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I visited here today with a friend and my experience was not so good. I have ate here before and had nothing but good things to say about it and have recommended it to a few of my friends. Although this was not the case today. We arrived to a young girl at the bar and we politely asked for a 'table for two', then she advised us to 'pick a seat and when we are ready to go up and order at the bar'. Which wasn't the case before hand? I have always been asked for my order whilst sitting down at my table. On arrival to the restaurant I saw a gentleman in the back with no hair net on but with long hair? so I quickly moved on due to acknowledging surely he can't be cooking the food without infection control measures of personal protective equipment?.A few other customers came in afterwards and was told the same thing and they wasn't impressed. They politely asked why this order situation has changed, the young girl kindly explained that it was changed on the previous Monday and that they had started self service. To me self service is ok in order to get myself a refillable drink but I don't think it's necessary to have to get your own 'Bread, tea, coffee, orange juice, apple juice, margarine, butter and milk'. I think that it was a bit over the top on the self service due to customers being able to take advantage due to cups being available near all the drink machines and them helping themselves to things that they haven't paid for. I also ordered ' 2 crispy chicken breasts and chips ', it tasted average but the food could of been a lot hotter. I would normally make excuses for people who are very busy but it was a quite afternoon when we arrived and also we noticed that food was kept underneath the heat lamp for a while. Myself and my friend ate it anyway as we was both very hungry after our 7.5 hour shift. We decided to order a pudding which was good price due to their offer in house, but we didn't expect to be so let down. I ordered a ' hot chocolate fudge cake ' and my friend ordered the 'hot chocolate sundae', when we both received our puddings we was very disappointed, the fudge cake was hard and very cold. The chocolate didn't taste of anything and that was also very cold. My friends desert of a ' hot chocolate sundae' was tastleless also. We both decided to push it to one side and leave as we had enough. It's a shame as this restaurant has very high standards and is a very good business. Perhaps it was one of them days? I don't know. But I know that I won't be visiting this restaurant again.
Although I had no problem with the staff their, it was the food and the new system that is being held.

2 by Review source

Great place to have some food. Diner is laid out ok and also accommodate highchairs if required. Staff are friendly and helpful. Food itself was really nice and reasonably priced

The above review as written 10 months ago with a 5 star review. However I've now changed it to 3 following our visit today. The biggest flaw here is the customer service. There has been a massive drop and change in it.
We arrived waiting to be seated and were told to just find a table. There were no high chairs available, but a member of staff assured me that they would bring me one shortly... This did not happen at all. When my wife went to order about 5 members of staff looked at her but didn't take an order. It wasn't until one member took the initiative to say it was the other side for the order to be placed. Waited about 25 minute for the food which wasn't bad. Managed to get a fork but no knives. Asked a staff member who said they'd bring it over but this didn't happen. Asked them again to which they brought over 4 putting them in front of my daughter. To top it all of found a hair in my wife's plate of food. Took it to a member of staff who sorted it.
The biggest let down is the customer service, where the staff don't even look happy to be there, I think one member of staff managed to break a smile. In the end nobody even got back to us about the high chair.

All in all not happy, compared to the countless good times this visit has turned this place down.

3 by PhantomSmitz . Review source

Disappointed by the very poor service. We took our parents out for lunch to this restaurant and it seemed to be a visit destined to have one mishap after the other.
First, one of the portions of fish and chips ordered was embarrassingly small. This needed to be sent back which resulted in one of us having to wait for our food whilst the others ate. Whilst this wouldn't normally be a problem, it defeated the purpose of making an effort to go out for a meal together if we couldn't all eat at the same time.
This restaurant boasts that it gives second helpings of chips. We ordered a second plate of chips for the table and had to request this from three separate servers, as nothing had arrived despite a significant amount of time having passed. We finally gave up and decided to leave as it didn't seem likely that the chips were going to show up. What added insult to injury was the indifferent attitude of one of the staff when this was mentioned to them on our way out.
Whilst still not acceptable, it would be somewhat understandable if the restaurant was packed; however, we visited between 3 and 4 pm today (1st May) and there were a number of empty tables, so we fail to see why the service was so substandard.
All in all, a frustrating visit where we left feeling annoyed and filled with regret about our decision\\u200b to eat at this restaurant.

1 by Review source

The quality of the food in both Shirley and Henley-In-Arden have dropped considerably since they both opened, Shirley has never been good but I visited both again recently and the chips were not edible unless I wanted to break my teeth on them, scrappy little bits and overcooked. The staff at Shirley are miserable and Henley are too busy chatting to each other to notice that you need to be seated, and then once seated forget about you until you remind them to serve you. As for the drinks again had to be reminded that you had ordered. Overall they clearly need better training, and the chefs really need to learn how to cook something as basic as chips.

According to their website and printed information it states: 'Finest Catch Chips are prepared daily from fresh English Potatoes, ideal for chipping' I would definitely say that this is not the case and that they use frozen chips from Farmfoods or some other frozen food outlet. And the same would go for the fish.

Bet the owners never eat in their own outlets, and probably have no idea how quality is being comprised, and if they do know they probably just don't care!

