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I have in the past written good reviews for different groups and companies, but this is the first time I have ever written a bad review. This is because I have felt that generally an honest mistake has been made and people are human. In my case Aspect made a collection of errors that took myself and others some time to correct.

On 7th December I was informed by the the company managing a flat, that my brother owns, that some work needed to done on one of the windows. Aspect had been contacted to do the work and it had been booked for 9th December. I needed to ring one of their staff, Elliot, to confirm payment for the work and the job would go ahead.

I rang Aspect and Elliot was not available as he was on another call, but I asked that he be told that I needed to speak with him to confirm payment for a job booked for two days time and that I would ring back in 20 minutes. I rang back 30 minutes later to be told that Elliot had left. This was at 15:12. His colleague then tried to find the booking for the job, but it seemed that Elliot had made no note of the work and I, therefore, could not leave payment details. I ended the call and rang the management company. The agent there said she would ring Aspect again to re-book the work. The work finally took place on 11th December.

On the 8th December I received an email from Mickel from Aspect informing me the cost of the work would be £75 for the first hour and £37.50 for each half hour after that. The work lasted 1 hour 19 minutes for total of £135 including VAT.

On the 14th December I received an invoice for payment that Aspect had taken from my account, for a total of £189!

As I was away from home I didn't discover this until 18th December when I phoned Aspect (at 13:28) and spoke to George I explained the situation and when it became clear he could not help I said I wanted someone to ring me back by 17:00 that day. No one called back!

On the 19th December I rang Aspect and after speaking to two other people I finally spoke to James Bizley their Customer Services Manager. I complained that I had had no one call me, his defence was that he had been given the complaint at 13:10, before then it had been being dealt with by the Credit Control Team. He seemed indifferent to the fact no one had called me back.

Later on the 19th I received an email form Mr Bizley stating that I would be refunded £54, but that this could be up to ten working days!

I phoned Mr Bizley on the 20th December and said that considering the amount of time and effort I had spent dealing with these issues I felt just returning my money wasn't enough. He made a number of arguments as to why any form of compensation wasn't warranted including that the time I had spent calling Aspect had been my choice and I could of had more faith in them and waited for them to realise their mistake and return my money themselves! After making it very clear that Aspect were not interested in making any form of compensation, he ended the call.

It is difficult to state how bad the service I received from Aspect was. Even when the complaint was escalated to their customer services, they seemed disinterested in listening, only repeatedly stating that it was just a human mistake.

Well Aspect your collection of human mistakes cost me some considerable time and until it is returned, £54.

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-incompetent plumber
-rude and dishonest telephone staff members (making up false names)
-don’t provide your bank details first!
-don't use their service.

Initially spoke on the phone with Jermil Laazrak, to book an appointment with a plumber to replace our shower pump. He made it clear that I will be charged only for the labour work and material cost without any mention of minimum charge of £114 regardless of time spent. Jermil made it clear that the plumber will first come and inspect to see what’s causing the slow flow of water and recommend us a pump if needed.
Tomas Kerbelis attended our site and looked at the shower pump, but instead of investigating what went wrong, he asked us to tell him what went wrong. On top of that he recommended that we purchase a positive pump, I knew that this was the wrong one having done my own research, as the why my flat is designed only a negative pump would work. I mentioned this to him and then he agreed that a negative pump must be used. He should have known this! Then he spend the next 5 mins searching the net for a negative pump, and then recommended a pump which cost double what you will find at B&Q or Screwfix. He knew that I knew this was far more expensive that what’s available in the market, he suggested that I purchase the pump myself and call Aspect back to install the pump once the pump is delivered. We only agreed to do this as he said the time (10-15m) would be added to the next appointment rather than billing us separately. He then spent the next 15 mins in the car before he left our neighbourhood!
I received a call from Georgia from Aspect, to say that I have been invoiced £114 for the work completed today. This was completely unacceptable, as he only spent 10mins google searching for a pump in my property without providing any service, actually would’ve caused more problems if I went along with the positive pump which he initially recommended.
When making a complaint to Georgia, she called me back with her mobile phone, most likely to avoid the conversation being recorded in the system!
As Georgia was very rude I decided to call back the next day and I spoke to Wahaj, he understood my concerns after speaking to him for half an hour, and then suddenly I was passed back to Georgia who said the complete opposite to what Wahaj said. I ended the call and called back this time Fabaccino answered when I asked him to pass me back to wahaj, he said Wahaj left Aspect a week ago, even though I spoke to him 10mins prior to speaking to Fabaccino.
They charged my account even though they provided absolutely no service what so ever, please don’t provide your bank detail before the work is complete!

