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If you go, go when it's not busy. I've been before for a takeout slice and it was speedy to buy and go, and the slice was good. However there were no seats in the self service section when we went on a Friday evening after work, and it was too cold to eat outside, so four of us queued for a table on the other side.
During an hour of queueing, no one checked in with us - the Maitre D' never spoke with anyone in the queue until seating them (he was not present otherwise), so the doorman had assumed the duty of tending the queue. When we joined it looked like the wait would be maybe 20 minutes. It turned out he had previously sent multiple entire groups of people off to the bar who he then let in ahead of us when they resurfaced, which meant a queue of one table of four ahead of us suddenly turned into three tables of four, and confusion over whether people were queue jumping. He didn't bother explaining.
So when we eventually got a table, we were in a bit of a rush as we had movie tickets, but we figured pizza is fast to make so we'd be okay. No one came to take our order. Then it took ages for anything to arrive. And to top it off, when my vegetarian friend's Margherita pizza finally arrived, it had a piece of ham on it, right in the middle. And there wasn't time for them to make and bring a new pizza to her. We left the restaurant with sore feet from standing, anxious from everything having taken way longer than it ought to have with no explanation, and one person hungry and upset, running to the cinema. Never again.

2 by Eileen Parle Review source

I wrote a review of Princi's restaurant offering table service back in July and promised to visit the communal self-service section adjacent to the seating area. What immediately strikes you about Princi is the airy open room and the long food section that runs the length of one entire wall. The food organised between filled focaccia (parma ham, say, or mortadella), hot dishes (lasagne, aubergine parmigiana), slices of pizza and lots of attractive salads (chicken and avocado, mozzarella and tomato).

The self-service set-up and communal tables add to the permanent chaos of Princi. It took me 10 minutes to order and get a coffee, having to join the line twice. While the staff is incredibly charming, always offering a smile, service is a disaster. My advice is to arm yourself with patience and try to get the attention of the servers behind the counter. Long lines begin to form at the entrance of the restaurant as you have to constantly rejoin the queue for food and drinks.

Prices are higher than average, but Princi offers quality, seasonal food. A bowl of porridge is GBP £5.00 and a small cake GBP £4.80. With that said Princi food tastes authentic and fresh. Princi offers a great variety of food for breakfast, brunch and lunch delivered with chaotic service.

3 by alain portmann Review source

I visited Princi on Valentine’s Day for dinner. Absolutely ridiculous experience, we ordered focaccia with cheese as a starter, a pizza and spaghetti. The starter came after 40 minutes, with barely any cheese on it. They didn’t even serve us our drinks, and after we asked for them again they got us a glass each of dirty warmish water. After an hour we still didn’t get our mains even though there was other people (that got to the restaurant after us) getting served. Basically our waiter forgot about our order, that’s how incompetent the staff is in this place. He came over twice saying “ I’ll get you my manager”. First of all I don’t care about talking to your manager, just bring me my food; second he didn’t apologize at all and third the manager never came. So we left after we’ve been neglected for the whole evening. End up having a domino’s pizza at 23.00. Staff is rude, unprofessional, incapable, including the management. The food is good, definitely too expensive. But to me customer service is the most important thing so I’ll never come back

1 by Review source

Came here a few years ago and loved it!! However, after yesterday's experience I unfortunately will not go there again. I ordered a pizza with mushrooms and ham and when it arrived the mushrooms unfortunately were not fresh but champignons out of a can or glass. I am really not somebody who complains about food easily and I have had very rare pizzas in my life I did not enjoy but this was one of them. I think for the price of £10.50 you can for sure expect fresh mushrooms on a pizza!! The staff however was very nice to get us some tiramisu on the house to make up for that. Unfortunately, mine was not very enjoyable either because it contained some weird solid pieces. In the end they also brought us the wrong bill. Even though they tried to sort it out very kindly which I appreciate a lot, I will not come to eat here again since the food just was not good enough, especially for the price.