1 by Review source

My party of four went to the restaurant on Friday 8th September having previously always enjoyed our visits, service, food ,atmosphere etc. We came away sadly very disappointed. This conveyed to duty Manager at the time.
Where one used to be greeted and shown to a table, now you find your own. Waiting staff used to take your order, now you order at the counter. There was a considerable wait to do this as only one member of staff was on duty, having to accept orders, payment and also serve.
You now have to find the bread and butter, cutlery etc yourself where once this was part of the service.
Food quality poor! my wife ordered breaded garlic mushrooms as a starter. These appeared to have been cooked several times, cutting with a sharp knife was impossible and they were completely inedible.
We were reimbursed for this item, and replacement given.
Chips dry, all meals visually unappealing and in a phrase didnt tickle the taste buds.
To sum up, what was previously an enjoyable dining experience in a restaurant with ambience, is now a visit to a chip shop with some tables.

1 by Review source

Attention to the Public...!!!

This is NOT a Restuarant as they state on their Billboard Advertisement in the Car Park!!!

It's become a cheap buffet outlet.... what a shock, the new changes from the Management... what were they thinking????

You have to order your food at the Till and bring your own utensils to your selected table. Drinks are in plastic cups. Everything is shabby and cheap.

Or it either seems management are trying to find a way to cut costs... there are no more waiters/ waitresses.... it's all about

Most importantly... the quality of fish and chips.... we suspected they have cut costs in that key area too... Public... be your own judges...especially if you have dined here previously...then you will have a good idea how great the fish and chips were...

Verdict... 'Return To Sender'

This will be our last visit here.

Best of Luck POOREST CATCH!!!

Mr & Mrs Mughal

1 by omar mughal Review source

What a terrible experience. My mom accidentally ordered the wrong meal for me. Everyone makes mistakes. We ask one of the team could they change the meal to a scampi please. And they said the manger said no. I didn't even eat a chip because I wanted to change my meal. Your suppose to make the customer happy. Obviously not here. As I am sitting there will a full plate of food hadn't even been touched other members are staff are walking round looking at all the food on my plate. I go to fill up my drink and a member of staff is talking about why I haven't eaten my dinner with another member of staff. Instead of discuss and moanjng about it. Take action and help the customer. NEVER again will I come here. Such poor service. And you obviously have to be perfect and never make mistakes to come here.

1 by Review source

Previously a 5 Star but they have 'improved' their previously lovely system by forcing you to order at the bar and then collect your bread and butter, tartare sauce in cheap plastic containers and make your own cup of tea with a bag in a mug. If this is the price of a £1.99 pint you can keep it. Have been visiting Shirley and Henley since Finest Catch opened and it was always a great experience. Now, just as Mike Ashley's Sports Direct seems to be going up market, Finest Catch is heading for the gutter. I can live with ordering at the bar but please,please, please bring back the proper table service that made you exceptional.

3 by Shaun Walls Review source

Food is always good but some changes lately...self service for the unlimited bread and butter, tartar sauce and soft drinks. a wheelchair user I would have to say access is not great. There are disabled parking bays but then you have to negotiate two steps into the building...through two doors. There is a ramp and rail to the toilets and I was told rails were in the loos. However seating arrangements were such that I would have had to ask 4 people to get up and move out of my way to access the loos and then do the same on my way out so I felt unable to use the toilet

4 by Sarah May Review source

Food is nice enough but slow now they've adopted the new way of ordering. Instead of table service, you find a table and order at the bar, then help yourself to drinks, cutlery, bread & butter etc. The staff are mostly pleasant and helpful. There are one or two who need to work on their appearance but they are good enough at what they do.
The noise levels here are atrocious, doesn't matter where you sit. The toilets aren't very disabled friendly, definitely not enough room for a wheelchair user. Won't be returning any time soon.

3 by Paul Lucy Crossley Review source

Fantastic service and price. Food cooked fresh and came out hot and well presented. We had one cod in batter and one grilled cod. Both were very tasty. Restaurant offers unlimited tea and as much bread and butter you need. All this and extra chips free if you want them. This was our fourth visit and the standard was first class every time. The restaurant itself was clean with pleasant atmosphere with the juke box softly playing in the background. We happily recommend this venue for First Class food and service. We'll sobe to the whole team.

5 by Tony Downs Review source

I ordered takeaway from this restaurant and it seemed they were clearly focused on the restaurant experience because I waited for my order for well over half an hour - all I ordered was two portions of sausage and chips. When I finally got the food home it was very tasty and the prices of this place are unbelievablely cheap. The thing holding me back from getting takeaway from them again is the waiting time and what's stopping me eating in is the atmosphere, in my opinion the place could do with a lick of paint.

3 by Review source

Sadly, no longer the 'Finest'. Has this establishment changed hands as it is nothing like it once was? It has become self-service; find your own table, go to the till to place the order, pour your drinks, collect cutlery etc. No waiters. Food disappointing, once you could choose cod or haddock, now the menu offers 'fish'. Greasy overcooked batter with unpleasant strong flavoured fish. No atmosphere, I could easily have been at a motorway service stop! What a shame. We won't be back.