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DO NOT TRUST - WATCH WHOEVER THEY SEND ROUND LIKE A HAWK AND RECORD TIMES AND ALL COVERSATIONS ... sound like a Service you can trust? Had a guy come round fix a blocked sink in no time, tell me half an hour in that it was all done, hooray great! - WRONG - this man then proceeded to start messing around with an unrelated problem with my toilet (we have a slow filling toilet, always have done not a problem for us, certainly not a problem we wanted fixing), to which I asked him to leave alone, he then breaks the button and doesn’t tell me. I keep asking him to leave since he is done, he doesn’t. Hangs around on his phone on Facebook wasting time. For a woman this can get a bit uncomfortable having a man in your house who you have kindly asked to leave. Eventually he does, but takes his time. So I call up to complain about the toilet button he has broken, no one believes me, which is frustrating (why would a plumber break a toilet? You tell me - that’s why I’m phoning you). I then find out I’m overcharged for time he spent wasting on Facebook and trying to fix a problem he was NOT called out for, a problem I told was not a problem for me and that if someone was to solve it, it would be our landlord not him (could not have repeated myself enough to him - as I am now doing to you). I keep then getting promised that someone will come solve it, that it wasn’t a problem. Then when they said they’ve sent someone, NOONE TURNS UP because they have cancelled with no notice. So I’m left at home waiting for them to turn up till I’m called. Again tell me they don’t believe me and will have to charge me. So frustrating and ridiculous service. So what I would say is - only use this service, if you fancy recording exactly when the guy turns up with photographic proof, when he leaves, record all conversations with him, and thoroughly check all his work when he leaves (and anything in the area that wasn’t part of his work too), then have the company miscommunicates all information to you and tell you that they don’t believe you when they’re the ones who have done all the untrustworthy things. Do NOT trust this company and I would NEVER recommend this service or use it again. Which is a shame because the concept could be great and IF it was good I would use again and again. You’re better off finding someone local or someone who has had customers return Time after time because they provide good customer service. They have told me they’re issuing a refund for the overtime and it has now been two weeks and had no money back or heard nothing ... please think twice before using this company.

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Really bad experience. Don’t use them, it’s a rip off.
Had problem trying to cancel my booking, but was with way too late as it was less than two hours of job time, I had to be charged £60 otherwise. I also booked the job within two hours of job time but no one told me about terms and conditions (obviously I was send an email with T&C after I booked the job).
After 20 min argument, they offered me £25 off the visit. (Also asked to speak to a supervisor, but he was too busy to talk to me).
Technician charged me 1.5 hours for 2 jobs, sadly at begging of the visit we agreed he would only sort out one job. He went outside to look for a spare part 3 times, I complained to him that he took to long to find the right part, he said call the office and made a complaint.
More over, I asked to pay by cash, but technician refused the money. Also he was not aware of the discount, he had to call the office. Obviously no receipt of payment was given to me.
I rang the office to complaint that I should pay only 1 hour and not 1.5 hours.
After 3 phone calls with no one able to help me, I received an email (3 days later) from a credit control team member, who came across totally wrong and arrogant with those lines. I made it clear how I felt and how she made things worst; she dared me to call me rude. She also justified herself, as she is not customer service person, I just said you should not write to customers and leave it to those are appointed to do so. She said that someone would have contacted me, but nothing has happened in 2 weeks.
Also about the receipt, I was given 3 different version by 3 different people: technician should have given you the receipt on site, your should receive it within 4 days or as you made a complain, your case will be assessed first before the receipt. I am glad I received it through and an automated service.
Also the credit control team challenged me: they tracked the technician van that was parked outside my store for two hours but I was charged only 1.5 hours. I was appalled by this question, I replied that you should ask your technician why he sat in his van playing with his phone( Which I noticed after 20 min he left).

