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As a child Mountfitchet was my favourite place to go. You could run around and pretend you were a Viking, it's not a Viking village but as a child I had convinced myself it was.

Returning as a adult I was not disappointed. It all seemed smaller but the buildings were there and there was room to run around.

The structures are small, with props inside, some have voice recordings. There are small interactive displays dotted around, and animals. The sheep and deer are harmless, the peacock struts around while the ducks look unimpressed.

The castle is on a hill but they have tried to make it accessible with smooth paths of gravel. There is a counter selling cakes, benches outside for picnics, and a small shop. The toilets are drafty but perfectly clean.

There is also a rambling toy museum, which is clearly loved but not organised.

I could quite happily spend the entire day here, going from building to building, pretending I'm a Viking, again not actually a Viking village. But most people would think a couple hours to half a day is enough. It is mostly outdoors, but a little rain adds to the period feel of the place.

If your child enjoys running around and using their imagination, then they'll love it here.

There is car parking, and it isn't the easiest to reach on public transport.

5 by Rosanna Rackley Review source

Great place if you're into Medieval History...

Mountfitchet Castle is a reconstruction of an 11th Century Norman Ringwork fortification. Complete in most ways, the castle is a mixture between a Living History Center and a Petting Zoo. Including accurate reconstructions of its vital components, such as the church, blacksmith's forge, weaver, and even its brewer, it depicts a pretty decent approximation of what an 11th Century Norman village looked like. Each exhibit comes with its own audio introduction that's triggered when you enter.

Throughout the entire complex you'll find livestock, from ducks to deer, many breeds of which are the same which would have been found in the castle during Norman times.

I've been to a few living history centers over the years. This is without doubt one of the better ones. Well worth a visit for lovers of Medieval times.

5 by Sasch Mayer Review source

The castle gets four stars. The dinosaurs and toy museum get one star. The castle itself is really neat and very suitable for a young audience. If it were just two adults, I would probably pay to go see a real castle instead, but our two-year-old son loved it and we enjoyed it as a family.

There are deer, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, and geese running all over and are quite used to people. Our son ran all over the castle grounds and was thoroughly entertained while we took the time to look at each of the buildings and enjoy the history behind the castle.

The dinosaur exhibit is tiny and really just an afterthought. The toy museum is just a crowded, dirty secondhand store that simply seeks to encourage you to spend more money. Wholly underwhelming. Luckily the castle is worth the entrance fee.

The haunted house is worth the extra 1GBP.

4 by Jeremy Lindström Review source

Its good for an afternoon out , take a packed lunch and start with a picnic on site (you can go back to your car to get / get rid off cool boxes etc) out for thieving peacocks :) though they love bread, There is an under cover picnic area for shade and rain, As for the fort It's not huge but well constructed to look authentic, buy some animal food (£1) and feed the goats and deer ... Keep hold of the bag though or they'll soon run off with it :). On quiet days car parking is free in a layby at the rear of the pay and display council car park next door , when busy though you'll have to pay so go with some change ready. My kids enjoyed the afternoon and we were all surprised at how authentic it looked. Realistically you need 3 to 4 hours if the weather is good to explore and feed the animals.

4 by Marc Anthony Review source

A last minute decision to visit was greatly rewarded. Roadsigns were clear, car park was close by and reasonably priced, friendly professional staff, lots of factual and historic interaction, lots to see, curiously beautiful animals; And the toy museum was very nostalgic and fascinating to look through. The haunted house would be a little too scary for younger children but silly fun for older ones (A big thank you to the lady in the museum for offering to 'babysit' so the hubby and I could visit the haunted house together instead of individually!). Lots of picnic tables and benches though we picnicked on the grass. Wear comfy shoes and expect to use your legs a lot! Good value for money. A wonderful day with plenty of memories made. Thank you so much! We came, we saw, we conquered!

5 by Review source

Lots to do for a very reasonable price: reconstructed Norman castle, complete with its accompanying village showing what life would have been like at this site in about 1086. Enough information presented to answer most questions, but not so much as to bore kids. Lots of village buildings brought to life (kitchens, jail, church, armoury, chandler, alchemist, etc) complete with tame livestock wandering round that can be petted and fed. The toy museum has a vast collection that can be appreciated by anyone who remembers toys from the 80s or earlier, plus the recent 'haunted house' attraction is a well done if small amusement. Toilets, café, picnic area and shop all on site. Parking cheap in the adjacent station car park. All in all, a decent family day out.

5 by Phil Shirley Review source

This was a delightful find to come stumbling across when I visited the area for my very first time ( in order to purchase a good used car from a very local AA Approved dealership, that I'd seen advertised online ) ) I hadn't realised how ancient this quaint, sweet, picturesque little village is! That it dates back to at least the Norman Conquest of circa. 1066 ! It was two hot summers days in May & June 2017 that I visited it & was gloriously pleasure able to see at this time of year, colourful with flowers & pretty houses & churches & timbered buildings warped with age & thatched cottages. Would be appreciated by visitors from overseas, - I am sure ... & such a sweet name to boot - Mountfitchet ! :-)

5 by diane austin Review source

Once appeared on local TV with my school as Viking invaders, with a local school who were the villagers. Came many times as a child I Loved it then and still love it now, many good memories. It's a Great family day out, shop selling cakes, picnic tables, pocket money gifts as well as some local made replicas. There is wildlife wandering around, plenty to see.

Then if you wish there is also The House on the hill museum, which house's loads of old toys and games etc. It's the, 'My... I had one of those!' places. Been many times and will probably be going back many more times.

