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154 Hoe St, Walthamstow, London, E17 4QH

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A diamond in the rough. Nice place with a vintage feel. I went on a Friday night at 8pm. Tables were available but to avoid disappointment I reserved mine.

The staff are welcoming and the place has a nice atmosphere. I ordered 12 wings six were sesame oriental themed and six were spicy sweet BBQ.

Also ordered Nachos which apparently are freshly made in-house and also a helping of Monkey fries which are topped with caramelised onions and a squeezy type of cheese.

For the main I had a mad men which sounded like it would be amazing by reading the menu. I wanted the fresh princed but was dissapointed to hear this was out of stock.

Food arrived promptly and the presentation was spot on, everything arrived in its own enamel bowl or plate much like the camping gear type.

The wings weren't great if I am honest, the spicy sweet BBQ wings were more just BBQ wings, not spicy at all.

The oriental themed with sesame were a light green in colour and one of the ingredients were definitely ginger as the taste was somewhat overpowering.

The Monkey fries were good as were the nachos although again squeezy cheese was used. The salsa (more like a south asian salad) was great. Bursting full of flavours. If they did the salsa as a side, it would have complemented my burger very well in my opinion.

The burger looked great, slightly on the small side compared to other joints I've been to.
Unfortunately the burger wasn't as advertised. There was no jalapenos and cheese in the patty itself, which if I am not mistaken according to the menu should be inside the patty.

The flavours were okay but my opinion is that it was slightly overcooked making my burger more towards well done instead of medium.

Overall, the burger looked great but lacked defining flavours.

The total spend was £50 (four diners) and you get points too if you sign up to an app called loyalzoo and check in before paying the bill, I earned myself a free burger which I'll use next time if I'm in the area.

The restroom is shared. The toilet seat was a nice touch, bright and sparkly. The toilet was clean and smelled fresh unlike some other places with the stench of urine, made worse by masking the problem.

The food wasn't all that bad and it is still worth visiting. The prices are a tad on the high side.

Parking is a nightmare, parking restrictions operate up to 09:30pm. Be warned, I ended up coming back to the car with a ticket.

To Brioche Bun: my advice is to tweak the food to get the flavours right, ensure you have enough stock of all your dishes and lower the prices slightly you will then have a gem that will blind.

4 by M1LAD . Review source

This was my second time visiting and likely my last. I enjoyed my breakfast the first time though others in my group were not too keen. I wish I hadn't visited the second time. I ordered eggs royale with the spinach, not salmon. I have a huge dislike for anything fishy. When our food arrived I could taste fish in my first bite. There was no fish on my plate so I can only guess that the fish taste either came from someone accidentally putting salmon on my plate first, before replacing it with spinach (the people next to me had ordered theirs with salmon so it's a possibility) or some sort of cross contamination in the cooking process. Either way, the dish tasted foul and I could not eat another bite. It also made my cold drink a bit redundant as I only ordered this to drink it with my meal. Two workers came into our section, both the male and female waiter/waitress, and not once did either of them stop to ask how our food was, despite the fact that I had quite obviously pushed my full plate to the side and was not eating. This simple matter of customer service could have resolved the issue quickly. Shocked that no one had bothered to ask us if we were enjoying our meal, and already feeling miserable from the cold room they'd sat us in (with no heating, except for a small space heater they brought in when we complained of cold, though I never felt any heat from it) I really didn't feel like getting up to seek them out to complain. When the waiter asked at the till if we enjoyed our meal, I did tell him that mine had tasted awful and I couldn't eat it, so he did take that off the bill. I also had to ask for my drink to be put in a takeaway cup, which my husband had to go back running in for as they never gave it back to us. All in all it was a rubbish experience and I would have rather paid a full bill for good food and service.

1 by Leonie Dedat Review source

This was a really nice meal out. I didn't have any real expectations for this place and it was a great surprise to find how nice it was.

