngest boy was at the thought of missing the film they didnt hesitate to fit us into the next showing of the film at no extra cost to myself . I can't thank them enough . They made a potentially spoilt evening into a great one . Thankyou so much

5 by Susan Wallace Review source

Not that much you can say, it's a cinema with 15 screens and shows lots of films. They have 3D and IMAX screenings as well as d-box, where you get shaken about etc. There is a Starbucks as well as the normal food concession and ice-cream store and pick n mix. It's all very expensive though, even with the 20% off you get with unlimited the food and drink is quite pricey and unless you see a film in 2D there always seems to be a additional fees. But the screens are large with ample seating the is comfortable and quite spacious having been recently refurbished.

4 by stephen dryburgh Review source

This cineworld has both regular screens, IMAX and 4DX. Really great experience with 4DX. Just seen Star Wars Last Jedi and you really felt like you were in the movie. The seats went up/down/side to side and knocked you in the back, water sprayed on you (you can turn this off), smells sprayed at you, fog and lighting effects. Really good fun! Cinima clean, toilets clean (paper and soap available), staff friendly and helpful, food available (hot, cold drinks, pop corn, sweets, hotdogs and nachos). Parking free and plentiful. Area well lit and felt safe. Would go again.

5 by Pink Unicorn Review source

Watch many films very injoyable parking space amost full alot the times when new popular films our out such as star wars.Very high prices on snacks and drink dont expect much in the little chocolate pakages there aboat quater full and the rest is just air so i recommend getting snaks from some where else. Not many seats around when your waiting. They offer 2d,3d,imax and 4dx,there not many times they show 4dx movies such as 2d in a day so there be alot people and you might not get the seat you want but you can always book online so you can get the seats you want.

3 by Review source

A good place except one detail, they seem to be too environmentally friendly with heating... i.e. practically no heating inside IMAX... nearly 3 hours (Star Wars) in b...y cold, a day later coughing and sneesing... same thing happened few years ago when we watched some cartoon with lots of snow in it...well, it felt too realistic...back then we were joking that maybe it was part of the movie experince that they tried to freeze us to death similarly to what was happening on the screen... so my advice is, bring some warm clothes with you...

3 by Zoltan Trenovszki Review source

Generally a very nice cinema, certainly much better since the renovation. There are many more ticket machines now than there used to be, as well as a dedicated ticket desk and the snack counters all sell tickets too. Generally it's kept clean and in order, but the toilets sometimes let this place down a bit. Part of a leisure park, so plenty of parking available except on the busiest of days when even then it can be hard to find a space. Very close to a number of restaurants too and a short walk from the town centre.

4 by Sam Branch Review source

Great venue, loads of choices from 2D, 3D, 4D and iMax, they've now done away with the manual ticket office and automated it all which I found very easy to use. It's still on the pricy side of things once you've paid for tickets, food and drinks but if it's something that you only do once in a while as a treat then it's well worth doing.
Because of its location there's plenty of parking, with loads of eateries near by for if you wanted to go for a meal before you watch your movie.

4 by Brian Harrison Review source

Absolutely cannot believe I had a telephone booking and called to reschedule due to ill health and the lady at the call centre told be to make internet bookings in future as telephone bookings cannot be changed. I told her I am a low earner and don't have regular internet access and she decided to remind me that it's the 21st century. Very rude and discriminatory against the poorer people. Never felt so insulted and didn't really need to be reminded that I am not well off.

1 by Review source

This place can get VERY busy, book in advance for premier showing, new films etc. Occasionally you may have to wait for a screen set up but it is very rare, they are very open about any technical difficulties they may have. Invest in the cineworld card, it is worth every penny. I've never had a bad experience with cineworld and I take my daughter all the time, great discounts on snacks and at the local restaurants. Parking is huge but on a busy day new film etc get there early.

5 by Dean Smith Knutsen Review source

Recently refurbished this cinema is big and comfortable and a good place to catch a film. There are plenty of restaurants outside so you can make an evening of it. The drinks and popcorn are astronomically priced so beware. Booking over the internet is the preferred option with pick up kiosks inside. The website is annoying though as you can't see how busy the performance is before the last step. Lots of screens and lots of choice though.

4 by David Niner Review source

They advertised the third maze runner for a 19:20 showing (still listed by the way). We finished work, rushed home, ate dinner and rushed 15 miles over... only to find out they weren’t showing it anymore as something else was more popular. I think it’s crazy they can get away with that! We organised our night around false information they provided and wasted 30 miles of petrol to boot. We’ll be taking our business elsewhere from now on!

