Last Days of Shoreditch - London

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288 Old St, London, EC1V 9LA

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Amasing Venue - Terrible unfriendly Staff and Security
I have visited this Venue plenty of times during the summer but the treatment we received from the staff recently was quite shocking,
When we arrived before even having one drink, we took shelter from the rain at an upstairs bar, my friend was having a cigarette downstairs so through the window with no one else in the room as the venue just opened I shouted down to ask him to check if there was any seated area under the Marquee where the DJ was, I was then abruptly and rudely asked by the bar staff not to shout, this was not myself being disruptive or abusive, I was simply trying to communicate with my friend to see if we could find better shelter,
Then the real drama began, later in the evening I was circled by the security team and asked to leave because I was drunk, Yes I was very drunk after spending money at the plenty of bars serving alcoholic drinks provided but having a good time drunk, dancing with my friends not causing any problems for anyone, just simply having a laugh with my friends, when I protested to say I had paid to be here this female Bouncer picked me up like a wild animal and physically carried me out the venue leaving me with bruises all up my arm,
this was completely unnecessary and again an example of bouncers being over forceful for no reason, I was not abusive or rude when asked to leave, I simply questioned why I was being asked to leave, yes you best believe once I was physically picked up, I was kicking, screaming and shouting to be put down,
I have never received such bad treatment in all my life and spent the entire journey home in tears from the humiliation,
what is the biggest shame and what is most upsetting to me is that I can no longer return here and had 2 further nights arranged,
We were definitely targeted whether out of boredom of the bouncers I am unsure, my friends were also in shock to why this happened to me as I am in no way a trouble maker, try to not let them see you have a good time after some drink otherwise they might treat you like an animal!
From reading some of the other reviews, its clear I am not the only one who feels the staff need some training on manners,

1 by Review source

Security & staff at the venue are horrible. Very aggressive towards patrons. When leaving, they poured a beer over my female friend and then told her she deserved it. No one should support venues who accept this type of behavior from security personal. Will definitely not recommend to friends, there are so many other great venues in Shoreditch who have security and staff that respect patrons, specifically females.

1 by Review source

I only went there because I read that Burger Bear were there making burgers on Twitter, I love burgers and I've worked my way through a fair chunk of most peoples best burger lists, anyway I didn't really sample much of the market but the burger is easily worth five stars for it was truly juicy and full of bacon and bacon jam, I ate it in about 2 seconds flat, visit the market for the burgers.

5 by Sam Douglas Review source

It's a very cool open space with a relaxed vibe where you can come and have some beer and something to drink. The selection of beer is limited but the atmosphere make up for this. You will see several levels, plenty of spaces to sit. Unfortunately, this is the last year where they'll host events here as the space will be sadly converted into a hotel at the end of this summer... sniff, sniff!

3 by Conchy Taco Review source

The bar staff absolutely ruin this place. They are all clearly on drugs, take forever to serve people and are generally awful to the customers. The guy with the dreadlocks thinks he is a stand up comedian / lethario and made the girls around me cringe and refused service the the guys DO NOT GET DRINKS AT THE COCKTA BAR. Lovely venue competely ruined by the staff

1 by Review source

Wasn't allowed in because I had some food in my bag. Pathetic rule considering I was coming in for food and drinks. I saw others sitting nearby finishing off their food in their bags to get in. Other option was to throw it away. Moronic place run by moronic people. Poor bouncers having to reject people cos they had food or water in the bag!!

1 by Alex Powers Review source

Cool food market and bar. Spread out over a big area with a upstairs bar, and a supremely cool slide to get back to the ground floor in style. Reasonable selection of beers available. Decent selection of food, some nice variety. Definitely a good place to go with a big group, I'll surely be back.

4 by Finn Lindsay Review source

Great location and venue. Much improved since my last visit. Still find things like toilet attendants who expect to be tipped for handing you a paper towel an anachronism but they're at least friendlier than the night club versions.

3 by Marc Knox Review source

Came for creme egg camp and WOW what a space. Its hard to find from the street which makes it all the more spectacular.

Its an outdoor area that can be transformed for any use. There are kitchen facilities ans toilets too.

5 by Emma Walton Review source

Nice outdoors place with food and music. Good location, with a good vibe though it closes early, 11pm the day I was there. There are different food stalls and some fun mini golf on the first level. Good with friends.

3 by Nuno Review source

Really nice beach feeling in the summer with the sand and deckchairs. Sound system could be better and maybe a dance floor under the open sky could be created. Great place to spend an afternoon and evening in summer.

4 by Lukas U Review source

Nice atmosphere with some light techno music. Didn’t expect this in the middle of this neighborhood. A bit expensive for what you get but you don’t have to pay for the entrance. So go out for a party night!

5 by Stef Bosgoed Review source

Really good atmosphere and a great space. Perfect for a midweek work do or just meeting mates for a drink. Plenty of outdoor seating and also indoor areas for private hire, so perfect for a birthday!

4 by Joe Douglas Review source

Attended here when it was taken over by Cadbury's for their Creme Egg Camp. Odd to say the least but it was still enjoyable. Chocolate Fongoo and Creme Egg chocolate were top notch.

4 by Ian Fry Review source

Good for summer parties. Plenty of outdoor seating, indoor/covered areas, booze bars, and different food varieties. Location is excellent less than 5 min walk from Old Street station.

4 by Kristina Druin Review source

My favourite summer market in London. You can drink outdoors while being away from the street. And this year on top of great cocktails and food you can also play crazy golf!

5 by Bibi Todaro Review source

Bought tickets online, but went there and it was free entry and the charge got us a cocktail per person which wasn't worth it... Should've been mentioned earlier

4 by mark mergulhao Review source

Great spot. Went to the Chang beer festival here and they got it spot on. Was overpriced on the food and beer but that's to be expected at these events sadly.

4 by Mark Daniel Broadbent Review source

Although it's a little pricey, this place's got a lot of charm. I was just wandering around and ended up on a beach in the middle of London. Love it.

4 by Renard Voyageur Review source

Nice vibe and atmosphere. Not too busy on Friday night. One weird thing - to enter for free you need to subscribe to their mailing list and promote the venue.

5 by Rob K Review source

Place looks amazing and varied, but staff are not very friendly (unless I caught them on an off day) music selection is also pretty basic

3 by Veselina Dimitrova Review source

Such an amazing place!! The club is amazing, there's sand, theres food stalls, the dance floor is spacious - Highly recommended!

5 by Phininder Balaghan Review source

It's a cool place to hang out even if the door staff are somewhat brusque. Shame there are only 3 food stalls there now though.

4 by Sophie Millward Shoults Review source

Good place to hang out! They've got a sand pit and a slide for all the drunk-ass adults! They also have a few food shacks!

4 by h hua Review source

Street vendor market with a guest list. Weird body search on the way in. Really poor food. Strange vibe. 5 pound cover charge.

1 by haji Review source

Awesome atmosphere, great music, beautiful decoration, lovely food (specially Nanny Bill's burgers) and nice drinks too!

5 by Jessica Matos Review source

Great little food market. The slide is definitely a highlight. Will be good when its fully up and running with a buzzy crowd.

5 by Tess Stokes Review source

Mostly outdoor, vegan and meat eater stalls for burgers. A great slide from one of the upper bars to the 'garden'

5 by Will Hay Review source

It was a fun place . You can find street food and different type of drinks. Very trendy and cool place.

5 by silva ince Review source

Great fun. Range of bars within, food and a slide for adults. What more could you want? Free entry. Yes.

5 by Ant May Review source

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