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Rip off artists and liars. Initially I called Aspect due to our boiler failing. While the engineer was there, I mentioned that the pressure in the boiler was continually dropping, and that a previous engineer had said that it could be a leak and that the floorboards may need to be taken up. He diagnosed the issue as being related to a part in the boiler itself and pretty much dismissed the idea that there could be a leak. In spite of Aspect's extremely expensive rates (£125 an hour as opposed to the £70 or so you'd pay to a private contractor), I just wanted to get it fixed, so agreed to the work. However, the day after it had been done, the pressure dropped again.

When he came back to look at the problem (arriving at 5.15 despite us being told he would be with us between 2 and 4), it turned out that there was a leak after all and the issue had not been fixed at all. I asked him to confirm that we would not be charged for this visit, which he did to both myself and my wife. I was therefore shocked to find that Aspect had taken another £168 out of my account. When I called them to complain about this, they told me they would get back to me, but actually ended up simply emailing me a copy of the invoice again.

Now here's the thing. The Aspect contractor will ask you to 'sign' their report on a tablet but won't actually show you it unless you ask. Naively, I trusted him when he told me I wouldn't be charged. However, his report clearly indicated that he had every intention of charging me. Not only that, he billed his time as 1 hour 5 minutes when he had only been at the property for 50 minutes or so. Do not trust these liars. They are only interested in fleecing you as much as they possibly can.

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This is quite possible THE WORST home improvement experience I have ever had. Given that ASPECT sell themselves on being quick and efficient - AND charge more than double other companies - I was looking to get two curtain rails installed quickly as had friends coming around on the weekend so thought I would opt for a company that would come in and get the job done quickly. I called and spent 30 minutes on the phone explaining in minute detail what needed to be done and that the contractor would need to arrive with curtain rails cut to the right measurements. They booked the contractor to arrive at 8:00 am the following day. At 8:30 I get a call from the contractor saying he is running late and what was it that I needed done? Bear in mind he was meant to be arriving at 8:00 with the curtain rails ready to go. He arrives and then tells me that he will need to source the rails and has no idea where to get them - Useful. after 5 minutes he leaves. No news from anyone at this company. I call countless times, email countless times - All attempts to get in touch and understand what next steps are to be taken are completely ignored. Each time you call you are put on to another person who has no idea about your job. I had a particularly frustrating time with an employee called Charlotte who kept promising to call me back and then never did - Finally I learned she was moved to another department. 7 full days after the site visit I get a quote to do the work - 3 times as much as a specialist curtain fitter. To add insult to injury they then charged my credit card for £90 for the 5 minute site visit - Needless to say this is quite possibly THE WORST customer service experience I have ever had - AVOID at ALL COSTS

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One of the worst companies I've dealt with. I saw that this had a good rating online and I needed a quote to install either an electric or power shower. I needed advise so they booked an engineer. Although they advised me that it would be a minimum of 1 hrs work at £95 +VAT i couldn't believe the price I was quoted for the work. The engineer was very nice but was there for all of 15mins. I just think Aspects policies are ridiculous when I asked politely that they reduce the charge as I wasn't going ahead with the work (due to the price be almost £1000!!!!). Paying over £100 for an engineer to come and recommend a job is absolutely ludicrous. I ended up finding an amazing engineer who I will be recommending who only charged me £250 for the work and even gave me a list of where to purchase the equipment for no extra charge. He arrived at 9am and stayed until 7pm with no breaks. That's exceptional service. The whole thing has cost me £500 and I'm left happy apart from having to pay over £100 for a quote from Aspect. I even had this lovely engineer attend my property the day before for a quote and recommendation FREE of charge. It's safe to say I will only be using his services in future and I will make it my mission to stop people using Aspect. The customer service representative did not care when I pleaded, they also recorded my call and listened to it and basically called me a liar to which I then asked to listen to the recording of my original call they said yes certainly but it will be a £10 fee to be sent to you!!!! If that's not disgusting Customer service then I don't know how people use these services.

