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34 West St, Horsham, RH12 1PB

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CEX Horsham has to be the worst store experience I've been too, I went there to purchase an S6 Edge+ they had because the phone was out of stock literally everywhere as a new device. Now I don't normally go to CEX because it's all just used tat but I thought I'd risk it for a biscuit and what a mistake it was.. the phone kept going wrong and has now turnt itself off completely and is beyond repair. Now I understand this isn't strictly CEX's fault but there service when I returned the device was awful. I know I only paid £500 for a £700 pound phone but you still expect a good service. Anyways I return the phone and tell them the problem with the phone to which they find particularly amusing, I personally don't find broken phones a source of humour but still they booked it in for a warranty test to see if the phone works which I couldve told them it clearly doesn't. After waiting an hour for them to complete the test which was supposed to take 20 minutes they tell me the obvious that the phone has failed its test (no s**t sherlock) to which they didn't seem to care whatsoever were reluctant to suggest or help find a solutions they completely ignored my needs as a customer and only offered to fully refund me with such an uninterested vibe. There was no offer of a goodwill offer to cover the small extra cost for another comparable phone and I'm genuinely disgusted with how I've been treated. I work in sales and it's really not hard to offer good customer service. Maybe they shouldn't employ children to work in a store dealing with some expensive purchases.


1 by DANIEL SERNE Review source

This place consistently sells second hand games at way over the price other retail outlets sell them new. Crash Bandicoot on PS4 currently in stock and selling new at other stores for £30; CEX sells second hand for £40. Hitman First Season on PS4 is also in stock in other stores for less than £30; CEX sells second hand for £35. Particularly frustrating when you trade stuff in to purchase some new games. Feels like only CEX profit where their customers lose out (if they're silly enough to pay the prices...)

1 by Matt Unsworth Review source

Took 2 hours to test consoles I wanted to exchange. Massive queues, stereotypical emo grunt behind the desk. Wouldn't know service if it smacked them in the face. Told me one of the consoles was faulty after all the BS. Get home and, as I said, worked fine with no issues. Probably couldn't be arsed to go through proper testing due to being busy

1 by Rob Clarke Review source

If you want old tech and old but great consoles or second hand games come to CEX. They have everything - blu rays, dvds, ps2 to 4 games, xbox 360 and 1 games, old and 2nd hand 'new' consoles, laptops, cameras, mobiles. Each shop has different stock so if one place doesn't have it somewhere else will.

5 by Claire Bradshaw Review source

Very helpful and friendly apart from a girl working there that can come across silly sometimes as u go in with a new game to sell and she will still find fault with it lol, take the same game to another game shop and sold instant

5 by anthony goldsmith Review source

THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. They are the rudest most unengaging people in a customer serving job I have ever met. They all looked tired, bored and do not connect with the customer. Such a bad experience!!

1 by Alice Bird Review source

Terrible customer service. They wanted to buy a PC monitor off me for £15 and sell it on for £75. This company is a scam don't go and sell stuff here sell it on amazon or eBay

1 by Liam Palmer Review source

Big store with a good choice of tech. The staff were OK didn't appear to have any emotions or possibly even a personality! The prices are a little high too!

3 by James Champion Review source

Very Very bad customer services! Didn't want to talk to me properly about why my items failed the test! Very unhappy

1 by charles bradbeer Review source

Always a bargain to be had and if you buying then pay with cash & ask for a discount and you should get 5% off

5 by Martin Best Review source

The game that I bought ( just cause 3) doesn't work they also sold it me with out checking any scratches

1 by nathaniel cooper Review source

Really poor customer service. Slow, disinterested employees who have no notion of customer service. AVOID!

1 by Andrew Naylor Review source

More expensive than other CeX's, which is disappointing. Also employees seem disinterested

2 by Caz Svendsen Review source

I usually go there to waste time, it has good products but I never bring myself to buy them

4 by Dannyaf . Review source

Amazing all the staff are really friendly and will answer any questions you might have

5 by Tom Matthews Review source

Great costemor service and stay true to their warranty

5 by James Brown Review source

It's OK but tried to get free stuff but cant

3 by Aviation World Review source

Good range of smartphones and tablets.

4 by Gary Oldmeadow Review source

Great Shop Staff very Knowledgeable

4 by Simon Angelson Review source

Really bad customer service!!!!!!

1 by levent ince Review source

Bit of daylight robbery ngl

3 by Kieron Novak Review source

Poverty at its finest.....

1 by Samuel M Review source

Ok but a bit run down

3 by Thomas Steggles Review source

Friendly and helpful

4 by Andrew Hughes Review source

Great staff

5 by Chris L Review source

Good games

5 by Samuel Barwell Review source


2 by Ben Dock Review source


2 by Karl Byatt Review source