Byron Central St Giles - London

Hamburger Restaurant, Fast Food Container, Western Food



1a St Giles High St, London, WC2H 8AG

+44 20 7240 2707




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After being berated by the waitress for sitting down ( on the incredibly uncomfortable wire seats outdoors) that it was my fault I did not have a menu - I sat down too early and should have waited she whined - I reminded her I sat down at an empty table because no one greeted me to give me either a seat or menu!
I ordered a burger, first I have had out for years and now the last. it arrived, and I was constantly checking if it was pink in the middle. I was unsure, but it was certainly barely room temperature. The courgette fries were marvellously hot and fresh in comparison. Furthermore, when the waitress came and asked if everything was alright - I mentioned the burger appeared to be not very hot unlike the hot courgette - she again told me off for sitting outside, it was the outdoor that made it cold. I reminded her that the courgettes and tea were hot, but the burger was definitely not warm, and she again told me it was because I was sitting outside.
I could taste the cold fat in the burger, and have really been put off burgers. it was an unpleasant eating experience at Byrons 1a St Giles High St. WC2H 8AG.

1 by Review source

a solid hamburger joint in london. as a lover of the 'hamburger' i was quite impressed with Byron. the menu was a bit limited so you really want to go there for the burgers. i had their signature Byron burger which came topped with cheese, bacon and their special sauce. the size was perfect for me - not too big (america) or small (japan) and it tasted very good. the only thing i personally would have liked would have been a toasted bun. the group shared an assortment of fried sides including chips, fries and onion rings - all done proper and crisp. overall, if ur looking for a solid burger in a nice atmosphere, Byron is a great bet.

4 by Marvin Chow Review source

A cool, modern, 'city-slicker' version of your standard Byron joint. A decent-sized patio as well! We had a bit of trouble on a windy day (the paper menus, napkins and plate-liners are not wind-friendly!), but were still happy to take in the sunshine. Service was not the most friendly but was super fast and my burger was juicy and delicious (just the standard Bacon Cheeseburger is so good - why spend the inflated price on the fancy burgers when the basic is awesome?). In general, I find Byron Burger to be overpriced, even if the product is as good as it is. A good place for a quick lunch if you've just passed pay day.

3 by Nancy Silverman Review source

This was my second chance for Byron and it was as average as the first time. The wings didn't hold much flavour. There should have been more sauce. But those that did receive some were okay. The chicken burger was incredibly overdone on a dry bun. The fries were a let down. They cost extra but for the money I could have gone to an independent chicken shop and got a much better meal. The service was fine but the food overpriced, lacking in flavour and poorly presented. I couldn't recommend this restaurant. It's not terrible, it's just incredibly average and quite overpriced for food so lackluster.

2 by Christopher Sam Review source

Went to Byron only because it was very local to the shaftsbury theatre and I have to say that we couldn't have chosen a better place to stop. We had been cycling round London all day and needed a good feed. The burgers were excellent. The staff were very friendly. The courgette chips were amazing as were the fickles (fried pickles). When I asked for a sparkler in my wife's burger for her birthday they instead came with a chickadee brownie with ice cream and sang happy birthday as well. 10/10 for service. We will definitely return one day.

5 by Leaky Down Review source

Standard and consistent. If you want a shout down budget place that serves good snacks and beer to complement your burger and fries then look no further, and if you are to look further you would probably just see another Byron as they are bloody everywhere now. I still think that shake shack ll has the best burger though. I also feel kind of funny about burgers and fries being sit down restaurant food. Burgers are junk food not gourmet and when they are treated and sold as unhealthy dirty nuggets of loveliness they tend to taste better. Booyah!

3 by Zaid Ahmed Review source

We went with a group of 14 people. We ordered drinks and food. I can understand that the staff was totally lost with who asked for what and how many they already server or rather not served.
Food was actually dumped and not served to us. The burgers on some plates were delivered with a pieces ingredients all over the plate, so it was burger for DIY.
I visited Byron in different locations and my experience was much better.

Place like that, located in Central London, should be ready for serving larger groups.

3 by Marcin G Review source

Bit pricy but they've got to be the tastiest burgers I've had for years, really attentive staff, one guy was beyond apologetic when he forgot our order (he knows who he is ;)). So tasty we went back next day. Remember when McDonald's used to make really thick strawberry milkshakes that could barley go through the straw? Now they're like foam & gone in a flash, well Byron strawberry milkshakes are nicer than those of McDonald's past.

5 by Terence Hamill Review source

Always enjoy the burgers and the staff are friendly and helpful.
I nearly walked out when iarived today because of the noise, sorry music! But I was in need of a good lunch.
Not sure why non music related businesses insist on playing loud music!!
I'm not staying for desert, I can't cope with the noise, sorry music anymore and if it wasn't for that it would have been 5 stars.

