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Went once with my 5 year granddaughter and liked it so much that on way out bought an annual pass. Been back 3 times since in 4 months. Whether you go by yourself or as a family I can recommend following the 'keeper talks' throughout the day if this is your first visit. This way you will see much of the Wildlife at close quarters. Those who say that the animals did not appear to be 'at home' should bear in mind that this is a Wildlife Centre and not a zoo. The animals are not kept captive for show and profit, they are there for a reason. If you wish to photograph them then the best days are obviously the special photography days. They are better to photograph in the wild and that is the preferable way of doing it but with the absence of red squirrels, Scottish Wild Cats, Pine Martins etc near Gatwick Airport this is the best option and, it has to be said, very realistically priced.
If you are interested in British Wildlife and fancy a day out then go here. Get there at 10:00, follow the keeper talks, take a break in the cafe (the cafe is very welcoming and friendly and not one of the more modern 'what you see is what you get' cafes) and you will end the day with a flying display by the owls. Don't forget your camera!
If you enjoyed your day then on the way out get an annual membership and your entry fee that you paid in the morning will be refunded (unless the BWC have changed this!)

5 by Tim Mander Review source

All about the nature, not a theme park about animals.

Went to the BWC on a rainy afternoon, carrying my grumpy 15-month-old (buggy had developed a flat tyre) and we had a wonderful time!

There are loads of animals, that you'd otherwise only see on Springwatch, scurrying around all sorts of interesting enclosures. At first I thought some cages were quite small but then realised that almost all are linked by tunnels and other walkways so that the animals can 'choose their room' rather than staying in one place.

My baby loved going in to the badger sett to see them snuggling down and laughed non-stop for more than 5 minutes watching the owls flying back and forth. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and they give demonstrations of different animals at regular intervals throughout the day when it's their feeding time.

A wonderful day and a place we'll return to over and over!

5 by Lex Lang Review source

Good couple of hours out of the house. Good for sub7s, older children likely to get bored quickly given absent adventure playground. Great talks by well informed and passionate keepers for the animals that were about, Foxes, Deer, Otters (especially good when fed baby chicks - nb already dead - if they'd been live chicks that would have been just too much entertainment) and owls. However, lots of hidden animals - I guess this is the opportunity cost for having many burrowing or nocturnal or both animals.
Well laid out, lots of space, loads of seating to watch animals in beautiful habitat enclosures. Great way to spend a couple of hours. Coffee OK. Price about right (£37 for family of 4). Great for plane spotters too given under the Gatwick flight path but don't let this phase you, it's not exactly at the end of the runway and if the animals don't mind (they don't seem to), neither should you.

4 by nic cumisky Review source

This is a well run wildlife centre, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the animals they keep. They are happy to answer any questions and chat about the animals. The only reason i have not given 5 stars is in several of the enclosures and the bat house you cant see any animals. They could even be empty! There is just a sign to tell you they are there.

+ Well run
+ Friendly staff
+ animals appear well cared for
+ nice coffee shop
+ child friendly
+ good parking

- cant see animals in several areas
- £13 per adult (when we went) seems a lot to charge for the size of the centre (though my childeren were young enough to be free)

Over all though my children enjoyed looking around and the adults did to so i can recommend.

4 by Mark Newland Review source

When you hear 'British Wildlife Centre' you think of no less than a National Park. In reality, however, it's a small zoo. So there is a feeling of a scam.
Positives: 30-minute talks where zoo keepers get animals to come out of their dens and you can see them; you get to see a lot of British wildlife in general.
Negatives: Owl flying display was painful to watch - the birds have rather heavy weights attached to their feet. As far as I could tell, owls there spend 99% of their life in very small cages. In general, most of the animals are kept in very small enclosures or have a small area to live in; you do feel sorry for them.

3 by Review source

If you live in France, in Nord Pas-de-Calais, are keen to share your love of nature with your children and want to spend an unforgettable day in England, you should definitely consider a day trip to the British Wildlife Centre. Back from my first visit there.... you get to see some animals you might have had a mere glimpse of in France at the most, many others which are specific to the British Isles, they are all in their natural habitats and the members of the staff are wonderful go-betweens. The whole place is idyllic, like us you will most certainly go home with marvellous pictures in your camera and mental images that will never fade.

5 by Review source

I really enjoyed my visit here, even though we went on a really cold, icey, snowy day. I am definitely going to visit again as most of the smaller animals were sensibility staying inside their warm nests.
The staff are really knowledgeable about their animals & passionate about promoting conservation & awareness. The best way to get close up & see all their resident animals is to attend their feeding times, of which there are plenty. I would definitely recommend a visit here - although perhaps on a warmer day than we went!

5 by Philippa Torelli Review source

Very disappointing today to find carers policy had been reviewed and as the parent carer of a 9 year old with ASD and 7 year old with SPD & DCD I am not an 'essential carer'. The children still had a lovely time, it is a lovely place to be, but seemed a bit more welcoming and understanding last year when I was admitted as a carer without the questioning attitude and definition of 'essential' that we found today.

2 by Review source

Went with 7 & 9yr olds - think that age can really appreciate this park. There were younger children there, but as animals are wild it's less accessible for them than a petting farm might be.
Several enclosures appeared empty - understandable as many of the animals are nocturnal, but made a disappointing impression.
However the scheduled talks by staff about the animals were really good so recommend it for that.

3 by S Cartwright Review source

We visited the British wildlife centre with our 2 children the day after boxing day. It was cold and raining but that did not dampen the mood at the centre. It was an amazing day. And although we was 1 of only 3 families there the talks still went ahead and we had an amazing view of everything the staff were amazing and the animals came up close. A great day out and worth braving the weather for.