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Aspect was called in regards to a leaking water heater and booked for the following morning. After no one showed up during the agreed timeframe, they were chased on the phone and the call time was changed for later on. This went on for three days during which the heater carried on leaking. The first time someone showed up, it was after office hours, thankfully someone was in. However he started asking about the issue with the washing machine so clearly had no idea what he was doing there. He did nothing, left after a few minutes. The next day, as the issue had not been fixed, someone else came in, again after hours, it was the Friday before Christmas, everyone was leaving to go home. We received two invoices the following week, one mentioning the mystery washing machine. I disputed the invoices, and was assured we would not be charged until the issue was investigated. A day later, I received confirmation that they charged our card. I disputed the charge, they told me they would look into it. After a week, I chased again, I spoke to a manager who promised me to get back to me within 7 working days. I waited 8, no one came back to me. This is plain theft. The staff was unhelpful, I had to repeat the entire story to god knows how many people, probably wasted several hours of my time on the phone with them. I called another company to fix the leak, they were on site within mere hours, completed the work to excellent standards and the staff followed up with us afterwards. Whatever happens don't use them. They are useless, unhelpful and ignore their customers. Avoid at all costs.

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This company abuses the 'pay by hour' model to try and milk as much money as it can from their customers. Be warned! We booked an electrician to do some minor jobs. We were sent an electrician couldn't communicate clearly in English. He started off saying it was impossible to fit the new socket plates we had supplied. After wasting 10 minutes explaining to him how he was supposed to fit it (which was pretty obvious to us even though neither of us had ever changed a socket before!) he miraculously managed to fit them. After this he moved onto the next jobs. We had booked for 90 minutes of time, but at 10 minutes to go he stopped and declared that his time was over since he needed 10 minutes at the end to fill out forms for Aspect (not us) and that we had to pay for the time he spent doing this. At this point we called Aspect to complain and to get the electrician to finish the small task he was doing which would have taken less than 10 minutes. I was assured on the phone that the time I spent on the call trying to resolve this, while the electrician just stood there, would not be counted, however Aspect have done exactly that charging now for 2 hours! We have spoken to Aspect and written to complain but they just respond saying we can write/call as much as we want but their decision is 'final'. This is really a disgusting way to treat customers. There are plenty of other companies out there who provide a similar service for a similar price who act with integrity. I would advise anyone considering using Aspect to use one of them instead!

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I took aspect service for gas work in my commercial unit. They have charged more than the hours engineer spent on site . Below is the summary ;
•\\tOn first visit engineer was on site for 1.5 hrs (17.10 to 18.35) and these hours were confirmed by their engineer also its on the signed job sheet. But when I got the invoice they charged me for 2 hours.
•\\tOn second visit I was on the site since 8am on 29th Aug 2017 as they have told us someone will be on site from 8am-10am slot but no one turn up and they didn’t bothered to allocate someone until I have called twice to check the status and then they send an engineer at 12.30am They have charged me for their engineer hours from 08.15 to 08.30am in realty their engineer didn't turn up. After having argument they send another engineer at 12.30am and I have signed with him regarding hours of work and charges. He told me it will be approx. 2 hours of work which I have signed on his phone. So total hours should be from 15.00 hrs to 16.15 and not 12.15 to 16.15.

I have called their finance department to discuss this on 01 Sep 2017 but she informed me that she will investigate and get back to me but till date no one has called me to clarify this. Today again I have tried to speak with someone but the finance team phone is going on voice message and when I talked to other department they took my details and said someone will call me, so till date I am still waiting for their reply.

This is just a Day light Robbery!!