2 by Review source

Our birthday boy had been there before and the service and food was quite good. Yesterday however, the food didn't arrive at the same time (one pizza after being reminded again and again didn't turn up until after the rest in our group had finished) clams were off and i've been on the toilet since leaving the restaurant, 2 extra items we didn't receive or even order were added to the bill and when we asked what was going on the waiter simply made a vague gesture of 'lots called in sick, its busy you know' and walked off. Awful, awful restaurant with unsafe seafood...basically I would avoid it until they can get some backup staff or fire the current waiters and get ones that don't blame the amount of customers on an atrocious service.

1 by Mansion Worlds Review source

This is the 4th time I've visited Princi. The bakery side of it is fine, though crowded, but the restaurant is atrocious. They are permanently understaffed, it takes ages for someone to come and seat you, the staff are rude and don't smile and always forget something in your order (usually the drinks or starters, and you want any modifications to your order, e.g. no chilli? Forget it.). I waited until the 4th time to post a review as I really wanted to give them a good review and was hoping they would improve as their food is tasty. However this time round even the food was horrible. I ordered the bolognese and it was basically an over-salted meat soup with some thick papardelle. £9 for that?! I couldn't eat it. Such a shame. I won't be coming again.

1 by Emilia M Review source

Really good place to go after a show at Soho Theatre. We arrived at 10pm on a Tuesday night. Plenty of places to sit in the self-service area, although there was still a lively atmosphere. Short queue to choose pizza from a wide selection. Salads and pasta dishes also plentiful and delicious-looking. Quick and friendly service from behind the counter and warm welcome from the security staff on the door, who (when asked) explained that the pizza ovens weren't working so we might be better off in the self-service area if we wanted pizza. Followed by delicious pear and chocolate tart (again from a wide choice) and decaf coffee. I've been there when it's busier, more fraught and a bit confusing, but going later at night was great.

4 by Hilary Jackson Review source

High end Italian chain restaurant from Milan on their first international venture. Loved the venue in Milan and this one too. The service is reasonably fast, the food tastes the same as it does in Italy, and the venue has large windows that allow you to look out over Wardour Street. I’ve been several times and the food has always been top-notch.

The restaurant is in the lower end of the price range for this sort of food, but there are still places which are cheaper for the same level of quality. I would still recommend as a place for with friends or a date.

It can get quite busy though, and the service does sometimes suffer as a result. I would advise ordering a starter and some drinks to negate this.

4 by William Healey Review source

I've been a regular for the last four yeard as I have always found their food to look and taste good (You can feel it s made from fresh and good quality ingredients).
Unfortunately, their staff has always been the weak part of their business. I am usually pretty forgiving with this but it's been so bad a number of times that I literally walked out of the place without getting my lunch.
Today it happened again : 5 staff members standing behind the counter, one of they trying to take an order from 2 customers at the same time in a rude way, the rest of them ignoring the rest of the us. No effort made to apologise for there mistakes, just plain rude and unprofessional.

1 by Jonathan Vuillemin Review source

That's my favourite 'deli backery' in Milano and this one in London is nothing less: simply one of the best italian pizza in London! Wide but crispy crust, good choices of fresh and tasty ingredients properly matched and balanced.

A place worth both for a fast lunch/snack as well as a full dinner, from starters to desserts, all absolutely locally made and rich of flavours.
A wait time in the range of 15-20min is quite normal to get a table at peak lunch and dinner time. Otherwise you can take something from the wide choices at the counter.

Clean and wide restrooms. The style of the fornitures is also a great pleasure for the eyes.

5 by Patrick Bellasi Review source

Having been a fan of this fantastic restaurant for many years, I was disappointed when I visited yesterday after a year away. I ordered two slices of margherita pizza to find that after I’d paid for it, I actually received the buffala pizza instead. Not the end of the world, as all of the pizzas are amazing, but there is a £1.40 price difference and so I wonder if this ‘mistake’ is used often to boost profit. Additionally, the coffee - which used to be my favourite in London - has changed considerably. It is now very average, lacking flavour. This restaurant still has great ambience and delicious food, but disappoints on service and consistency in quality.

