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On Thursday the 17th of December whilst in Fitzroy street Poundland i witness one of the most disgusting act of discrimination as well as utterly disgusting customer service from a very rude male member of staff. Once again i joined the ridiculous long queue, as i wanted i line i couldn't help but notice a couple who i frequently see around Cambridge and also am familiar with due to my line of work, due to my knowledge i am aware of serve learning disabilities which is very apparent on interaction, i witnessed the female approach a member of staff with a paper item from stationary, despite my position in the ludicrous long queue i was still able to understand the female asked if this item was crepe paper? to be completely ignored, she asked once again and was told to go away! the male and female repeated this process several time, approaching 3 members of staff each of them mocking the couple, disregarding their request for assistance and telling them to go away, the saddest part of this was the couple were oblivious to the public mocking they were enduring. once i reached the tills the couple return repeating the process, i then turned to to ask the members of staff if there was an issue with assisting the couple and asking for their justification in joining forces to mock and discriminate against the couple, as expected not one member of staff could answer, their response was to each turn bright red and stammer as they tried to find an answer that could justify each of there participation in a behavior i believed no longer existed in today's society!!! I then offered my assistance on behalf of the prejudice staff that sadly have a duty of care for the customers as long as the customers don't appear to be vulnerable or have a disability, this took me all of 2 minutes!!! A damn sight less time that i took the staff to mock and belittle 2 vulnerable people!! I will be sharing this complaint with head office and the Cambridge Evening News. I'm sure the discrimination act will highlight many wrong doings in this case.

1 by Review source

Reasonable and bargain items. Sometimes too busy and have to wait to use self service system. Always have helping staff by the machines and will shout out when a till is free for the next customer. A word of caution, always keep your receipt- I bought a bike tyre repairing kit and found out later that some bits were missing. Went back to replace it and one of the assistant blatantly refused, so I left the kit with him to keep it and bought another one. It's a shame and a very poor customer service.

2 by Arthur Danner Review source

Not much variation in the stock, they churn out a fairly dull range of items. There doesn't seem to be the same excitement of bargain hunting any more. Also you have to be a little cautious as a lot of items are no longer £1, so shopping is not quite in keeping with the pound shop concept. But it's on par with similar pound/discount stores.

3 by Jon-Cameron Bates Review source

Mum loves it (!) Staff always friendly - but frequent long queues at checkouts (even outside of what you'd expect would be peak times) really lets the store down - so does the amount of stock that ends up lying on the floor that is not always swiftly tidied up - can be a bit difficult for wheelchair users (like mum!) to navigate sometimes!

4 by Mark Curtis Review source

I kept great memories of another city in Poundland, I found this without analogue films ... Very sad, I had come in for this. The offer of two fresh Pound drinks is the best comparable offer that can be found throughout the UK. I do not want to be tempted by the very expensive candies and the Max Weights, unhealthy.

4 by Fat Old Sun Review source

Almost all the products in the shop are £1, the quality sometimes is not that good, but the stationary things, some detergents are very cheaper that other shops.
Despite the quality, it's a great place to find seasonal decorations, like Easter, Christmas, valentine's day.

4 by Isabella Gottardi Review source

Thought it would be heaving such a short time before Christmas but it wasn't so bad. Helpful staff told me where to look for cake candles and then made sure the queue navigated efficiently to the next self-service check-in. Found 50% of items on my list.

4 by Review source

Crap shop, not everything is £1 some things cost more and the service is terrible two out of three of the self scan machines were not accepting cards but they didn't label this clearly so when I went to pay I couldn't silly shop not worth the time.

1 by Max France Review source

If you are looking forward to shopping small tokens for friends and family, and you are not willing to spend a fortune, this is where you should be at. Most of the things are priced at 1£, and some go slightly up in the pay bracket.

5 by Review source

Can't fault how full the shelves are or that when it was busy they opened an extra checkout however not a tidy store and displaying broken stock for sale rather than taking it out the back to fix it takes off a couple of stars

3 by Review source

A regular, run of the mill Poundland. It's well stocked and has all the usual Poundland items you'd expect, but it is always busy. There's always a queue for the tills, so don't expect to pop in and out.

3 by Katy Lester Review source

Great shop for bargains ,but was a bit perplexed as went in on tuesday 17th october and only realised when i got home that they had given me the old pound coins back in my change ,

4 by Review source

I always find almost all my essentials here . Nd it's reasonable. Plus they have really cute things as well . Beware, you're gonna be tempted to spend all your money

5 by Niyoti Khilare Review source

prices for some things are really very low, despite some really short lived products (eg electronics) have an extremely wide range of products that are all actually £ 1

5 by Dario Zanghirati Review source

always saving the poor traveler ... the best clear everything at 1 £ or sometimes super promos of some things for 50p ideal to buy the basics for home

5 by Karina muñoz urra Review source

Cheap and good value for your pound. There is sometimes long queues but lots of self-service machines and possibly 1 till open with an attendant.

4 by Arthur Danner Review source

It is what it is.. Cheep cheerful and busy... Good 4 the little things u don't want 2 pay much 4... I must admit its a good size here 2

4 by Suzanne Banyard Review source

If you're looking for a cracking deal this is the place. Also the staff was great considering the amount of people it has to handle.

5 by Borislav Varbanov Review source

A place like Daiso in Korea !!! ★
It is cheaper. Everything is a pound. If you live in the UK, you are in the best !!! More than.

5 by jun hee park Review source

Had a problem at the store contacted customer services and received the most appalling customer care ever experienced from a retailer!

1 by Samuel Wolfinden Review source

Nice store, lot of products and regularly new products as well. Also up to date with the upcoming events like Halloween or Christmas.

4 by Iris den Haan Review source

I don't understand why they don't open more poundlands in Cambridge. By the end of the day all shelves are emptied.

3 by Serhiy Kosynov Review source

It's just a crap shop. Total mess, total disaster. Don't wana spend another minute of my life in any Poundland.

1 by Filip Kolář Review source

This is a place where you can buy different kinds of products from drinks to sweets and cosmetics at the price of £1.

5 by Diogo Matos Review source

don't like the self serve tills. Staff not very helpful. I hasten to add this is only one shop in a large group

1 by Tony Tarrant Review source

So much is not a pound any more, that you get caught out constantly. The entire point of this shop has been lost.

2 by Paul Woods Review source

Never has more than a couple of tills open, causing huge queues, even compared with other Poundland stores.

2 by Philip Davies Review source

Everything very in mind and some things d good quality and others not! But it's worth the visit!

5 by Magali Guimaraes Review source

Discount shop. Good selection of sweets. Don't buy their technology, it barely lasts five minutes.

2 by Fiona McBride Review source

Everything for £1(except a few items above that price)...You wanna save? Then Please is The place.

5 by giulio fanelli Review source

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