5 by Review source

Spent afternoon there with family. Nicely laid out. Unfortunately didnt see many animals as they were all hidden away in the shade. The squirrel walk through was really good nice to see there and watch them playing in the trees. The talks are really good and provide lots of information about the animals and how the public can help some of the animals who's populations are in decline.

5 by Leon Tomsett Review source

A really good day out. A chance to get really close to some wonderful British wildlife and learn about conservation.

The keeper talks are brilliant and coincide with feeding so you get a really good look at the animals. The red squirrel walk through is great fun. My 4 and 2 year old had a great time and older kids would get a lot out of the educational aspects.

5 by Sam Barber Review source

Lovely place and animals are well looked after. I visited on a rainy day which was a bit eurghh but overall great experience. The manager was welcoming and we got to view the owls close up. I didn't get to see mpst animals e.g. snakes as they were in hibernation. Best to visit early morning as they have a schedule to view the animals close up

4 by Fiona Blake Review source

Amazing place, well worth a visit! Such incredible wildlife, the red squirrel enclosure was particularly special and great informative talks from the keepers. Nice cafe and decent facilities. My only disappointment is that we didn't arrive til mid afternoon and could have easily spent another hour or two there. Can't wait to visit again!

5 by Emily Bidder Review source

I really love this place. It might be a bit basic and not all the animals are always awake, but the indoor areas are fantastic for kids with mazes of mice and lemur and rabbits, the red squirrel enclosure is really exciting, and the rest outdoors is understated but impressive - if the residents show their faces ;)

5 by Justin Baker Review source

It was really nice to see the red squirrels and badgers up and close as you don't see them that much in the wild, it was lovely seeing the red foxes as well, the only problem was trying to take photographs of the animals that are in cages, as the wires that they used made it difficult to focus on the animals

4 by Kate Adair Review source

A great place for a day out. Lots of animals. Probably advisable to follow feed times is the best.
Some nice places to just stop and relax such as where the deer are or the pond.
Cafe is reasonably priced. Entrance fee is a little steep but does go towards upkeep for which the staff do a great job.

4 by Mi Rek Review source

This was seriously underwhelming. Costs a lot of money for a few foxes, squirrels and mainly what you can see in your back garden. The enclosures were mainly empty and not very well kept. I would strongly suggest bypassing this and heading to Tilgate Nature Centre. Far more to see and £8 cheaper per ticket.

2 by Review source

I love this place.
It's quiet, charming and welcoming and makes a great afternoon out. Entrance, food and gifts reasonably priced. Staff friendly and knowledgeable about their animals. They also serve as a wonderful little ecological introduction for children. Can't recommend highly enough.

5 by james ovens Review source

Quite a good number of British creatures that seem cherished and well cared for. Much more pleasant than a zoo. On the downside, human facilities are pretty shabby and are crying out for investment and a makeover. A great place for kids if they're able to whisper and not frighten away the creatures.

4 by R P Review source

Second time I've visited and yet again, very impressed with the cleanliness, the animal welfare and the array of British wildlife. The animals look very happy and well looked after and it's great to see the rapport they have with some of the keepers. Looking forward to returning!

5 by Sophia Magneron Review source

I thought it would be a fun day out however I was wrong. My 8 year old daughter was excited to see the snakes. There were none in sight. The only one ther semmed to be dead. Horrible waste of money . I would still 1 star if it was free. Waste of time no animals in sight. Dissapointed

1 by Review source

Love this place have been going for many years! It is a great place to teach children about the wildlife of British! The talks that they do can be very informative! Animals seem to be as happy as Larry! I think the only down side to the British wildlife centre is that it is small!

4 by Emily Raeburn Review source

What I like about the BWC is that you can get up close to animals (mainly mammals and owls) that you would struggle to catch more than a fleeting view of in the wild. And the habitat creation is encouraging truly wild animals to visit - not that they are always easy to see!

5 by Review source

An exceptional place to see our country's wildlife, some you may see regularly up close or a chance to view the hidden side of nature. An affordable cafe serve hot drinks and light lunches. The recently refurbished boardwalk is a great way to get amongst the wildlife.

5 by James Purdy Review source

Always a great venue to see British wildlife up close and personal. Animals look well cared for and staff very passionate.
Only problem is if you visit in the winter half the animals are asleep in hibernation. I've been in the Summer and a different experience.

5 by Ray Baldey Review source

Fantastic day out for lovers of wildlife! Excellent staff who are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable only add to the great visit. Informative and interesting talks run through the day on the various animals. Plenty of photo opportunities and well worth a regular visit.

5 by Richard Fitch Review source

Love it here! Always a great place to visit as you get to see the wildlife in their wonderfully constructed enclosures. Keeper talks, and the owl display ensure you get to see everything, and get a chance to ask questions too.
Go! You really won't regret it!

5 by Jackie Butler Review source

I have been coming and going to the British wildlife centre for years, and let me tell you it is one of the best chances to get up close with British wildlife you may ever get. friendly staff, reasonable ticket prices and its great for children and adults alike.

5 by Thomas Shave Review source

awesome place to enjoy Gods creatures..... I LOVE SQUIRRELS AND THIS PLACE IS LIKE MY HEAVEN.... 'LOVE' IT! ****BUYING THE DVD TOUR SOON TOO! HOPE ITS TILL IN STOCK.....?****(didnt get to see David M. and have been here many many times :-( ****

5 by pamela helen gunchick Review source

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