Tommy World War One Soldier Sculpture - Eleven 'O' One - 22 North Terrace




17-, 22 North Terrace, Seaham SR7 7EU




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The is an amazing piece of art by sculptor Ray Lonsdale entitled 'Tonny eleven o one' which is the exact time the armistice was signed to end world war 1 on July 1st 1916. It is so detailed and perfect you can't imagine how long he took to make it. There are always people around it taking picture and touching it. Tommy is looking towards the cenotaph with a battle weary face. Beautiful and makes you think what other people have sacrificed so me and you can have free speech and democracy.

5 by Ian Foster Review source

Been to a lot of places but this figure has a different feeling to anywhere else..if you are lucky enough to be there when it is quiet you can not help feeling for all the people that gave their lives for in the wars. One of the best time to visit is just before dawn . Seeing the sun rise behind Tommy is beautiful and sad at the same time. As it makes him seem lonely and all by himself as if he was on the battlefield.

5 by Derek Booth Review source

Both my Great Grandfathers fought in WW1. This emotional piece of art, underlines how 'PTSD' haunted both and their families. My Grandfather was maimed and left for dead by his 'father', who suffered from 'PTSD'.

5 by Review source

A fantastic sculpture to commemorate the end of WWI, it's a tribute to the people of Seaham to who came together to raise the money to purchase it.

5 by Stephen B Review source

Seaham is one of my favourite places.. over the years it has become a great place for food, ice creams and lovely beach.

4 by Kevin White Review source

Leaving Tommy to walk Durham Coastal Path as part of BBC Countryfile Ramble in aid of Children in Need

5 by Review source

Love coming here kids love it too great for a day out lots to do along the front too

5 by Melanie Hodgkinson Review source

Superb. Stop. Admire. Read and reflect. Extremely poignant and thought provoking.

5 by Peter James Review source

Brilliant memorial in a lovely little area. A few decent shapes, cafes around to.

5 by Christopher Harrison Review source

Very moving statue , makes you stop and think . Lovely little Seaside village .

5 by gary hawes Review source

Well worth going and seeing it in person it's a beautiful thing to see

5 by Michelle Lousia Review source

This is a real piece of beautiful and thought provoking art!

5 by andrea k Review source

Stunning sculpture and a fitting tribute to the fallen.

5 by mark farmer Review source

One of the best tribute memorials in the country

5 by Michael Evans Review source

Great knowing the history behind this sculpture

4 by Connor Watson Review source

Looking out towards the pier Tommy behind me

5 by Alan Bartlett Review source

Beautiful statue and very thought provoking

5 by Review source

Unbelievable sculpture and a good day out

5 by Phil Murray Review source

Very poignant and stunning sculpture.

5 by Michael Naisbitt Review source

Excellent sea views. Bars and food

5 by rich brown Review source

A truly thought provoking monument

5 by Andy Wright Âû Review source

Loved the tommy statue brilliant

5 by Review source

Very atmospheric. Great Sculpture

5 by Lynn Badger Review source

Beautifull place to remember ❤

5 by Review source

Great for the older generation

5 by Danielle Layton Review source

Cracking monu and great views

5 by Ken Wilkinson Review source

Very poignant reminder of WWI

5 by Review source

Amazing well worth visiting

5 by Jacqui Woodward Review source

Beautiful and a Pokémon Gym

5 by MIghty Trukster Review source

World war one tribute.

4 by Ron Firby Review source

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