5 by paul richardson Review source

Looks like a good representation of a Norman era Motte and Bailey. It has lots of animals roaming freely around the grounds and the castle and lots of small fires that gives it a lived in feel. I'd say it is very good for kids with an interest in castles and knights etc. But be aware that it is a wooden structure so not as an impressive first sight as a stone castle, but when inside the walls it is great! The toy museum is well worth a look if it isn't too busy. As a converted house it feels very claustrophobic when busy.

4 by Glen Faulkner Review source

Good activities for children and alot of interactive displays. Plenty of tame animals to feed including deer, goats and sheep. Gives you an insight to how the fort was in the Norman time and how they lived. \\r
There's plenty of picnic tables or there is a small cafe that sells the usual. I would note can be tricky if you are in a wheelchair or children in prams as is hilly. There other displays also including Star Wars, Doctor Who and Dinosaurs. Oh and a toy museum which children enjoy. All in all, a good day out.

4 by Steven Wesson Review source

We visited the castle when our niece and nephew were staying nearby with the in-laws and were very pleasantly surprised. The castle offers so much to do, from following clues around the various areas - the kids learn stuff but they don't know they are learning! - to petting the animals to having a bite to eat or even trying out the life of a medieval knight! Hugely entertaining for everyone - i learned something too!

4 by Mark Bond Review source

Really nice place to visit. Clearly love the animals they have there and feeding the goats and deer is a fun experience. Lots of history for the adults and plenty of places to climb for kids. Toy museum is a bit erratic but the need in me loves the star wars collection! The haunted house is about as scary as watching bambi but I think it would be fun for kids and £1 to enter is not ridiculous

5 by Richard Raybould Review source

Nicely set up ancient village around a small castle with lots of animals running around freely. All houses show a particular setting or profession of that era. Next to the castle grounds is a small toy museum (more interesting for the older crowd I think) with some dinosaur statues spread across the walk towards it. All in all a nice, interactive day out for the whole family.

5 by Jos Berkien Review source

Great bank holiday day out, there is so much to see and do here, had great fun with the trebuchet firing water balloons, great for the kids and parents! The deer and the goats are so friendly, it’s great to get up close to them. The toy museum has millions of toys from throughout the ages to take a trip down memory lane too.

5 by jimcullen Review source

We had a lovely few hours here. It was laid back and well kept. Plenty to see and just a lovely little place! We spent about 3 hours here and had lunch too, which was lovely. We were here wasting time before a coach from Stansted airport. Not far away so it was perfect. Will definitely be going back!

5 by Zowee Coxage Review source

A nice afternoon going back in time infact to 1066 lots of places for the kids to explorer and educate themselves. The animals are very tame and stroking a deer is a teat.

The toys museum has lots of toys and we enjoyed the exhibits. The haunted house hmmmm maybe have been spoilt.

5 by Perry Heath Review source

This is a brilliant place for a day out with the family, I can't find one fault with the place or the staff. The castle and grounds are kept in impeccable condition and there is lots to explore.
The Toy museum is excellent and is guaranteed to take you back to your childhood.

5 by Steven Barritt Review source

Spent all day with family. All good, friendly staff.
But, could be excellent if we would have option to eat there. Hot food, freshly cooked on charcoal, medieval stile with pint homemade ale would be great for this place.

p.s. And fee for kids was unreasonable high.

4 by Andrew Nik Review source

Step back in time to the medieval era and discover that castles were not just imposing, fortified siege defences but places that people lived, reared animals and worshipped. Great day out for all the family. You can try on chain mail and helmets too, if that's your thing.

5 by Nathan Hooker Review source

It’s A great piece of history Me and my kids really enjoyed this day out definitely rate this 5 star Fun for the kids who go on a stamp hunt the toy museum was amazing but some stuff doesn’t work the cafe I probably pizza and burgers out by the nearby co-op

5 by Neil Ridsdale Review source

Went there on a cloudy day with my girl friend. It was a quite day due to weather but it made it more personal for me and my missus. Everything is layer out well with sound effects and voice overs. It really feels like you're in a tiny village/ castle.

5 by Lewis Stephens Review source

The Norman village was really well laid out, great for the kids with lots of things to do. The toy museum was very busy but great to see so many toys from my childhood, especially Star Wars and Action Man. If only I had kept everything!

4 by Sam Review source

Very well designed place. People can try several armors from that time, and there's descriptions for each thing that existed in the castle. The only thing missing is some actors in the scenery, otherwise it would take 5 stars.

4 by Pedro Gordo Review source

Amazing value for money. Loved every minute. Lots of animals running around which you can feed. We went recently and did the spooky haunted house above the toy shop - it was only a £1 extra and was worth doing it for a bit of fun!

5 by Olivia Bush Review source

Interesting early castle. It was different than any others I had seen, though. Think American wild west fort, rather than a typical (chronologically later-style) castle. The kids loved the free-roaming chickens and other animals.

4 by Hollis Martin Review source

Absolutely love the place been beautifully restored and a real great attraction thoroughly recommend it it's a visit that you must do soon there has been a lot of effort put into making this place a wonderful attraction

5 by Matt Wylde Review source

Great attraction. Had the pleasure of visiting on a school trip and as an adult. Very open, interactive and can discover things as opposed to being fed them from a guide.

Recommended. (Especially in the summer)

4 by Byron Pinn Review source

Very overpriced for what was actually there. Over £40 the a family of four but no family ticket price? Ok to kill a couple of hours but not an all day experience, better to do for less money to be honest in my opinion.

2 by Review source

A great day out. The castle and reconstructed buildings give you a realistic impression of life in that time.

The Toy Museum is rather cluttered, but included in the ticket price so worth a look around.

4 by James Mansell Review source

A great family day out, lots to experience and learn from, the animals make a great addition to feel of living history. The toy museum is also included in the ticket price which makes it great value for money.

5 by Thomas Dunn Review source

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