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I telephoned Aspect eight days ago to say why I was unhappy. I had no call back. Five days ago I emailed them to re-iterate why I was not happy. I have had no reply. One of two jobs was well done. The other, to rectify a job which had been done previously and already paid for, was not done well. The plumber this time said that Aspect's last plumber had put in a wrong fitting. Although this second plumber had taken an hour to unblock my sink he then wanted to take another hour at £120 plus VAT and materials to change the wrong fitting. I told him to wait until I had spoken to Aspect because I felt that they would probably be concerned and want to rectify what was wrong from the previous visit. Nonetheless since I complained I have had no return call or email. The plumber spent one hour and fifty five minutes in my flat and I was charged for two and a half hours. When I spoke to George at Aspect about that he said 'We always round up.' When I emailed my complaint I pointed out that to charge £60 for thirty minutes when their plumber was not even on my premises was not 'rounding up' it is just dishonest. At the end of the day £400 was summarily deducted from my debit card without reference to me for two hours work. I received a VAT invoice four days later itemising a two and a half hour visit in spite of my complaint. Clearly Aspect don't care about me as a customer at all and are laughing all the way to the bank. I will never use them again.

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WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I have never dealt with such unprofessional people in my entire life. I will be opening up a dispute case if my issue is not resolved. Apart from being sent an invoice of £102 for a call out regarding shelves that i am not happy to pay but understand is in the company's policy. I AM NOT HAPPY TO HAVE RECEIVED AN INVOICE OF £254 for Julius (most useless 'electrician') who i kindly asked to leave my property after nearly damaging my property and lingering for 2 hours. I am sorry but this company's hourly rate system could easily exploit people. I am happy to have security in my property and know that i will not be paying the second fee for a useless human stood outside my door for 2 hours with some cheap material. After trying to explain this on the phone to a customer service rep, i was rudely told she would terminate the call - the telephone conversation says it all - as a customer i am able to voice my dissatisfaction, i would have understood if i swore or screamed at her but unfortunately she didn't appreciate my persistence on the matter and proceeded to hang up. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NEVER BOOK WITH ASPECT. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS DIRE, THE WORK DONE IS EVEN WORSE and I am sure the positive reviews on their site are done by those who work there as the negative reviews speak louder.

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(Call Reference 538849) The engineer did not come, the work was not done, the company sent the threatening email demanding the payment for the visit, as they could not take the payment from my card (they ask your card details during the job booking).
After talking to the office, they accepted that it was their fault of not contacting the client (us), as the engineer claimed that he had been at our door for 30 min and took a picture of the door as a proof of his visit. (We did not receive any SMSs or calls form the engineer or from Aspect - what exactly did he do at the door for 30 min? We spent the whole allocated time at home waiting for him)
Still, no apologies, no any intention to do fair business, just one goal - to grab money - they demand the full price for the visit of their engineer!
Also, there is discrepancy between the price list on their website and the price they eventually give you. I needed to call them to point it out and after some hesitation they gave me the price stated in their 'NormalHours' price list. Please, check before booking. However, to avoid any problems and wasting of your time - please do not book with them anything. Very dishonest and not professional. It seams that they are just fraud.

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Great contractor - it’s the management and accountants who are the cowboys

A pretty routine gutter repair job. After description of the job , I was told it was a two man job (roofer and labourer) and quoted accordingly.

Roofer only arrived on site.

I provided the labour on and off. Roofer did a v good job

Aspect then charged us, without condescending to send an invoice for the work, for 90 mins of roofer time. This is because he tripped 9 mins over the hour, into the next 30 min block.

The charge for 90 mins for t he single roofer exceeded the 60 min charge for two men : roofer / labourer.

With the promised labourer assistance, it was a job that would easily have been done within the hour.

Plus I had to spend 45 minutes or so up ladders, with hoses , and supplying elbows and other kit to the roofer.

But for my troubles, I ended up paying more than if a labourer was on site doing the labouring work instead.

The accounting and management flat out refuse to bring the charges back to within the 60 min bracket. That’s all we asked.

Wow. Just wow.

