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Today was my first visit to this place. I don't think I'll be visiting again. At first glance you are greeted by a car park security attendant, who politely signalled towards some free parking spaces. When entering into the premises, you can tell a lot of money has been spent on the decor of the place. Sadly though, this is what I call a 'all show, and no go' place. The decor was beyond my expectations, but the service and food, well that's another story all together. There was a party of 8 people. I personally ordered the Fish Pakoras as a starter. The menu states that the fish used is cod. I am in doubt about this as the fish tasted more like Tilapia. There were 4 smallish pieces which were deep fried, nothing special. If you are after a dish that contains chicken breast pieces, the only ones available I was told are the Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala. I was told that the rest of the chicken dishes contained a mixture of other chicken bits. I ordered a Romali roti, as did 2 other people in the party along with a garlic naan. When the food arrived, the waiter brought only 2 of the 3 Romali rotis and no Garlic naan, which were stone cold. Egg rice was also ordered, which didn't turn up. Now, the problem here was that the rice, naan and Romali rotis were to accompany the dishes. While we waited for the missing items after pointing them out, the main dishes went cold. Everything was a complete shambles. Very unprofessional and the butter chicken was very plain and hardly had any sauce. At this point, I just wanted to pay the bill and just leave. There are other places like this that are all show and no go like Akbar's on Hagley road. They also serve overated rubbish to customers. If you are not bothered about the decor, there are plenty of much, much better Indian food places in Birmingham. Do a search for Indian pubs in Birmingham and you will find some hidden gems that do serve authentic indian cuisine, instead of dressed up scam tat.

1 by A E Review source

Went for a meal with group of girls from work - 13 of us in total. Really beautiful building. Car park was jam packed! The guy in car park wasn't very helpful with advising where could park alternatively. Had to drive around till found a side road near to the petrol station.
When I queried where the group was sat, the receptionist was not aware - I had to find them myself.

Service was extremely slow. We ordered at 7:30, starters came 8:15. Mains came 8:50. We ordered desserts at 9:30 - the waiter came out 20 minutes later to inform my chosen dessert was unavailable. I selected another. 10 minutes later waiter came out again to inform us another one of the desserts selected was unavailable. We were expecting the desserts by this time! He assured us another 2 seconds and desserts would be out. Another 10 minutes later, one of the girls went to query - she was told 'you haven't long ordered the desserts' !!! None of us were impressed. We waited till 10:15. No desserts no bill. So we cancelled the desserts, paid up and left. Not even way of an apology or explanation was offered.

The food itself is nice. It is however bit pricier - probably down to the lavish venue. I only wiah the waiters would walk around with their heads held high and look as though they were enjoying their jobs.

All the above would not have been a problem if a sincere apology with an explanation was offered.

3 by Eliza Choudhury Review source

This is my first and will be my very last time visiting this place. I come with my family to celebrate my nephews birthday, we bought our own cake and decorations. Ordered the starters which were slightly undercooked (Meat was quite pink and had blood visible on Lamp chops) so staff had to re-make them. Secondly we ordered the mains which took 25 minutes to make. Once they arrived we noticed that it was the wrong order and our food was given to a different table! We had to wait another 20 minutes for the food to be remade again. After my family ate, we told the rude and quite lazy staff members who look familiar to the staff which work at my local Big Johns (No surprised as it’s same owner) to bring the cake. The cake arrived all melted even though we told the staff members to refrigerate it. Seriously shocked at the service at this establishment. The food lacked quality and I personally think it’s overpriced for service your receiving, there’s plenty more better and more cheaper restaurants that provide more services than this place.

1 by Ejaz Khan Review source

Hi, I'd like to share my awesome experience at Tipu Sultans with you all! Shout out to Jameel who served me and my family: he was ever so friendly, polite and made us feel right at home. Not only did he take care of our orders, but he consistently checked on us to see if we were in need of any assistance. He was a lovely waiter and the manager should be proud to have such a dedicated and optimistic individual as their worker (in my opinion, he deserves a bonus). Without a doubt, the seating arrangements were spot on and the scenery around us was beautiful. The food was -by far- delicious and the desserts were exquisite. There was plenty of parking space, so that was great and, in general, the whole entire experience was amazing! As if that wasn't enough, they also gave us free chocolates at the end along with the bill as a thank you. All-inclusive, Tipu Sultan Majestic Dining is a brilliant restaurant and I would recommend it to all of you who are looking for the perfect place to eat out as well as enjoy yourself.

5 by Minah Kauza Review source

so the food was really good but as we went in a girl who was working behind the bar was under pressure and accidentally smashed a glass. the manager shouted at her calling her stupid infront of everyone she got very distressed and was obviously hiding away tears. pushed her aside and when my girlfriend said it was an accident you shouldn't of made a scene he said she did it on purpose and the barman behind the bar didn't seem to want to serve my girlfriend seen her waiting and ignored her and served someone else. the person he tried to serve politely said she was first and he ignored them and went to another man. just seemed very unprofessional and it seemed as if they didn't respect women at all. so due to this I wouldn't be going back just total lack of respect.