4 by Review source

Good burger but I think they slightly over did it with the chilli's. Main complaint was the table didn't appear to have been wiped down for some time. The chairs had numerous food bits from the previous guests which I found disgusting. We arrived at a quiet time and the staff appeared to be messing about while they were waiting for customers. Not a great experience :(

2 by MrBellUK Review source

A bit of a strange building but no problem. The staff were super friendly and the music was good. Even though it was packed and they got one of our orders wrong, it was still tasty and we didn't complain but I don't doubt they would have accommodated us if we did. I would recommend the halloumi fries and the salted caramel milkshake with bourbon!

5 by Gaby Clarke Review source

Byron burgers are a popular hamburger chain that has grown fast over the last few years. This one is great with floor to ceiling glass window looking out to the walk way on a business area and other restaurants. The service is great, very friendly staff and good timing of food. A little pricey but that's the price of a good burger in London!

4 by Anish Shah Review source

It's a Byron, so you know what you're getting. The burgers are nice and tasteful, the milkshakes are tick and creamy, and the sweet potato chips are excellent.
I would have given 5 Stars if it felt a little more welcoming. The placed seemed a little cold, but the staff were friendly.

4 by Matt Cochrane Review source

Down to watch The Commitments ,saw your place looked ok ,not a massive burger fan ,however service good staff friendly polite ,burger fantastic looked and tasted of meat side dishes just right wine superb set me up nicely for the show also very good slightly more exspensive ,but overall worth it

5 by Review source

Amazing burgers in the heart if London. Great view from the inside because of all the glass ealls around. U get to be relaxed whilst watching everyone else hurry it up in the busy streets of the Queens city. Affordable meals well prepared. Parking is unfortunately a short walk away, about 5 minu

5 by Brian Chidarikire Review source

Consistently good burgers. A really good place to have lunch meetings as the staff are lovely. Really efficient and really fast. Their Courgette chips are devine and a must have . If you are lucky the booths are the best place to sit and soak in the vibe of the surrounding St Giles circus.

5 by Grant Kemp Review source

She walks in burger, like the night 

Of cloudless cheese and starry fries; 

And all that’s best of bun and bite

Meet in her onion and her eyes; 

Thus flame grilled to that tender light 

Which heaven to gaudy pizza denies. 

4 by lobecast Review source

Visit this Bryon often with colleagues. Always seated quickly - great setup with huge windows overlooking the busy street outside. Camden Hells Beer is my drink of choice along with a veggie burger and sweet potato fries (which are awesome). Definitely get the sweet potato fries!

4 by Alex Andrews Review source

Great burger and drink
Would recommend signing up for their offers as I saved over £9.00 on a meal for two.
Staff were friendly and helpful.
This branch compares well with the other branches that I have visited.
Will happily go back.
Highly recommended.

5 by Gary Jelks Review source

As an American, this seems to be your closest bet to getting a good cheeseburger in London. Bacon wasn't quite crispy, the menu is short, and the buns are slightly too stiff but in the end, they serve juicy (albeit pricey burgers) and of course a pint on the side.

4 by Dan Hills Review source

Nice place pity they can't get your order right. 4 well done burgers asked for without mustard 4 medium rare given all with mustard. Sent them back to get em right. Same burger came back with mustard scraped off what a disgrace not be going again

2 by Lee Harper Review source

Good Burger Alert! Although the menu is quite limited they do what's on the menu well. Like the décor and atmosphere in this place. Prices do feel a little high for burgers but It's a worthwhile treat and reasonable for the area.

4 by Colette Munnelly Review source

One of the best local burgers in London! The B&A Byron and the regular Byron are amazing. A bit disappointed by the onion rings (not cooked enough) and the regular fries (good but ordinary), but the sweet potato fries are awesome!

5 by Maugan Robert Review source

My burger was quite OK but there are many places around serving much better burgers for the same price. Loud music making it difficult to talk. Nice staff. My overall experience is neutral - not bad but wouldn't go there again.

3 by Review source

It's a Byron burger, there's nothing to get excited about. There are more interesting options in the area both in terms of price and style of food. The setting itself adds nothing to make this place memorable.

3 by Thomas Hutchins Review source

Good burgers from this chain, but this location the room is cold and the acoustics are terrible making it feel like eating in a hanger. This probably explains why the staff who are efficient but looked super miserable.

3 by zac marsden Review source

Much better food available around this area, expensive for what you get. Charging extra for fries just seems mean. For a place that specialises in burgers you expect excellence instead it was decidedly underwhelming.

3 by 0 Review source

This place will make you want to be physically sick. The food will make you think somebody already was. The food is disgusting and the service is atrocious. The staff are rude. I would not allow my dog to eat there.

1 by W Spader Review source

I love the classic burger w/ bacon here as they are huge and really worth the price.
Overall, I'm totally contented here in Byron for many reasons that I can’t put in details one by one.

3 by Review source

Great service in a good location. Burgers and fries were tasty and the milkshakes were the best, so thick and tasty. Prices were ok but not that cheap considering the burger size. Would eat here again.

4 by Review source

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