The service was definitely the stand-out point of the evening. People toss around phrases like 'they treat you like family', but I'd say it really is the case here. We had really nice back-and-forth chats with our waitress, cook and a manager, and at no point were we left wanting anything - at the same time the service wasn't suffocating at all.

The menu is sound. Lots of burgers, plain and dressed fries, wings and some great milkshakes.

The food itself is good for the price point. I went for a Don Vito wagyu burger, rosemary fries and a salted caramel milkshake. I was happy with almost all of it. The beef was high quality, seasoned and cooked properly. The burger was dressed nicely, not smothered in sauce or sloppy at all - perfect ratio of bread, meat, sauce, salad, etc. I was pretty impressed with my skin-on fries too, they were crisp, fluffy and full of flavour. My only criticisms are that they went a tad overboard with the rosemary on the fries, and that whilst they offer wagyu burgers, you can't seem to tell the difference between it and their usual beef.

The retro decor and arcade theme is interesting as well. It does jar a little in places, but mostly works and is pretty fun.

All in all, a good meal for a very fair price in a nice surrounding with some of the best service I've had locally. Looking forward to visiting again.

5 by Elliot Summerhayes Review source

There are many side roads to park on and the restaurant was easy to find.

Brioche Burger is well decorated and reminded me of my childhood. There were old games consoles and comic books hung on the walls.

I went as part of a group of 6 friends. We had a table booked and had to wait 15 minutes to be seated which is not a problem. However, once seated we did have to wait half hour for someone to come and take our orders. The restaurant were kind enough to offer us complimentary Nachos because of the delay.

The staff here were friendly and knew the menu well.

The burgers here were delicious. Between us all, we ordered different burgers and were all happy with them. However, the side dishes were not up to scratch. They all fell short of standards.

When it came to the bill, we all calculated our own meals and paid. We were then told we still owed them some money which a friend then covered assuming we made a mistake. We left the restaurant only to then find out by looking at the receipt that there was an item on there that we didn't order nor eat. We were very disappointed although we did get a refund.

Overall, the burgers here are great and I hope our experience in regards to service is a one off.

3 by Najmul Hoque Review source

Went there today around 12:30pm hoping to be served burgers as it was LUNCHTIME. To our shock the woman said that they are only doing breakfast because supposedly people want a breakfast menu during lunch times.

12:00pm is lunch time and breakfast is morning, which is what I tried to explain to the lady as that is how it works I’m the world. We don’t come at lunch time expecting breakfast!!

If you do this then change your name to something else and not brioche burgers.

Never in my life have I seen any restaurant serve breakfast only until 3pm. Must be something to do with saving money instead of people’s demands like she stated.

As a result we left the restaurant and went to another burger place who served lunch at the correct time.

Seems like the staff and management are from Mars and need to get their heads out of their a__!

Never again will I visit this place again. The times need to change back to normal and not idiotic times.

1 by Peter Jones Review source

Reasonably pricy gourmet burgers. Decor is a bit rough but fits the vibe they are going for really well. I had an Angus Beef Burger - the meat was lovely. I found the bun was too soft and deteriorated rapidly. The Turkey bacon in the burger was horrible, really tough and with a lot of fat. I had animal chips (?monkey chips) which were not worth it - soggy and appeared to be drowning in mustard (as far as I can tell that's the special sauce). My friends had a Philly burger and steak and both were very impressed. I would go back as I suspect my menu choices were not the best and the meat quality was so good. I also note they have Wagyu beef which I've not seen before on a halal place and am keen to try (though pricy)! All in I paid around £17 for a burger, chips and can of Fanta.

3 by Waqas Ullah Review source

Hands down the best burger I tried in London. I had the Wagyu Don Vito and I asked for it to be “well done” and it was just perfect. The taste is incredible. They did not over cook it and it was still juicy and slightly pink in the center. Just the way it should be. Everything about the burger was perfectly done including the bun which had slightly crispy / grilled edges but overall fluffy and soft. The crispy edges add to the taste and keep it all together. The whole thing held itself quite well without creating a mess. As a side I tried their chilly fries and those were really tasty as well. Not too chilly and slightly sweet. The food arrived on time with plenty of smiles so the service was top notch.

