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16 Elephant and Castle, London, SE1 6TH

+44 20 3602 1898




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We were attracted by the thought of some proper Polish/Eastern European food and the website of the restaurant is well-made and fun to browse. It is very easy to locate, at the Elephant & Castle roundabout. About 3/4 full for Sunday lunch. There are single tables as well as long tables with benches. It is more of a canteen-type place than a restaurant and unfortunately we were not told that we have to order at the bar and then look for our order number on a screen in the corner, so we wasted a few minutes trying to sort that out and then about 20-25 minutes waiting for our food. The atmosphere was lively and there was some pop music playing (a bit loud). Although nearer the window the atmosphere was probably nicer, we were sitting towards the inside of the restaurant, near the emergency exit and it was clear that the place could definitely use a lick of paint (and replacement of some of the furniture). The food was fairly good - the solid, gut-busting Polish fare that was advertised. Our potato pancakes were a bit burned and it seemed that the frying oil was old. The chicken Devolay didn't seem recently fried as the breading was pretty hard. However, they both tasted pretty good, as did the schnitzel. Did remind me of canteen dining once again though. Desserts are overpriced and the meals are not particularly cheap although the portions of the main meals are large. There is little service (you order and then collect the food yourself), so not much comment there. We might come again if we are in the area.

4 by Dessi Petkova Review source

Dinner of disappointment :(

I don't like to write negative reviews, but this experience made me sad, so I can't help it.

Started with some inappropriate jokes from the host : 'ohh you guys first time here, so you are Mamushka Virgins!' (we were there as a couple). Not great seating. Some of the tables joined, so you can end up seating next to someone random on the table. Not very clean, cutlery not washed properly. But I could have leaved with all that, as didn't expect anything posh just opposite Elephant and Castle station, came there on the first place for dumplings.

Silly me, was thinking that it s going to be smth like Russian pelmeni (dumplings). Turned out Polish kitchen (or this particular place), not using fresh meat to go into those dumplings. We both took Beef ones and realised that Beef is actually not fresh. Taste was like a canned meat we ate when I was a child and we didn't have money to buy proper meat. Horrible.

We came both so hungry, that finished them... In case there will be a question, why plates were empty :)))

Honey cake was alright, but again not smth that you expect to get in a place, which says that they make homemade food...

That is a 'No' from me

2 by Jana Kuvaitseva Review source

You know you're in a Polish restaurant if the waiter comes from the kitchen only to tell you that you can go and pick up your food from the counter because it's ready. It's actually our fault, it's just funny. What was not funny was when I was drinking my coffee holding a cup in my hands and the waiter took away the saucer! I was too shocked to react. OK that's also a bit funny.

The food was all right, not worth to visit if you live half an hour away but tasty and the size is really Polish. I give it 4 stars. What lowers the grade is the creme cake. It was terrible! You can see it at the attached picture - 2 sugary layers of creme (the first based on whipped cream I believe, the other one on butter and pudding) between crackers. It's definitely neither Polish, nor what was advertised in the menu or at the pictures. And if they dare to say that it's the heavenly good cake which became famous because of the late pope John Paul II, they should go straight to hell (in Poland we say in such cases that it wasn't even on the same shelf).

3 by Konrad Wdowiak Review source

i really like this place, the chef was a good lad, took pride in his job. the food, good sized portions, tasty, a good example of polish food. tasted like cooking i've had round my polish brothers house.
the pork was tender and the chicken livers in the creamy sauce was a rich dish, it was properly lovely. I recommend both of those for sure.
also they sell a beer called GRAND IMPERIAL PORTER!! Browar Amber. this beer is smashing!
i was disappointed they didnt have the deep fried cheese, if they'd had that, for sure a six star rating.
go here for a good home cooked style meal its very good value. just be aware, i think they do run out of certain popular dishes so have an alternative to hand when you order, which you have to go to the counter to do. once you've ordered, and paid, you return to your seat, and then they let you know when your meal is ready. you then go to the collect your food from the kitchen counter, and tuck in once its prepared. simple, its probably how they keep the prices low. as it is very reasonably priced here.

5 by ottis m Review source

As half my family are Polish, I was delighted to find a Polish restaurant round the corner from my work - and in general, it's served me very well. The menu is somewhat limited if you are vegetarian or vegan ; there's only pierogi, vegan bigos and some potato dishes that are available to non meat-eaters. Since I'm no longer eating meat, it limits the options.

However, I have been there when I did eat meat and if you're a carnivore, Mamuska is very much worth the visit. From schabowy to pork gulasz and beyond, it's good Polish fayre. There are a number of familiar Polish beers available, though these aren't particularly cheap - but very much in keeping with London pricing.