3 by Emma De Vito Review source

Time ago I left a good review for this place which I had to change after the last visit: disastrous pizza! Service is ok, place is tiny and going there with a pram just make the waiter looking funny at you which is not great when you are already struggling with a little one. But let's get to the worst bit... the pizza. It used to be pretty good, now what you get is an horrible 'biscotto', a frisbee that won't fly cause is heavy as lead, and the ingredients are way low quality, not sure if it was mozzarella or melted polystyrene on top of it. All of this you can only hope is cheap, but it is not. Avoid it if you looking for good pizza!

1 by Domenico S Review source

Very nice place to go for dinner although rather confusing. The restaurant is split in two, half for seated diners and half for people to pick the food laid out. When I went the pizza ovens were broken so they had none which meant we chose food that was prepared. The food was nice but a large amount of food out wasn't labelled which made it hard to pick what to have as a vegetarian. The staff were also running up and down serving people at random with no kind of queue system which meant we had to wait a while. Overall very tasty and I'd like to return when the pizza oven is fixed to re-try things.

3 by Emily Raison Review source

Chaos. All the baked goods including the pizza looked and tasted excellent. But it. Was. So. So. Slow. It just all seemed so disorganised. We had the aperitivo which isn’t on the menu but is on the tills so do ask for it. A plate of unheated but still pretty good pizza margherita and marinara, breadstick with olives and mortadella and a bowl of unpleasant, fermented tasting olives for two plus two glasses of montepulciano was £17. The montepulciano was really very good though. Perhaps instead of going at 730pm, give it a shot in the afternoon to chill out after a shopping session in carbaby street.

2 by Brett Boone Review source

Race and gender discrimination was top of the menu at Princi.

My friend and I queued for 5 minutes waiting to be served. The guy behind the counter asked 'who is next?' - we waved our hands. He said in an Italian accent 'no, I will serve the ladies before you' - he served the two ladies who just walked in behind us, who were also Italians.

Needless to say we were so angry we turned around and walked out, we visited L'ETO instead who offered us a much better service without the blatant gender discrimination.

1 by Review source

Bought a pizza slice..... asked for it to be heated and was still served cold. Found ordering at the counter a bit chaotic and slow at times with some staff appearing to stand motionless.

Liked the ambiance though and the options of savoury and sweet. Location is great opposite Busaba and in Soho.

Been coming here for a number of years. Not much has changed and they appear to be doing well. They could probably dim the lights a bit to have a better ambiance but most of London's cool places suffer from this. Go Berlin!!!

3 by Review source

Fresh and delicious Italian food and excellent choice of cakes.One of my favourite places in town.Perfect for a lunch with friends but not with small children as the chairs are high and the place gets very busy and crowded especially around lunch time.The only disappointing thing is that the large salad platter has been removed from the menu.It is a shame as it was great value for money and allowed you to choose up to 3 different salads.Now they have to be purchased individually and that is a little too pricey (around £8 for a small plate).

5 by Justyna B. Review source

I went to Princi’s yesterday after I’d heard and read amazing reviews, before attending a musical. I also happen to love Italian food (not the chain brands lol). Well I was amazed by the food! I’ve never tasted anything like it, it felt like I was in Italy not Soho! The food portions were huge and the prices are very likeable! Your salads make me want to eat salad! So fresh and inviting, I especially love the salad that has your own baked bread, so much I bought half a loaf home! I will definitely be coming back very soon!

5 by Review source

Best atmosphere ever, very Italian, with the best croissants we've ever tasted (and yes, we've been to France). Toasted sourdough bread with jam or baked eggs is simple but 'mmmm' delicious! We always come here for breakfast when we're in town, even when our hotel is miles away. Why pay 20 pounds for an all you can eat hotel buffet with inferior products, when you can have the best tastes of the continent at Princi for a better price?? Keep up the good work guys!! Your fans from Belgium

5 by Review source

Been here on several occasions. The food is excellent however the way in which the queues work can be frustrating. Best to just go for it and ignore any queuing courtesy. In bust times you may struggle to get a seat, especially if more that a couple. However, its business model is clear, and it's fundamentally semi self service operation although there are a few seats that seem more table service. It's not for anything other than casual eating, but the quality and price are worth the effort.