5 by Review source

One of the best cafes in Walthamstow! Staff were incredibly friendly and helpful, the food was beyond delicious and the prices are very much reasonable.
Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of a lovely gentleman who served us last night, but I would like to thank him for his attentiveness and understanding. Something came up in the middle of our meal and I was unable to finish my burger. He asked us whether everything's okay with the food and kindly offered to wrap it up for us to take away.
We will definitely come back and recommend it to everyone who is looking for a place to eat in Walthamstow.
P.S. You get lollies with your bill! I mean, how much more can you ask for?

5 by Irina Nikitina Review source

Wow. At the moment I would class myself as a regular here. After discovering this gem in the heart of walthamstow the joy just keep coming. The food is great with a theme that's both nostalgic to gamers and big kids alike. It's a cosy place but seats are plenty and not totally busy all the time. There's a game machine in the corner with the like of street fighter et al and brings a nice feel to a busy environment. The burgers and steaks are great and have a good variety and great presentation. All this is topped off by a fantastic service from Yara and the team. KUDOS!!!!!

5 by Raphique Thomas Review source

Myself and my husband went to break our fast today. The brothers looked after us well. They made our food so that its piping hot when it's time to break our fast. They provided dates and water at the beginning as well as giving hummus and bread. Which we thought was a nice touch. The nachos were the real deal not the fake stuff you get in most places. It was freshly fried with a lovely summery avocado and lime dressing. The burgers were huge and very tasty. The sides were a generous portion. All in all a great experience . Will definitely be coming back with hubs x

5 by Ruksana Asik Review source

Walked in & had a mixed vibe from the venue. One room was decorated in a back to the past games room. The other room had the original tiles have done up features from when back in the past.

Service was excellent. We ordered mixed starters to share. The best Nachos we have ever had! Ordered Don vito & that was also the best burger. (drooling thinking about it now).

Overall with the excellent service & mouth drooling food. I 100% recommend eating at this place.

5 by Review source

The burger was average good (good enough but something that you can find in soo many places). What surprised me was the attitude of my waiter. I'm not sure if he wanted to seem proffesional but I had the feeling that he was upset with me the whole time. Not a single smile and the opposite of welcoming. I write reason to avoid the place but why repeat that experience? Just an advise if this was an exception. if you had a bad day don't show it, you will lose clients and tips

2 by Review source

Found at a corner shop of Hoe Street, Brioche Burgers does deliver. The food tastes good, the mocktails was good the chips were great. Add on top friendly staff and a good atmosphere and we have a winner. The place is HMC certified for those interested and they even offer parking tickets for those who drive into before 6pm.

The only issue I had was that the brioche bun was cold and so the burger got cold quickly.

4 by Alom Mohammed Review source

Very high quality burgers, with a variety of choices of meat from Wagyu to aged Aberdeen Angus, chicken, lamb and even vegetarian choices. Is pricey with meals, however the quality and consistency is well worth it. They also have a good rewards scheme with loyalzoo. Parking is an issue during weekdays and Saturday. Closest parking lot is Walthamstow Central. So better to come in the evening or on Sunday.

5 by Sadrul Alom Review source

The food is some of the best around. The burgers are juicy and feel of flavour whilst the wings are large and spicy but not too overpowering that you feel they've just layered on the hot sauce. A lovely evening out with family, the staff are friendly and make you feel welcome and that place isn't too small/large. All in all probably the best burger place in town right now. Highly recommend.

5 by Faizal Shaikh Review source

Only the second night of opening and absolutely heaving. All staff working to the max but couldn't have been more friendly and accommodating. The hot wings aren't blow your head off hot but delicious as anything. Burgers are juicy and flavourful. Rustic chips crunchy and fab. Full menu not yet available but all three of us head different and loved it. Great addition to the area.

