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Millbrook, Guildford, GU1 3UU

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I want to like this store, but unfortunately everytime I go here I feel unenthused! It is very tired and run down and needs money spending on it to massively overall it. The changing room are disgusting in the downstairs young women's fashion area. Curtains hanging off, threads hanging off, chewing gum stuck all over them, the walls and the floor and they just look filthy. Stock/brands are alright but not great. Customer service always lacking... this is made after all made visits over the years not just from one. Dowdy and unhappy looking staff. Look scruffy in their uniform. Never seen a smile in here. Not very helpful or polite when asking questions, nor do they seem particularly knowledgeable about products on offer. Homeware and home accessories department bitterly disappointing. This store needs money spending on it, it needs to be rebuilt and revamped to look modern not as though it is stuck 20 years on the past. It's needs better uniform if you need to have a uniform. You are supposed to sell fashion after all!! Staff need tidying up and made to look more presentable, they also need to be taught or remind about great customer service. You also need more staff I can never find one when I want one. Accept on till with a queue of annoyed looking customers. They also need to learn about the products they are selling, and to have passion. I want to love this store was it more visually exciting as well i would spend lots of money in here but as it stands... YAWN!! Sorry.

1 by catherine smith Review source

Only went for a coffee in the Costa with a friend but it was difficult finding the baby change. It's not in the main restaurant but the floor above so we had a poo explosion in the time it took us to get there. Once in there it was hot and stuffy (not somewhere you want to spend more than a minute) despite it only being 10 degrees outside and there was a pathetic little breastfeeding corner in there! It's not comfortable enough for that at all.

The Costa was good though. Friendly staff, quick service, clean and good food/drinks and the shop itself is probably great. Just not baby friendly at all.

3 by Joanne Oxford Review source

I went to Debenhams Restaurant and the service was very poor. Me, my mum and dad went to order our food and when we were thinking what to order the girl serving was very impatient and walked away. A guy served us who I think was the cook, I couldn't understand a word he was saying. He didn't put the full order on our plates and he had an attitude. Later my dad went to get a refund for our meal, the girl on the till didn't have a clue what she was doing and all the staff are useless and not managed properly.

1 by Sabrina Mepham Review source

An incredibly frustrating shop. I went wanting to use a gift card which is due to expire soon and I left without spending it and willing to let it expire rather than spend anymore time in there. There were no staff available, I got the impression the ones working were actively avoiding customers and when I returned to the shop later in the day, in the naive belief there might be someone available, I was asked to wait 10 minutes whilst she tidied up. I was not impressed and shall not be returning.

1 by Review source

To be honest it's Debenhams so you know what your going to get when you go in there. However the gem of this particular store is the riverside café it hides away at the back. In the summer I imagine it would be an amazing place to watch the world go by with a cream tea that wasn't too expensive and was delicious. As it were I visited in the middle of winter, and the experience was no less for the lack of sun, the scenic position of this café is definitely a winner.

5 by Dan Hance Review source

Spent a long time in this shop looking for a Christmas present for the wife, it's well heated in the winter so shopping in there for a long period of time was no hassle. I struggled finding a present for the fussy wife however the wonderfully helpful store assistant did not hesitate at the task I had and in no time they had helped me find the perfect gift. I will defiantly shop here again. Also when you get tired of shopping there is a Costa to perk you up again.

5 by luke rostron Review source

Went to pick a parcel up from there click and collect service. No one was at the desk so I ring the bell provided. Again no one came so rang again. Waited for about 5 minutes until I then had to go and find a member of staff myself.
No appolgy for me hanging around. Also don’t park in there car park! No one seems to know how to park, say there’s 20 spaces you will be luck to find 10’you can fit in.!there spaces are ridiculous and way to small.

3 by Review source

Good central Guildford location. Well laid out department store with comprehensive stock. The staff are generally helpful, sales or special offers can be found on most is clean and well laid out. Really a typical Debenhams store. The restaurant is recommended. Serves breakfasts light lunches morning and afternoon snacks. Prices are reasonable with plenty of seating and outside tables for the summer with river views.

4 by Robin Davidson Review source

Don't park in the car park, you will be ripped off Civil enforcement limited with unsubstantiated allegations of parking violations. No advice is offered on how appeal in any of their notices and finally when you do find the right number they tell you it too late. Unless they withdraw, as a matter principle, i will not be shopping there again. For those who have seen the film 'Pretty Woman', big mistake.