1 by Luke Davis Review source

Fantastic place. I've been here a few times and never been let down. It's quite a large and the decor is very good. They have a smell car park, which gets full petty quickly. Both the service and food is very good.

On my last trip we went as a group of 20. The place was quite busy, but as we had pre booked, we were seated straight away. The waiter was friendly and cheerful. The food arrived in very good time given the size of our group. It was still very tasty. Only small issue was one of the dishes was meant to be very hot, but we found it bland. Other than that we had no issues and everyone enjoyed the food and experience. The price was also reasonable at £20 per head. Will be going again.

If you enjoy Indian food, this is definitely worth a visit.

5 by Tusif Hanif Review source

First of all the food is not Pakistani but Bengali as I have eaten both and can tell the difference. Secondly, parking is atrocious and the car park attendant is rude and down right hostile. Thirdly, waiters are inattentive and incompetent. Finally, the food is obviously made with low end ingredients especially the cuts of meat. Food is overly oily and sweet not savoury...a clear sign that it's Bengali. It's also stale and reheated. A total rip off and nasty experience. AVOID at all costs. Much better restaurants in the Balti triangle down the road that are authentic and treat you better irrespective of whether you are white or not!

1 by Adolf Eichmann Review source

Such a lovely restaurant! Excellent service from our waiter.
Food was lovely. The starters were delicious.
We made the mistake of ordering mango lassi which is REALLY heavy, hence we struggled to finish our mains!
Would probably not order the haleem ever again as it's not made correctly, it doesn't really taste like haleem. Karahi gosht was good. Service was super fast!!!
Ladies toilets are absolutely beautiful!!! Pictures do not do justice! The dinner booths are beautifully decorated, well the whole restaurant is, but they have created a really nice atmosphere for eating at any time of the day.

5 by Gul Hussain Review source

I ordered a Lamb Saag from tipu sultan and essentially had some spinach and potatoes served in grease with some rice and charged £11 for this- there was NO LAMB WHATSOEVER. On calling the restaurant that night, I was promised that the next order I placed I would receive a replacement curry for serving me what can only be described as prison food for £11 and have just been told in so many words as ‘tough luck’ - the staff are extremely rude and would not recommend this place if you want either nice food, customer service or value for money. I received none of the above! Thanks very much for a terrible experience

1 by Steven Jackson Review source

It was really a poor experience. We had to wait for more than half hour to find a waiter to place the order. All the waiters were enough pissed off for some reasons... 9nly they knew! Foods were served at different times. Some of the drinks were not served until the very last moment of our meal... That is even after reminding them several times. We asked all the leftovers to be packed. The waiters picked up only one third of the food and packed. We had to call the waiters three/four times to collect and pack the rest... It was a night to remember so that we don't go there again!

1 by Cyprian Gomes Review source

Sometimes you want to go out and feel like you're somewhere really posh. Well this is the place. Perfect place to treat yourself, or treat a loved one, or just go out with the family. Really nice buzz to the place and gets very busy, but once you're seated you can still have that intimate dining experience. Staff very attentive and somebody is always at hand. Slightly on the higher side in terms of price but if you go to a place like this, you don't paying that little extra. Food is excellent with plenty of choice.

5 by Ibrahim Suleman Review source

This place was an amazing experience. Place looks really good. So much detail in the building, constantly gives you things to look at and admire, where ever you go in this large restaurant. Not only did the building blow me away, the food was absolutely smashing too. They take so much pride and care for their customers and someone always stands by to make sure they are right by your side when you need them. They have a big car park too. It's just a win-win situation coming here!

5 by S Rahman Review source

I have been here a number of times and the food never disappoints. Love the layout and ambience of the place. It's ideal for both small or large groups. I like that there is parking on site. Staff is always friendly.
The only negative for me is that at weekends it gets really busy and they don't take reservations if your group is less than ten but the wait was just for about 20 minutes which wasn't too bad although it did get crowded in the waiting area.

5 by Maryann Review source

Food is good but other places are just as good with better service, Akbars & Shere Khan are just two examples. Service is really slow, no wheelchair or pushchair access & waiting area is really cramped as are the seating area's. It's a great place to go if you have no kids in pushchairs or people with mobility problems & u have 3 hours to kill for a meal and you don't mind people constantly banging in to you but otherwise avoid like the plague!

2 by S S Review source

Good food, not enough parking, we struggled to find parking on side road after we were turned away from the car park even though we saw several cars leave. Also the member of staff on the till behind the bar was unhelpful. I asked for a copy of groups receipt, and was told ' sorry its too difficult' . When I told the reception desk she called the manager out and he made the unhelpful member of staff do it. So it was possible he just couldn't be bothered!

4 by Monique Roper Review source

Worst experience ever. Came back and the rudest staff ever. Bought jugs of water after having asked several times and then no glasses. One member of staff saw me asking for help as I caught their eye and they slowed as if deliberating to stop and then walked away. When you try and get their eye they continue past you.
A shame. The food is alright.
Would not recommend whatsoever.
Rude beyond comprehension for a professional establishment.

