The Craft Beer Co. Covent Garden - London

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168 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7AA

+44 20 7240 0431




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Hi Ben! (I don't know if I spell your name right)

I am Garam studying at Netherlands and going back to Korea soon.
You are so nice, kind and know so much about your beers that I can choose what I should drink every day very easily :)

I feel sorry I couldn't talk with you much cuz you were so busy with your customers.

And the last beer you recommended to me was really experimental! It was very sour and fruity.

If I have any chance to go to London again in my life, your craft beer pub is the number one place that I must visit :)

5 by 최가람 Review source

Outstanding selection of beer & ale. Some cask, some keg. Giant selection.
Really great and informative staff. Generally standing room only on ground floor with smattering of cocktail stools. Lots of tables & chairs in basement area, and a fabric awning over the outdoor smokers area.
I have visited e times so far when guest ales or a brewer is in town and I get to sample a new brew. As a downtown watering hole it can't be faulted.
Please note* It is heaving at peak times in the weekday evenings, the mark of a successful bar.

5 by Tim Keates Review source

Probably one of the best craft beers I've ever had, they've got a great selection. Came here on a recommendation from a friend and despite being a Friday night it's a great social place. The beers and cider tasted really good and something different to your usual pub or bar. The atmosphere in this location was quite good, it was chill and mellow. However the size of the place is quite small so depending on how busy it is you may have to stand somewhere. There are quite a few locations across London too.

4 by Shamik Shah Review source

Why go any other bar in central London - unless you want insipid urine at any price and don't care who serves it. 45 beers on draft from small Cask and craft brewers. Yes, 45. 15 Cask, 30 keg. So many incredible styles, and I guarantee all the bar staff know their beer stuff. Oh plus masses of malt whiskies, gins, and 'Boiler Makers' - beer and malt whisky mixers. Great fun atmosphere. Don't be put off if it looks busy, there's loads more space downstairs. 45 niche beers on draft.

5 by Phil Nightingale Review source

Excellent beer in a small pub. A great range of styles of beer that rotate very frequently. Good staff that can usually recommend a beer to your taste, but may not know much more, rounds off a great place to visit.

It can become a little crowded, particularly if the weather is inclement, but there's a lounge downstairs with more seating that's often free.

Sadly they don't serve food anymore, which is a shame.

5 by Andrew Smith-Thomas Review source

Old review - Not the best craft co selection and some comical bottle prices. Wanted £60 for standard alesmith stuff (not BA or anything) like it's rare or something?! Leather lane or pimlico fat better. New review - tried to give me change of £10 when I gave them £20. No apology, good chance it was a lazy scam (for reference the £20 note is a purple affair, £10 is orangy) so watch out. Also specialises in dirty dirty glasses.

1 by NJ B Review source

New Oxford St and surrounds is a black hole for pubs so this place - short walk away - is a welcome addition. This chain specialises in local real beer so I go in for a nutritious drop as much as possible. The selection is unreal. Staff know their sht too and not overly pretentious. It's not a huge place upstairs but I always manage to get a place to sit. Basement is too dark for me.

5 by JP F Review source

I love this place. I'd like to make this my local, but I would never get any work done, I'd become an alcoholic and my whole life would fall apart.... But at least I'd be happy! Lots of draught beers to choose from, real ales, craft ales & lagers. Good spirit selection too. The pork pies are great and the Nachos are served in a very generous portion.

5 by Damian Scott Review source

I go here fairly regularly and the are always a huge range of different beers on tap as well as some which don't (and shouldn't) change. The downstairs area is nice and quiet during the day (great to have a pint and read a book) and the upstairs area is nice and bright and a good place to watch the world go by. I'll definitely be back, probably next week.

5 by Paul Walker Review source

As standard with this chain of bars, fantastic selection of beers and cool atmosphere. Lots of variety of beer which rotates regularly depending on what's new. Expect typical craft beer prices. Spacious downstairs with additional seating available, which is nice because the ground floor can get cramped rather quickly. A solid destination for beer lovers.

4 by Finn Lindsay Review source

What an absolute dump I wouldn't set foot in this dive ever again rude staff, no food and high priced drinks with REALLY weak pour probably watered down and such an attitude that they are doin you a favor by taking your money from strong drinks to overpricing and terrible sound system this place is a dive best left to its eventual demise

1 by Guy Parker Review source

That is all.

Seriously, if you love real ale and craft beer, this is the place for you! I popped in for a few while waiting for the wife to finish work and had 5 pints!
So many beers, so little time!
There must have been 20 - 30 beers on tap and a few more in the fridges too! Well worth a visit!