Customer service has varied somewhat in the past but my last visit was very good. It's largely self-service too.

Overall, definitely worth a visit if you like meat and a laid-back atmosphere.

3 by Jim Sarek Review source

Today me and my bf went to the restaurant for dinner. We used to like here a lot. Today, we noticed that the menu has been changed. Potato pancake was our favorite. But now it's no longer on the menu. The soup was a bit cold. Also we ordered new dishes (baked dumplin) and pickle fish. The dumpline was COLD! and they did not baked it at all. The pickle fish are LITERALLY PICKLE FISH... the bread are cold and hard, it used to be warm and baked. Overall, it's really disappointed! We used to like here a lot. We no longer like there. It used to be a good place with friendly price and nice food quality. Now the food is terrible with unworthy price.....emh we will not go back there

1 by Review source

Good place in London to try some Polish food. There is no waiting service here, you order at the till where you can customise all your dishes with different type of salads and sides and then you get your food from a counter when ready (they let you know by a number in your ticket)
We've had Polish food several times before and this was not the best nor the worst. It was good. The best thing we had were the leek and carrot salad and the warm beetroot one.
The meat pierogies were very nice as well
We did not enjoy the sauce that came with the beef cheeks. The cheeks themselves were excellent, super tender but the sauce ruined it for us.

3 by Nikko R. Review source

I had an opportunity to eat in Polish cuisine restaurants all over The city and I have to admitt that Mamuśka is one of the best if not the best one. Atmosphere is freindly and welcoming, staff starts speaking English but once you will ask if they speak Polish they do speak Polish to you. Soups were truly tasty! For main we had fried chese and Schabowy. They were not as good as soup but soup set the standard high so overall mains were good as well...lemonade and Kremówka(for dessert) also very good! Small minus for cold bathrooms. Concluding, I would definetely recommend.

4 by kamil stezewski Review source

Food was great and surprisingly well priced. You need to remember to go up and order at the till. This is not a waiting service restaurant.

Once your number gets called go get that grub, food is extremely tasty with a great selection of various Polish dishes on the menu, including vegan and vegetarian options.

The highlight for me was the honey cakes, all tasted great and worthy\\u200bof a nibble, we deducted a star because half way through our meal we was asked to move tables as the next seating had turned up. But the staff were great!

4 by Darren Stocking Review source

I love Eastern European food; I lived in Slovakia for years and once I got used to it, grew to love all the comforting homey stodge. My fella is slovak too so we frequently eat pierogi at home as well as lots of cabbidgy things so the style of the food was not the issue for me. I feel bad saying this cos it's a nice friendly place, but the food was pretty terrible. I don't know if we caught them on a bad day or what it was, but everything was just really bland and unappetising. A shame.

2 by Scott Lafferty Review source

I can only reiterate the comments of the people above. Great food, especially the Bigos, great staff, the waitress who went out of her way to explain some of the more obscure Polish items on the menu needs to be commended and all at a reasonable price. They also have a great selection of vodka.

I found the menu layout on the tables confusing, my inexperience of this establishment will be overcome when we next visit.

I heartily recommend Mumshka to anyone

4 by Dave Herbert Review source

Great prices for some hearty Polish food. I love the laid-back cantina-style atmosphere. Good Polish beer selection, including one that tastes like honey! It is largely self-serving, however, so you'll have to take yourself to a table, retrieve your own cutlery, queue to order your food, and watch the serving station for your number to collect your food. The extra effort expended for your meal is made up with the great prices, though!

4 by Ash George Review source

Great polish food for a decent price, food is ready very fast and no waiting around for a waiter to serve you.
Clean tables, toilets and enjoyable atmosphere, and great for small groups (big plates can be shared).
I visit on a regular basis and have yet to be disappointed with the taste, quality, quantity or speed.

Would be nice to get more than 1 slice of bread with the soup though :) I highly recommend mamuśka!

5 by Review source

'The best Polish restaurant in London' - our experience proved different, although I wasn't dining elsewhere. I took my English friend for his first taste of Polish food and that was a disappointment. I don't mind the place itself but the food was bad. Beetroot soup from the concentrate, not warm enough, the krokiety were over fried, pierogi, well... in a mid range score. A very limited choice for vegetarians.

2 by Review source

I ordered food from here using Deliveroo, the bigos was amazing! Really liked it, very similar to what my mom makes. Potatoes could be boiled for extra 5 min as few bites were still chunky and hard. I also ordered schabowy with cheese and mushrooms. That extra cost for few tiny slices of mushroom and cheese isn't worth it in my opinion. Cake was nice. I would order again as portions are generous and very attractive prices.