1 by Sana Anwar Review source

For all the hype surrounding this place, it was a big let down in terms of the authenticity in taste. We ordered 3 starters, and 3 mains. The only item that was good was the lamb chops. The rumali rotis were barely edible. Salt was less and oil was more in almost every dish we ordered.
A number of restaurants around Broad Street or even small outlets like Zindiya in Moseley are far superior in the quality, authenticity and taste of food.

2 by Ajoy Dhamankar Review source

Good food ,good price .Balti dishes were an ok size but standard rice dish was a little on the small size . particularly liked the private booths where you can still see all the action but the noise is reduced .ie it's cosy without being cut off .Good service as we didn't have to wait too long to have an order taken and liked the fact the waiter kept us informed on the Progress of the order .Looking forward to another visit .!

5 by Hamza Fitzgerald A.D.I Review source

I really like this restaurant. One of the few places in Birmingham that offer authentic Indian/Pakistani cuisine at an affordable price in nice surroundings. I would have given 5 stars but the service lets them down a little. I can't fault the staff on this - they are often stretched during busy periods. However I will continue to bring my family here because overall it's a great dining experience.

4 by Ali Hamaad Review source

We enjoyed a very good curry here.
A couple of points that you may want to note:
1. No alcohol is served here
2. This is a family restaurant so don't be surprised if you have to endure kids watching iPhone videos at full volume with oblivious parents
3. It is usually busy because the food is very nice indeed. Consider booking or accept to wait a short while for a table

3 by Philippe DeRuyter Review source

I think this is by far the best Indian restaurant in Birmingham. I'm a local guy and have been to practically most of the Indian restaurants in the area and I have been amazed at the ambience of the place and especially the level of food quality served! You owe it to yourself to try this place out... I've now ditched the other restaurants I used to visit as this is now my number 1.

5 by Jalil Asghar Review source

Overall a good visit to tipu today. Upon arrival was welcomed unfortunately without a smile didn't really feel welcome initially however it got better thanks to our waiter Tariq who was very polite, respectful and professional. I enjoyed the food so did the family overall a good experience thanks to Tariq improvement welcoming staff to be warm and welcoming a smile would go a long way!

4 by Ansar Malik Review source

Excellent food ..good service but I wish they could separate the takeaway from the main bill.They also sent round two papri chats when we ordered one .We sent the other back but they still charged us for two. It would be good to check the bill over to see you are charged for what you ordered and not more:say u g that they were quick to change the amount when we pointed out the error.

4 by vanessa gregory Review source

Very poor service. Over two hours and still no food. Came here for lunch and still nothing by dinner. Walked after paying for the starters as no sign of a manager or our food. Not even a complimentary drink for the delay. One star is too good for them. Looks like they can't handle busy times. Previously great service and nice food. Recently lost it's appeal. Never again.

1 by Hasnain Ramji Review source

The food is ok but over priced in my opinion. My local restaurants serve as good if not better food than this place. The place is loud and sometimes it gets crammed to the point were your chair is touching the next tables chair. The waiters are always running around like headless chickens. If your after decent food in a modertly quite place then this ain't the place.

3 by adam hussain Review source

The food was lovely, the wait was long but I expected it to be as it is very busy here.
I enjoyed the decor and the spacing used in the restaurant.
Definitely going again as I tried the mutton chops starter, butter chicken main with cheese naan and kashmir naan. You must try these!
They have more in the menu that looks appealing so will try that next time.

5 by Zoober J Review source

Tipu sultan is a place where you feel like in middle east. The decor is amazing and round personalised cabin tables are really comfy.
They have an army of staff and feels like they are too many.
Food is good not only meaty stuff but some veggy options are good as conpared to somenother places.
Starters are well prepared
Main course is tasty as well

4 by ankit sachdeva Review source

In all honesty the place looks the part of 5 star foods good nothing exceptional if im honest, atmosphere was nice till the cook came out shouting at the top of his voice in front of the 40 guests....absolutely awful....oh and the foods over charged too....be aware....your better off going to a buffet restaurant elsewhere take heed left with a bitter taste in my mouth

2 by Wolvies Revenge Review source

Tastes good. Great decor. Service bit funny at times, but at least appear well dressed. Car park is available but always packed on peak nights. Nice large prayer facilities for both sexes.
4 stars only as it is quite dear; better quality food for significantly less on Ladypool Rd. Someone needs to pay for all that interior I suppose...

4 by Ibrahim Ibrahim Review source

Had the sultani chops, absolutely wonderful for starters. Had the chicken jalfrezi with the kashmiri naan. Chicken jalfrezi was perfect, but the kashmiri naan was just too cheesy and greasy, if it had an even consistency of cheese throughout and giving hints of it, it would've been perfect. Overall, very nice food at a warm welcoming place.

4 by naaser butt Review source

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