1 by Review source

It is extremely loud! I am not deaf I can hear. I went twice and both times i left 1h into the movie because my head was pounding and my ears hurt. It is not normal to be this loud. You don't achieve maximum experience by being deaf. I asked them to turn it a little bit down and they said no. I saw other people leaving as well around the same time as me and they said the same thing. It is way too loud. Shame.

1 by Mia Dolhscanu Review source

VERY crowded on Saturday night as you'd imagine and expect.

As a footnote if you're thinking of getting a meal before or after a movie in one of the restaurants in the Leisure Park outside it's vital I would say to book a table in advance if anywhere near peak times. We walked around all 4 or 5 restaurants and were told tables only available anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes.

4 by Review source

Really like seeing movies here, all the auditoriums are comfortable with generous leg room between the rows. I guess prices are comparable to other cinemas maybe slightly higher. Only downside isn't the cinema but the parking outside, I'd advise leaving extra time when you go as you could be driving around the car parks looking for a space especially on Wednesdays and Fridays.

5 by Grahame Elford Review source

A perfect place for kids, big screens, 3d, 2d and 4imax is amazing, prices are good with lots of choises, is a good ideea book the tickets online because sometimes there is full and will same the time waiting for tickets, parking free and big with lots of opportunities, they have popcorn, nachis, drinks and lots of candys toilets are clen and staff always was friendly. Thank you guys.

5 by Razvan Srm Review source

Fantastic venue for films. Parking outside always available and free. Lots of spaces. Very spacious inside with lots of screens. Coffee shop as well. Usual assortments of confectionary when choosing us expensive unfortunately but standard price for a cinema always deals available if you shop around. Another plus a small selection if restaurants too eat at after film has finishedone.

5 by M17el M17el Review source

There's plenty of choice with 14 screens, one IMAX, one 4DX. Handy Starbucks for drinks, and a Baskin Robbins for Ice Cream. Loos are kept clean. Lots of leg room in all screens. The one thing that let's the place down is the unbelievable slowness of the serving staff. Allow extra time to get your popcorn. It really needs addressing because it's painfully slow.

4 by Richard Dickins Review source

IMAX is a great way to see a movie, the screen is large enough to be sat anywhere and it still be good. From our position at the rear, right hand side, the 3D effect was as good as it has been sat in the middle. Glasses are now provided free as you walk into the screen. Return them at the end in one of the specific recycle bins on the way out.

4 by Ian Brown Review source

What a superb cinema! The best cineworld and cinema for miles and miles around. Once you step into this place, you'll really see the effort they've put into making it very luxurious. Coffee section, ice cream/sweet bar, snacks and drinks. Variety of different types of screens and even all the way up to IMAX 3D and 4DX! Splendid!

5 by Synchromystic Theorist Review source

Nice looking cinema with everything you'd hope to find including the 4DX experience (which is pretty cool) Food, drinks and various nibbles available although all just as over priced as any other cinema. Seats are comfy and the leg room is pretty good. Clean throughout and all in all probably the nicest cinema I've been to.

5 by Phantom-FX . Review source

I take the kids here once every couple of months. Other than parking, it's great. I'd take your own snacks though as the prices are astronomical. The tickets start at a tenner for the basic screens and get a lot more expensive. I didn't enjoy the 4D seats. It was like a jerky hour and a half ride on a rollercoaster.

3 by Andrew Hards Review source

The movie was OK but due to lack of parking I had to park on the end of the row out of marked spaces but not blocking anyone but was given a £100.0 parking fine day ruined not cinema fault but shall not be using it again
Will hunt for cinema with better parking facility's, shame really I liked the cinema.

1 by Martin Bridger Review source

Huge modern multi screen cinema complex with massive car park. Usually very busy at the weekend. As several eateries close by. Cinema seats are fairly comfortable with ample leg room. Reduced to four stars, as tickets are quite pricey and there always seems to be a long queue for the overpriced food and drinks.

4 by Nic Bravin Review source

On vacation in Surrey, Reigate, and Crawley was a quick hop over. Cineworld was here and my brother and I were beyond ready to see Spider-Man: Homecoming. Staff here are absolutely wonderful, amenities are clean, theater is large and well-equipped. I would come here all the time if I lived near.

5 by Ian Maina Review source

Went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi in 3D on their IMAX screen and it was amazing. Seats were huge and the screen was m-a-s-s-i-v-e.

Facilities pretty good, and they even did the classic Sweet and Salt popcorn mix when requested. Isn't the cinema expensive nowadays though!

5 by David Kyle Review source

Staff very helpful, had to leave film half way through the air con was not working on screen 12 very very hot, no air circulating triggered an asthma attack for my grandson . Got a refund, manager admitted to knowing there was a problem. They should have informed people prior to entry!

1 by Susan Brennan Review source

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