5 by Mark Bond Review source

Lovely venue, well located close to several tube stations, a good choice of beers (to many for one visit) the bar staff were very friendly and helpful. The only down side was a lot of the seating was down stairs, making it difficult for people with mobility issues.
I'll definitely go back and recommend to friends.

4 by Tony Martin Review source

EASILY the best beer selection in London. Fast service, tons of great craft brew from America and Europe. Very social atmosphere with outdoor standing area. Great location. One of my favorite spots for a good beer in London.
Most of the beer is much higher gravity than you will find in pubs and taverns in Europe.

5 by Jeff Winters Review source

If you like craft beer and central London you'll love this place. It offers everything from craft beer to a central London location. Don't be put off by the bright windows upstair, there is an entirely windowless basement to cry into your strong hoppy glass of amber, or if you like something more positive

4 by Michael Oakes Review source

I went in the Craft Beer bar for the first time. As soon as I entered I realized there is a massive amount of beer to choose from. I had no idea what I wanted. I asked a bar tender lady for recommendations and she was so helpful. I ended up having a nice pint. I highly recommend the Craft Beer Co. for a night out.

5 by Review source

Amazing place and great variety of delicious beers. The staff is excelent, can help you to choose and recommend what you need to have a pleasant night.
And there is a very funny and conversationalist blonde guy that guarantees some laughs.
Thank you for so many beers late night! Hope to see you soon.

5 by Review source

Nice and friendly pub close to covent garden.
Gets very full and busy in the evening, maybe a bit too much crowded.
But staff is friendly and let you try beers since they have a vast variety from lagers to weiss.
Try to avoid busy times, or in case go to lower floor that is usually less busy.

3 by Gady Piazza Review source

The drinks menu in this place were excellent. There is such a wide range of beers to choose from. It has a good, busy atmosphere upstairs, with more space downstairs. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Had chips to go along with the drink and it was lovely. Already looking forward to going back!

5 by Vinaya Kumara Honnavalli Sheshadri Review source

The atmosphere is decent and the beer selection is impressive. The staff are friendly and can point you in the direction of a beer that will satisfy you. There is a downstairs area too which is capable of holding large groups. The only down side here is the price, wow are the beers expensive.

4 by Dominic White Review source

Can't go wrong with craft beer Co, a mix of stuff you know and stuff you don't. Reasonably priced and always lots of room inside. Great for casual after work vibes or a cheeky weekend stop off. Also love it when they do tap take overs the Thornbridge one was epic

5 by Hugo Horvath Review source

A good place for locals (I assume). Shockingly rude if you dare ask to taste a drink and very short if you don't speak perfect English/want a recommendation. Avoid if you are a tourist. It's rare I write a review but it's rare I have such shocking service.

1 by Review source

Great, rotating selection of beers. Fast service even when busy. The massive selection can be a little overwhelming at first but you can check their site before going to see what they've got on and choose a few to try so you're ready when you get there.

5 by TheRiceWorks Review source

Holy Hell! Great Pub/Bar! Went here on the weekend of the August bank holiday with a group of lads for the rugby! The landlord was a legend and the staff were all really friendly! We were singing and having a good time all evening! Everyone go and visit!

5 by Jamie Travis Review source

Craft beer Co. in Covent Garden on the outside seems like the normal small London pub, however if you step inside then you'll see an incredible array of craft beer and cider. Whilst sometimes very busy it is very worth it to try some amazing brews!

5 by Nicholas Warrand Review source

Cosy little place, with an extensive selection of cask and draught beer, and a collection of interesting bottles in the fridge. A must-visit for craft beer lovers. Don't let the crowd turn you off - there's a basement with seating too.

4 by Marcus Wong Review source

A great selection of beers that regularly changes. Can be pricey even for London though, be warned it gets very busy. A good place to rest your feet after shopping in Covent Garden. Serves decent burgers to help soak up some of that alcohol!

4 by Joe Review source

This place gets horrendously busy and due to the shape (long and narrow) doesn't make it fun getting to the bar. It has a nice downstairs area though, just a shame there isn't a bar downstairs. Not the best craft beer co branch.

4 by Tom Marsh Review source

Situated in a nice area on the outside of covent garden. Great selection of beers over 40+. We stayed upstairs and it can get pretty crowded at peak times such as after work. But it is still a good place to go for a few drinks.

5 by Amish Desai Review source

Erm... If you like craft beer...come here! Great selection of craft beers, constantly changing but still keeping the favourite breweries around. Service is friendly and a bit of an outside area to watch the tourists go by.

5 by James Christie Review source

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