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AVOID AT ALL COSTS, if there was a zero star option they would get this. I was sent an email stating the garden works would be completed in 2 days. They attended for one day then didn't return for a week and I received no correspondence or reason as to why. They returned to 'complete' the job but still didn't finish it. The garden was left in an absolute tip and the new fence wasn't straight. I rung to complain and was merely dismissed. When eventually a different individual came to complete the job they were so shocked by the quality of their colleagues work they ripped the fence out and restarted the job which finally finished 2 weeks late. The final job was not as per the agreed specification in the quote. When I complained all they stated was that the job was now complete and full payment was required and they will not give a breakdown of the cost of materials and labour, seems like they are hiding something. The customer service is horrendous and if you want a job doing well I would avoid Aspect maintenance. I was told the Director of the company is not customer facing which I think sums up the company.

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Dreadful service. As a company we used to use Aspect a lot but there were too many problems with the admin side to warrant us continuing to use them. Recently we decided to try them again for two different types of jobs... big mistake. Exactly the same issues - back end admin useless, including changing appointment times without confirmation from me and then charging for the time between the new appointment time and the original appointment time even though I didn't know the time had been changed. Workmen turning up with no clue about what they were supposed to do. 8 phone calls from me on one day to ask where one of the workmen was only to be told at 4.50pm he was off sick. When work is done it is done well enough, but it's getting the work to be done and then not being overcharged by the incompetent admin staff is the issue. We will never use them again and I would not recommend them to anyone. The company really needs to look at training their call centre and admin staff to a more competent level. One issue is forgiveable (albeit annoying!), over 30 emails and calls to find out what's going on is not.

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I called to book a plumber 'PROVISIONALLY' and they said they need my card details to secure it while i call my landlord. I then called my landlord who said she would not pay the amount requested and that she would get her own plumber. This took all of 5 minutes! So i called them back literally 5 minutes later to say my landlord cannot pay and they said their plumber was already on route and that i would still have to pay! I said i cannot make the payment and my landlord refused and it had only been 5 minutes but they refused to listen. I said i would not be paying and hung up the phone. 4 months later i get a default notice email for £60 because of this stupid bill! I paid it and I hope that money goes into them buying common sense as they are taking food out of my child's mouth with their scam. I do not recommend anyone ever even call them they will charge you for that too! I dont want a reply for them and they will never give me my money back even though they did NOTHING for me i just want to make people aware of the reason the world is so messed up, because companies and people like that exsist.

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Mixture of good and bad. The good: our boiler was in desperate need of servicing and repair, an appointment with British Gas was cancelled by BG and so I turn my interest to Aspect. They could come the same day and look at the machine. This was amazing and a big relief: a friendly call, engineer perfect on time looked at the thing. He did a bit of servicing and told me we would receive a quote for the repair. The bad: The price exchanged over the phone was without VAT meaning we had to pay 144 pounds for the estimation of repair and service. (while on phone it was told 120) Wow that's on the high end. But needed. ok. I can accept this, lets have it over with lets repair this machine. BUT the WORST bit is that the quote never came, and probably never will. Nobody send a repair estimate... So I had to re-book the appointment with BG, to have it re-evaluated, re-checked and have the BG do what Aspect did already, and pay for it again! It was a complete waste of money. so. good experience for direct need horrible follow up and no response at all. Now the battle will start to get my money back....

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My combi boiler stopped working 3 days before Christmas and on a recommendation we called out Aspect. As far as I could tell there were no leaks within the boiler and it needed re-filling. The plumber arrived and diagnosed a faulty filling tap and gauge which he went away for and returned 1.5 hours later to fit. After fitting these parts and filling with water he then told us that a membrane deep in the back of the boiler was leaking, it would take 6-8 hours to fix and that it was not economical to spend the labour cost on a relatively old boiler.
He left promising a quote for a new boiler within about 2 hours which never materialised. We were left over Christmas without heating or hot water and £407.62 was drawn from our account.
In my view, he threw parts at the boiler and mis-diagnosed the fault and we paid over £400 just to find out we needed a replacement boiler.
We did get a new boiler from a local plumber fitted - total cost £2200 and a few days later the quote from Aspect finally arrived, a staggering £5025 plus vat.
I would not recommend this bunch to anybody.