5 by AS Khan Review source

You’d have to be some kind of food pagan to dislike this place. Sure it’s hella crowded, the staff are kind of dismissive and the cafe side is a grudge match to find a seat but everything is awesome. It’s so consistently reliable and by reliable I mean good. The restaurant service side is great value and tbh a better choice often. But great cakes great pizza great classic pasta it’s all just done so solidly that you’ll never leave disappointed by the food. Plus it’s quick, a real star in soho.

5 by kevin mason Review source

Breakfast? Brunch? Lunch? Dinner? The best thing about Princi is that you can literally get a great meal for reasonable price at any time of the day. For a quick, cheap and healthy eat, there is a buffet section serving a variety of salads, focaccia, meat dishes, vegetables, pasta, cakes and coffee. The restaurant section serves amazingly good pizza, pasta and has a great breakfast menu. Over my week-long visit to London, I came back many times to Princi and was always delighted.

5 by Darren Wicks Review source

Had three mini croissants for just 2.80 so not bad. The jam and chocolate one were very sweet though.

The process of ordering was a bit confusing, I asked to sit by the window and I was told to order at the counter first. I did that and then was told I couldn't sit by the window area (to the right at it was the restaurant). It wasn't explained to me at first when I asked as I would have happily sat in the restaurant and get table service

4 by Jonathan Yee Review source

Overpriced. I had a basic sandwich and it set me £4.80. My friend wasn't so lucky. He ordered some pasta and got just over a pound back from a tenner (£8.80). He expected some quality for the price, he was mistaken. He received reheated pasta on bare plate, no sides or salad. The portion was slightly bigger than the £10 note he gave to till operator. After a few bites he decided he was no longer hungry and we left. (Never to return...)

2 by Bhavin M Review source

I really LOVE the food here, no complaints about that whatsoever. My only complaint is the service at busy times, which I can understand to some extent. Their service and communication with the customers waiting in line for the restaurant is limited (sometimes non-existent!). But really the food is good so I just try to go when it's less busy so that I can get a seat quickly. Go for the pizzas! They're better than the pastas imo.

4 by R AHN Review source

Excellent Italian food, a Soho institution. Everything range from expensive to totally overpriced (the new salad portions and prices are hilarious) but it's always very tasty and often original. The cakes are for most of them delicious. On site, the food is really good as well, pizza are as often the best value but the salads are excellent as well. A good spot for sure, but be ready wallet-wise if you really are hungry.

4 by Quentin Carbonell Review source

The place is very nice and they do sell authentic Italian food. Unfortunately my risotto came very, very salty (I eat salty food generally) BUT the managers and my waiters rectified the problem immediately and dealt with the problem very efficiently. Customer service is not about being perfect, perfection doesn’t exist but going the extra mile is definitely the good way towards a great memorable experience.

5 by Eduuard Review source

I work in Soho and I used to come to this place often as I really liked the food and coffee. However, last time I came here during Christmas the service was awful. Empty plates of food lwere left on tables for a very long time which made the place smell horribly, the main door was left open although it was a cold December evening and the quality of coffee served was below average. Not planing to come back

2 by Anna-Maria Dimitropoulou Review source

Been here 3 times. 1st time was excellent, the experience (especially the service) has definitely not been acceptable the other 2 times. Took an incredible amount of time to both get the attention of the staff to order and to get the bill when we wanted to leave.

Still, the pizza selection is good and they are indeed very tasty (although a bit soggy and liquid in the middle).

3 by Christian Review source

The food is consistently excellent served in a canteen style with a smart, stylish interior. I normally have a salad with a hot dish which is reasonably priced given the SoHo location.

This is a real SoHo venue with a clientele which reflects the area. An eclectic mix of business types, tourists and stylish folks.

Great atmosphere, good food and the a fair price.

4 by John Ditchfield Review source

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