1 by Review source

They used to be really good food and service wise but since the change in management quality of food has declined.

The fish always seems to be over battered and fried in a strange tasting oil. Also upon finding a table ourselves and telling the staff to clean it we always find ourselves sitting at a table with dirty dishes for about 20 mins.... Not sure if worth the time and money spent but I think their 2 for 1 offers on weekdays be the only thing luring people in...

2 by Arooj Iqbal Review source

I usually love the finest catch. But this week disappointing. Went to Henley in arden one to find it closed for refurb no sign up to say and nothing online. Came to Shirley one and took half an hour for food. Forgot my drink after bringing my partners out. So had to ask where it was. Food not great and to top things off. People that arrived after us were waited on and served food 20 mins before us. Wont be returning starting to dread coming out for food on sundays.

2 by Review source

I've been to other finest catch, and they were great, however this one I feel did not live up to the others. I had a standard fish and chips. I was impressed with the quality of the chips, but the fish was disappointing. The batter was very sickly and I had to leave it all. Has the chef tried the batter recently?
The staff were otherwise good and cleanliness was not too bad either, just the quality of the food has slipped. I probably won't return.

2 by Andrew Atkinson Review source

We went on a Monday (discount night), entertaining an American colleague and it was a very chaotic. Had to wait to be seated, that's ok, but others jumped in front of us. 30 min wait to order, then the food came out before the drinks. The food was good when it arrived. I think they need some older members of staff and better trained to steer the ship a little. Bit embarrassed for my guest.

2 by Review source

Visited this evening, got a table straight away at 19:30 Since my last visit they have moved to self service. You have to order at the counter, take cutlery and bread & butter, get your own drinks. This is OK at the 50% deal, but at full price I don't think it's worth it.The fish was very greasy, and mostly batter. I'm not sure I would go again.

2 by Review source

For that great fish supper you can't beat the finest catch. The staff are very friendly and nothing is too much trouble. The décor is like an American diner but the fish and chips are truly British. Main courses are half price Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. And all deserts are half price wednesdays, through Saturdays.

5 by happy hkv Review source

When finest catch opened it was very good. They did large portions lovely chips. Now it has totally gone down in service and quality. They also did chips suitable for vegetarians and glutenfree. Now the chips are fried in the same oil as the southern fried chicken. This place has become a very big disappointment.

1 by Review source

Cheap beer and good fish and chips. Not sophisticated but good if you don't want to spend much but want that. Half price on certain days. Sunday is one of those days. So £5 for the meal £2.50 pint of San Miguel. Makes for a cheap if non gourmet night out. Busy with kids so noisy but good at what it does.

4 by Jonathan Homer Review source

I normally really enjoy this restaurant the food is normally great and the staff are pleasant. However after having my first takeaway from here for lunch (haddock) I suffered really severe food poisoning for that reason I will not be returning, I just do not recommend any fish to anybody wishing to go here.

2 by Review source

Have always enjoyed the experience, Went to the Shirley branch disappointed! The food here was always exeptional, but the standard has really slipped the fish was good, but where are the lovely fluffy chips. And the price of the curry sauce, 1.50p for a tiny pot. Last time I went it was twice the size.

3 by Review source

Really disappointed with Shirley after the great experience we'd previously had at Henley. Couldn't fault the food but the service was awful. We waited so long to be shown a dessert menu that we decided to leave instead. Real shame, guess we'll just have to stick with the Henley branch.

3 by Review source

Visited on Tuesday 15 November with missus, son and aunt & uncle. We all eat good tasty plate of cod n chips, peas, bread n butter, bottomless cups of tea (son was impressed with a pint of San Miguel for £1.99!) - all for £33. Friendly staff and good music on juke box. Will deffo visit again

4 by John Griffiths Review source

Awesome fish and chips ! Take away or eat in, its VFM !
Sun, Mon & Tues are half price main.
So for 2 large cod and chips, bread and butter, seconds of chips is just £10 eat in !!
Take away menu is differently priced but still VFM.
Highly recommended.

5 by KeepYourRatOut Review source

We were avid fans of this restaurant when it first opened, both sites were excellent. Recently they have gone to the dogs. Portions are smaller and the quality is very poor, and the service at Henley is dire.
I advise finding an alternative as you will be disappointed.

1 by Review source

Visited for the first time this week and very impressed! Food was excellent, staff were very polite and friendly and excellent prices (don't make the mistake I made thinking cheap prices means small portions, they don't!). Look forwards to visiting again soon.

5 by Michael Stephenson Review source

Have eaten here a few times now and fish and chips have always been good (not tried any of the other food). Prices are reasonably, especially good on their offer days. Service has always been pretty good too. Does get busy at times so may have to wait for a table.

4 by Julie Kendall Review source

Great service by staff. Food arrived promptly and tasted really good. Food was half price as it was Sunday. The sides of Mushy Peas were large and could of probably done with having one between two rather than one each. Drinks are cheap and some were refillable.

5 by Chloe Smith Review source

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