The Gym Newcastle Gosforth - Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne

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169 High St, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1DB

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Good gym and well equipped, the only thing that put me off is the classes are in the main area so private room for classes and also I think they need to put hair dryer in changing room as well, I cant take shower after work out because no hair dryer, all gym I have been to before had hair dryer.

3 by Review source

Massive place. Was opened not too long ago so a lot of new equipment in there. If all you are after is access to the equipment without any niceties this can't be beat for the price. They have changing rooms and showers and some classes but they look a bit crap.

4 by Peter Grainger Review source

Solid gym for the price. Only one squat rack+platform which in constant demand, could easily do with two if not three. As a part time resident like that membership can be easily frozen, works out cheaper and more convenient than day passes.

4 by Daniel Templeman Review source

Great value for what you get. Could do with a/some better chest machines but as it is a fitness oriented gym there is not a focus on weight training so a good gym for overall fitness and light-medium weight training.

4 by Monz Ali Review source

Good gym well equipped only bad thing classes are in the main gym no private rooms for classes. I love glasses but wount go to one in the corner of the gym.

4 by Sylvia Thompson Review source

Comprehensive facilities, well staffed. Really enjoying Lewis's personal training sessions, well thought out and very effective. Excellent.

5 by Review source

Gets a nice crowd in although obviously can be busy during peak times. So go early or late if you prefer to work out in less crowded gym.

5 by Jonathan Peel Review source

Just joined today - booked in for 9.15am class. Instructor did not turn up and 20 people booked in. No communication. Disappointed x

2 by Review source

Clean gym with good equipment. Gets busy at peak times but usually not long to wait for machines.

5 by Nathan Iley Review source

Obviously busy at peak times, only one bench press and some strange machine placement

3 by George Ong Review source

Full of machines and a very modern gym. Busy as peak hour unfortunately and no parking.

3 by Colin McFly Review source

Great gym. Good equipment usually well maintained. Changing room very clean.

5 by Review source

Great gym but often busy. Besides that everything is perfect.

4 by Robbie Deveraux Review source

Clean, organised, self serving gym with great opening times!

5 by Edgar Gonçalves Review source

Low cost, high quality facility with good mix of equipment.

5 by James Docherty Review source

Fantastic gym for the price and very friendly staff!

5 by Harry Robinson Review source

Excellent facilities and very friendly staff

5 by Review source

Nice, well equipped and cheap membership.

5 by Georgi Genov Review source

Nice clean place, need more weight plates

5 by Paul thackray Review source

An alright gym in the heart of gosforth

4 by nee chance666 Review source

Friendly staff and good value for money

5 by Review source

Is what it says on the 'tin'

4 by Beverley Review source

Goo local gym in Gosforth High Street.

5 by Mike Smithski Review source

Everything you need at a great price

4 by Nicola B Review source

Really nice gym with friendly staff

5 by Review source

Good level of equipment

3 by Gary Jones Review source

A bit busy this afternoon

4 by Shirley Middis Review source

Not a bad place to start

5 by Review source

nice place for work out

5 by Ruilin GUO Review source

Great value big gym

5 by Mark Farrier Review source

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