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Unfortunately I have very little good to say about this company, after having one of their technicians 'fix' our drain problem only to re occur a few days laters,
Aspect have said that they do not guarantee drain issues as the same drain could have a different problem, this may be true, however in our case it was not true.
After speaking to two different members of their team including the operations manager, they refused to accept that the same problem had occurred and that their engineer had resolved our issue completely.

After requesting the engineers report from the operations manager, which was promised to us but never delivered, we had to call out an independent engineer to sort the issue who has put in writing that the issue was the same, wet wipes !
Aspect, seem to have very little customer service skills and charge a fortune for a job that was not done well the first time. It is convenient to wipe your hands and try to re charge the same customer for the same issue.
I would not use this company again and if you decide to use them beware !

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Booked someone to see the water stained ceiling and was asked if I wanted to further commence with the job which I agreed. I was happy with the first visit as the plumber was professional and explained were the leaking was. The second plumber who came then explained that he was not told what he was supposed to do (but the first visit already gave the report) and was unable to further commence with the supposed job. Had to wait for another colleague to see the situation and was told that I would get an updated quote. I called up the Company immediately to explain my frustration and was told I would not be charged due to the job being cancelled and that the supposed job was not carried out but the next day I get a receipt that says I owe the company money which I was told it wouldn't cost me anything. I was assured the amount would be refunded to me. It's been 3 days and I still have not been contacted for the supposed updated quote and I checked my Bank Account today and I still have not receive the refund. Very disappointed with the service and it wasted a lot of time.

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The plumber was supposed to arrive at 14:00, he did not arrive, I've been told that another plumber will arrive at 5:30, he arrived at 18:22.

I have a leaking shower, he had difficulties disassembling the shower, and was unable to fix it. He at least put it back together, leaving the shower leaking as much as it did before he arrived. He suggested fully replacing the shower, he estimated it would be a a 4 hr job costing around 600 pounds.

He left the house at 19:15. He spent 10-15 more minutes in his car before coming back to get my signature. He overcharged me 1 hour and 30 minutes, for doing absolutely nothing and the estimated cost that came back from the company was 900 pounds.

It is the 4th time I've asked this company to do some work around the house, they were bad before but this is the second time I pay them for doing nothing, (the previous time I've paid one guy 1 hour of 'work' during which we went and ordered a piece for my boiler) it will be the last time I ever contact them.

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AVOID THIS COMPANY!!! Horrible service, this company only wants to make money.
I called them and asked if they can fit in curtain tracks and was told no problem. I was told that the job would take approximately an hour but when a handy man arrived he did not have a clue how to assemble those tracks. He was trying to figure out how it works for the first at least 30-40 minutes.
I would expect to receive a professional service and not try to search videos by myself to see how to assemble tracks to help the handy man to do his job.
Then for the rest 1.5 hours the handy man did only one track in one room and left the job half way completed. I understand that the trick to get more money from customers.
Now I need to search for another company to finish the second track in the bedroom and do the same job in the living room.
The company now would like to charge me £250- for what? for not completing even half of the job and not knowing how the curtain track system works?!
This is unacceptable. AVOID THIS COMPANY!!!

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Our experience with Aspect has been really bad and brought stress to our family. We have been completely fooled. We should have been more suspicious when they asked for card details before coming and giving us a quote. So they came to give us a quote, pretented to “fix’ something (they actually damaged the roof even more!!), sent us a completely unrealistic quote and charged us for coming to give us a quote, plus for the pretend work (after 5 minutes the workers were waiting in their van outside my house for an hour..., they just stuck a piece of plastic and damaged the conservatory roof even more…. Everything was calculated and they must do it routinely, well according to reviews from other consumers. We have tried to challenge their bill and explain the situation, but they won’t listen, we could have found a middle ground and forget about it. Instead of that they threatened to send us to court. We have paid as we want to turn the page and forget about them.Worst services ever, worst customer service eve. Be warned.