5 by Sonia Fletcher Review source

This place is good! We ordered 2 types of wings that were given out of the 3. Enjoyed both of them very much! The burgers itself was absolutely delicious full of flavour and all round a fantastic meal. We ordered the chips with caramelised onions and sauces, it was good but I think next time I'll need to try the chilli fries. The staff were really attentive and friendly.

5 by Shuhana Begum Review source

I had heard a lot about this place so my expectations were high. Having checked the menu online I decided I wanted to try the Wagyu beef burgers. I went with my friends and the service provided to us was excellent. The waiter was extremely friendly and engaged us all in a conversation. The food was top quality. I have since been with my family and the experience was the same.

5 by Farhaz Patel Review source

Great burgers, great fries but nothing beats their tasty milkshakes I'm lactose intolerant and I still had to get one due to how great they are. Love the design of the restaurant especially the old arcade machines and the sets mega drive. Also a very great location (on the high street) with friendly staff they have definitely beaten their competitors (gourmet repulik)

5 by ViZo_FLIGHT . Review source

I was really excited to try the food from this place but was left thoroughly disappointed as the food tasted and smelt quite literally revolting. The best part of my meal was the standard milkshake although the taste of the chips someone else had were nice. Unbelievably disappointed, I definitely won't be returning! Try at your own risk.

2 by Review source

I've been Brioche Burgers before i.e. the one (at the time they had) in Green Street. I have seen them improve but personally, I find their as being okay. I wouldn't come back here on a regular but maybe once a year or so. The extra star is for the HMC meat otherwise, it's good enough for the family, friends and couples.

4 by Tajul Islam Review source

Food was good and the service was friendly and fast - food came in less than 10 mins. Had a burger and chips with cajun salt, which were tasty. The big problem is the space itself - it's so smoky in there it hurts your eyes, and your clothes smell of grilled meat. Couldn't go in there before going out for that reason.

4 by Gareth Evans Review source

Great local place with tasty food with fantastic service. Managed the in house customers and the stream of deliveroo orders very well. I would recommend the chilli chips! Only recommendation is to be a little more generous on their sauce for the monkey fries. Am looking forward to trying the breakfast menu and deliveroo!

5 by Si Tate Review source

Decor was nice, service was good, food was okay. The sides and burgers were pretty oily but I guess that is to be expected of a burger joint! I got the “silence of the lambs“ burger. It was a good size and decent enough in taste. The sweet potato side, mocktail drinks and sticky toffee dessert were all decent also.

4 by Adil Hussain Review source

Visited twice now. Good service, however I found the food lacking. Had both the vege and fish burger and on each occasion they were far too dry. The burgers are sorely in need of some contrasting textures (lettuce, tomato etc) and more sauces for moisture. The buns are way too oily and dry too. Disappointing

3 by Lorna Donohoe Review source

Absolutely Top Notch

I go there almost every week for past year or so

I eat a Cojack Burger Medium cooked and rib eye steak medium cooked

The boss Zak and team are very polite humble and lovely people

I am a foodie and this is the best beef angus burger in town

5 by Review source

Great service with really tasty food. Went with my mates and it was a great atmosphere, rocking a retro kind of feel. Furthermore, thr fact that its a family business pushes the personal level of care even further. I would definitely recommend other friends to go and i would definitely go again!

5 by Review source

couldn't even spot the the place because it was so blended in. so small, burgers def not worth the huge price and the meat would just disintegrate. ordered limonata drink which had way too much crushed ice- filled to top with ice... complained but they said 'thats the way it is'.

1 by Review source

Went to to eat at brioche burgers today, it was soft opening so they didn't have all items in the menu but I tried the wagu buyer and it was brilliant, if you can't find parking in the afternoon ask them for a parking permit.
Also the Marguerite was nice but on the smaller side.

5 by Husain Bawa Review source

I am surprised by the very positive reviews. This is an average burger joint at best, despite the friendly service. I tried one of their exotic reciped and it tasted almost industrial and really nothing special. actually would even prefer McDonald's! Sorry guys. Really average.

3 by X Y Review source

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