1 by Review source

Stopped here for some lunch while Xmas shopping, the store is large and has a good selection of goods on offer. The restaurant is ok but the seating area feels a little tired though still comfortable to use. It seemed clean and tidy but as you would expect it gets very busy at peak times. The food and drink was good quality and reasonably priced.

5 by Grahame Elford Review source

A good sized Debenhams with a range of items. Having a Costa inside cheapens it a bit (either an independent coffee or in-house coffee company would be better). There's a Sports Direct if you want but to place purchase cheap sports goods. Which makes the store a bit of a dichotomy, some pricier home goods but mostly affordable goods.

4 by Darren Steward Review source

What a lucky day i went to debenham in guildford on a saturday 3pm, as parking space always very limited in this indoor underground parking, there were few for me to chose. Not just that, i managed to buy over 20 quality items discounted by 70%! Have to go back again tmw to get more stuff as were in rush n could save hundreds!

5 by Review source

This shop is spaced over three floors with lifts and escalators, they have a large selection of clothes, home and beauty. There's a Costa coffee at the front on ground floor and a restaurant in the back right hand corner of the same floor with toilets. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

4 by Review source

be wary of parking at debenhams. shysters who run the parking system fine you for no reason - but who keeps the ticket for a month, so how can you prove they are wrong ?
And if you do not pay the £60 fine in 14 days, it becomes £100 !
Last time i shall shop at Debenhams in Guildford.

1 by adrian little Review source

Lovely coffee shop overlooking the river and the view with a good breakfast variety. 2 floors of women's clothing and a large men's section which is very good and parking underneath. We have had breakfast, lunch and shopping without leaving the store! Mt favourite debs

5 by Review source

It's Debenhams, it's sort of what you would expect, a department store with good variety of mens, womens and beauty, plus a restaurant, coffee, toilets and Sports Direct on the 2nd floor. They have lots of offers on over the Xmas period and take on extra seasonal staff.

5 by Steve In England Review source

Pretty good branch of this chain. I was mostly in the cosmetic section which was good. The staff were nice if a bit frantic. The bedding section too and that was alright. On the whole a nice store. Nothing wildly special.

4 by Lisa Edelman Review source

Spent an afternoon in the men's department with my husband trying on every pair of jeans they stocked! The sales assistant couldn't have been more helpful and as a bonus, they have a Costa where you can recover!

5 by Lady Nadine Review source

A good experience. Really good having the sport's shop on the top floor. A really nice range of different cloths from smart to casual and staff were very helpful. Just wish the could turn the heating down a bit.

4 by Duncan Blay Review source

very bad customer service and telephone etiquette by their staff from the home department called EMILY very rude,sarcastic and not helpful at all.Will be coming to their office and will file a formal complaint grrr.

1 by Review source

Nothing beyond the bog standard clothes sizes - Debenhams obviously hate fatties!! I was told this was because their store is too small. But then found clothes of a perfect fit in a store a tenth of the size!

1 by Alexander Smith Review source

A very large store just by the river .i always call in when in Guildford.the menswear dear in basement is large . I buy shirts and jumpers when they have their sale. Plus the staff are friendy and helpfull.

5 by Michael Seddon Review source

Reasonable sized store of this well known chain of department stores, next to the river Wey, the Yvonne Arnaud theatre and easy car parking. A short walk from Guildford High Street main shopping area.

3 by David HUMPHREYS Review source

Store is good just don't use their car park they try and send you a parking fine even when you have paid to park there so don't throw your parking ticket away incase they try it on you

2 by Andy Allfrey Review source

Good range of clothes reasonably priced but difficult to get hold of staff for help. Did several laps of the ground floor menswear before I could find somebody to let me into the fitting room.

3 by Ben Dock Review source

Gorgeous views from restaurant. Good range of clothing for all ages Top Shop in store plus Debenhams brands for older ladies Costa Coffee shop in store too great for a bit of retail therapy

5 by Mena Conroy Review source

Great coffee bar that overlooks the river Wey. Lovely friendly staff, brought my coffee and cake to outside table so I could mind my dog. Great experience just reading book in sunshine....

5 by Review source

Good riverside cafe with outdoor balcony for good weather, friendly staff and good basic food.
Good range outlets in store with frequent reductions
Costa cafe too for snacks.

4 by Pauline Hamilton Review source

Shops are great but their own carpark is a nightmare: tiny, dark and underground. If I knew it before I went there would not park there. But shops are amazing deserve 5 stars.

5 by Tolnai Tunde Review source

Good selection of clothes. Seemed to have lots of blue cross sales throughout the year. Sports Direct in the Debenhams has a large selection of sporting goods as well

4 by wildjasminetube Review source

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