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it's been over a month. Aspect Maintenance has charged me £1,040 to 'repair' a boiler costing not much more than this. 'Repair' work on day one by Andrew Dixon lasted 5 hours, found no cause of boiler not working, called a SENIOR engineer who next day found 'Problem was due to a clocked condense which had frozen. Unblocked and tested. All working fine' - I quote Jagdesh Mandla's report, who spent 25 minutes at my house to fix the boiler. Why send someone who cannot see a basic problem, spend so long, waste time and charge me for it? Senior Credit Control Antonia Achenbach promised on 06 March - a month ago - the bill case would be investigated in 5-10 working days. I'm still waiting, while my money has been taken out of my credit card by Aspect. It's been a suffering and frustrating process. Would you want this happening to you? I'm still hoping Aspect Maintenance will show business sense and resolve the matter.

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Absolutely horrific customer service.

The boiler engineer turned up 4 hours late, towards the end of a different time slot, leading me missing two important meetings. Following the end of my allotted time slot, I began chasing by phone; the service team had absolutely no idea what was going on and told me no engineers were available that day.

Despite me being civil and calm in each of my chasers, I was obviously becoming a bore, and they simply blocked my number. I have since followed up with several emails to 'customer services', over a period of two weeks, and they have not had the courtesy to respond. In addition, they quoted me a gross figure and then added VAT on when I was invoiced. Totally inappropriate.

Avoid at all costs. I have been a landlord for over four years and never experienced such a useless service provider. Given the service levels, it is no wonder they take card details upfront!

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Awful service and poor electrical work.
I booked a job with them a few months ago to fix six very standard driveway lights. The electrician spent 8 hours at the property (doing what, I still am not clear on) and on his departure they took £960 out of my account. The next day the lights were still not working and it took them 5 weeks to come back. A few months later the lights are gone again and are tripping my whole house. They came back and disconnected everything and then disappeared again. 17 days later, about 20 calls and numerous emails they do not reply to me or return calls to come and fix the substandard work they left. They are super quick at answering new job calls and even faster at taking money from your card but when it comes to call backs and fixing faulty jobs they disappear into the ether. I would stay as far away from this company as you can. Total rip off and unprofessional.

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SCAM! Called them to do some tiling. They have a friendly sales team. The handyman came over within a couple of days to do an assessment for a quote. He spent 10 minutes measuring and left. I was surprised to find that I had been charged £110 for the full hour. I waited for the quote. And waited. And waited. Weeks passed. Months passed. I called them 14 times (yes - I counted!) over three months to try to get the quote or get my money back. I was always told that someone will call me back or email me back - nobody ever did. Eventually (I'm a slow learner), I realised that the customer services team was a dead end. So I called the sales team (call number 15) and told them that I had much more work for them, but that I first needed a refund for the quote that was never prepared. That worked! They put me through to the lady holding the purse strings. I got my refund and never spoke to them again.

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APPALLING - Extortionate Over Charging

I was appalled at every aspect of the service received. Tradesman arrived almost 5 hours late without notifying me of any delays, nor apologising when he finally arrived. Workmanship was very shoddy, rushed to complete the work in 40 minutes, didn't clear up, and then charged for an hour and a half. I was charged almost £40 for 'materials' being sealant used around part of a bath and part of a shower. For reference, the brand that they used costs £6 for a whole container at consumer prices in Homebase, which covers 10 square metres. Their customer service following this was horrendous, extremely rude unengaged staff almost mocking me for having a problem with being charged such ridiculous prices.

The only thing that they were great at was taking my booking and credit card details.


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Terrible people. DO NOT USE ASPECT! I used them a lot in the past for plumbing and roofing work and they were fine. However recently I contracted them to fix an issue with my boiler. After sending a number of in-experienced engineers and replacing the converter valve the boiler is now in a worse condition than when they started as well as having the original issue which they didn't fix. They also took the old part away without my permission which I understand are fairly easy to clean and re-use. Their final advice from a senior engineer was that I need a new boiler, however they have charged close to £500 for actually leaving the boiler in a worse condition than before they started any work. They have ignored all my emails requesting a credit for the charge so have asked my bank to reverse their charges as well as taking the issue up with Trading Standards (Citizens Advice).

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