5 by Dawid Czerwinski Review source

Spacious and bright restaurant. I've been there several times and it's never crowded so it's easy to find a good table. The staff is friendly and take your order really fast. No need to wait. The food is okay but the lunch menu doesn't have many options. There is a daily special, which changes every day, but most of the time is not good. Fast service and cheap prices (menu special plus drink £5). Recommended.

4 by Angela Review source

Nice hearty food and very good value, perfect for a winter evening. It was my first visit and the staff were extremely helpful and friendly in helping me understand the process, as it is a canteen style restaurant. Really fantastic customer service. Great place for a casual meal and excellent venue for groups but quite noisy as it is also a bar so not for you if you're looking for a quiet meal.

4 by Rachel R Review source

I'm quite picky when it comes to Polish food and was a little bit reluctant to have lunch at Mamuska. However after my barszcz and placki ziemniaczane arrived I found myself pleasantly surprised. It was tasty, not too salty, mushroom sauce was full of mushrooms and potato pancakes were baked instead of deep fried. Plus very friendly service. I will be coming back.

5 by Aga Gajownik Review source

I come here a lot for the good value food and wide selection of beer and vodkas. Sometimes the food can be a bit hit and miss, but for the majority of the time, I'm more than happy. When I'm not, the selection of alcoholic beverages more than makes up for it. Staff are friendly and boss is always around who likes to have a chit chat.

4 by Shing Wei Ma Review source

Decent restaurant, I was really impressed with their food. The place itself is spacious enough and their tables are good for group of up to ten people.
On the other hand, their toilets aren't very pretty, they are dirty and smelly.
Staff is friendly and welcoming.
Overall, good atmosphere and a nice place to have a dinner

3 by peter musinsky Review source

Great place! Quick walk from local court. Planning to dine there for whole 2 weeks every day. Verry good selection of Polish cuisine and pretty good beer and vodka offer.
5£ Lunch offer is a win-win bargain, if you like to eat and hungry you can go for two for £10 and you will be full. Prices/staff/decor/entertainment spot on!

5 by Piotr Liebersbach . Review source

Really genuine and friendly restaurant with a great polish beer selection. If you haven't tried a pierogi you haven't lived!

Another comment suggested the staff ignore them, but they must have missed the 6foot instructions on the wall saying to order at the beer bar, seat yourself and wait for your number...

5 by Richard Peter Review source

Just ordered a selection of food from here, and I must say it was delicious...the chicken with the mushrooms is what I would get from a lovely granny, so warming and conforming.

Also I would like to give a shout out to Mamuska! for supplying cutlery that it compostable and biodegradable. Pretty awesome to see.

5 by Misha Ribeiro Review source

Very good selection of honest Polish food on offer with daily soups being very good value at 3£. Dishes could use bit more spices imo, however they do provide all usual condiments so you can make it your way. Great selection of Polish beers including less known brands that are most definitely worth exploring.

4 by Review source

The format of the restaurant is such a good idea. It's quick, reasonably priced, spacious and the food is delicious. There is also quite a few alcohol drinks options. It's really suitable for families or big groups. It's not just for meat eaters, there is vegetarian dishes as well.

4 by Shuntao Li Review source

Pro: Friendly staff, food ready in 2 min (probably a pro and a con), price okay.

Con: Beef goulash completely without flavour. Not a single piece of vegetable to be found. Come on, if you can't be bothered to throw in at least one slice of red pepper, spices would be nice.

2 by Marco Klein Review source

Staff have great communication skill, with some humor, overall we liked the place, but the meals were too big, one portion is big enough for two. The music came from ceiling speakers which i felt were turned up way too loud. All in all the place is a treasure and well worthy of a visit.

3 by Kenny Darcy Review source

excellent food, service and atmosphere, so impressed with dinner on Saturday night, we went back for breakfast Sunday morning on our weekend away in London, it just got better, just wish it was closer than 200 miles away, We'd be there more regularly, absolutely brilliant xx

5 by Review source

Amazing, incredible, fantastic, beautiful, fun, charming, cheap, tasty, delicious, happy, everything positive. If you have not experienced, do not hestiate, GO TODAY, please. I recommend the Zurek or Barscht soups (big big bowls and only £3) and allllllll of the pierogi. Enjoy!!

5 by Amy Colleen Review source

Popular among people of various nationalities. Always great soups and classic Polish dishes on offer. For £30 you'll easily feed two hungry people (including soft drinks). Also good selection of less known Polish beers which are more pricey but definitely worth trying!

5 by J Bo Review source

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