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Free gallery showcasing contemporary art. The exhibition I saw was amazing, a Swedish filmmaker/photography that plays with absurdist imagery that conjures bizarre thoughts. Gallery itself is small with just 1 level but layer out really well.

Grab a bike (or walk) around Hyde park, check out the monuments and river, see the other Sachler gallery and check this one out too. Lie down with a bottle of wine by the river and you have yourself a solid day in London.

5 by William Suen Review source

Amazing addition to the nearby main gallery, by the Serpentine. Hadid architecture, wonderful cafe bar restaurant and great contemporary art. Located five minutes' walk from the Serpentine Gallery across the Serpentine Bridge, it comprises 900 square metres of gallery space, restaurant, shop and social space.

The 'Magazine' Restaurant adjoins the gallery space.

5 by Ingo Pless Arena Projects Review source

The architecture of the Serpentine Sackler Gallery is the perfect combination of modern style (extension was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects) and early 19th century architecture (original building was completed in 1805 and was the gunpowder store). The extension really brings the gallery to live; certainly a place to visit as they have some interesting exhibitions as well.

5 by Victor Review source

When I visited a photo exhibition and film, most of the photo is about blacks. When put movie, there are three zones, different video content, blacks singing, dialogue and monologue. If you do not borrow headphones listen music came less than a movie with dialogue. Let's have another look at photography quiet environment.

3 by Candace Yu Review source

Probably one of the most interesting exhibition spaces in London in terms of contemporary art. The main Serpentine Gallery puts on interesting shows, but I tend to find the slightly more 'niche' ones at the Serpentine's Sackler Gallery more interesting and intellectually stimulating.

5 by Dr Dorothy Lobel King Review source

I love this place. I've never been disappointed with their exhibitions. They are usually modern, emotional and extravagant. The space inside is great, and they use it well depending on the exhibition on. Visit often.

5 by Steve Peca Review source

Loved the gallery! Perfect size and always changing collection! Was free to enter.

Currently (as of 10/12/16) Zaha Hadid Sketches are on for viewing. 'The Peak' is worth the visit.

5 by Hamish Brettingham-Moore Review source

Was looking at the art work in a certain room and I have a leg condition and the seats was taken so I sat on this wall I personally don't see what I have done if anyone knows reply please

3 by Declan Whittaker Review source

A stylish gallery with free admission hosting frequently changing art exhibitions. Tasteful and spacious despite size with an über-trendy cafeteria attached...Hadid did it, she did, indeed.

4 by jeff benjamin Review source

Small new gallery in the middle of the park; I have only been to one exhibition and although not particular my taste, I can see it is great quality.

4 by marco vincitori Review source

Fantastic Zaha Hadid roof - great intimate exhibition space. Restaurant is open till 1830 and serves a mean steak. Definitely worth a visit

4 by Jason C Review source

amazing place for drinks, and the snacks aren't bad either! the interior is amazing, and in a perfect place for seeing central london!

4 by Astrid Svensson Review source

Zaha Hadid's architecture clashes with the serenity of the park, the shows strive to be edgy without always being thought provoking.

2 by V Doupas Review source

A small cozy contemporary gallery in the middle of a famous park. If not for the art, worth visiting for a lovely quite cafeteria.

4 by Mark Kychma Review source

Beautiful architecture and interesting shows but way too crowded on a weekend afternoon to appreciate the artworks.

4 by Cindy C Review source

Hiyde Park is a wonderful art gallery and restaurant that I admire with its magnificent modern architecture.

5 by Asuman Güntay Review source

Great exhibition by Sondra Perry and staff really helpful by explaining the thoughts behind the art

5 by Mionah Abbassi Larsen Review source

Very nice place to sit down and some food and drinks. Zaha did lovely little project here.

4 by Jing Xue Review source

Lovely venue for a host of free, and generally always interesting, exhibitions.

5 by Josh Lawson Review source

Uplifting experience. Unusual artwork contained in interesting architecture.

5 by Review source

Free, changing exhibitions by different artists.
But not very big.

4 by Corinna Sturm Review source

An understated and unassuming gallery in London's best park

5 by Dan Cotfas Review source

You can think about what is postmodern notion by visiting here.

5 by JIN YOUNG Lee Review source

Great gallery, always interesting exhibitions, and free!

5 by Louis Barson Review source

The Gallery at the Serpantine river inside Hyde Park!

5 by Manolis Varouhas Review source

This place is a must to see in London. Its Great!!!

5 by Freebow Trucking Review source

Small gallery in stunning setting. Nice cafe.

5 by Nemish Mehta Review source

Very nice place and architectural attraction

5 by Ahmed Louay Review source

If one gabolman visit the Hyde Park area

4 by Gu Ayoung Review source

Did not understand how to understand

3 by Review source

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